Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 337

Chapter 337: Jiang Clans Patriarch

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A graceful, middle-aged woman turned around to look at the girl and said with a doting smile, “You are also a little genius who will definitely have great achievements in the future.”

“How can I be a genius? That youngster and Sister Feixia are geniuses.” The girl lowered her head dejectedly, thinking that she was indeed normal compared to them.

A young lady, who was slightly older, about 20 years old, stood beside the girl and consoled her, smiling. “You are still young, so it is normal not to be as great as your sister. However, you will definitely be as great as your sister in the future.” She patted the girl’s head affectionately. This lady, Ruan Feixia, was the “Sister Feixia” the girl had mentioned.

Ruan Feixia wore a blue dress and had a quiet disposition. She looked aloof, like a stalk of orchid in the valley. However, she was not simple and was known as the number one genius in the series of the three big Mountain ranges. At the age of 20, she had Cultivation at the pinnacle of the Qi Nucleation realm. This was not simple, even in the Huatian Palace. Ruan Feixia was quite well-known in the three big mountain ranges. Almost everyone had heard of her, and she was the pride of the Yanxia Sect.

Among the four big influences, the Yanxia Sect was special. Due to its heritage, this sect had only accepted female disciples and had never recruited any males. Such sects were rare in the ancient martial arts world.

Furthermore, the Yanxia Sect had very stringent requirements for the recruitment of disciples. Different kinds of conditions and limitations had resulted in there being few disciples in the Yanxia Sect. Compared to the other three big influences, their population was small, and the entire sect only consisted of a few hundred people.

Although its population was small, the Yanxia Sect’s strength was not simple, as it had a leading position among the four big influences. As this sect had produced exceptional geniuses over generations and had many experts, even though their population was small, their disciples were all quite talented.

It was said that the Yanxia Sect had more than five ancient martial art practitioners in the Embryonic Breathing realm. That alone was enough to blow many ancient martial arts influences away.

“Master, that youngster is so extremely talented that we pale in comparison. If he is rooted in the three big mountain ranges, he will upset the peace in this area.” Worry flashed in Ruan Feixia’s eyes. That youngster’s abilities and talents were enough to stun the entire ancient martial arts world. How could she compare to him? Having such a young expert in the three big mountain ranges might not be a good thing.

“What you said is true. If that youngster continues to grow, we’ll definitely not be able to contend with him.” That graceful woman furrowed her eyebrows. She was the Yanxia Sect’s Leader, so whatever Ruan Feixia could think of, she naturally would have thought of, too. There were many ancient martial arts influences in the three big mountain ranges, and the reason it had always been peaceful with very few fights was that the four big influences had been using checks and balances on each other so that nobody could monopolize power. This had been so in the three big mountain ranges for more than 100 years.

However, if this balance was tipped, the future would be unpredictable. This youngster was a member of the Wang Clan, and had the purpose of revenge and seizure of the Dafang Sect’s power. If he was successful, he would become the Dafang Sect’s Leader, and naturally would be a member of the clans in the three big mountain ranges.

With this youngster’s talents, he was already so terrifying, but his Cultivation would be even more outrageous in the future. Once there was nobody who could contend with his abilities, he might have designs on the other influences in the three big mountain ranges. Such a terrifying person would be a huge threat to the Yanxia Sect.

“Master, the three big mountain ranges have never had such a shocking genius. With his talents and abilities, he will be considered an eminent talent, even among the ancient influences that have been hidden for 1,000 years. However, the three big mountain ranges can’t accept such a person. If he is a bit more ambitious, I’m afraid…”

Ruan Feixia was not only talented in her Cultivation, but was also very intelligent and had foresight about many things. If this youngster had a shocking Cultivation, who could guarantee that he would be satisfied with the influence of the Dafang Sect and wouldn’t attack the rest of the three big influences.

“Like you said, I think this youngster is unsuitable to remain in the three big mountain ranges, but we are overly concerned about it now. He may not defeat the Jiang Clan and seize the Dafang Sect. Have you forgotten about that person…”

The graceful woman shook her head. That person of the Jiang Clan was still alive and was almost considered as the number one expert in the three big mountain ranges. That youngster was talented and able to kill a normal expert in the Embryonic Breathing realm, but when facing that person of the Jiang Clan, being able to escape alive was already in question, not to mention defeating him. Mo Wen might have the ability after more than ten years, but she didn’t think that he had the ability now, as she knew how powerful the secret expert of the Jiang Clan was.

However, she was baffled as to why this long-lived man of the Jiang Clan had not died! She had never seen anyone who had lived so long. If one could continue to live, in theory, this person would have broken through to the Golden Elixir realm and was in the category of extremely strong ancient martial arts practitioners.

Ruan Feixia nodded as she listened, and then she was silent. She must have thought too much. That youngster might not be able to overcome the present obstacle, not to mention the future.

Other than the Ghost Physicians Hu Clan and the Yanxia Sect, the other influence, the Cangling Taoist Temple, naturally had sent someone over. There were seven to eight Taoist priests standing behind a huge rock with horsetail fly-whisks in their hands, looking like they were not of this world.

The fight today would decide the future leader of the Dafang Sect, so the three big influences would naturally be very concerned about it.

In the public square, Mo Wen had defeated Jiang Quangui with a single stroke. His body was enveloped in golden lights while he floated in the air like a god.

“This b*stard is really powerful!” Gu Jingman’s eyes were filled with delight. She looked at Mo Wen with pride as if she were the god-like figure herself.


In a big pit in the public square, Jiang Quangui vomited a mouthful of blood while his face was as pale as a sheet. He struggled a little, yet he couldn’t get out. In his body, it felt like there was a fireball that was going to burn him into ashes. He lifted his head in shock to look at that mass of golden lights, and disbelief filled his eyes.

He knew that Mo Wen was very strong and could kill experts in the Embryonic Breathing realm, but he hadn’t expected to be so vulnerable in front of him and absolutely not at the same level of strength.

A cold voice resonated from the floating golden mass. It made everyone tremble and feel uneasy, like they were being targeted by a primitive beast. “Everyone who is not involved, get out of the public square. Otherwise, don’t blame me for the massacre.”

Mo Wen floated in the air and looked down coldly at the people of the Jiang Clan. He waved his hand, and a streak of golden sword light shot down. Instantaneously, it covered half of the public square and was so glaring that no one could open their eyes.

“Retreat, retreat quickly.” Looking at those terrifying golden sword lights shooting down, the shocking power seemed to be capable of cutting ancient martial art practitioners in the Qi Nucleation realm in half. The Chen Clan leader’s eyes narrowed as he commanded the clan members to immediately retreat.

He might not be able to resist such terrifying sword lights, let alone those normal clan members. If they continued to stay in the public square, they would definitely end up seriously injured or even dead. They didn’t have any enmity with Mo Wen, so those who were unconcerned were naturally reluctant to be involved.

At the same time, the people from the three big aristocratic families retreated from the public square like ebbing waves. Instantly, the public square that had been completely packed was now left with only half the number of people in it.

Not only were the people from the three big aristocratic families retreating, but so were the people of the Jiang Clan. They were very horrified and were running for their lives. However, those golden sword lights seemed to have eyes, and followed and killed those who were wearing Jiang Clan uniforms. Streaks of terrifying sword lights were everywhere and killed dozens of people within in a short amount of time. Blood was shed on the ground and mutilated corpses were flying everywhere, but almost all who were dead were people of the Jiang Clan.

Those people who were watching the fight gasped in shock at such a ruthless tactic. Mo Wen is intending to annihilate the clan!

Mo Wen’s face was cold as Wang Yinru’s miserable state had completely infuriated him, but most of all, he felt responsible for what had happened to her. Due to his guilt, his killing intent was extremely strong, so once he began the massacre, he wouldn’t spare anyone.

A golden light flashed, and Mo Wen’s figure appeared on the ground in the blink of an eye. He looked at Jiang Quangui, who was lying in the pit and struggling to climb out of it. His lips curled into a sardonic smile as he stretched out his hand. Jiang Quangui’s body flew up and shot vigorously towards Mo Wen.

“Old thing, I will kill you first before I check out the shocking expert of your Jiang Clan.” A mass of black radiance gathered in Mo Wen’s palm, and the terrifying cold Qi seemed to be able to freeze the air itself. Once he was in Mo Wen’s hand, Jiang Quangui would probably become an ice sculpture.

“Ah! Help…! Help, Patriarch…” Jiang Quangui screamed terrifyingly at this moment between life and death. Since he had become a tip-top expert in the Embryonic Breathing realm, he had never had such a feeling of terror. Who could kill an expert in the Embryonic Breathing realm so easily!?

“Impertinent!” A deep, low voice suddenly resonated from the deep ends of the Dafang Sect. A figure flitted across like a floating shadow and appeared in the public square. A terrifying aura instantly enveloped the heaven and earth, and oppressed Mo Wen like a typhoon sweeping across the land.

Spectators who were hundreds of meters away were all as pale as sheets and totally dumbfounded. If that aura were to have hit them, they would have been seriously injured. Exactly which realm is this terrifying person in!?

A mass of light blue radiance formed a fist and silently appeared between Mo Wen and Jiang Quangui. It broke Mo Wen’s strong force field and struck towards him violently. As the force field was being broken, the power exerted on Jiang Quangui’s body immediately disappeared. His body fell and smashed onto the ground like a dead dog. He looked extremely miserable.

Jiang Quangui heaved a sigh of relief, as this was a thousand times better than dying at Mo Wen’s hands. The Patriarch had finally appeared. If he had known, he would have asked for the Patriarch to appear immediately instead of trying to show off his own ability.

The blue radiance gathered into a fist that seemed more like a physical fist rather than a mass of energy. Mo Wen punched forward without blinking and directly shattered that blue fist. The terrifying aura engulfed him, but his body didn’t move at all.

“Hm, you have some capabilities!” A black figure appeared and looked at Mo Wen in surprise. He was wearing a loose black robe that covered his entire body such that none of his skin was exposed. Even his head was covered, so no one could tell what he looked like.

Obviously, this person was the Jiang Clan’s secret Patriarch.