Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 354

Chapter 354: Flame Divine Furnace

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Everyone knew that a frightening youth had taken over as sect leader of the Dafang Sect. Over the next few days, ancient martial art powers from the three major mountain ranges came to the Dafang Sect to pay a visit and congratulate Mo Wen on becoming the sect’s leader.

At the foot of the mountain, another group had appeared. Those people had coordinated costumes, and their aura was exceptional. They were carrying a pole with gifts hanging on both ends as they walked in the mountains with sure footing. The whole group consisted of ancient martial art practitioners, so climbing on the mountainous terrain was not too difficult for them.

The two people at the very front of the group were a youth and a middle-aged man. They were the Ghost Physicians Hu Clan’s leader, and the elder in the main line of descent.

Hu Qiongqi furrowed his brow and said, “Father, it is said that ever since Mo Wen became the sect leader of the Dafang Sect, he has become an elusive figure, and it is hard to even see him around. Many people have come forth to congratulate him, but nobody seems to be fated to meet him. Now that you have come to the Dafang Sect personally, if that youth still doesn’t give a care, we will inevitably lose face.”

He did not agree with Hu Guiyuan about personally heading over to congratulate Mo Wen on taking over as sect leader. After all, he was the clan leader of the Ghost Physicians Hu Clan, and the power of the Ghost Physicians Hu Clan did not lose out to that of the Dafang Sect.

If outsiders found out that the clan leader of the Ghost Physicians Hu Clan had traveled thousands of kilometers just to congratulate him but was unable to even meet with the Dafang Sect leader, it would simply be a joke!

Hu Guiyuan shook his head. “That youth is not simple at all. Regardless of what the future holds, he has already far surpassed our Ghost Physicians Hu Clan. In the world of ancient martial arts, the stronger people come out on top. Who would dare to laugh at the mindset of lowering one’s pride to meet that youth, even if he ultimately did not appear? Moreover, you also know of that youth’s identity. He is worthy of the Ghost Physician’s Hu Clan’s most respectful treatment.”

Nothing was silly about them heading over to pay a visit. Currently, the ancient martial arts forces in the three major mountain ranges, including the Yanxia Sect and Cangling Taoist Temple, were all afraid of that young sect leader.

Upon hearing that, Hu Qiongqi fell silent. They were both youths, and actually he was even older than Mo Wen by quite a bit. Yet, the other party’s status was already so prestigious. Even the Ghost Physicians Hu Clan had to treat him with utmost respect. His self-made talent was, in comparison to the youth’s, like a mere firefly beside a bright moon.

“That Three Shades of Green Flower was the treasure of the Ghost Physicians Hu Clan. Do you really want to gift it to the Dafang Sect?” Hu Qiongqi asked, a little unwilling to part with it. That Three Shades of Green Flower had been coincidentally obtained by an elder 20 years ago and had since become their treasure. It had been preserved carefully within their clan, and it was not frivolously used. Yet, they were now preparing to give it away.

This time, the visiting team from the Ghost Physicians Hu Clan had brought with them many items that were very valuable. However, in comparison to that stalk of the Three Shades of Green Flower, they were not even worth a mention. He felt that those other items would be enough to convey their sincerity, and that there was no need for the additional gift of the Three Shades of Green Flower.

“Although the Three Shades of Green Flower is valuable, it would be equally or even more valuable for that youth to owe our Ghost Physicians Hu Clan a debt of gratitude. Moreover, this is a decision made by the elders in the clan, so we don’t have to worry too much about it.”

Hu Guiyuan did not feel any reluctance in his heart. Although the Three Shades of Green Flower was precious, it was still just a stalk of medicinal herb. That frightening young sect leader had the capabilities to influence the Hu Clan to offer this treasure as a friendly gesture.

“The Three Shades of Green Flower has a miraculous effect on treating internal injuries. Even swallowing it just like that would allow a person on the brink of death to have another chance at life. Could it be that Mo Wen is looking for the Three Shades of Green Flower to save Wang Yinru?” Hu Qiongqi guessed. They naturally knew that Wang Yinru had fallen into the hands of the Jiang Clan previously. Although she had not died, she had sustained frightening internal injuries throughout her whole body and was on the brink of death.

“It could be the case. However, Wang Yinru’s core has been seriously damaged, and her Cultivation has been destroyed. Even with the Three Shades of Green Flower, it would at most only be able to treat her internal injuries but would not recover her Cultivation. It’s such a pity…” Hu Guiyuan sighed, and a look of dilemma flashed in his eyes. Wang Yinru had been able to train to the Embryonic Breathing realm at a young age. If that mishap had not happened to her, her future achievements would not be any worse than the elder of the Jiang Clan’s. There would then be the birth of another master, but life was unpredictable…

As the two of them talked, they had unknowingly ascended Dafang Mountain. There were already disciples who had gotten the news and were standing by the door to receive them.

Under the Dafang Sect’s disciples’ welcome, the group of people walked into the Dafang Sect.

“Hm? There is news of the Three Shades of Green Flower already?” In a secret hall, Mo Wen walked out from behind closed doors. He looked in surprise at the doorman bearing the news. That stalk of the Three Shades of Green Flower was a medium grade spiritual medicine. It was very high-level and was also very rare.

Although he had offered the reward, he had not harbored much hope that anyone would actually bring him one. After all, in the context of the entire ancient martial arts world, the three major mountain ranges still comprised a relatively small area. Hence, there may not have been people who possessed such a rare medicinal herb like the Three Shades of Green Flower. He did not expect that he would actually receive news regarding the Three Shades of Green Flower after only a few days.

“Sect leader, the people of the Ghost Physicians Hu Clan have come to visit with lots of congratulatory gifts. Among the gifts, there is a stalk of Three Shades of Green Flower specially for you, sect leader.” A middle-aged man calmly congratulated Mo Wen. He was an elder in the Dafang Sect whose name was Fang Zhongzhi. He did not belong to the three aristocratic families and was instead a normal disciple who had rather good skills. Mo Wen saw that his Cultivation was quite good, and his age was still reasonable, which meant that he had the potential to be developed. Thus, he was prepared to train him to be one of his close and trusted people. He would be in charge of handling all things big and small in the Dafang Sect. He had a reasonably large amount of power in his hands.

“Gifting it to me?” A look of surprise flashed through Mo Wen’s eyes, and he asked curiously, “Do they have no other requests?”

Fang Zhongzhi shook his head. “They did not have additional requests.” Currently, everyone knew that the Dafang Sect was looking for the Three Shades of Green Flower and was asking for big remunerations. However, when the Dafang Sect members had come to visit, they had never spoken about rewards and appeared to be purely gifting it to their sect leader as a gesture of respect.

“Very interesting!” Mo Wen’s lips curled up into a smile. He knew a little about the Ghost Physicians Hu Clan. They were one of the rarer surviving medical families. The techniques imparted over the years were rather good, and they also had quite a good reputation for alchemy.

The Ghost Physicians Hu Clan was not only renowned in the three major mountain ranges but was also renowned in the whole of the ancient martial arts world. The pills that they concocted were very popular anywhere in the ancient martial arts world and were very attractive to ancient martial art practitioners. Although they were still incomparable to the Medicine Manor that was among the top 10 ancient martial art sects, they were still very well-known in their field.

Fang Zhongzhi asked, “Sect leader, the clan leader of the Ghost Physicians Hu Clan, Hu Guiyuan, is currently seated in the Visitation Main Hall. Are you not going out to meet him?”

Mo Wen shook his head. “Tell the clan leader of the Ghost Physicians Hu Clan that I am very thankful for his generosity, and I have already kept it in my heart.”

He did not have much interest in meeting the clan leader of an ancient martial arts clan. Naturally, he knew of the Ghost Physicians Hu Clan’s intention. They simply wanted him to owe them a favor. If he was indebted, they would have achieved their goal.

Indeed, when Fang Zhongshi returned to the Visitation Main Hall and told them that Mo Wen had understood their intentions, the people of the Ghost Physicians Hu Clan got up to leave, satisfied. Although they still had not been able to meet Mo Wen, they did not seem upset as they were leaving the Dafang Sect.

Just as Mo Wen had said, their motive was simply to get Mo Wen indebted to them. Since Mo Wen had accepted this favor, it was a successful visit for them regardless. As for whether or not they managed to see Mo Wen in person, it was just a matter of pride. When the other party was powerful enough, one’s pride was no longer that important.

Mo Wen sat upright in a back room. In his hand was a stalk of green flower. That flower had a very odd color, as though it were continuously changing. One moment, it was a dark green and the next moment, it was a light green. Then, it turned a bluish-green at times. It constantly changed between those three colors and was very intriguing.

That was the Three Shades of Green Flower. It was a precious medicinal herb that could be concocted into a panacea that could heal one’s injuries. It was unbelievably valuable not only in the normal world but also in the world of Immortal Cultivators. With this flower, Mo Wen would be able to concoct Cyan Spiritual Pills.

Cyan Spiritual Pills were authentic panaceas, and they were valued above the Vigor Cultivating Pill. However, Cyan Spiritual Pills could not raise the Cultivation of an ancient martial art practitioner. It was just a spiritual medicine that could heal injuries. For some internal injuries, as long the person had not died completely, one could recover gradually with the consumption of a single Cyan Spiritual Pill.

If Wang Yinru consumed a Cyan Spiritual Pill, her destroyed core would regenerate, and it would even be as though she had been reborn. Her body would renew itself, improving itself after the destruction it had suffered.

However, the Cyan Spiritual Pill was ultimately still a spiritual pill, and it was not easy to concoct. Although Mo Wen’s Cultivation had currently broken through into the Embryonic Breathing realm, and he could now perform many techniques that he could not before, the probability of success of his concoction of the panacea was still not very high.

After all, even when he was in the Golden Elixir realm, concocting spiritual pills had been very draining. However, he was different now. After inheriting the legacy of the medicine sage, Ji Wuya, Mo Wen’s alchemy techniques had improved by leaps and bounds. He had transcended many levels and understood many parts of the process that he had not understood in the past. He was also now able to concoct many pills that he had failed to concoct before.

The value of the inheritance of the medicine sage lay in the medicine sage’s lifetime experience of alchemy. Being able to be called a medicine sage naturally meant that one’s alchemy techniques were exceptional.

Currently, Mo Wen’s head was filled with many alchemy techniques and concoction methods. The information he knew was as vast as the ocean. Although there was a huge portion of things that he had yet to understand, it had allowed his alchemy techniques to reach an unbelievable apex. It was very exceptional not just in the normal world, but even in the world of Immortal Cultivators.

The alchemy technique of concocting the Cyan Spiritual Pill was something in Ji Wuya’s inherited memory. The alchemy technique of this spiritual medicine was relatively simple yet very effective. Hence, Mo Wen had chosen it.

In order to recover Wang Yinru’s Cultivation as soon as possible, Mo Wen did not delay. After muttering to himself for a moment, he took out a little green and red cauldron from the Medicine Spiritual Ring. This was an inherited object from the medicine sage called the Flame Divine Furnace. It was said that this was the strongest item that Ji Wuya always brought around. Not only was it amazing in alchemy, there was also another amazing way to use it.

Unfortunately, Mo Wen did not know what the other use of the Flame Divine Furnace was, although he knew that he would not use it. To him, the only thing that he could do currently was to practice his alchemy, in order to greatly increase his chances of success in alchemy.

This furnace could be dubbed a sacred treasure, as it was used for cultivating panaceas. Back in those years, Ji Wuya could defeat all those opponents along the way because of his alchemy techniques. Those techniques were very closely related to the Flame Divine Furnace.

Because of the presence of the Flame Divine Furnace, Mo Wen had a little more confidence in concocting a pill that was at the level of a panacea. Otherwise, even if he was given the Three Shades of Green Flower, he would not be daring enough to attempt it.