Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 335

Chapter 335: Tremors All Around

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Mo Wen crushed the cross with a palm strike, then he carried Wang Yinru down from it. He checked Wang Yinru’s injuries in detail. Instantly, his face turned sullen, with a terrifying, cold look in his eyes. Wang Yinru was on the brink of death. If he had come a day later, she would probably have been dead.

He took a deep breath. A glimpse of remorse flashed in his eyes. He had never thought that this kind of thing would happen. Originally, he thought that since he had killed Jiang Quanfu, Wang Yinru wouldn’t face any danger alone. However, an accident had still happened.

Wang Yinru had fainted. Her hair was messy, and she was pretty much a wreck from all the torture. After being exposed to the sun for more than ten days, her skin was as dry as tree bark. Her skin was cracked and was peeling off. There was not an inch of unwounded skin on her. There were many smaller injuries on the parts of her skin where it had cracked. The injuries were bright red in color, with blood clotted on them.

She had not eaten or had anything to drink for more than ten days. Without the nourishment of water and food, if she were a commoner, she would most likely have died after a day or two. If Wang Yinru had not been an ancient martial art practitioner in the Embryonic Breathing realm, she would most likely be a dry corpse now.

Mo Wen was enraged. Other than being tortured and injured externally, Wang Yinru had suffered severe internal wounds as well. They were almost to the point of being untreatable. Her core was damaged. It meant that half of her Cultivation had been destroyed.

He took out a bottle of healing medicine and wanted to feed Wang Yinru a pill. He needed to first keep her alive. However, Wang Yinru was almost dried up completely now. There was no water or saliva in her mouth. The pill couldn’t go down her throat.

“Do you have water?” Mo Wen glanced at Gu Jingman. If there was no water, the pill couldn’t go down. Right now, Wang Yinru’s body was too weak. He certainly couldn’t force it down her throat.

Gu Jingman immediately searched through her handbag, but she couldn’t find any water. Even if she had it, she would have drunk it all by now. The past few days, she had been drinking spring water in the mountain. She lowered her head, dejected. She carried a bunch of useless stuff such as facial tissues, sunscreen, makeup… all except the life-saving water.

“I’ll go and find some,” Gu Jingman said, embarrassed. She had followed Mo Wen here, yet she couldn’t be of any help.

She turned around and wanted to get down from the stone pillar to get some water. Surely, there would be water sources in the Dafang Sect. However, when she turned around and looked down, her face instantly turned pale. It was way too high!

The stone pillar was 100 meters tall. The people beneath it looked like they were only the size of a palm. There was no staircase, either. She was an ancient martial art practitioner, too, but she only had Cultivation in the Soothing Pulse realm. If she jumped down from such a high place, she would surely suffer severe injuries, too.

Such a high place. She couldn’t even recall how she had gotten up there just now. She only remembered Mo Wen held onto her, then a strong wind whizzed past, and she was there.

“You stand there. Don’t move!” Mo Wen seized Gu Jingman, signaling her to sit down. Then, he flicked his finger. A beam of golden light flashed out, and there was a wound on his arm. Blood gushed out.

Expressionlessly, he put his wound against Wang Yinru’s mouth, then he poured his blood forcefully into her. At the same time, he crushed the pill and put it into her mouth. The pill went down her throat with the blood.

“You…” Gu Jingman covered her mouth, holding in a scream.

After she saw that Mo Wen had fed the pill to Wang Yinru, she quickly took out a handkerchief form her handbag, wanting to bandage Mo Wen’s wound. Mo Wen shook his head. He took out a bottle and poured out some powder, applying it to the wound. Then, a strange scene occured. The wound was healing at a speed which the naked eye could follow. After a while, only a light red scar was left.

Gu Jingman’s eyes widened. Her hand was still hanging onto the handkerchief. The medical powder was too miraculous. It was a panacea!

After Mo Wen fed Wang Yinru the pill, her fingers moved slightly. Mo Wen’s blood and the pill worked within her body immediately. The nourishment that came after so long caused Wang Yinru’s body to behave like a sponge. Her body was working hard to absorb the medicine.

Her eyelids quivered. Then, slowly, she opened her eyes. The taste of blood in her mouth brought her back to consciousness.

“Mo… Wen?” A glint of doubt flashed in Wang Yinru’s eyes. From her blurry vision, the person seemed to be Mo Wen, so she tried calling his name. Her voice was hoarse and almost couldn’t be heard. Her breathing was shallow, like a dying person’s.

The corner of her mouth twitched, seeming as though she was smiling wryly. Could it be that she was hallucinating? By right, Mo Wen wouldn’t appear there. Was it possible that she was still hoping for Mo Wen to rescue her? That was almost impossible. Even if he came, he would only be coming to die. The brat wouldn’t be so stupid.

“Sorry…” Hugging Wang Yinru’s dry body, a glint of remorse flashed in Mo Wen’s eyes. He didn’t know how to face Wang Yinru now. Because of him, his partner had suffered such an ordeal. He had inescapable responsibility. If he had been around, even though he hadn’t broken through to the Embryonic Breathing realm, with their combined power, they would surely have had the ability to escape.

Wang Yinru’s fingers suddenly trembled. “Mo Wen” was actually talking to her? Could it be that it was really him? She used all her energy to hold onto Mo Wen’s arm. To her surprise, she could really touch him!

“You… why…” Wang Yinru stared at Mo Wen, shocked. Right now, she was completely conscious, staring at the man in front of her. Mo Wen had indeed appeared before her eyes. She wouldn’t have dreamed that she would see him again.

Actually, Wang Yinru had never hoped that Mo Wen would rescue her. The man was too terrifying. Mo Wen coming there was merely a death wish. He couldn’t have possibly saved her. Instead, both of them might be hurt.

So, she did not hope for Mo Wen to come and rescue her. She hoped that he would be more rational. Indeed, after waiting for more than ten days, Mo Wen didn’t appear. She breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that Mo Wen wouldn’t come.

Wang Yinru didn’t hold any grudge against Mo Wen for not rescuing her. After all, she and Mo Wen weren’t actual mother and son. They were merely working partners. He had no obligation to risk his life for her. But right now, to her surprise, Mo Wen had appeared. It was so sudden and surprising.

“Quickly… quickly leave…” Wang Yinru gave Mo Wen a push. A glimpse of worry flashed in her eyes. Wasn’t he coming to die? Would the Jiang Clan let him go? Right now, Wang Yinru didn’t even have the energy to speak. Her push was useless on Mo Wen, so she could only signal him with her gaze. Perhaps he could still make it in time to escape before that man noticed him.

“Don’t worry. I will avenge you.” Mo Wen held onto Wang Yinru’s hand, giving her a calming gaze. Even if the Dafang Sect was a dragons’ den and a tigers’ lair today, he would still venture into it. He wanted to check out exactly how powerful the Jiang Clan’s mysterious master was.

Mo Wen stood on the towering stone pillar and treated Wang Yinru’s injuries as though no one else was present. He wouldn’t mind using all types of healing medicines.

Currently the whole Dafang Sect was shocked. Mo Wen came up to the mountain openly. Some disciples had reported his presence to the Dafang Sect’s leaders long ago.

To everyone’s surprise, Mo Wen had shown up! He had disappeared for more than ten days. Everyone thought that he was scared of the Dafang Sect and had hidden away. Nobody had thought that he would actually dare to come to the Dafang Sect again! On top of that, he came so openly, paying no heed to the Dafang Sect at all.

Almost right after Mo Wen had flown up to the stone pillar, waves and waves of the Dafang Sect’s disciples had gushed out from their sects and surrounded the huge square completely. On top of the normal disciples, almost all the Dafang Sect’s higher sect leaders had appeared, too, gathering in front of the door.

After all, Mo Wen was a terrifying figure who could kill an Embryonic Breathing realm master with one blow. They didn’t dare to belittle him. They were ready with the largest battle array. Not only had the Jiang Clan all come out, but even the other three Aristocratic Families were shocked and had come out, too. Many of them had shown up and gathered at the front door.

“What? The youth has appeared? Didn’t he run away?” In the Chen Clan’s meeting hall, the Chen Clan Leader’s eyes were filled with shock. He was stunned to the point that he had forgotten to drink his tea from his tea cup in front of his mouth. The Jiang Clan had set up a dragnet. After waiting for more than ten days, Mo Wen hadn’t appeared. He thought that Mo Wen had long fled. Who knew, just when everyone thought that Mo Wen wouldn’t appear, he had shown up!

“Go! Let’s go to the square.” The Chen Clan leader put down the tea cup and strode outside. Mo Wen was well aware how terrifying the Jiang Clan was, yet the youth still appeared. Exactly what did he want to do? Before this, everyone had speculated that Mo Wen would flee secretly and come back to get revenge on the Dafang Sect in the future when he had higher Cultivation.

Who would have thought that he wouldn’t wait for that day to come. It had only been ten days, and he had appeared again. Could it be that he was not afraid of dying in the Dafang Sect, cutting short his path as a genius? If it were anyone else, with such talents and Cultivation, they would surely choose to retreat for now and come to seek revenge in the future.

Mo Wen’s action was obviously against expectations.

The same thing had occurred in the Yuan Clan and the Zhou Clan at the same time. The two clan leaders were shocked. They couldn’t sit still. They led their clan and walked towards the square.

Even when Zhou Honglu, the Dafang Sect’s grand elder and the Zhou Clan’s previous clan leader, who was currently in seclusion, heard about this incident, he couldn’t help but come out from the secret chamber.

In a short time, Mo Wen’s appearance had shocked the whole Dafang Sect.

Not only the Dafang Sect, but since Mo Wen came up to Dafang Mountain openly without any disguise, the news of his appearance had traveled far. Many large and small ancient martial art factions in the Yandang Mountain range had heard reports from their disciples. The Dafang Sect was a large faction in a series of three big mountain ranges. Any occurence in the sect would be noticed, let alone such a huge incident.

In a short amount of time, many ancient martial art practitioners from the three big mountain ranges had swarmed the Dafang Sect. Some were there to collect news, some were there to watch for fun, and some had other ulterior motives. They were all ancient martial art practitioner factions from the three big mountain ranges. Usually, they met infrequently. Now that they had gathered there, the Dafang Sect couldn’t stop them.

The Ghost Physicians Hu Clan, which was located at the border of Kuochang Mountain and Yandang Mountain, had received the news at the same time. “What! Wang Yinru’s son has appeared? And he has gone up to Dafang Mountain openly?”

The Hu Clan’s clan leader, Hu Guiyuan, stood up suddenly. A glint of light flashed in his eyes. After Wang Yinru had met with disaster, her son became the only descendent of the Wang Clan. He didn’t hide away. Instead, he had gone to the Dafang Sect, not fearing death. What was he doing?