Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 341

Chapter 341: The Sacred Flame Insignia Appears

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The Jiang Clan Patriarch looked coldly at Mo Wen. The aura of his body became stronger and stronger.

He seemed untouchable, like a porcupine. All this while, the Ming Jiang Sword had been his secret, as he had rarely had the opportunity to use it. Only when he encountered opponents, who he could not deal with, did he need to use this remarkable sword.

The only two people who had ever seen this sword before had both died at the end of its blade. Now, Mo Wen would join them.

After all, this youth was too terrifying. If he was not eliminated, he would become the the Jiang Clan’s nightmare. Then, he would most likely destroy the large Jiang Clan. Therefore, today Mo Wen must die. Even if he had to die in the process, he would surely kill the youth here!

“That sword is no simple sword.” Jun Wulei said, his expression serious. Although his cultivation was above that of the Jiang Clan patriarch’s, if the Jiang Clan patriarch wielded that sword, he could pose a serious threat.

He had seen this type of weapon in the Huatian Palace before. But, even in the Huatian Palace, this sort of weapon was rarely seen. He had never thought that the Jiang Clan would have one of them!

“It probably has some historical relationship with the mysterious forbidden land.” Demoness Gong raised her eyebrows slightly.

She immediately thought of the forbidden land. This was because she had seen something similar to the sword there. Also, it felt familiar to her, as though she recognized it from somewhere. But, alas, she could not recall exactly where.

As she struggled to remember, she subconsciously touched the spot between her eyebrows. Before leaving the Underground Palace, that bizarre Black Jade Throne seemed to have burrowed into her body. She was always curious as to where in her body it was hiding. She had not been able to find it on her own.

It could be that the mysterious longsword and the Black Jade Throne that was in her body were the same kinds of items. After all, the Dafang Sect had guarded the forbidden land for a few hundred years. For them to have been able to obtain a few mysterious items would not have been strange.

“Are you going to intervene?” Jun Wulei asked Demoness Gong.

Now that the Jiang Clan Patriarch had that longsword, Mo Wen would no longer be his match. Now, the old man be only be suppressed if the two of them intervened.

“Wait for a while. I believe in him.” Demoness Gong shook her head. She still had a deep confidence in Mo Wen. As for where that confidence came from, she did not know.

If Mo Wen could settle things himself, she would rather not intervene. After all, this was a man’s problem. As a woman, it was not respectful for her to steal his limelight.

Also, her identity and reputation were sensitive. There were many ancient martial art practitioners gathered here, and if other people knew about her and Mo Wen’s relationship, it would be very disadvantageous for them both.

“Then let’s wait a bit longer.” Jun Wulei rolled his eyes. He really did not understand where Demoness Gong’s confidence in Mo Wen came from. Even he would not necessarily be able to settle the old man on his own, and yet she believed that Mo Wen would win against him. He could only believe this if some miracle should suddenly happen.

“That’s not a bad sword!” Mo Wen remained indifferent, unafraid, and light. It was as though he had not seen the terrifying longsword at all. He stood boldly, immovable like a mountain.

“Die!” the Jiang Clan Patriarch exclaimed in a low voice.

Then, with a leap, the sword in his hand released thousands of beams of light, which instantly flooded the entire square. He was utilizing the Dafang Sect’s Square Sword Technique.

However, now that he was the one using it, while also wielding the Ming Jiang Sword, this caused the heavens and earth to be temporarily discolored. The surrounding light turned dark and a light breeze blew past. All of the trees surrounding the square were reduced to dust in the breeze.

The sophistication of the Square Sword Technique lay in its ability to kill in all directions. As such, there was basically no way to avoid its attack.

Mo Wen stood in the center of the square. It felt as though the heavens and earth had become a meat grinder. The Qi of Sword was raging everywhere, slowly pressing downwards. It was like the whole world was being destroyed and there was nowhere to hide.

Then, all of the bodies of those who died from the residue waves of the battle before instantly turned to dust. The fine and dense Qi of Sword directly sliced up their corpses into the finest particles. When the wind blew, these particles disappeared from the ground, as though they had become the breeze.

Mo Wen’s expression turned solemn. In the face of such a frightening attack, he dared not dally.

A beam of golden black Yin Yang Swirls slowly appeared in front of him. It wrapped him in its center, then became bigger and bigger. It was like a tornado, shooting up to the sky and instantly covering a large area.

The heavens and the earth were filled with Qi of Sword. In an instant, they were all swept into the Yin Yang Swirls. Then, the beams of the sharp Qi of Sword frantically burrowed into the swirl. The black and golden swirl seemed to be a bottomless pit, gobbling up the Qi of Sword in large chunks.

The Qi of Sword was everywhere and truly frightening. As more of the Qi of Sword was gobbled up, the large swirl grew increasingly unstable. It seemed like it would collapse at any moment.

The Jiang Clan Patriarch coldly snorted. His silhouette faced off against the swirls and shot upwards. With a slash of the sword, a terrifying Qi of Sword slashed out horizontally, directly splitting the huge Yin Yang Swirls. Immediately, the Qi of Sword scattered everywhere and gales swept across the entire area.

Mo Wen did not back down. The golden light on his body became brighter and brighter. His golden body seemed to shimmer.

He then became a beam of golden light. He faced the windstorm, going against it as he moved. A formless ripple surrounded his entire body, cancelling out all of the Qi of Sword and Qi waves. The Heaven and Earth Great Shift’s power was clearly shown, as not a single attack could touch him.

Even though his defense was astonishing, the Jiang Clan Patriarch’s attack power was even more ferocious. Instantly, he whipped up a storm, which appeared above his head. He then slashed downwards with the Qi of Sword.

“Tai Yin Claws!” Mo Wen simply reached out his hands and a huge black claw appeared in the sky. Instantly, cold air whizzed forth. The air was cold enough to make people shiver.

The huge claw then caught on to the Qi of Sword that had just come slashing down from above, but only for a moment. Then, the terrifying Qi of Sword shattered the Tai Yin Claws and continued slashing downwards.

Even though the Tai Yin Claws using the Nine Yin Divine Technique were incredible powerful, they could not block that one slash. Thus, the Jiang Clan Patriarch, who was wielding the Ming Jiang Sword, had his attack power increased by several folds. He was practically comparable to half a Golden Elixir realm ancient martial art practitioner at this moment!

However, after the sword shattered the Tai Yin Claws, its Qi of Sword immediately dimmed. Mo Wen then sent out another palm strike. In that instant, hand shadows covered the heavens and countless illusory hand shadows appeared in the sky. Each hand shadow had a different form and was highly intricate. Every single one of them was like the most perfect piece of artwork in the world.

The hand shadows surrounded the Qi of Sword. With a slight twist, the Qi of Sword was immediately disintegrated, dispersing into specks of light that soon dissipated in the air.

The Heavenly Hand’s power was clearly being displayed. Although this martial art’s attack power was not very strong, it was adept at skillfully detecting and cleverly negating brute force. As such, when it was pitted against martial arts with terrifying attack powers, it usually could perform very well.

“No matter how much ability you have, today I will surely kill you.” The Jiang Clan Patriarch secretly felt shocked that such a terrifying slash could be so easily disintegrated by the youth! In fact, every martial art he displayed was astonishing.

The patriarch’s cultivation was originally above Mo Wen’s, exceeding it by a whole rank. Now, even though the Ming Jiang Sword had been brought out, he still could not handle him.

How could a youth know so many rare martial arts? Whose successor was he? The martial arts that he displayed just now were not all martial arts of the Wang Clan.

Among the Ten Great Sects of the ancient martial arts world, those that could inherit one set of Absolute Rank martial art teachings were already considered to be incredible. After all, many of the large sects didn’t even have Absolute Rank martial art teachings to inherit. This made it even more impossible to have so many.

The Jiang Clan Patriarch was starting to feel more and more afraid. The battle had only served to increase his worry. Today, if he could not kill Mo Wen, it would surely mean utter ruin for the Jiang Clan.

The Jiang Clan Patriarch was also angry inside. He began to feel desperate, placing all of his hopes on the power of the Ming Jiang Sword. Even if he was heavily injured by wielding it, he could not afford to hesitate to do so.

Beam after beam of terrifying Qi of Sword poured down, almost causing Mo Wen to be suppressed on the ground. He was only able to barely defend himself from it.

The Jiang Clan Patriarch, wielding the Ming Jiang Sword, had an astonishing combat ability, so he was able to suppress Mo Wen along the way. With his own abilities, Mo Wen indeed was no match for the Jiang Clan Patriarch, at least not when he was wielding the Ming Jiang Sword.

As such, after using all of his martial arts and unleashing his techniques to the limit, Mo Wen could only manage to barely defend himself. If nothing changed, he would certainly lose at the hands of the Jiang Clan Patriarch!

In just a short amount of time, many fine sword marks appeared on Mo Wen’s body. The Ming Jiang Sword was too sharp, even his Indestructible Body of Vajrapani could not block it.

“Die, you swine.” The Jiang Clan Patriarch’s expression was somewhat pale. He was astonished that this imp actually could withstand the attack of the Ming Jiang Sword for so long! If he had not had the Ming Jiang Sword, he would most likely been easily conquered by Mo Wen.

“Kill me? With just that sword?” Mo Wen’s expression was still peaceful. His gaze was eerily calm, as if being caught in the throes of the terrifying sea of Qi of Sword had no effect on his state of mind whatsoever.

Mo Wen’s mood and breadth of spirit made those who were observing the battle secretly admire him. Under the suppression of the terrifying Qi of Sword, all of the other onlookers had retreated again and again.

“This divine sword is enough to kill you.” The Jiang Clan Patriarch coldly looked at Mo Wen. The Ming Jiang Sword was such a divine object that, if he continued to battle, this youth would surely die at his sword.

“What a joke!” Mo Wen scoffed and curled up the corner of his lips.

If you have a divine sword, do you think I can’t have one, too?

Before this, the reason that he was able to withstand the Jiang Clan Patriarch’s Ming Jiang Sword attack was because his cultivation had just had a breakthrough. As he had happened across a strong opponent, he could test out his martial arts to check and see what level his abilities had reached.

Mo Wen’s hand slowly pressed against his waist. There was a soft ka-cha sound, as seven crimson lights shot up to the sky, then danced around nimbly in the air, like balls of flame sprites!

“What is that?” At a distance, Jun Wulei’s figure shook as he stood on the cliff. He looked in disbelief at the seven balls of fire that were dancing in the air.

That is the Sacred Flame Insignia! How could this be?

Jun Wulei dared not believe his own eyes! It was like a dream to see the Ming Cult’s most sacred item, the Sacred Flame Insignia!

How could it appear on Mo Wen?

Maybe Jun Wulei could not distinguish people who practiced the Nine Yang Divine Technique, as he was not familiar with the Ming Cult’s peerless divine technique, but he clearly recognized the Sacred Flame Insignia! That was an image that heirs from every prestigious family had burnt into their hearts!