Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 342

Chapter 342: Longevity and an Alien Appearance

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The fact remained that very few people were able to recognize the Sacred Flame Insignia today. This was a pity, as those seven sacred flames represented thousands of years’ worth of the strongest divine items in the Ming Clan!

Demoness Gong was actually not all that surprised by its appearance. This was because she had long guessed that Mo Wen had attained the inheritance of the Ming Clan. Hence, it was reasonable that the Sacred Flame Insignia would make an appearance again.

However, when she saw those seven sacred flames, there was an unspeakable solemness within her. Those treasures had been passed down through the Ming Clan for thousands of years. There had been no news of it for hundreds of years, but it had finally been given the chance to display its brilliance once again!

Jun Wulei could barely believe his eyes. He was astounded that such a legendary and sacred item had actually made an appearance! It simply felt too surreal.

“Just what is going on?” He quickly looked over to Demoness Gong with sparkling eyes. He had finally picked up on the fact that she knew some things that he did not.

Could it be that she already knew about the Sacred Flame Insignia?

“The person who possesses the Sacred Flame Insignia is the clan leader of the Ming Clan. Not only has Mo Wen Cultivated the Nine Yin Divine Technique, he also Cultivated the Nine Yang Divine Technique.” Demoness Gong said the sentence emotionlessly. However, she knew that Jun Wulei would understand what she was implying.

Jun Wulei exhaled a breath of cold air. His eyes widened in shock. The Sacred Flame Insignia and the Nine Yang Divine Technique had appeared at the same time. As a successor of the Left Wisdom King’s bloodline, he should have instantly known that this meant that the impartations of the Ming Clan would live to see the world again!

All along, the Cultivation of the Nine Yang Divine Technique was a hallmark of the Ming Clan Leader. This was because, within the Ming Clan, only the clan leader had the right to cultivate it.

Someone who had cultivated the Nine Yang Divine Technique and even possessed the Sacred Flame Insignia had appeared in the world, which could only mean that, after hundreds of years, the Ming Clan Leader had finally descended upon the Earth once again!

“You’ve known Mo Wen’s true identity all along?” A bright look was evident in Jun Wulei’s eyes, as he kept them trained on Demoness Gong. He knew deep inside that, if this news were to be spread, it would be a huge shock.

Previously, he had still found it odd that Mo Wen went to train on other martial arts, even after cultivating the Nine Yin Divine Technique. In light of this, it was no wonder that the other martial art that he was cultivating was the Nine Yang Divine Technique. Cultivating the two divine techniques simultaneously had only happened once in all of the long history of the Ming Clan!

“No matter what, his future will definitely be extraordinary. As for now, please keep this a secret.” Demoness Gong said calmly.

After all, Mo Wen was still impressionable and had yet to grow up. If news about this were to get out, it would affect him too much. As for Jun Wulei’s thoughts on the sudden appearance of the Ming Clan Leader, she did not want to interfere. Everyone was entitled to their own ideas and choices.

Other than her and Jun Wulei, no one in the three major mountain ranges should be able to recognize the Royal Flame Insignia. Hence, she was not afraid about this fact being leaked by anyone else.

“I will keep it a secret,” Jun Wulei inhaled deeply and said, a complicated expression spreading across his face.

The seven sacred flames circled around Mo Wen slightly. Then, one of them fell into Mo Wen’s hands. Soon after, so did the second, the third, the fourth…

In the blink of an eye, all of the flames had completely merged with one another to form a bright, glowing longsword, which had turned the entire sky red.

“What is that?” A look of surprise flashed across the Elder of the Jiang Clan’s eyes.

He looked at the longsword in Mo Wen’s hand, shocked. He did not know why, but fear had unknowingly crept into his heart. It was as though that flaming longsword could take his life at anytime.

Not only did he feel like something was not right, but the Ming Jiang Sword in his hands was letting out waves of cries and was vibrating non-stop. It seemed to be completely unstable.

The Integrated Sacred Flame Sword did not emit any frightening aura, so it didn’t feel as fierce or intimidating as the Ming Jiang Sword. However, it had planted a frighteningly dangerous sense in the hearts of everyone, so much that they could not control the chill that had washed over their bodies.

As Mo Wen held the Sacred Flame Sword, the reddish-gold lights were flickering furiously on his body. The corners of his mouth turned up slightly into a cold smile. With a flash of his figure, he appeared before the Elder of the Jiang Clan. The Sacred Flame Sword in his hand then slashed down into a direct cut.

It was just a simple cut, having no fanciful martial arts to attached to it, but that one cut directly penetrated through the air and lit up half of the crimson sky. In fact, it had caused even granite on the ground to melt into boiling magma.

The skies and ground looked as though they had turned into a furnace. The heat was scary, causing the surroundings to become engulfed in flames.

It was such a scary single cut, even the Elder of the Jiang Clan turned pale with fright and could not believe his eyes. Previously, he had pressured Mo Wen with his attack. Yet, now Mo Wen had unleashed this horrifying counterattack.

He gritted his teeth and waved the Ming Jiang Sword. Frightening sword auras were insanely dealt out, knocking onto the Qi of the Sacred Flame Sword. However, the aura of the sword had quickly dissipated, so even its 10 fierce sword auras were no match for that Sacred Flame Sword!

The Elder of the Jiang Clan was so shocked that he lost all of his color. He hurriedly dodged his body to the side, as he could not imagine coming into contact with that Sword of Qi!

However, when he had just attempted to dodge, Mo Wen had silently appeared in front of him once again. Then, he made another cut with the Sacred Flame Sword that was in his hands.

The Elder of the Jiang Clan gritted his teeth. All he could do was cut back with his sword as well. The Ming Jiang Sword had officially clashed with the Sacred Flame Sword…

He had never thought that the sword in Mo Wen’s hands would be stronger than his Ming Jiang Sword. After all, the Ming Jiang Sword was a divine sword that had been obtained from that very place. Hence, normal weapons would never compare to the Ming Jiang Sword!

Yet, with just a single cut, the Elder of the Jiang Clan had been sent flying. He was completely unable to go against Mo Wen! The Ming Jiang Sword in his hand was shaking uncontrollably, as if it was crying out in pain. The amazing Sword Qi on it had also seemed to have diminished quite a bit.

“How could this be?” The Elder of the Jiang Clan could not wrap his head around this strange happening. Even though he had brought out the Ming Jiang Sword, he was still no match for Mo Wen!

The Elder of the Jiang Clan began to attack insanely, the two figures clashing with each other repeatedly. During that time, the Sword Qis clashed vertically and horizontally, the sounds from the clashing longswords ringing out continuously.

Everywhere, the cries of the Sword Qis were heard. The flames and the cold fronts tumbled over each other, wreaking havoc in the area. Those ancient martial art practitioners, who had been watching the battle, began to retreat further and further away.

The frightening battle was just too shocking. It had basically exceeded the limits of the Embryonic Breathing realm and looked like a battle between two Golden Elixir realm ancient martial art practitioners. Many of the ancient martial art practitioners with the Qi Nucleation realm could not even handle the aftershocks.

The entire area became cold and lifeless. The area at which the battle between Mo Wen and the Elder of the Jiang Clan had taken place also became an unstable space. Everything around them had turned into fine dust. Only the Stone Pillar to Heaven remained intact.

Clearly, the Sacred Flame Sword had originated from the world of Cultivators and was not normal. By right, it was at the very least considered to be a treasured weapon, perhaps even higher.

After hundreds and thousands of clashes, the Ming Jiang Sword had basically been destroyed. Mo Wen summoned the Tai Yang Sword and tens of thousands of bright and golden Sword Qi started to cry out. This had directly torn apart all of the protection around the Elder of the Jiang Clan.

The Sword Qi made another cry and the flames billowed. It then surged forward, clashing into the body of the Elder of the Jiang Clan and sending him flying backwards.

That black-colored robe immediately tattered into pieces, which then danced in the air. He was only left in his white-colored underwear! Currently, the white-colored underwear was spotted with blood, as blood stains appeared one by one on the surface. Hundreds and then thousands of them appeared, until they could no longer be counted. The vast amount of blood had basically dyed the white fabric red!

With a cough, the Elder of the Jiang Clan spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. His aura had immediately been suppressed and he had almost broken the sword into pieces.

“Such a ruthless little monster.” The Elder of the Jiang Clan grabbed the Ming Jiang Sword, a look of hatred in his eyes. He looked as though he wanted to skin Mo Wen alive.

His jacket had been destroyed and the cone-shaped bamboo hat covering his face had also become powder. As such, his frightening face was finally revealed, shocking even Mo Wen. It basically could not even be considered as a face, as it was so ugly, it looked more like a toad!

It was no wonder that this old man wore a cone-shaped bamboo hat and was always dressed in black, hiding himself from the world! It was because he looked even scarier than a ghost!

Not just Mo Wen, but all of the people who were watching the battle had also exhaled a cold breath of air at that moment. After all, that face was simply too shocking! It did not even look human! It was even more frightening than a monster’s face!

The Jiang Clan’s Elder’s face had the skin of a toad. It had disgusting lumps that were rotting, with pus continuously flowing out of them. There was no hair at all on his head and all of the flesh around his eyes had basically decomposed. His brownish-yellow eyeballs were bulging out, which made for a very disgusting sight.

Not only was his face cringe-worthy, but his entire body was as well. Through his destroyed clothes, one could notice that his skin was green and unbelievably decomposed.

With such an appearance, even those from his own clan felt disgusted. Their stomachs flipped and they almost vomited.

In reality, the whole reason why the Elder of the Jiang Clan had been able to live for so long was because, many years ago, he had chanced to stumble upon a special fruit in the restricted area. After he had eaten it, there were shocking changes that resulted in his body, causing it to become more scarier by each passing day.

However, even though the fruit had morphed his appearance into such an inhuman look, it had also extended his lifespan drastically. He had not died, even after having lived for almost 200 years!

In the distance, the spectators of the battle were all stunned and continuously took in breaths of cold air.

“Such a scary old monster.” Hu Qiongqi clucked his tongue subtly.

“Like a ghost!” In the area of the Yanxia Sect, a young lady screamed out in shock. Her little face turned pale and she covered her eyes, afraid to look over at the Elder of the Jiang Clan.

Ruan Feixia, who was beside her, had also turned pale. Her stomach twitched and felt nauseous.

“I have no choice but to kill you.” Upon noticing that his appearance had been completely revealed, the Elder of the Jiang Clan let out a loud cry in anger. A scary aura emanated forth from him, seeming to push his cultivation to the peak.

With a flash of his figure, he summoned all of his powers to battle Mo Wen once again. However, at this point, he was no longer a match for Mo Wen. After going just a few rounds, he had sustained several serious injuries once again.

“Old thing, you are too bold!” Mo Wen shook his head.

Clearly, this Elder of the Jiang Clan was not normal. He has probably gotten poisoned or eaten something odd…