Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 336

Chapter 336: Defeating the Enemy in a Single Move

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An impending storm was about to descend on the Dafang Sect. It was all because of a single youth who had barged in, wanting to take on the entire sect by himself.

The sects of the three major mountain ranges had basically all received the news. Many of them started to gather at the Dafang Sect, hoping to get a look at how that youth had managed to cause such chaos.

The surrounding peaks around Dafang Mountain were filled with people. Even some ancient martial arts powers that were strong enough to travel had come to visit. They went directly up Dafang Mountain just to get an idea of what was happening.

Over ten days ago, a mysterious, shocking master had appeared within the Dafang Sect. With a single attempt, he had captured Wang Yinru, who was in the Embryonic Breathing realm, shocking all the ancient martial arts powers in the three major mountain ranges. He had silently surpassed all the other powers to potentially become the top power in the three major mountain ranges. Many people were guessing just who the master that had mysteriously appeared was.

At the entrance of the square, Mo Wen stood on the Stone Pillar to Heaven. He looked at the Dafang Sect from above, and his fierce eyes looked just like those of a hawk. As his clothes fluttered in the wind, there was a powerful aura emanating from his body.

At that moment, a large number of Dafang Sect disciples had appeared in the square. They had almost surrounded the entire huge area of the square.

One person slowly walked out from among the Dafang Sect members. That person was dressed in a long, elegant, golden and purple robe. His expression was dignified. He was none other than the Dafang Sect’s Grand Elder, Jiang Quangui.

He tilted his head upwards slightly to look towards the top of the stone pillar. An extremely cold look flashed in his eyes. Not long ago, one of his close brothers had died at the hands of this youth.

After a while, Jiang Quangui finally spoke. “Very gutsy, Mo Wen.” Mo Wen indeed had quite a bit of guts. He clearly knew that the Dafang Sect had a master who had appeared. Yet, he had dared to barge in once again all alone. It had far exceeded his expectations.

It was not only him. No one had expected Mo Wen to be so daring as to barge through the doors of the Dafang Sect once again.

“Since you don’t want to walk the road to heaven and would rather barge through the doors of hell, I can give you the death you deserve.” A scary force exploded out of Jiang Quangui’s body. That frightening force impacted the ground and let out a roar. Dust flew up all around, and under the pushing motion of the force, his body flew upwards a whole 100 meters above the ground.

If Mo Wen had silently escaped and waited ten to 20 years, he would have probably been a huge threat to the Dafang Sect and caused the Jiang Clan to not sleep or eat well. Now that Mo Wen popped up without a care for his life, Jiang Quangui would naturally not be so silly as to let him leave. He had to kill him immediately. In the blink of an eye, Jiang Quangui shot up into the air, appeared at the top of the stone pillar, and slapped Mo Wen.

The wind was so strong that all the air currents were blocked at once before rebounding moments later. The strong force had almost blown away Gu Jingman, who was in charge of taking care of Wang Yinru. It was fortunate that Mo Wen was standing in front of her, as he had blocked most of the wind.

“You’re still not a match for me. Where is that master of your Jiang Clan? If he still does not show himself, don’t blame me for launching a massacre.” Mo Wen’s mouth curled up into a cold smile. His body flashed with a gold light, and he looked like a bright, golden sun. Eye-piercing, golden rays enveloped the entire square, such that quite a number of people could not help but shut their eyes. The golden rays were so glaring and hot that they could basically burn one’s eyeballs to ashes. Those golden rays looked like a meteorite as they hurtled towards Jiang Quangui.

With a huge roar, Jiang Quangui was instantly knocked back and sent flying. It was as though he could not resist at all. The palm that he had put so much effort into had basically not even come close to Mo Wen’s body before it disappeared in that bunch of golden rays.

The golden rays that had sent Jiang Quanfu flying did not stop there. In the blink of an eye, a golden arm extended out from within that bunch of golden rays. The arm did not look the least bit like a human arm made of flesh and blood, but instead looked as though it had been made of pure gold, like a dignified Golden Body of Buddha.

With just a wave of the golden arm, an iron fist appeared in front of Jiang Quangui. The surprise attack by the golden fist was so fast that it could not be defended against.

A surprised look flashed in Jiang Quangui’s eyes. In that moment, his face turned pale with fright. He had not expected that when he faced Mo Wen, he would not stand a chance at all. It was as though he did not even have the power to fight back.

Although he knew that Mo Wen had killed Jiang Quanfu and had the ability to kill off an ancient martial art practitioner in the Embryonic Breathing realm, his own Cultivation was still higher than Jiang Quanfu’s. He thought while he would perhaps not be Mo Wen’s match, he would not be defeated too badly, either.

The frightening golden fist suddenly stopped. Currently, his body was still hovering in mid-air, and he could not maintain his balance. The fist that had come as suddenly as lightning had been very difficult for him to defend against. He could only summon his body’s Inner Qi to try his best to resist Mo Wen’s attack.


The fist knocked straight into Jiang Quanfui’s body without hesitation. The frighteningly unparalleled strength sent Jiang Quangui directly flying back. His body was like a balloon. Under that incredible force, it rapidly swelled. Then, it was as though a hole had been punctured in him as he quickly deflated.

Following that, his body looked as though it were a kite that had been detached from the string. He tumbled down head first and fell onto the ground from hundreds of meters above. Dust flew up all around him, and a huge hole appeared in the ground. Fresh blood splattered out, creating a shocking image.

Everyone in the square was stunned. All of them looked at the battleground with their mouths agape. It was a battle between that amazing, dashing, and spirited youth, and the Sect Grand Elder, Jiang Quangui, who was not a match for him. No one could believe their eyes.

That was a master in the Embryonic Breathing realm. How could he be so… so weak!? Unless the Cultivation of the Sect Grand Elder was not in the Embryonic Breathing realm?

Some of the disciples of the Dafang Sect found it very difficult to accept. All along, their Sect Grand Elder in the Embryonic Breathing realm had been the pride of their sect. He was a legendary person and was said to be undefeatable. He was the one who strengthened and provided for the sect.

Yet now, the master that they had been in such reverence of could not even hold up against Mo Wen’s attacks. He had basically been defeated by that youth with a single blow, thoroughly against all their expectations.

That was the Sect Grand Elder in the Embryonic Breathing realm! How could it be!?

Not only the disciples of the Dafang Sect, but all the ancient martial art practitioners from the three major mountain ranges who had come to watch were also in shock. Their jaws dropped to the ground, and their mouths were open so wide that an entire egg could fit. Nobody had thought that the result would be like that if the Sect Grand Elder, Jiang Quangui, had stepped up to the challenge personally.

That youth was just too scary!

Many ancient martial art practitioners in the three major mountain ranges knew how strong Mo Wen was. That was because they had seen with their own eyes how he had killed off the Sect Grand Elder. He was already equivalent to a master of the Embryonic Breathing realm. In his younger generation, nobody in the three major mountain ranges could match up to his standards.

However, nobody had imagined that he would be that strong. Forget about the Qi Nucleation realm, even people in the Embryonic Breathing realm could no longer defeat him. He was just a youth. Being able to have such abilities was basically being God’s favored son of the ancient martial arts world.

In reality, many of the ancient martial art practitioners in the three major mountain ranges did not know that Jiang Quanfu had already died at Mo Wen’s hands. That was because the Dafang Sect had kept the situation completely under wraps. Other than some of the major powers in the three major mountain ranges, the average smaller powers did not know about it at all. Hence, their impression of Mo Wen was stuck back in the time to when he had killed Jiang Youxi and was at the peak of the Qi Nucleation realm.

“Such a scary youth. Could it be that he is not in the Qi Nucleation realm, but actually in the Embryonic Breathing realm? It is so rare to hear of an Embryonic Breathing realm ancient martial art practitioner who has yet to hit 20 years of age!”

“So scary, no wonder he dared to barge into the Dafang Sect on his own. He actually has such amazing powers up his sleeves. However, other than the Sect Grand Elder, Jiang Quangui, the Dafang Sect still has another scary and mysterious master. That master was even been able to capture Wang Yinru, who was in the Embryonic Breathing realm. Would that youth be a match for the mysterious person?”

“A hero has emerged within the Wang Clan. In another ten years or more, I’m afraid that nobody in the three major mountain ranges will be a worthy opponent for him. But now… sigh, it’s such a pity.”

“Such an amazing young man. If I were 20 years younger, perhaps even I would be attracted.”

“Oh please, let’s not talk about such an old lady like you who’s more like an old faded pearl. Even if you had a daughter as precious as jade, he may not even be attracted.”

“Who are you calling an old faded pearl!? I really have to kill you…”

“So scary!”

On one of Dafang Mountain’s cliffs, Hu Qiongqi inhaled a breath of cold air as he looked at Mo Wen, stunned. He had never thought that this youth had such capabilities, exceeding his expectations by so much!

Upon meeting, he had defeated the Sect Grand Elder of the Dafang Sect by inflicting fatal injuries upon him. He had such capabilities even when he had yet to turn 20 years old, which was just too shocking! In the dormitory, even that scary human transvestite could not match up to him. He was simply a monster…

Hu Guiyuan, who was standing beside Hu Qiongqi, was also beyond surprised. As the Clan Leader of the Ghost Physicians Hu Clan, he naturally knew some things that others did not. There were no walls that could not be penetrated in the world. Hence, he knew about the fact that the Dafang Sect’s Grand Elder, Jiang Quanfu, had died at Mo Wen’s hands.

Because of that, he had been shocked for quite a number of days. A youth being able to kill a master in the Embryonic Breathing realm was indeed shocking. However, the youth from the Wang Clan had still far exceeded his expectations. He had managed to defeat the Sect Grand Elder of the Dafang Sect, Jiang Quangui, in a single move. Just what level of Cultivation was he!?

The cliff that Hu Qiongqi and Hu Guiyuan were on was not very far from the Dafang Sect’s square. Standing there, they had a view of the entire scene. It was actually far better than the other mountain peaks where people had to strain their eyes and, even then, only see a little of what was happening.

In reality, the four major forces in the three major mountain ranges had basically all rushed over to the Dafang Sect. However, they were not gathered on the surrounding mountain peaks, but had gone up Dafang Mountain itself. After all, they were on equal ground with the Dafang Sect. Hence, they could just head over to the Dafang Sect under the guise of a friendly visit.

Not far away, there was a girl dressed in simple and traditional clothes. It seemed as though she was in a traditional costume, and if it were somewhere outside, others would have thought that she was an actress who had just come off of a film set. However, appearing in the depths of the forest among the sects, she was not a surprising sight for anyone.

“Master, that youth is so amazing. He’s probably even much more powerful than Sister Feixia.” A little girl, who was only 15 or 16 years old, stood by the side of an elegant and poised middle-aged lady. Her big eyes were looking with admiration at that youth who had barged into and gone against the Dafang Sect all by himself.