Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 333

Chapter 333: We Are Not Pushovers

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Gu Jingman was not sure why the Dafang Sect had been so thoughtless about the consequences when going against Wang Yinru that day. She knew that the Dafang Sect had captured Mo Wen’s mother, so the next target would definitely be Mo Wen.

In reality, it was not surprising that Gu Jingman had no idea, because that day, outsiders did not know at all about the big battle that had happened in the forbidden land. Even the best technology of cameras would not be of use in the alternate space.

Naturally, the Dafang Sect would not announce the news of losing a Sect Grand Elder. Instead, they had kept it a secret and prevented the news from leaking out to avoid causing panic within the sect and letting other strong enemies target them. Hence, the death of the Dafang Sect’s Grand Elder was still only known about by some people internally. It was very rare that any people from other powers knew about it.

Mo Wen guessing that the Sect Grand Elder in the Embryonic Breathing realm had died meant that he would definitely give it his all in exacting revenge. However, he had not expected the Jiang Clan to have a scary master hidden away with the ability to take down Wang Yinru.

Killing someone and capturing someone were two completely different matters. Although he had killed Jiang Quanfu in the forbidden land that day, it would have been difficult for him with his abilities to have just captured him.

After all, a master in the Embryonic Breathing realm was not a laughing matter. A counter-attack at the brink of death was irrefutably frightening. If one was not careful, the tables could turn completely. If it were not for the fact that one’s Cultivation was far above another’s, it would be impossible for one to hold back just the right amount in a battle. Naturally, capturing another would be a difficult affair.

Wang Yinru had broken through into the Embryonic Breathing realm, so just Jiang Quangui alone would not have been able to handle her. The person who was able to capture Wang Yinru had to be an ancient martial art practitioner in the later stage of the Embryonic Breathing realm, or even a frightening master at the peak of the Embryonic Breathing realm.

The Jiang Clan actually had another frightening master. Mo Wen had not expected that. It was no wonder that the other three families of the Dafang Sect had refused to meet them or interact with them. They probably knew that fact long ago.

“What is Wang Yinru’s condition now?” Mo Wen inhaled deeply, and a cold look flashed in his eyes. Previously, Gu Jingman had only mentioned that the Jiang Clan had captured Wang Yinru. However, she had not said whether the worst had already happened.

“I don’t know. It seems like she hasn’t died. But I heard…” Gu Jingman glanced over at Mo Wen cautiously. Seeing Mo Wen’s face turn cold, she hesitated a little and was afraid to continue. After all, it was Mo Wen’s mother. It would be impossible for him not to go mad with such a thing happening. However, she found it very weird. Why was Mo Wen calling his own mother by her name? The interaction between this mother and son was too weird.

“What did you hear?” Mo Wen asked coldly.

“I heard…” Gu Jingman bit her lip and did not know how to break it to Mo Wen.

“Say it!”

“Don’t get agitated. I just heard about it from somewhere. Your mother should not be dead yet. However, her condition is not very good…” Gu Jingman had not left the Yandang Mountain range. In her free time, she would get news from the disciples of other ancient martial art sects in the Yandang Mountain range, or listen in on their conversations.

She knew that the news that Wang Yinru had not died but was in very bad condition was simply hearsay, so she could not be certain.

“She is not my mother.” Mo Wen shook his head. At such a time, he naturally did not have to continue pretending.

“Ah…” Gu Jingman’s eyes widened. No wonder. Wang Yinru was not Mo Wen’s mother. She had been wondering how Mo Wen’s mother could still be so young and pretty. However, if they were not mother and son, just what was their relationship?

A huge question mark popped up in her brain. Mo Wen must have a very unusual relationship with that Wang Yinru. Otherwise, the two of them would not pose as mother and son just to come and cause chaos.

Mo Wen told Gu Jingman, “You remain at the foot of the mountain. I will make a trip over to the Dafang Sect. Later on, I will come back for you.” He did not ask her to leave Yandang Mountain directly. Currently, so many things were happening, and he predicted that Yandang Mountain would not be very peaceful. He reckoned staying in the forest was still safer.

“The Dafang Sect has so many strong masters. Are you scared?” Gu Jingman bit her lip. She did not understand why Mo Wen still insisted on going to the Dafang Sect at this point. Since that Wang Yinru was not his mother, there was no need for him to take the risk, right?

Could it be that the Mo Wen’s feelings for Wang Yinru ran so deep that it has gotten to the stage where he is willing to risk his life? They could not possibly be sharing such a relationship, right?

Gu Jingman was shocked. Although that Wang Yinru looked young on the outside, she did not seem that young, either. She was afraid that she was even older than Lin Qing. Could it be that it was just as she had guessed, that Mo Wen had a royal sister complex…!?

Gu Jingman did not know why, but a complicated feeling welled up within her. She looked at Mo Wen a little bitterly.

“Do you mean I should ditch my companion out of fear? Moreover, that Dafang Sect doesn’t have the capability to scare me.” Mo wen looked over at Gu Jingman. A strong aura was brewing within him. It was not just the power of his Cultivation, but it also stemmed from his strong beliefs. Not talking about the Dafang Sect, who was not a match for him, even if there were real danger, he could not possibly just leave Wang Yinru in the lurch.

Gu Jingman was stunned for a moment. It was the first time she had noticed that this little boy, who seemed to have not grown up, actually had such an upright character.

Gu Jingman grabbed ahold of Mo Wen’s hand and said, “I’ll go with you then,” without knowing where the courage had come from. She felt that it was very crazy to accompany Mo Wen to take revenge on the Dafang Sect. It was weird, but she no longer felt afraid when she was beside Mo Wen.

“Alright! We’ll go together. We’ll let them know that we are not pushovers.” Mo Wen looked at Gu Jingman in surprise. Previously, she had been scared to death of the Dafang Sect. How had she suddenly summoned the courage to accompany him up the mountain?

Since she wanted to go along with him, it was alright for him to bring her. He did not believe that anyone from the Dafang Sect would be able to lay a finger on Gu Jingman with him around. Currently, other than masters in the Golden Elixir realm, there were very few people who were a threat to him within the Embryonic Breathing realm.

This time, after entering the forbidden land, his improvement had been unbelievable. He had attained the inheritance of a Primordial Soul Pearl. Compared to before, it had basically been a life-changing improvement. Even if the Dafang Sect had a master in the peak of the Embryonic Breathing realm, it may not even be enough to threaten him.

When Gu Jingman had decided to accompany Mo Wen to Dafang Sect, she had thrown away all considerations. The two of them followed the narrow mountain path up to the peak of the mountain hand in hand.

After the two of them had walked some distance on the mountain path, they were discovered. After all, it was the only road up the mountain and was thus guarded by Dafang Sect disciples all year round.

The few disciples who were guarding the path looked as though they had met with a ghost when they saw Mo Wen. They did not dare to say a single word as they turned and ran up the mountain. They did not even attempt to stop him.

The Sect Elder Jiang Youxi had died at the hands of this youth. This news had long since spread among the surrounding ancient martial arts powers. There were thousands of people at the scene, and all of them had witnessed it. Naturally, this news could not be kept under wraps.

Someone who could defeat a Sect Elder was simply not a match for such small fry. Hence, at the first instance, they simply ran to return to the mountains and report the news to their sect seniors. They did not know that even the Sect Grand Elder, Jiang Quanfu, had died at Mo Wen’s hands. If they knew, they would be even more terrified.

Mo Wen did not make things difficult for those disciples guarding the path. He simply held onto Gu Jingman’s hand and continued heading up. His gaze, however, was frighteningly cold.

“Are you scared!” Mo Wen smiled and asked as he felt Gu Jingman’s small hands tense a little with nervousness.

“I don’t know.” Gu Jingman was a little stunned upon hearing herself say that. Even she, herself, did not know if she was afraid or not. She was just a little nervous. As to why she was nervous, she did not understand, either. She felt as though Mo Wen’s big hands were like a furnace, and her small hand was a little heated inside. There was an unspeakable feeling growing within her.

That day, after the three great families of the Dafang Sect had escaped from the forbidden land, they had continuously hidden in their clans. None of them showed themselves. Even when the people of the Jiang Clan took it upon themselves to push Jiang Mingyun up into the position of sect leader, they had not taken a step out of their clans. It was as though they had all vanished completely.

However, things were not peaceful within the three great families. The fight between the Wang Clan and Jiang Clan had caused all three clans to feel very pressured.

If one side was overly domineering, it would not matter much. However, now that the Wang Clan had displayed such frightening abilities, they seemed to be able to drag out the battle with the Jiang Clan for a longer period. Moreover, Mo Wen was a youth that was not even 20 years of age. In the future, his achievements would not be limited. In such a situation, the three families were in a bind and did not know what to do.

It was very obvious that they were faced with the problem of supporting the correct side. No matter whether they stood in favor of the Wang Clan or Jiang Clan, it would be good if their side won. However, the moment their side lost, nothing good would come out of it.

Moreover, deep within their hearts, they all hoped that the Wang Clan would be able to defeat the Jiang Clan. That was because for so many years, the Jiang Clan had broken too many rules, and the way they did things was just too much. Everyone in the three great families felt insecure and did not dare to say anything.

The Jiang Clan was just too strong. As the three great families of the Dafang Sect, there were some things that only they knew of. There was not a big chance to hope for the Wang Clan to be able to defeat the Jiang Clan.

Their choice was like a bet. If they lost their bet, they would definitely not have a good ending. Moreover, this bet concerned the safety and lives of the entire clan. It was not a bet that they could afford to lose.

That day, after Jiang Quanfu of the Jiang Clan had died at Mo Wen’s hands, the Chen Clan Leader and Yuan Clan Leader had immediately returned to their clans. They secretly summoned the heads of the three great families to discuss what to do. At the moment, in the meeting room, there were only six or seven people. However, they were all the most powerful people in the three great families. In fact, even the Sect Grand Elder of the Zhou Clan, who had locked himself away, and whom most people of the Zhou Clan had not seen before, appeared at this meeting.

He was the only master out of the three in the Dafang Sect in the Embryonic Breathing realm who was not from the Jiang clan. However, he liked to remain low-key and basically never had any clashes with the people of the Jiang Clan. He simply stayed in the Zhou Clan and did not go out or interact with anyone else. Normally, even many people in the sect had forgotten about the existence of this Sect Grand Elder.

However, this time, he had appeared, because he no longer had any other choice.