Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 339

Chapter 339: Right Wisdom King

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Mo Wen’s long and loud cry shook the skies. Even the bluestone grinding disc that was being pressed on trembled slightly and stopped for a moment, as if it had been disrupted by the soundwaves.

In the blink of an eye, Mo Wen dashed forward, appearing in front of the bluestone grinding plate, which was emitting a very frightening aura. As he did so, black rays were being emitted from both of his hands. The temperatures then suddenly dropped, as if the entire area had descended into winter.

The black rays then morphed into two sharp claws. As Mo Wen randomly moved his hands, the sharp claws cut directly into the bluestone grinding plate, causing 10 big holes.

It was effortless, as though he was cutting through soft tofu. That pair of claws was simply sharp beyond compare. There was nothing that they could not cut through.

After his Cultivation had broken through into the Embryonic Breathing Realm, many things changed. It could be said that he had made a leap in quality.

For example, he now had much better control over the Taiyin Claws, which was one of the eight major absolute techniques of the Ming Clan. As such, he could whip out all kinds of nuances, which were now at the tip of his fingers. He was now on par with the bluestone grinding plate.

Moreover, Mo Wen was not only launching a single attack, as previously, that long and sharp scream he had heard was an Absolute Rank martial art as well. Specifically, it was the famous Soul Shuddering Demonic Sound of the Ming Clan.

Now, as he was using it with the Embryonic Breathing Realm, the strength of the assault was naturally shocking! Under the attack of two Absolute Rank martial arts, the bluestone grinding plate was sure to be shattered, no matter how amazing or powerful it was.

In reality, Mo Wen had been an ancient martial art practitioner with the Golden Elixir Realm in his past life. The moment he had broken through into the Embryonic Breathing realm, it was like he had returned to the past. He was as comfortable as a fish in water, which enabled him to use his body’s capabilities to the fullest potential.

The Elder of the Jiang Clan, who assumed that his opponent was simply a talented youth, had no idea that, in fact, he was really an intimidating ancient martial art practitioner! Mo Wen rose up both of his hands and immediately, the bluestone grinding plate shattered.

It had been split into two. Then, its green light started to surge and a dull explosion resounded throughout the space. A scary force then started to make off with everything. It felt as though it was a 12-point typhoon!

Mo Wen’s body hovered in the midst of this windstorm, causing him to look like a god. He remained unmoving and his aura was frightening.

A look of shock flashed through the Jiang Clan’s Elder’s eyes. Even though he had brought out his Swirling Imprints, it still could not affect this youth! After all, the previous two martial arts that the youth had performed were just too powerful!

The Swirling Imprints was not a martial art of the Dafang Sect, Instead, he had coincidentally learned it from a Buddhist Sect, while roaming the world. It was very strong, even worthy of the Absolute Rank, and was also a whole sect’s absolute martial art.

However, after he had attained the Swirling Imprints, Mo Wen had barely used it. Instead, he had always kept it as his trump card. Yet, it was useless in the face of this youth!

After he destroyed the bluestone grinding plate, his body flashed again as he dashed forward, directly appearing before the Elder of the Jiang Clan and hurling forth his golden fist. In that moment, loud cries and shrieks filled the air. The insane aura had spread out in all directions. It was as though a king had become angry and wanted to kill everything in the world!

When faced with this attack of the Dragon Tiger Overlord Fist, the Elder of the Jiang Clan barely had time to defend himself. As such, he was hit directly by Mo Wen’s iron fist, which sent him flying through the air.

He flew for several hundreds of meters. When he landed, it was clear that there was a deficiency in both his vital energy and his blood. Also, the sudden attack of the Cries of Dragon and Tiger had caused him to lose his senses! In fact, if his Cultivation had not been so high, that single fist could have killed him!

In the distance, two solitary figures silently stood on top of a stone mountain. Suddenly, one of the figures broke the silence…

“The Soul Shuddering Demonic Sound and Taiyin Claws are the Absolute Rank martial arts of your Gong Clan. Did you impart them to Mo Wen?” Jun Wulei, who was dressed in a white suit, appeared from the dust, then turned to look at Demoness Gong, a surprised look flashing through his eyes.

These two Absolute Rank martial arts had once shaken the Earth. They had very long histories, yet very few people still knew of their existences.

These were the secret arts of the Gong Clan. The fact that Demoness Gong had imparted two such amazing martial arts to Mo Wen revealed how exceptional her feelings towards him were!

Previously, he had been suspicious, as that cold Inner Qi that Mo Wen had Cultivated was too similar to the Nine Yin Divine Technique. The aura that it emanated was exactly the same as Demoness Gong’s. As such, he had suspected that Demoness Gong had imparted the Nine Yin Divine Technique to Mo Wen. And, now that he looked at it even more closely, it seemed that he had been right all along!

This was because only people who had Cultivated the Nine Yin Divine Technique would be able to exercise the Taiyin Claws and the Soul Shuddering Demonic Sound to their fullest potentials. After all, using normal methods to Cultivate these two martial arts made it very difficult to have any achievements at all.

In the past, the Gong Clan had been robbed, because their possessions had been greatly coveted. This was not surprising, as many of the larger sects in the ancient martial arts world had their eyes on the clan’s many treasures and arts. In the end, this robbery had caused the clan to fall into a tragic state.

Thus, it could be said that to Demoness Gong, the Nine Yin Divine Technique was a taboo phrase. If anyone even dared to mention or covet it even slightly, she would chase them to death!

As such, even he did not dare to bring up anything about the Nine Yin Divine Technique in front of her. Yet, she had now actually imparted the Nine Yin Divine Technique to someone else! This understandably had really surprised him, thus making him see things in an entirely new light.

Moreover, he thought that Mo Wen was also a little odd. Not only had he Cultivated the Nine Yin Divine Technique, but he had also Cultivated some other martial arts. As such, it felt like there were two different Inner Qis within his body.

Anyone who obtained the Nine Yin Divine Technique would act like they had gotten their hands on treasure and immediately give up on all other previous martial arts that they had been training on, so that they could devote all of their time to Cultivating the Nine Yin Divine Technique. However, Mo Wen seemed to be the oddball, as not only had he Cultivated the Nine Yin Divine Technique, but he was also Cultivating another kind of martial arts!

Could the martial arts that he was Cultivating be comparable to the Nine Yin Divine Technique?

Among the ancient martial art practitioners, the number one rule was for one to be focused and concentrated, training only on a single martial arts technique at a time. If one wanted to do more and dabbled everywhere at once, no great results would come out of it at the end.

Moreover, the Nine Yin Divine Technique was a very high level technique, meaning that others would not even be able to get a thorough understanding of it in an entire lifetime. Yet, Mo Wen still somehow had the time to train on other techniques!

At that time, Jun Wulei did not know that Mo Wen was actually training three types of martial arts instead of just two. This was because the third one was always used in balancing out the Nine Yang Genuine Qi and Nine Yin Genuine Qi, so it had never been unleashed in front of anyone before. If Jun Wulei would have known about this, he would have been so shocked that his jaw would have fallen to the ground!

“His Nine Yin Divine Technique was not imparted to him by me.” Demoness Gong shook her head.

After all, Mo Wen was an authentic descendant of the Ming Clan, so he would not need her to impart the Nine Yin Divine Technique to him. In fact, was more likely that Mo Wen should teach her the complete Nine Yin Divine Technique!

She had long known that Mo Wen had attained all the inheritance of the Ming Clan. Otherwise, he would not have two of the Ming Clan’s divine techniques.

Currently, he had the eight absolute techniques and was even training in both the Yin and Yang concurrently. Hence, he was presently comparable in natural talent to the 34th Ming Clan Leader.

“What? It was not imparted by you?” Jun Wulei was stunned.

How could this be? Other than the Gong Clan, who had a piece of the scripture of the Nine Yin Divine Technique, which other places have it?

After all, it’s an Absolute Rank martial art that was lost several hundreds of years ago and the impartation has been cut off!

“You mean that you haven’t noticed where he is different?” Gong Biluo looked at Jun Wulei oddly, thinking to himself…

Mo Wen was training the Nine Yin and Nine Yang Divine Techniques simultaneously as a direct descendent, after all. Does he really not see it?

“Different?” Jun Wulei was slightly stunned. Then, he looked as though he had gone deep into deep thought, saying, “He is indeed extraordinary, very different from the average person. In the future, I’m afraid his achievements will even surpass mine.”

Demoness Gong sighed. It was obvious that Jun Wulei’s answer was very different from what she had been asking. He had obviously not yet uncovered Mo Wen’s secret. The Gao Clan had imparted it all by themselves for so many years, even the Ming Clan had most likely already forgotten about it.

What she had meant was that not only had Mo Wen Cultivated the Nine Yin Divine Technique, he had also Cultivated the Nine Yang Divine Technique. This was, in fact, the most shocking aspect. Yet, in the end, as the descendent of the Ming Clan’s Zuo Mingwang, he had not noticed anything at all, even after spending so much time with Mo Wen!

However, Demoness Gong also knew that the Nine Yang Divine Technique had not been imparted for hundreds of years. Hence, as time passed, many people had forgotten about this divine technique, including those people who had branched out from the Ming Clan all those years ago.

If it had been hundreds of years ago, many people would have been able to recognize the Nine Yang Divine Technique at a glance. However, it had not made an appearance for hundreds of years, so nobody remembered it anymore. Even if it was displayed right before their eyes, they would not be able to identify it.

Demoness Gong had been able to recognize it at a glance because she had Cultivated the Nine Yin Divine Technique, which could resonate with the Nine Yang Divine technique. This was possible because they had both originated from the same source. Moreover, although Jun Wulei was the successor of the Gao Clan by right of lineal descent, it had been too long since the Ming Clan of hundreds of years ago had seen it.

As Demoness Gong looked at Jun Wulei, her lips trembled. It appeared that she wanted to say something, but hesitated.

She knew that Mo Wen had a goal of rebuilding the Ming Clan and igniting the inheritance of the its thousand-year history. He wanted to re-gather all of the smaller powers that had been split off from the Ming Clan.

In reality, her Gong Clan and Jun Wulei’s Gao Clan shared a very deep tradition with the Ming Clan. Back then, the last generation’s Sacred Maiden had been a member of the Gong Clan. Hence, the Gong Clan had been able to impart a portion of the Nine Yin Divine Technique and some of the Ming Clan’s Absolute Rank martial arts.

However, these arts had all been basically incomplete. This was because, after the huge robbery, the Sacred Maiden had sustained serious injuries and was on the brink of death. As she was dying, she hurriedly tried to leave the Nine Yin Divine Technique. However, she did not have time to write it all down before her death. Hence, only a portion had ultimately been imparted.

As for the Gao Clan, their ancestor had been the Right Wisdom of the Ming Clan’s Right and Left Wisdom King. His Cultivation was very high and, within the entire sect, he was only inferior to the sect leader and Sacred Maiden. Hence, he was still someone who was at the top of the pyramid.

The Gao Clan’s hundreds of years of inheritance had a long history. The fact that they had been able to maintain their high position in the ancient martial arts world without being defeated, while still having talents being produced in large numbers, was because the Gao Clan had a portion of the Ming Clan’s impartations.

At that time, the Ming Clan back had basically been the country’s religion. Its powers spread throughout every corner of the country, with hundreds of thousands of people subscribing to their beliefs. Naturally, such a big organization had a strict internal hierarchy with a complicated structure.

The most famous among the clan were the ones just beneath the sect leader and the sacred maiden: the Ming Clan’s Right and Left Wisdom Kings, the Four Major Respectable Figures, the Eight Major Sects, the Sixteen Guardians and the Thirty-six Cult Envoys. Each and every one of them were renowned throughout the world and were Absolute Rank Masters in the ancient martial arts world.

It was said that, among the Thirty-six Great Teachers, any one of them would not have a Cultivation lower than the later stage of the Embryonic Breathing Realm. In fact, if the Ming Clan of back then were to be placed in the current ancient martial arts scene, even the Ten Major Sects of the ancient martial arts world would not be a match for it, even if they combined all of their forces!

Thus, if Mo Wen had the intention of rebuilding the Ming Clan, it was crucial to recruit the power of the Gao Clan, who had the impartation of the Ming Clan’s Right Wisdom King.