Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 344

Chapter 344: Gifting the Sword

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Mo Wen’s killing the Jiang Clan Patriarch shocked everyone in the series of the three big Mountain ranges. The fact that he was so young and could already kill an absolute strong of the pinnacle of the Embryonic Breathing realm basically made him a juvenile supreme in the eyes of many.

“Father, what exactly were the seven balls of fire that appeared at the last moment? Why do I feel like I have seen them before?” On the top of the cliff, Hu Qiongqi frowned. His eyes flashed, revealing a pondering look.

Anyone could see that the divine flame sword that had appeared at the last moment was the reason that Mo Wen was able to defeat and kill the Jiang Clan Patriarch. Specifically, the divine sword had restrained the Ming Jiang Sword that was wielded by the Jiang Clan Patriarch, resulting in his complete defeat.

Hu Qiongqi felt a strange feeling stir within him. He seemed to have seen the seven beautiful balls of fire somewhere before. They felt so familiar.

He clearly had never come into contact with Mo Wen before, and hence had never seen that divine flame sword before. So, he wondered how he could have such a strong feeling at the moment.

“Now that you mention it, I seem to also have a similar sense of familiarity. Those seven balls of fire resemble a picture that I have seen before.” Hu Guiyuan suddenly realized the similarity. Because it had been so long, it had taken him a while to recall it.

“The ancestral shrine?” After pondering for a while, Hu Qiongqi and Hu Guiyuan looked at each other, their bodies shivering at the same time.

That mysterious picture seemed to be related to their ancestral shrine, which had been their inheritance for hundreds of years. The ancestral shrine was the Ghost Physicians Hu Clan’s most sacred place. Normal clansmen could not enter it. It hid the Ghost Physicians Hu Clan’s priceless inheritance and most hidden secrets.

“Let’s go back and check around,” Hu Guiyuan said, his expression stern.

He had realized that this incident was most likely more than it had at first seemed. After all, their Hu Clan had a few hundred years of history, maybe even longer. As such, anything that was related with the ancestral shrine would not be simple!

After this, the group from the Ghost Physicians Hu Clan immediately left. In a short while, they had vanished from the Dafang Sect area entirely.

As for the Yanxia Sect and the Cangling Taoist Temple, as well as the other factions of the series of three big Mountain ranges, they all dispersed soon after. After all, the battle had already ended and the result had been revealed. The Jiang Clan was defeated. Although everyone was shocked at the result, they could not change the outcome.

The terrifying youth had just crushed the Jiang Clan. If they continued to surround this place, it would not seem appropriate. Moreover, if they drew the ire of that youth, it would not worth the price.

After killing the Jiang Clan Patriarch, Mo Wen did not return directly to the Dafang Sect. Instead, his silhouette flashed and he flew into the forest. He then stopped and stood on top of a boulder.

“Where are you going?” He hadn’t been standing for long, when a dark silhouette came down from the opposite peak and asked him the strange question abruptly.

Mo Wen looked at the silhouette carefully, only to discover that the person was none other than Demoness Gong! She was just preparing to leave the Yandang Mountain!

“The world is vast. There will be a place that I can go.” Demoness Gong slightly narrowed her eyes. She did not look at Mo Wen, only passed expressionlessly by his side. She showed no signs of affection or nostalgia.

“Keep this on you.” Mo Wen did not block her way.

His gaze remained peaceful. Then, with a flick of his finger, a cold light flashed and stabbed into the greyish-white rock that was in front of Demoness Gong. It was the Ming Jiang Sword that he had obtained from the hands of the Jiang Clan Patriarch.

It was a treasure from the Immortal Cultivation world. Although it was now damaged and its power was only comparable to a spiritual weapon, it was still very shocking and something ordinary people could not withstand. After all, a spiritual weapon was something even a normal immortal cultivator would not necessarily have, yet alone an ancient martial art practitioner.

Although the Jiang Clan Patriarch had obtained the sword, he could only unleash a small portion of its power, not even a tenth of it. If it appeared in Demoness Gong’s hands, with her Golden Elixir realm cultivation, the Ming Jiang Sword would surely perform more brilliantly.

Mo Wen then flew away, leaving behind the Ming Jiang Sword. He had gone without a word. His silhouette had disappeared from the spot in a flash, leaving as swiftly as he had come, vanishing in a blink of an eye.

Demoness Gong pulled out the Ming Jiang Sword from the rock with a complicated look. She looked back at the vanishing silhouette, sighing quietly.

The Dafang Sect was currently in chaos and everyone within it was badly frightened. Their faces were pale and their hearts trembled.

The people of the Jiang Clan’s faces were as pale as ash, making it appear as though the end of the world had come. This was because the clan’s patriarch had just perished in battle, dying at the hands of a youth.

The Jiang Clan lost everything, as even their patriarch had died in battle. Many wondered who else among them could withstand such a terrifying youth. As no one could think of a single one, they worried about what fate awaited them.

At that moment, a light silhouette shot across the sky, once again appearing in the square. Right now, the square was already in shambles, having been rendered into a pile of rubble. Many of the houses in the distance had also been wrecked, their beams broken and walls having long fallen away. A large portion of the hall had also collapsed. Some places had even caught fire.

Only the towering stone pillar, which was secretly protected by Mo Wen, had neither collapsed nor been damaged. On top of the stone pillar, Gu Jingman and Wang Yinru still remained seated.

After Wang Yinru had consumed Mo Wen’s pill, her complexion had improved quite a bit. At least she did not look like a person who was about to die!

However, her condition was still pretty terrible. The wounds she had sustained were too severe and her cultivation had been crippled. Her internal organs were damaged and her vitality was almost depleted. If she did not receive immediate treatment, even though now she had managed to survive until now, she would not live much longer.

“What we do with the people of the Jiang Clan depends on you.” A silhouette flew up to the top of the stone pillar. Mo Wen looked at Wang Yinru with a cold look, his body emanating a frightening killing spirit.

“Kill!” Wang Yinru just uttered one word. As she said it, her gaze remained emotionless.

She and the Jiang Clan were arch enemies, after all. She wanted revenge for the hundreds Wang Clan lives, which had all died untimely deaths! She wanted revenge even in her dreams!

Mo Wen nodded his head slightly and didn’t say anything. His silhouette left the stone pillar in a flash, appearing in the interior of the Dafang Sect.

Right now, after learning that their patriarch had died in battle, many of the people of the Jiang Clan had begun to flee, running away in reckless abandon. They knew that if they stayed, only death awaited them.

Of course, there were also people from the Jiang Clan who did not run. Instead, they gathered together and did not retreat. They looked at Mo Wen in hatred, prepared to fight him to the death.

They were determined to not resign. For the last hundred years, the Jiang Clan was strong, prosperous, and had always been entrenched in the series of the three big Mountain ranges. For generations, they had produced countless strong figures.

As such, very few had dared to provoke them. They were once glorious, but now they had fallen. However, they still had their pride, so they were certainly not wanting to become like lost hounds this day!

“No one can leave.” Mo Wen floated in mid-air, his cold, cruel voice spreading across the entire Dafang Sect.

No one in the Jiang Clan could even think about escaping now. He originally was a person who killed decisively, having once killed more than seventy bandits in a single fit of rage. He had killed till their blood ran like a river, but only because those people had done many evil things and lost their humanity.

He suddenly swiped his hand, and tens of cold silvery-blue lights flew out of it. The next moment, cold air swept across the land. It was as though winter had suddenly come, and it was cold enough to cause everyone to shiver.

The twelve cold lights that had just shot up to the sky soon became twelve ice dragons. They stirred up the winds and rain, dominating the entire sky.

The ice dragons were each a hundred meters long and were formed from the solidified cold air. Everywhere they passed froze over.

The Jiang Clan members, who had just been fleeing, were all immediately frozen to their spots. The huge ice dragons had passed by and directly froze them into ice statues. They were unable to block the shocking cold air at all.

After breaking through to the Embryonic Breathing realm, this was the first time that Mo Wen had resorted to using the twelve Silver Serpent Freezing Pin on his enemy. This item, even in antiquity, was a weapon used to mass murder population. So naturally, it struck fear in the hearts of all!

Now that Mo Wen’s cultivation had reached the Embryonic Breathing realm, he could finally unleash the power of the twelve Silver Serpent Freezing Pin. He originally had been practicing Cold Techniques. These, when combined with the Silver Serpent Freezing Pin, would be enough to freeze the entire land! Such power was astonishing!

The ice dragons were like real living dragons. They kept moving between the heavens and the earth, looking for targets to kill.

One by one, the Jiang Clan disciples were constantly turned into ice statues. No one could escape. No matter how fast they were, they could not outrun the ice dragons dancing in the sky.

On top of the surrounding peaks, the ancient martial art practitioners, who had not managed to retreat in time yet, were stunned. They looked frighteningly at the twelve ice dragons. For a moment, they all felt chills run down their spines. They feared that those horrifying ice dragons would come for them as well.

This is all too shocking! How could the youth achieve that?

Could it be that the ancient martial arts world still has such godly martial art teachings?

As they wondered about these things in their heads, they did not know that this Royal Dragon Technique was indeed related to the ancient immortal cultivator arts. But, compared to the real immortal cultivators, it paled in significance.

Mo Wen had just unleashed the art of the Royal Sword of Will. With his willpower, he then gave a royal command to the twelve mass murder weapons to kill everything in their path.

This type of Sword of Will was from the Immortal Cultivation world. Now that Mo Wen had finally broken through to the Embryonic Breathing realm, he could utilize one or two of them.

Of course, Jiang Quanfu also knew this type of art of Will, as it was inherited in the Dafang Sect as being the way of Practice for the sect’s most treasured martial art, the Flying Spirit Sword. But, an ancient martial art practitioner was still an ancient martial art practitioner.

Hence, having not come into contact with immortal cultivators, their understanding and mastery of willpower would naturally be unaligned. So, when compared with Mo Wen, the difference between them was too big.

At the moment, twelve ice dragons crisscrossed between the heavens and the earth. Their speed was beyond compare.

“You swine, I’ll kill you.” Jiang Quangui shouted.

A group of Jiang Clan members were curled up in a corner. They glared at Mo Wen with crimson red eyes. Their eyes were full of hate. He then desperately rushed out from the crowd, frenziedly attacking Mo Wen.

He had sustained severe injuries before this. In fact, if the Jiang Clan Patriarch had not saved him, he would probably have died at Mo Wen’s hands.

Before he was injured, he was already no match for Mo Wen. Now, it was even more impossible for him to engage him in battle.

As such, Mo Wen didn’t even have to lift a finger. Instead, he sent an ice dragon to dash down from the sky and lash out its tail. The tail, which was as huge as a small mountain, swept towards Jiang Quangui and smashed into him, causing him to fly backwards, coughing blood as he went.