Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 349

Chapter 349: Divine Item

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This was the ring that Ji Wuya had passed down to him. It was a rare Ring of Space. The space in it was vast and was way bigger than that of the normal Storage Ring. One could almost put a small hill in it, so it was definitely not an earthly item.

However, it was a pity that it was empty and didn’t have anything in it. Mo Wen was disappointed. Originally, he thought that there would be some inheritance stored in it, but it turned out to be an empty ring. His hopes were dashed.

If anyone were to know Mo Wen’s thinking, they would have knocked themselves on their head. A Storage Ring with such vast space was rare in the Immortal Cultivation world, yet he was still unsatisfied. How many normal Immortal Cultivators would dream of having a storage sack with just few square meters of capacity? Having a Storage Ring that could store a small hill was something they would never dare to dream of.

Mo Wen didn’t know that this ring was known as a medicine spiritual ring and was one of the treasures that the medicine sage, Ji Wuya, would carry around. It had ability that was beyond a normal person’s imagination. That year, Ji Wuya’s gain of the title of Medicine Sage of the Generation was greatly attributed to this ring. Of course, Mo Wen couldn’t know the merit of this medicine spiritual at the moment.

Mo Wen closed his eyes slightly, and cast his will over the medicine spiritual ring. The next moment, the medicine spiritual ring emitted a misty blue radiance that flashed across before instantly enveloping the entire small medicine storeroom.

After that, those medicine boxes in the small medicine storeroom flew up with the misty blue radiance enveloping them. They rushed towards the medicine spiritual ring in an orderly fashion before disappearing into it without a trace.

After about seven minutes, Mo Wen had collected all the herbal medicines in the small medicine storeroom into the medicine spiritual ring. He wiped the beads of perspiration off his forehead. He was not an Immortal Cultivator, so using his strong willpower to open up the medicine spiritual ring had exhausted a lot of his will. He almost couldn’t persevere as he collected so many things at one time. If he had not been practicing in the Immortal Cultivation world for a few years, he might not know how to use it, even if he had the treasure in his hand.

After resting for a while, Mo Wen stood up, and his eyes were full of bewilderment as he walked to the end of the small medicine storeroom. When he had been using his willpower just now, he actually discovered that there was another hidden space in the small medicine storeroom. That hidden space was very deep, and nobody had discovered it previously.

Mo Wen walked to a slab of wall. That slab of wall was very normal and was identical to the surrounding walls. Nobody would see anything wrong with it on the surface, but he used his willpower to explore it and realized that there was a hidden space behind that wall.

Mo Wen began knocking on that slab of wall. There was nothing special in its sound, but he knew that the willpower wouldn’t lie to him, so there must be something strange in there.

He contemplated slightly before he flicked his finger. A streak of golden Sword Qi shot out and cut out an opening. Some powder dropped onto the ground, and a clank resounded as the Sword Qi penetrated through as if it had hit a piece of metal.

Radiance flashed in Mo Wen’s eyes. He punched forward and shattered that slab of wall. However, the wall didn’t collapse but instead, there was a piece of black iron panel glistening with eerie cold radiance.

“There’s indeed something special in it.” Mo Wen curled his lips into a smile. The people of the Jiang Clan had kept this place so secret. If he hadn’t discovered it accidentally, he would never have found it. There might be something good in there.

That metal door naturally couldn’t obstruct Mo Wen. After a few streaks of Sword Qi, he had turned it into waste metal, and an entrance to a cave appeared in front of him. There was actually another space in it. It was about 20 square meters, which was equivalent to the size of an average room, so everything was conspicuous at one look.

There were very few things in that secret chamber. There was a jade table in the middle of the room with a few jade boxes on it. Mo Wen picked up one of the jade boxes and opened it up. Inside it, there was a dagger which was badly damaged with rust all over it, like an antique.

“Huh, it was a spiritual weapon.” Surprise flashed in Mo Wen’s eyes, and he toyed around with the dagger. This item was a spiritual weapon, which was a thing from the Immortal Cultivation world. Unfortunately, as it had been too long since any of the Immortal Cultivators had devoted themselves to it and nurtured it, it had lost its spiritual energy. It had become an earthly item and didn’t have any spiritual energy.

This dagger paled in comparison with the Ming Jiang Sword. At most, it could only be considered an ancient antique. However, this item obviously had a complex origin and had probably been obtained from the forbidden land.

After putting down that jade box, Mo Wen opened another jade box.

“Spell talismans! And it’s a Vajrapani Talisman.” Mo Wen’s eyes were full of delight. There was a palm-sized jade pendant in the jade box. It was not a normal jade pendant but a spell talisman. It was a Vajrapani Talisman commonly seen in the Immortal Cultivation world. Once it was activated, there would be a golden light shield around the body with a very strong defense.

Spell talismans of the Immortal Cultivation world were the kind of special items manufactured by the Immortal Cultivators with different kinds of remarkable powers. Almost all the spell talismans of the Immortal Cultivators could be manufactured using a special method and could be activated at critical moments.

However, most of the spell talismans had been manufactured using special paper or the skin of a devilish beast. Most of the time, this kind of spell talisman could only be used once and was destroyed after use. There was another kind of spell talisman which had a more complicated and cumbersome process. The materials used and the difficulty level were way higher than those used to make disposable spell talismans. However, this kind of spell talisman could be used repeatedly until the spiritual energy had been exhausted.

There were even some spell talismans that could recover their spiritual energy on their own after their spiritual energy had been exhausted. They were the gems of the spell talismans and were really rare in the Immortal Cultivation world.

The spell talisman in the jade box was a Vajrapani Talisman, which was not made of beast skin but was manufactured with a special material used for refined weapons. Hence, it could be used several times until the spiritual energy in it was completely exhausted.

Mo Wen examined it carefully and realized that there was storage for spiritual energy on the Vajrapani Talisman. Although there was only ten percent of spiritual energy left in it, and it was almost exhausted, it could still be used once or twice. To Mo Wen, this was a treasure.

The defense of the Vajrapani Talisman could not be broken even by a few ancient martial art practitioners in the Golden Elixir realm simultaneously. With this talisman on him, it would be a life-saving item in times of emergency.

The items of the Immortal Cultivators in the secret chamber were definitely things from a long time ago. Even after experiencing the corrosion of such a long period of time, it still retained some spiritual energy. It was obvious that this Vajrapani Talisman was unique.

Mo Wen kept the Vajrapani Talisman and couldn’t wait to open the next jade box. He was guessing that the things in this secret chamber might be all related to the Immortal Cultivators. The Dafang Sect had been guarding this forbidden land for hundreds of years, so they definitely had some gains. During that year, the five founders of the Dafang Sect had prospered only after their fortuitous encounter in the forbidden land.

The people of the Jiang Clan didn’t know how to use the treasures in their hands, but Mo Wen did, so he benefited instead. If the people of the Jiang Clan had known how to use the spell talismans previously, he might not have been able to annihilate the Jiang Clan.

He opened a few more jade boxes, and indeed found items of the Immortal Cultivators in all of them. Some of the items had lost their function after such a long time, but some items still had some spiritual energy and could be used a few times.

There were three spell talismans that could be used: the Land Contraction Talisman, Thunderbolt Talisman, and Invisible Talisman.

These three spell talismans had different functions. The Land Contraction Talisman was able to contract the land to an inch, which was one of the great remarkable powers in the Immortal Cultivation world. It claimed that one was able to walk a kilometer in a step and thousands of meters in a moment. The normal Land Contraction Talisman naturally could not truly contract land into an inch, but one could stride across a few meters or even more than a dozen meters when using the talisman. If the talisman was used for escaping, it was simply a divine instrument.

The Thunderbolt Talisman was an attacking kind of spell talisman. When it was activated, it could direct thunder and lightning to cause fatal harm to an enemy. The attacking power was great and was able to cause death. Once a Thunderbolt Talisman was used, even an ancient martial art practitioner in the Golden Elixir realm might not be able to withstand it.

Mo Wen gasped in surprise that fortunately, the people of the Jiang Clan didn’t know the use of the spell talismans. Otherwise, he would have been in grave danger.

As for the last talisman, the Invisible Talisman was very special. As the name implied, one could be invisible, even when one was standing in front of another person. Some of the powerful invisible remarkable powers in the Immortal Cultivation world were impossible to be detected when used. Once a person was invisible, it was impossible to discover any trace of them. Unless one had practiced some special remarkable powers such as the Heaven’s Eye remarkable power, Telepathy remarkable power, Spirit Seeking remarkable power, or other types of remarkable powers with strong detecting abilities, one wouldn’t be detected.

The Invisible Talisman didn’t have much use normally, but it could be of great use in a special situation.

“Eh! What spell talisman is this?” Suddenly, Mo Wen found a strange thing similar to a spell talisman, but it didn’t look quite like a spell talisman. The thing was only the size of a palm. It was like a piece of beast skin that was completely silvery white and constantly emitted a glowing radiance.

On the surface, it looked very normal, like a normal item of the Immoral Cultivators. However, when one sensed carefully, one would realize that it was extraordinary. It seemed to contain a shocking power, very subtle, but also very shocking.

Mo Wen checked that piece of silvery white beast skin repeatedly. Although the outside looked like a spell talisman, many other areas didn’t look like one. Even if it was a spell talisman, Mo Wen was unable to identify what kind of spell talisman it was.

Having practiced in the Immoral Cultivation world for a few years, he could recognize almost all the common spell talismans. Because he couldn’t identify this one, it meant that his knowledge was insufficient. It had definitely surpassed the normal category and was a complex item.

Mo Wen, who was deep in thought, suddenly felt a vibration. The silvery white spell talisman in his hand was actually sending him a message. It was not a message that could be organized in words, but a telepathic communication. Although there was no sound, both understood each other’s meaning.

“Calamity Substitute Talisman!” Mo Wen gasped in shock while his eyes were full of joy. It was actually a Calamity Substitute Talisman. It was the legendary exceptional spell talisman which could substitute one from suffering the calamity and could change the Yin and Yang to cause a radical change to the situation. It was equivalent to a divine item that gave an extra life.

Mo Wen’s hand, which was holding the Calamity Substitute Talisman, was trembling slightly. This item was definitely an exceptional divine item that could cause a stir in the Immortal Cultivation world. It was simply an exceptional treasure.

If this kind of treasure was to be known about, not only the ordinary Immortal Cultivation world, but also the normal Immortal Cultivators’ Sect might not be able to retain it. Those Immortal Cultivators who could be called deities with profound Cultivation would lower themselves to plunder it. Even if the Sect Leader of the Divine Pill Sect were to have this treasure with him, he would be very cautious and wouldn’t let anyone know about it.

There was actually such an outrageous object in the small Dafang Sect!