Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 345

Chapter 345: Uncle Can Tolerate, but Auntie Cannot

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After the death of the Elder of the Jiang Clan, there was naturally no one else to go against Mo Wen. It was basically a one-sided massacre and nobody could escape from his clutches.

At the moment, Mo Wen possessed an unparalleled coldness. He was so emotionless that it scared people.

In fact, he was behaving somewhat like a demon. With just a wave of his hand, he’d covered the entire area with blood!

However, these people did not know that Mo Wen was not killing randomly or uncontrollably. Although his killings were cold and calculated, he seldom killed off people of an entire sect. This showed that he was in complete control of his assassin proclivities.

However, today, in order to be able to answer to Wang Yinru and to stand by his promise, he had completely morphed into the demon king. Twenty years ago, the Jiang Clan had massacred hundreds of people in the Wang Clan. They had wiped out every single one of them, so they should expect to have some retribution dealt upon them.

In the Dafang Sect, the blood-curdling screams did not cease. They continued for a whole hour, before gradually quieting down. The Dafang Sect had become a deserted place, with no signs of life. In fact, the entire area had become a ghost town, with corpses littered everywhere.

All of the people from the Jiang Clan, including the clan leader, Jiang Quangui, and all of the Elders with high cultivations, had been executed. Originally, there were not many people from the Jiang Clan in the Dafang Sect anyway. Out of all of the disciples of the Dafang Sect, they had only made up a small portion.

There were also disciples from the three other aristocratic families. However, most of these disciples were not people from any of the four aristocratic societies, but rather were those that had been recruited normally.

After all, the Dafang Sect was not a clan, so most of the disciples had been apprenticed to a master in the Dafang Sect. All in all, these people made up 60 percent of the total number of members.

However, the masters of the Dafang Sect were mostly from the four aristocratic families, such as the Jiang Clan. That was because, in comparison to the average disciple, the people from the four aristocratic families had advantages that the others would not be able to match. As a result, half of the resources of the sect were dedicated to the people hailing from the four aristocratic families.

As for the normal disciples, they would only be developed if they had exceptional talent. If they did not have this talent or the benefit of abundant resources, it would be very difficult for them to obtain any achievements at all.

Hence, even after eliminating the Jiang Clan, the Dafang Sect was still present. Although a large number of their masters had died, which was a huge blow to the sect, their foundations were still intact.

On the stone pillar, Wang Yinru struggled to sit up. As she looked at the sad state of the Jiang Clan, their corpses strewn everywhere, she fell silent.

She had finally exacted her revenge. However, at the moment, she did not feel happy at all. Instead, a desolate feeling welled up within her.

So, what if I have exacted my revenge? My clan can’t return to life after dying. In the end, this has only resulted in two whole families disappearing from history completely…

If the disastrous event had not happened 20 years ago, perhaps the Wang Clan would be still as prosperous as ever. She would still have her family by her side and would have lived a happy life. Then, the Jiang Clan would not have had to experience the tragedy today and would still be one of the five major families of the Dafang Sect.

After all, a long time ago, the five aristocratic families had actually coexisted in harmony. For generations, they had lived together like a big family. Normally, they would even address the seniors of the other families as aunties and uncles.

Wang Yinru sighed. In the end, the dust returned to dust. Nothing would leave a trace in the world. Meanwhile, she herself was also approaching the end of her life.

“You won’t die. I will save you.” A figure gradually appeared at the top of the stone pillar and spoke to her.

It was Mo Wen, his entire body covered in blood! However, it was not his blood, but that of the enemy. Judging from the vast amount of it, it was very clear just how many people he had killed.

“Thank you.” Wang Yinru looked deeply into Mo Wen’s eyes.

She was very touched by his words, as it had been a very long time since someone had cared for her like that. Ever since the Wang Clan had been massacred, she had been drifting around all by herself.

All of her days had been spent planning her revenge. She had no family members by her side, so she only focused on her training. As such, Mo Wen was really the only person who had genuinely cared for her after the massacre of the Wang Clan.

Initially, she had thought that Mo Wen had already left and would never come back. After all, the Jiang Clan had such a frightening master that, after he heard the news, he would not have been so silly as to come back and risk death.

Moreover, he had disappeared for over 10 days, so everybody had assumed that he had already escaped. Now that he had appeared in the Dafang Sect and killed off the whole Jiang Clan with his own hands, it was truly a shock!

Even she had not expected for Mo Wen to be so powerful. He had completely exceeded her expectations!

“You want to commit suicide?” Mo Wen knit his eyebrows slightly.

It was as though he could read Wang Yinru’s mind. Her gaze darkened and she looked despairing.

“Mo Wen, if only you were my son, things would be great.” Wang Yinru smiled with her pale face.

Her smile was very gentle and there was a rare motherly glow emanating from her body. However, she knew that she was hoping this in vain, as Mo Wen had no relation whatsoever to the Wang Clan. He was simply the precious son that she had invited.

Ultimately, she was a loner. So, now that everything had come to an end and she was handicapped, she no longer had the will to live.

Wang Yinru’s deathwish became stronger and stronger. The change in her feelings had also caused the functioning of her body to change. She could basically feel the life in her body ebbing away.

“Don’t think so much. I can save you and heal you, so that no defects will remain. I can even help you recover your core, so your cultivation can again be possible.” Mo Wen’s expression was solemn, as he knew that Wang Yinru’s situation was very serious.

Even though he was a miracle physician, he could not save someone who had lost the will to live. However, he could empathize with Wang Yinru’s current feelings.

Previously, she had continued living, motivated her desire for revenge on behalf of her family. However, now that her enemy had been killed, she no longer had a reason to live. So, she figured that she would rather just die.

“Why would you save a useless woman like me? I’m not even your biological mother.” Wang Yinru smiled and she seemed to have lightened up a bit.

However, anyone could tell that her intentions had not changed. Perhaps when people were no longer paying attention to her, she would choose to leave the world quietly.

This was because she knew that her injuries were very serious. Plus, even if she could continue to survive, the price that she would have to pay would be shocking. Moreover, her core had already been destroyed, and the pills that were able to heal one’s core would definitely come at a very high price. They were also very difficult to find.

“Don’t keep going on about biological mothers. If you want to be a mother so badly, just give birth to a baby yourself. If you give birth to a child, you can even continue the lineage of the Wang Clan. But, if you choose to die now, the bloodline of the Wang Clan will end forever.” Mo Wen felt helpless.

“Give birth to one? Who would father it? You?” Wang Yinru blinked her eyes and looked at him like he was absurd.

Does he think that it’s so easy to give birth to a child? I could not possibly just drag any random guy over to have a child together, right?

“Ahem! I haven’t had a child before, so I am lacking in experience. But, if you really want to, I grudgingly accept your request, especially if that means you will choose to live!” Mo Wen laughed dryly and said.

Wang Yinru was rendered speechless by his words. He was just a youth, after all! Normally, youths of that age would be somewhat bashful about the topic. He was indeed not the average youth!

“Auntie Wang, this lad seems really bad. I don’t think he has pure and clean intentions! In reality, he is so evil! He can do anything, so you should be careful around him. Moreover, he has an older sister complex, so he really likes older women.” Gu Jingman interrupted from the side.

Before this, she had silently taken care of Wang Yinru. However, she could no longer hold her tongue from criticizing Mo Wen. In fact, thinking back to what had happened in the forest, she really wanted to give Mo Wen’s bum a fierce kick!

“Nonsense, who has an older sister complex?” Mo Wen’s face immediately grew dark and he was greatly offended. After all, her saying that he had an older sister complex, and right in front of Wang Yinru, was outrightly implying that he had bad intentions and was not a good person!

“You do.” Gu Jingman let out a light humph.

She would not believe that Mo Wen did not have an older sister complex. This was because every time that she had ever met him, he was always with older women, who all looked very grown up. Lin Qing was exactly like that as well.

This Wang Yinru was acting like Mo Wen’s mother! However, she was so young and beautiful, she looked more like an older sister.

She felt that there was definitely something that could not be revealed about Mo Wen’s motives. Thus, Gu Jingman let out two light humphs internally. She did not agree with Mo Wen’s actions at all.

In fact, Gu Jingman did not see any merit in him whatsoever. Instead, she thought that he was simply the worst person! This was because not long ago, Gu Jingman had personally experienced being sabotaged by him!

“So, you have an older sister complex?” Wang Yinru pretended to be shocked, widening her eyes and opening her little mouth slightly.

With her delicate look, in addition to her curled up body and her arms wrapped in front of her chest, it was as though she was looking at Mo Wen in fear. However, the cleavage that her arms had lifted and squeezed together simply made a man unable to believe that were true. She was obviously flirting and teasing with him.

Even Gu Jingman was a little stunned by her bold behavior. This Wang Yinru was a little too… good at stirring things up!

“Ahem…!” Mo Wen covered his nose with his hand and could not stop coughing. He looked defeated as he shifted his gaze away from Wang Yinru. This woman was really testing his limits and he simply could not take it anymore!

Internally, Mo Wen really wanted to teach these two women a lesson. They thought that they could easily push him around. However, he would show them…