Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 353

Chapter 353: A War Between Women

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In the Dafang Sect’s leader’s palace, Gu Jingman and Wang Yinru sat in an elaborate garden enjoying the flowers. Beside them, there were a few maids waiting on them. It resembled an imperial garden in an ancient palace.

“Auntie Wang, what do you think that brat has been busy with recently? He hasn’t had time to visit for three or four days. If he doesn’t come over soon, I’ll just head back to the Gu Clan Fort.” Gu Jingman quietly snorted. She threw the nut in her hand into the pond, not caring whether the fish in the water ate it or not.

“Why are you waiting for him?” Wang Yinru curled her lips into a smile. After a few days of rest, she clearly had recovered well. Her complexion looked good and very healthy. Mo Wen’s medical skills naturally did not need to be doubted. Aside from her shattered core, her internal injuries had mostly recovered.

“Of course it is to ask him to send me back to the Gu Clan Fort. Are you saying that a girl like me should be traveling in the deep mountains and ancient forests alone?” Gu Jingman said matter-of-factly.

“Then you can ask an expert in the Dafang Sect to escort you. There are so many ancient martial art practitioners with high cultivation in the sect. Are there none who can keep you safe?” Wang Yinru raised her eyebrows as she looked at Gu Jingman mischievously.

( Boxno vel. co m )   “Auntie Wang, the way you put it is as though you want to chase me away. That’s so sad. These few days I have kept you company. Even if that isn’t an achievement, at least it counts for effort. You are too cruel. Also, I don’t feel safe letting others escort me.” Gu Jingman rolled her eyes at Wang Yinru. Why was she seemingly chasing her away? It was as though she couldn’t wait for her to leave.

“I know, right? This place is too boring. Don’t you want to leave? I am happy for you to be leaving this dry and barren place.” Wang Yinru pouted and laughed. She put on a look as though she was concerned for Gu Jingman.

“Since it is so boring, why haven’t you left?” Gu Jingman gave Wang Yinru a glance.

“I have long thought of leaving, but Mo Wen won’t let me. What can I do?” Wang Yinru put on a helpless look, but she was smiling somewhat. She did not look helpless at all.

Gu Jingman nodded in agreement, seemingly agreeing with Wang Yinru’s statement. “Of course you can’t leave. Your Cultivation has not recovered, so what would you do if you left this place and encountered danger? Surely Mo Wen won’t ignore danger to your life, right? He is certainly not such a heartless person. As his older sister, I should know him best.” With a shift of tone, she then said, “However, recently he has been busy searching for that Three Shades of Green Flower. To this end, he has issued a large reward. He probably doesn’t want you to be stuck in this boring place. He hopes that he can help you recover your Cultivation soon. Then, you can leave, not needing to worry too much.”

Mo Wen searched for the Three Shades of Green Flower with the goal of healing Wang Yinru’s injuries. He had finished gathering all the other medicinal herbs. He was just missing the main ingredient, which was the Three Shades of Green Flower, to concoct the healing pill that could restore her shattered core. However, the Three Shades of Green Flower was very rare and not easy to find.

“So he has been busy searching for the Three Shades of Green Flower recently. I did not know. Why is he so good to me, even issuing a large reward? He must have spent quite a bit? Ah, I’m so touched, I do not know what to say.” Wang Yinru sighed. She looked moved and as though she blamed herself. She made it seem like all that Mo Wen did was for her sake.

“Isn’t it just for you to recover quickly and then leave this boring place?” Gu Jingman’s face turned black. This Auntie Wang was too thick-skinned. She admitted defeat. “Humph humph!” Gu Jingman snorted disgruntledly.

Wang Yinru glanced at Gu Jingman. She did not say anything as she lowered her head and sipped her tea. A smug smile, however, curled up the corner of her mouth. Gu Jingman, this little girl, actually intentionally called her Auntie Wang in front of Mo Wen. Her intentions were evil. Did she look that old?

These past few days, although Gu Jingman was always taking care of Wang Yinru, the two of them did not get along. Their daily relationship was subtle, their little mouths not giving in one bit.

“Leave this boring place? Who is preparing to leave?” A voice suddenly sounded nearby. Mo Wen walked over with big steps, looking incredulously at the two of them.

Over the last few days he had been so busy that he hadn’t had time to entertain the two of them, so for them to be bored was understandable. After all, the Dafang Sect was not the flowery outside world. The sect had more men than women. It was hard to find even one person to chat with.

“She is!”

“She is!’

Gu Jingman and Wang Yinru pointed at each other at the same time. Their expressions and actions were exactly the same.

“Uh…” Mo Wen was stunned for a bit. What did they mean?

“Younger sister Jingman said that the sect was too quiet, and that you also had no time to play with her. So, she wants to return to the Gu Clan Fort,” Wang Yinru said, smiling. She twisted the meaning of what Gu Jingman had said earlier.

“You want to return to the Gu Clan Fort? Later, I’ll find some people to escort you home,” Mo Wen said, nodding. He was so busy that he had no time to take care of them. Staying in the Dafang Sect was indeed very boring, so he had no intention of keeping her there. However, with the Dafang Sect being deep in the mountains and ancient forests, a girl leaving there would most likely encounter some danger, so it would be best for her to be escorted.

“Do you really want to send me off so badly? Then, do you still consider me as your older sister?” Gu Jingman was so angry she stomped her feet. She threw the nut in her hand on the ground furiously. She pouted her delicate little face, not wanting to even look at Mo Wen.

She and Wang Yinru had just debated this topic. Now that Mo Wen had mentioned sending her off, wasn’t that disgracing her? This Wang Yinru was too sinister. She had actually checkmated her in front of Mo Wen.

“Don’t get worked up. If you don’t want to leave, you can stay and play a few more days…” Mo Wen looked speechlessly at Gu Jingman. Just now, he hadn’t even asked Gu Jingman to leave. It clearly was her who said she was preparing to return to the Gu Clan Fort. He had kindly offered to send people to escort her. How did it end up as though he was sending her off? And what did this have to do with considering her as an older sister?

“That’s right, you can play a few more days. It is so hard for younger sister Jingman to visit the Dafang Sect. It would be a pity if you were to leave so hurriedly. I was still looking for someone to keep me company.” Wang Yinru held onto Gu Jingman while smiling, putting on a look as though she was trying to convince her to stay.

Wang Yinru saying this made Gu Jingman even angrier. What did she mean? She said it as though she was a guest and Wang Yinru was the host. Gu Jingman was so mad that she raised her hand and was prepared to toss Wang Yinru’s hand aside. Seeing her fake look made her mad. But after she raised her hand, she forcefully dropped it. She did not want to make a scene.

She instead sat down again and grabbed Wang Yinru’s hand. She smiled and said, “Auntie Wang was injured because of Mo Wen. You have not yet fully recovered from your injuries, so as Mo Wen’s sister, I naturally have a responsibility as well. Now that Mo Wen has become the Dafang Sect leader, I am also considered half a female owner of the Dafang Sect. Since Auntie Wang was hurt in the Dafang Sect, I will certainly be responsible until the end. I will accompany you until your injuries have fully recovered.”

“Don’t put it that way. What relationship do I have with Mo Wen? For him, I would gladly endure even greater damage. What responsibility does younger sister Jingman have? However, since younger sister Jingman wishes to stay, I naturally am very happy.”

Wang Yinru also held on to Gu Jingman’s hand. She wore a look as though their relationship was close and very harmonious. But a glint of surprise flashed in her eyes. This little girl was not simple. At this moment, she had actually managed to hold her temper. She was not an easy person to deal with.

However, Wang Yinru bore no ill will towards this little girl. She just was irked at Gu Jingman for intentionally calling her “auntie” and also clearly defining her relationship with Mo Wen constantly. It was as though she was afraid of Wang Yinru claiming Mo Wen.

Wang Yinru naturally could guess a young maiden’s thoughts. However, she was also not satisfied. It was as though just because she was older, her charm could not compete with a young maiden’s, and she could not have some relationship with Mo Wen.

Therefore, the two of them were directly at loggerheads. In reality, Wang Yinru had never thought of having anything with Mo Wen. After all, she was so much older than he was. Her affection towards Mo Wen was closer to affection towards her child. But even so, she was not willing to let another woman hog Mo Wen completely in front of her. Thus began a war between the two women.

“I also wish that you both wouldn’t leave. How nice that would be,” Mo Wen said, laughing dryly. His senses were sharp, and he noticed that the atmosphere was getting awkward. The things he said naturally changed as well. Right now, he could also see that these two women had no intention of leaving.

“Mo Wen, now that you have become the Dafang Sect leader, I have also flown into the branches and have become a phoenix. Later, you should build a palace for me in the Dafang Sect. Yup, giving me a title like the Dafang Sect grand elder would be even better.”

“Mo Wen, now that you have become the Dafang Sect leader, our Wang Clan has finally succeeded. Later, you should build a large palace for our Wang Clan in the Dafang Sect. Although I cannot be your birth mother, I can be your stepmother, right? In the future, just the two of us can stay in the Wang Clan palace.”

The two women went back and forth, like two sparrows chirping non-stop. Mo Wen stood there with a gloomy face. “There are still a few things that are unfinished in the sect, and I need to attend to them first. Yup, I will consider both your requests. Don’t worry, I have remembered them.”

In the end, Mo Wen really could not stand it anymore. He directly gave himself an excuse and ran off.

“Humph! Coward.” Gu Jingman looked at Mo Wen’s silhouette and snorted quietly.

“Younger sister Jingman, he still is a leader of a sect. He will certainly have many pressing issues to attend to, let alone leading people. Try to understand,” Wang Yinru said, smiling. She sipped her tea calmly and elegantly.

“Okay, the guy has gone. You don’t need to put on an act anymore.” Gu Jingman rolled her eyes at Wang Yinru. This woman was not easy to deal with. She had nearly gotten the short end of the stick just now. Indeed, old birds weren’t caught with chaff.

“Younger sister Jingman, I can tell that you like Mo Wen. But Mo Wen is so outstanding. Those who like him aren’t few. You can’t get him with this technique of labelling each other as elder sister and younger brother, or sweethearts, whatever. People like Mo Wen are never lacking women. If you don’t find the opportunity to level up your relationship with him, you will forever just be sister and brother. Why don’t you listen to me more in the future? I will teach you a few tricks. Who knows? Maybe things will work out,” Wang Yinru said with a smile. She put on a more knowledgeable look.

“Pshaw! Don’t think that I don’t know you have an unspeakable idea about him. Otherwise, why would someone cling around someone else’s son when they are clearly not their mother? I think you just want to indirectly lure him in. You already know that brat Mo Wen has an Oedipus complex, so you purposely hit on what he likes…”

As she kept going on and on, Gu Jingman suddenly realized something was off and was stunned for a moment. Then, her face turned red, and she said loudly with the intent to cover up, “Who are you talking about… who likes him? I clearly… am just his sister…”