Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 343

Chapter 343: Annihilate the Enemies

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“Little brute, you are digging your own grave!” the Jiang Clan’s Patriarch bellowed in extreme rage.

He then pounced forward again. Unfortunately, he was severely injured, so he was no match for Mo Wen.

With merely a stroke of the sword, Mo Wen amputated one of his arms. Blood splashed everywhere as the arm dropped onto the ground. In fact, it was actually still moving and had a blackish-green secretion oozing out of it profusely!

Mo Wen was disgusted by such a repugnant scene. He flicked a streak of flame to burn up the amputated arm.

After the arm had been amputated, the excruciating pain that it had caused the Jiang Clan’s Patriarch gradually dulled. He was simply no match for Mo Wen. As such, if he were to continue fighting, he would surely die at his hands.

“Youngster, one day I shall skin you alive and burn you to ashes.” The Jiang Clan’s Patriarch’s heart was filled with hatred. He then turned and fled. At this moment, he could only care about his own escape, not the good of the Jiang Clan.

After all, he had learned by now that the more one lived, the more afraid of death one became. Since the Jiang Clan’s Patriarch had already lived for two hundred years, he was more afraid of death than most.

“Kill!” Mo Wen’s face suddenly turned cold when he realized that the Jiang Clan’s Patriarch was trying to escape. He leapt forward, his sword swerving down violently, intending to obstruct the Jiang Clan’s Patriarch and kill him.

However, although the Jiang Clan’s Patriarch was not be able to defeat Mo Wen, he was not as vulnerable as he appeared to be. As such, it was proving very difficult for Mo Wen to obstruct him! After all, the Jiang Clan’s Patriarch was an ancient martial arts practitioner in the Embryonic Breathing realm, so he could not be easily killed.

All of a sudden, a shocking streak of sword Qi stuck down and obstructed Mo Wen instantly. Then, a body flashed, as the Jiang Clan’s Patriarch flew out hundreds of meters instantaneously, then instantly became a streak of black light. In the moment that he was flickering, he intended to escape completely.

However, when the Jiang Clan’s Patriarch had flown hundreds of meters away and flashed his body to escape into the big mountain, a terrifying black light beam descended from the heavens and enveloped him completely. In an instant, the heavens and the earth were frozen! It was like being in an ice cave, which caused one to shiver.

The body of the Jiang Clan’s Patriarch stiffened and suddenly froze in mid-air. That frightening black light beam that had enveloped his body was causing the blood in his body to freeze. It made his body so stiff, he had difficulty moving.

“Who’s that?” The Jiang Clan’s Patriarch screamed in shock. Someone had actually intercepted him and dared to oppose him.

Who exactly is that? What kind of enmity do they have towards me?

Nobody had answered his cry, and he hadn’t even discovered who had suddenly attacked him yet, before a massive claw appeared suddenly in the air, clawing at him aggressively.


The Jiang Clan’s Patriarch spat out a mouthful of blood and his face turned as pale as a sheet. His body seemed to have been shattered and his internal organs were seriously injured.

Golden Elixir! He’s actually an exceptional expert in the Golden Elixir realm! How could this be possible…

Terror flashed in his eyes.

My opponent’s cultivation is just a little too frightening! This person is still invisible, yet has already injured me severely!

Other than an exceptional expert from the Golden Elixir realm, who else could do this?

I have never offended such a terrifying person! Who exactly is this coming against me?

The howling wind was blowing behind him and, in the blink of an eye, Mo Wen had caught up with him. He then struck his sword towards the Jiang Clan’s Patriarch, who was still frozen in the air.

The terrifying sword Qi struck the Jiang Clan’s Patriarch and cut him into two. His corpse was separated into two and dropped into the forest.

“I hate you!” Before his death, the Jiang Clan’s Patriarch bellowed the angry words hysterically, his eyes filled with the unwillingness to accept his defeat. As he was filled with extreme hatred, he died with many regrets.

Mo Wen looked indifferently at the two pieces of his corpse, which dropped into the forest. His face was cold and he was emitting a shocking killing spirit.

In his heart, he was slightly relieved. After all, the cultivation of this Jiang Clan’s Patriarch was so shocking, if he were to escape, he might have made trouble for him in the future.

His figure flashed and appeared in the forest below. He waved his hand and a mass of golden flame dropped onto the halved corpse. The body then burnt into ashes directly.

At the same time, he waved his other hand. The long sword gave out a crisp cry, then transformed into a streak of white radiance and shot out of the forest, landing in Mo Wen’s hand. That was the Ming Jiang sword of the Jiang Clan’s Patriarch. At this moment, it had become Mo Wen’s trophy.

He looked towards the peak of the mountain with mixed feelings as he wanted to go over to find Demoness Gong, but he hesitated.

“The crisis is over, I should go.” Demoness Gong said this statement apathetically. The next moment, she became a streak of virtual shadow and disappeared instantly.

Jun Wulei looked at the retreating figure of Demoness Gong with mixed feelings. He felt that her departure was ominous somehow. The possibility of his meeting her in the future was largely uncertain.

“If he can grow up completely and have the achievements of the former Cult Leader of the Ming Cult, he may be able to protect you. Why would you want to take the route to self-destruction alone?” Jun Wulei muttered under his breath, then sighed softly.

There were concealed talents and uncountable experts in the ancient martial arts world, so even if Demoness Gong was in the Cultivation of Golden Elixir realm, whether she would be able to survive was an unknown. He cast a look at Mo Wen and shook his head slightly again.

Although Mo Wen was a talented genius and had enjoyed many shocking achievements at a very young age, including being able to practice Nine Yin and Nine Yang Divine Techniques simultaneously, he still had a lot of growing up to do. As such, he still had difficulty in taking charge single-handedly.

Soon after Demoness Gong’s departure, Jun Wulei also left Yandang mountain quietly. He did not meet Mo Wen again.

“That youngster actually killed the Jiang Clan’s Patriarch! That is too frightening!” an onlooker cried out.

Everyone was dumbfounded by the Jiang Clan’s Patriarch’s death. Nobody had expected such a dramatic ending to the conflict.

Originally, everyone thought that Mo Wen was not a very promising prospect. After all, he was only a youngster. They never dreamed that he could fight against the Patriarch of the Jiang Clan, who had lived for more than a hundred years and was also the exceptional expert in the Embryonic Breathing realm!

“Too frightening!” Ruan Feixia gasped in shock. She had always been seen as the number one genius in the series of the three big Mountain ranges, which made her revered everywhere. She was almost the equivalent to the top disciples of the top ten big Sects.

Who in the series of the three big Mountain ranges could control such a terrifying youngster?

“What a youngster! Perhaps he will cause a stir in the series of the three big Mountain ranges!” the graceful woman exclaimed in shock.

On the other side, standing on top of the huge rock, group of Taoist priests were dressed in Taoist robes and had horsetail fly-whisks in their hands.

“Sect Lead Senior brother, it might not be a good thing to have such a youngster in the series of the three big Mountain ranges,” a middle-aged Taoist priest said to the old Taoist priest beside him, with gloom in his eyes.

Having seen that Patriarch of the Jiang Clan die by that youngster’s hand, he was afraid that the entire Jiang Clan would be annihilated and the Dafang Sect would be completely at his mercy. For many years, although it was common to have fights in the series of the three big Mountain ranges, there was an equilibrium being maintained that nobody had been able to break.

It was due to the existence of this equilibrium that the ancient martial arts influences in the series of the three big Mountain ranges had been able to pass down their heritages for hundreds of years without obstruction. Although the influences in the series of the three big Mountain ranges were had competitive relationships, they would unite at once to resist any external enemies whom they encountered, thus preventing anyone from invading the series of the three big Mountain ranges.

With the power of this alliance, even the top ten big Sects were unable to do anything to them. This had allowed them to continue to develop until now. However, it was unclear how they would unite to counter someone who was in the series of the three big Mountain ranges…

After all, that youngster was born in the Wang Clan, which was one of the influences in the series of the three big Mountain ranges. Now, it was a total different scenario, as they were now dealing with an internal fight in their Sect, which had no connection to the other three influences. Hence, they didn’t have any excuse to unite together to suppress Mo Wen.

“He is indeed a threat.” The old Taoist priest nodded, his face grave.

As that youngster was so shocking already, his future achievements were simply unimaginable. For the past hundreds of years, the existence of the equilibrium had never been broken in the series of the three big Mountain ranges. There were weak and strong influences, but their disparities had been negligible.

For hundreds of years, there had never been a situation of having a ruler in the mountain. Hence, the appearance of a possible ruler would break this equilibrium completely.

“What does Sect Lead Senior brother mean? It’ll be better to unite with the other two influences before that youngster has completely grown up.” Another old man spoke up. His face was gloomy and a cold radiance flashed in his eyes.

If we were to be taken over in the future, it would be better for us to take the risk now.

“Don’t make any rash moves. We need to consider this.” The Cangling Taoist Temple’s Sect Leader furrowed his brows.

With that youngster’s ability, they might not be able to kill him, even if the three influences were to unite together. At most, they could only chase that youngster out of the series of the three big Mountain ranges. However, the youngster’s talents were so terrifying, it would be devastating if he were to attack them in the future.

Furthermore, at the final moment, someone had obstructed the Jiang Clan’s Patriarch, so that the youngster was able to kill him. That person was definitely a stunning expert, who was above the Jiang Clan’s Patriarch.

Moreover, that person was obviously connected somehow to that youngster of the Wang Clan. Otherwise, it was impossible for that person to have wanted to help him. Faced with two such terrifying persons, they might not be able to do anything to them, even if they were to use all of the experts within the three big influences!

Since the matter had progressed to such an extent, they could only play things by ear. Even if there was a solid plan in place, it must be discussed and agreed upon by the other three big influences together. It simply could not be matter that the Cangling Taoist Temple could decide alone.