Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 338

Chapter 338: All-Out Battle

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A terrifying aura engulfed everything. It was like a gale sweeping across the land or a hurricane-force wind at a 12 on the Beaufort Scale.

Everyone shifted their gaze to the mysterious robed figure that had suddenly appeared. There was fear and awe in their eyes. That person was the mysterious expert of the Jiang Clan who had attacked once before, instantly capturing Wang Yinru.

In regards to Cultivation, there most likely wasn’t anyone who could compare to him within the three big mountain ranges. Calling him the Top Martial Arts Practitioner was not an overstatement.

Now, he had appeared again just to face a youth!

Hu Qiongqi glanced at his own father and said, “That Mo Wen has more guts than you.” He raised the corner of his lips. Knowing that the Dafang Sect had a terrifying strong practitioner waiting in ambush, Mo Wen still trespassed into the sect alone to rescue Wang Yinru. This breadth of spirit and courage was not something ordinary people could muster.

He knew that his own father still liked Wang Yinru, but when she had met with disaster, the man didn’t even dare to utter a sound. Instead, he left the Dafang Sect crestfallen, as cowardly as before.

“You think I don’t dare. I just don’t want to involve the clan.” Hu Guiyuan’s facial expression tensed. His fists were clenched tightly for a while, but then he loosened them. Helplessness welled up in his heart. Even if he threw caution to the wind and fought against the Jiang Clan, what could he do? With the Jiang Clan patriarch around, the Hu Clan would never have a chance against the Jiang Clan.

Hu Qiongqi didn’t say a word. Whatever his father said was merely an excuse. Compared to his father, Hu Qiongqi admired Mo Wen more. He was a youth with great courage who valued loyalty. If he didn’t die young, he would surely have astounding achievements in the future.

The appearance of the Jiang Clan’s black-robed patriarch caused everything in the surroundings to tense up. Even the grass and trees seemed to harbor a killing intent. Everyone held their breath as their gazes were transfixed on the large square.

“So you are that old relic of the Jiang Clan?” Mo Wen looked at the mysterious black-robed person who had appeared before him and who was blocking him from finishing off Jiang Quangui. A chill flashed in his eyes that seeped down to the bone.

“You really are a rare genius.” The Jiang Clan’s patriarch’s voice was low and coarse. It sounded like dry old tree bark. It was disgusting. He was not angry about Mo Wen’s rudeness. He merely emanated an ice-cold killing intent that enveloped Mo Wen.

“The pinnacle of the Embryonic Breathing realm!” A glint of surprise flashed in Mo Wen’s eyes, and his gaze turned quite serious. He could actually feel the terrifying aura at the pinnacle of the Embryonic Breathing realm emanating from the Jiang Clan’s patriarch’s body. It was no different from that of the Changtian Sect leader’s he had encountered previously.

The Jiang Clan actually had such a terrifying, strong practitioner. An ancient martial art practitioner at the pinnacle of the Embryonic Breathing realm was enough to make the Dafang Sect comparable to the Ten Great Sects in the ancient martial arts world.

No wonder Wang Yinru ended up in their hands. The difference between the stages of the Embryonic Breathing realm was too great. An intermediate-stage Embryonic Breathing realm practitioner would be far stronger than one at the beginning stage of the Embryonic Breathing realm. Normal ancient martial art practitioners at the intermediate stage of that realm meeting one of the strong practitioners at the pinnacle of the same realm would find it hard to even run away.

“You are so young and already so strong. If I do not eliminate you today, you will be a scourge for the Jiang Clan in the future.” The Jiang Clan’s patriarch did not have any doubts at all and attacked immediately. His killing style was decisive. A biting cold killing intent came swarming towards Mo Wen.

This brat was young, not even 20, and he could defeat Jiang Quangui in one blow. The strength of his abilities caused even the patriarch to be taken aback. No matter what, he could not let this youth get away. Otherwise, he would be serious problem in the future.

The Jiang Clan’s patriarch immediately attacked, appearing in front of Mo Wen in the blink of an eye. A shriveled claw extended out from the black robe, grabbing at Mo Wen’s throat.

“You don’t have to wait for the future, I will eliminate your Jiang Clan today.” Mo Wen laughed coldly. A terrifying aura exploded out from his body. The height of his Cultivation was not much weaker than that of the later-stage Embryonic Breathing realm.

“Such an arrogant tone. I would like to see how you are going to eliminate my Jiang Clan.” The frantic sweeping of the terrifying aura caused even the Jiang Clan’s patriarch to narrow his eyes. The Cultivation was comparable to the later-stage Embryonic Breathing realm. The youth actually had such frightening Cultivation. Could it be that he had begun practicing in his previous life, accumulating Cultivation that carried through to this life? A stern look flashed in his eyes. He realized that if he wanted to kill this youth, it would most likely not be an easy thing to do.

A beam of bright gold lit up, and his entire being turned pure gold in color. He was like a Golden Body Luohan, with skin of bronze and bones of iron, an almost undefeatable combat unit. Against a strong practitioner at the pinnacle of the Embryonic Breathing realm, he had no fear at all. He rushed directly forward, unleashing a frantic assault.

Mo Wen’s Cultivation was strong to begin with. However, after practicing the Nine Yang Divine Technique, even if he did not utilize the Indestructible Body of Vajrapani, he had skin of bronze and bones of iron that could barely be harmed by normal blades. Now that he had broken through to the Embryonic Breathing realm, every aspect of him had considerable improvements. Once he went all out for the kill, he was so aggressive that he was practically a beast in human form.

The two strong practitioners instantly clashed together. Gales blew and howled, winds swept up, and clouds were scattered. The terrifying Qi wave kept surging. No one could stand in the large square, because no one could withstand the residual waves generated from the battle between the two strong combatants.

Mo Wen had one foot on the ground. The flat marble surface immediately let out a dull thud, and then the surface sank. Terrifying black cracks began to spread frighteningly like a spider web over dozens of meters. Mo Wen’s step crushed the ground in that area.

Using the force of his step, Mo Wen shot up like a missile, flying at the patriarch in midair. He sent out a punch, the roar of dragons and tigers rang out, and the aura shook the heavens and the earth like a beast going for the kill.

The mysterious black-robed man was not fazed, and clashed directly with Mo Wen, taking his attack head-on. The height and depth of his Cultivation was far above Mo Wen’s. Although Mo Wen’s golden body was very strange, he was not bothered by it and went in for the kill. He intended to use his strong Cultivation to crush Mo Wen.

The two of them fought from the air to the ground, and from the ground up into the air again. The large square seemed to be filled with their silhouettes. The speed of the movements made people dizzy. Ancient martial art practitioners with much lower Cultivation could hardly see anything clearly. They could only somehow make out illusory afterimages.

The large square was in shambles. The flat surface was now largely pockmarked with large holes. Streams of cracks shocked everyone. The battle between the two of them had wrecked the square. Not only that, but some of the buildings that were not far from the square fell over one by one and were reduced to piles of rubble. No one dared to step within a few hundred meters of the battlefield.

Outside of the battlefield, the onlookers drew cold breaths. This youth was too fierce. He could actually go toe-to-toe with an absolute strong practitioner at the pinnacle of the Embryonic Breathing realm, and without being at a disadvantage at that.

In the battle, the patriarch’s expression became more and more serious. After battling Mo Wen for a while, he actually could not handle the youth one bit. From the start, he could only maintain a tie and was not able to seize an advantage.

He was extremely shocked. A youth was actually so strong and powerful. He was at the pinnacle of the Embryonic Breathing realm. Even if the youth had later-stage Embryonic Breathing realm Cultivation, it was still a rank lower than his Cultivation. By right, he shouldn’t have problems defeating Mo Wen. But now, the youth was battling more and more ferociously, like a ancient beast that knew no fatigue.

The patriarch’s expression turned ugly. He never thought that this youth would be so troublesome. Although he was not at a disadvantage now, his energy would certainly not be able to compare with Mo Wen’s in the long run. If this dragged on, he would most likely not be a match for this youth.

After all, he was old, very, very old. His energy could not compare with that of a youth’s and was not suitable for battling for long durations. Right now, Mo Wen was like a beast, energetic and vigorous. He did not seem to know the meaning of fatigue. Fighting for three days and three nights would not be a problem.

“As expected, heroes are born young. If you grow for a few more years, even I will be scared of you. Since you actively trespassed into the Dafang Sect, today, no matter what the cost, I will eliminate you.” The Jiang Clan’s patriarch was getting more and more astonished. The youth absolutely could not be left alive. Otherwise, the Jiang Clan’s few hundred years of heritage would be completely destroyed at the hands of this youth.

He did not bother anymore with Mo Wen and sent out a palm strike. After pushing Mo Wen backwards slightly, he immediately retreated, appearing in the air in a flash. Since normal methods couldn’t kill this youth, he could only risk his life and go all out.

Of course, Mo Wen did not let him go. The next moment, his silhouette caught up in a flash.

“Swirling Imprint.” The patriarch’s body flashed green. Both of his hands suddenly formed a strange hand sign. A beam of grand and majestic aura emanated from his body. His expression was solemn and actually displayed some divine radiance.

The green Inner Qi converged in his palm. The next moment, a grindstone-sized green boulder appeared in front of him. The grindstone-sized boulder slowly spun, shooting out beams of green light. They enveloped Mo Wen, then came blasting down on him.

Mo Wen’s eyebrows shot up. That bizarre green grindstone seemed to be a threat, causing him to have a great sense of danger. He frowned. The patriarch was clearly not utilizing Dafang Sect martial arts. Instead, it seemed to be one of the most powerful Buddhist martial arts. It was majestic and shook people down to their core. It could actually pose a threat to his indestructible body.

Mo Wen did not dare to dally. He gave a long roar that sounded like that of an ancient beast. It split open boulders. The soundwaves shook the ground until countless cracks began to form. A strong ripple spread out from around Mo Wen, instantly covering a large area.

Among the ancient martial art practitioners observing at a distance, many people suddenly covered their heads and crouched on the ground screaming in pain. Some ancient martial art practitioners with lower Cultivation ended up rolling on the ground, enduring extreme pain. They kept screaming in anguish.

That bizarre roar seemed to have an incomparable killing power. Even 1,000 meters away, it still had terrifying killing power. In the blink of an eye, a large group of ancient martial art practitioners were crying out in pain.

“Such a terrifying soundwave technique!” A look of surprise flashed in the eyes of the graceful young woman from the Yanxia Sect. She was trying hard to block the pervasive soundwave from damaging her body. Just doing so already made her insides shake until her blood churned. The cliff that they were on was no more than 300 meters from the square, so the effect of the soundwave was very strong.

“So frightening!” Ruan Feixia’s face paled, but then it returned to its rosy color. A look of astonishment flashed in her eyes. Even at such a distance, the youth’s soundwave technique could affect her. That youth was too frightening.

She had just withstood a little residual wave, and the attack wasn’t even aimed at her. If the soundwave had been aimed at her, she would probably have sustained serious injuries.