Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 340

Chapter 340: Ming Jiang Sword

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“What are you trying to tell me?” Jun Wulei glanced at Demoness Gong weirdly. There was an underlying meaning in her words, but she refused to say it outrightly. This was not consistent with Demoness Gong’s character.

“The Ming Cult! Do you remember it?” Demoness Gong looked at the youngster, who was fighting Jiang Clan’s Patriarch with all his might. As she did so, a strange radiance flashed in her eyes.

“The Ming Cult!” Jun Wulei’s body stiffened and his face suddenly looked serious. The members of the clan didn’t dare forget the origin of the Clan’s heritage for a moment. In fact, the Ming Cult was the one name that the children of the Jun Clan must always remember.

However, regarding the origin of the Jun Clan, only its internal members, as well as a select few outsiders, knew about it. In fact, one of the main reasons that the Jun Clan and the Gong Clan had been friends for generations was that both of the clans used to be closely connected to the Ming Cult. Yet, he still didn’t know why Demoness Gong would suddenly be talking about the brilliant cult that had disappeared hundreds of years ago.

Could it be that Mo Wen is somehow connected to the Ming Cult?

“If the Ming Cult was to reappear, what would the Jun Clan’s attitude towards it be?” Demoness Gong asked stoically. As Jun Wulei was the future Clan Leader of the Jun Clan, his attitude would naturally be the Jun Clan’s adopted attitude.

“The Ming Cult…. Reappear?” Jun Wulei blinked his eyes and glanced at Gong Biluo weirdly, then shook his head coolly and said, “That’s almost impossible. The ancestors of the Jun Clan and the Gong Clan already attempted it, but failed.”

Regarding the rebuilding of the Ming Cult, the Jun Clan and the Gong Clan had this idea many years ago, but it had been impossible for them to succeed. In fact, although the Ming Cult had been destroyed, it had been a massive organization that had been decentralized, thus being dispersed into numerous influences in the ancient martial arts world. As such, the Jun Clan and the Gong Clan were merely two minor parts of it.

Now, the scattered decentralized influences were all in different places and very few influences that had branched out from the Ming Cult continued to feel that same original sense of belonging to it. As those people had lost their faiths, Jun Wulei had to wonder how they could be reunited again.

Also, Jun Wulei didn’t understand why Demoness Gong was talking about this now…

Could she have the intention of rebuilding the Ming Cult? But, wouldn’t this be impossible to accomplish?

The size of the Ming Cult was beyond an ordinary person’s imagination. Even now, after hundreds of years, the normal ancient martial arts influences could not attain it. Those Ming Cult’s branches, which were almost equivalent in power to the Jun Clan, numbered more than a mere handful. However, unlike the Jun Clan and the Gong Clan, which continued to make the Ming Cult its religion, they had already forgotten all about the Ming Cult. As such, once the Ming Cult was rebuilt, it would surely be objected and suppressed by them.

“Perhaps someone could succeed.” For some unknown reasons, Demoness Gong truly believed that Mo Wen had the ability to succeed in doing this.

After all, just because they couldn’t do it, it didn’t mean that Mo Wen couldn’t do it, as he had the orthodox heritage of the Ming Cult and the virtuous cause on his side! Thus, when the Nine Yin Divine Technique reappeared in the world, it would be an irreplaceable ensign!

There were some influences that had branched out from the Ming Cult in the ancient martial arts world, which still had beliefs and attachments to the Ming Cult. As such, Mo Wen’s appearance would become a support to their beliefs.

Moreover, he was also a unique genius, who could practice two Divine Techniques simultaneously. In fact, his talents was equivalent to that of the legendary Ming Cult’s leader.

“Are you pinning all of your hopes on Mo Wen?” Jun Wulei asked, casting a look at Demoness Gong.

Even if you like him, you don’t need to have such great confidence in him. Some influences that branched out from the Ming Cult have thrived even better than the Jun Clan. Those so-called 10 big sects in the ancient martial arts world were nothing compared to these influences!

After all, could Mo Wen actually so the thing that the Gong Clan and the Jun Clan were unable to do when they were in their heydays?

Demoness Gong was silent and stood with her hands behind her back. Her eyes were quietly fixed on Mo Wen. She looked calm, like a stalk of water lotus.


Back in the public square, Mo Wen’s earth-shattering punch had shaken the Jiang Clan’s Patriarch, causing him to ricochet backwards. His figure swayed, then gave chase again.

“Youngster, I have lived for two hundred years and this is the first time I have encountered such an evil creature as you!” The Jiang Clan’s Patriarch’s countenance had completely changed.

This youngster’s Cultivation is not only close to the later stage of the Embryonic Breathing Realm, but he also has a shocking fighting power! Moreover, he is able to manage many powerful martial arts, which are all almost above the absolute rank level!

Even though he is so young, his attacks are so skilful and he has such a rich fighting experience! He also seems very capable in terms of power management!

To possess such profound absolute rank martial arts, others might not be able to complete practicing even just one in their entire lifetime, but they are all at his fingertips!

This youngster of the Wang Clan is indeed an evil creature!

Mo Wen was also shocked by the leader’s age and years of experience.

Could this old fellow be reincarnated from a tortoise?

Although the lifespan of the ancient martial arts practitioner was longer than a normal person’s, especially the ancient martial arts practitioner in the Qi Nucleation realm, most everyone only lived to be about a hundred years old. However, this leader was two hundred years old, and that remained a very terrifying number in Mo Wen’s mind! After all, after living for two hundred years, even a pig would have extraordinary achievements!

“Old man, as you already have one foot in the coffin, do you still enjoy meddling with others’ affairs? Yes? Then I shall give you a lift!” After asking his question, Mo Wen bellowed a long cry, the sound of which shook the entire area.

In fact, the terrifying grandeur of the Soul Shuddering Demonic Sound cracked the ground directly! As the crack lines appeared on the surrounding ground, the sound waves affected all of the substances around as well.

As the Jiang Clan’s Patriarch was in the center of the outburst of the sound waves, his clothes were left completely tattered. He retreated many steps to resist the terrifying sound wave, then stepped forward to issue forth a violent punch.

A Dafang Sect famous martial art was being exhibited by the Jiang Clan’s Patriarch at this moment. As a result, the surrounding space seemed to have been distorted and was squeezing Mo Wen’s body!

Yet, Mo Wen remained undisturbed and fearless. His golden body was ablaze, as he used his limbs to shatter the surrounding wall of pressure. Then, like a golden missile, his punch sent Jiang Clan’s Patriarch flying again.

Although his Cultivation was still below the Jiang Clan’s Patriarch, his martial arts skills were inherited from the Ming Cult, so the heritage of the normal ancient martial arts influences couldn’t possibly be his match.

The Qi and blood of the Jiang Clan’s Patriarch were surging. He looked at Mo Wen in shock, as if he was not facing a person, but a human-like machine. Because of Mo Wen’s valiance, he had to fight with all his might.

As such, the Jiang Clan’s Patriarch used the strength and momentum of Mo Wen’s punch to catapult him towards his own retreat. In a flash, his figure flew backwards a few hundred feet, then landed on top of a building. Mo Wen gave chase, refusing to let him off so easily.

“Little brute! Even if I have to take you down with me, I shall do it!” The Jiang Clan’s Patriarch was in a rage. He bellowed as he raised his hand, then a wave of invisible ripples spread out with him as the center.

The next moment, a sword cry suddenly resounded from the internal part of the buildings. The cry was crisp and loud. Even at the distance of a kilometer, the people could feel its penetrating Massacre Qi.

A streak of white Sword light flew into the sky and strode across the air, then dropped into the Jiang Clan’s Patriarch’s hand. It looked ancient and had some weird vein lines and runes flickering on top of it. It was constantly giving out a fiery aura that seemed to be able to split the entire space apart.

“That’s a very terrifying Sword. What Sword is that?”

On the cliff faraway, Hu Qiongqi looked at the long Sword that the Jiang Clan’s Patriarch was holding. He could feel the terror of the Sword, and his heart couldn’t help but feel a sense of danger, like the Sword could kill him effortlessly.

“I also felt the threat of the Sword. What exactly is that weapon? It looks like the weapon sold in the Huatian Palace, but that weapon was not as terrifying as this one!” Apprehension flashed in Hu Guiyuan’s eyes as he looked at the long Sword fearfully.

That Sword definitely could kill the expert in the Embryonic Breathing Realm. Even if Jiang Quangui were to use this Sword, he could challenge the ancient martial arts practitioner in the later stage of the Embryonic Breathing realm directly. Fortunately, he had always been extremely tolerant and didn’t offend Jiang Clan in any way.

“That Sword is so frightening!” On top of another cliff, Ruan Feixia shivered unconsciously, an eerie feeling growing in her heart. She could truly feel the threat and the terror of that Sword!

Luckily, it was quite a distance away from her, so it was not pinpointing her. If she a had been in Mo Wen’s position, her legs would have gone soft like jello!

“Strange. I have never heard of the Dafang Sect having such a long Sword.” The graceful woman gasped in shock, bewilderment filling her eyes.

As the Sect Leader of the Yanxia Sect, she naturally knew many things that others didn’t know. However, she never knew that the Dafang Sect actually had this Divine Sword, as it had never appeared before in the past!

The Yanxia Sect had always been known as the First ancient martial art influencer in the series of the three big Mountain ranges, but after this mysterious person of the Dafang Sect had appeared, the Yanxia Sect’s position had been threatened. Now, with the appearance of this terrifying Divine Sword, it was a direct threat to the Yanxia Sect!

Standing on the huge rock at the other side, those Taoist priests looked nervous. This was because the Dafang Sect’s backing was beyond everyone’s expectations.


At the same time, Mo Wen noticed the long Sword in the Jiang Clan’s Patriarch’s hand, surprise filling his eyes.

He recognized that this was not a normal Sword, but a Sword that could only be manufactured in the Immortal Cultivators world. The stratagem and runes techniques carved on it had shocking powers and supernatural abilities. Furthermore, this Sword could be equivalent to a spiritual weapon in the Immortal Cultivators world, even when it was in a damaged condition!

Mo Wen could see at one look that the Sword was incomplete and badly damaged, so it could currently only perform at ten to twenty percent of its original power. Even so, it was still a shocking thing in the ancient martial arts world.

“You are only the third person who could make me use the Ming Jiang Sword.”

The face of the Jiang Clan’s Patriarch was downcast as he looked at Mo Wen. He intended to use the ability of this Sword to kill Mo Wen in a stroke. This was because he had finally realized that, with his own ability, he couldn’t do anything to Mo Wen, much less kill him!