Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 355

Chapter 355: Cyan Spiritual Pill

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Mo Wen sat on the cattail hassock in the dim secret chamber. A small red cauldron furnace floated beside him, revolving slowly. There was a mass of golden flame surrounding the Flame Divine Furnace, causing the small furnace to be particularly bright.

Those who were meticulous would discover that the golden flame was wrapped with a layer of invisible flame on the outside. That flame was difficult to see with the naked eye. Its existence could only be discovered through the distorted space in its surroundings.

That invisible flame was not an ordinary flame but the flame of Spiritless Clean Fire. Mo Wen didn’t exactly know about this thing. He only knew that the Spiritless Clean Fire was one of the functions of the Flame Divine Furnace that was able to increase the success rate of concocting pills, or rather, it would increase the effect of a concocted pill.

However, according to what he knew, the medicine sage, Ji Wuya, didn’t seem to know too much about the Spiritless Clean Fire, either. When Ji Wuya received the Flame Divine Furnace, the Spiritless Clean Fire was already in it. When he was concocting pills, the Spiritless Clean Fire would appear automatically and was always able to increase the level of the pills. Because of this, Ji Wuya was able to have shocking achievements in the path of alchemy.

However, he didn’t know what exactly the Spiritless Clean Fire was or where it was hidden in the Flame Divine Furnace. He had been researching it for hundreds of years but still knew nothing in the end. However, he was very certain that the Flame Divine Furnace definitely had secrets in it that he didn’t know.

Once when he was researching the Flame Divine Furnace, he discovered that there was a hidden practice inscription on the furnace’s inner wall. That practice inscription would not normally appear. It would only appear after the Spiritless Clean Fire had appeared during the concocting of pills.

Ji Wuya had accidentally discovered this secret, so he recorded the practice inscription and followed its instructions for practicing. It turned out that he managed to produce a Spiritless Clean Fire from nothing, which caused him to be utterly surprised.

At that time, he knew that the inscription on the inner part of the Flame Divine Furnace was actually the method of practicing Spiritless Clean Fire. That secret flame could actually be produced through practicing and had a terrifying power.

During the next few days, Mo Wen was researching Ji Wuya’s heritage in the secret chamber and trying to digest the extensive knowledge of the heritage that was as vast as the sea. He was hoping to find the path of Immortal Cultivation in it.

Unfortunately, it was indeed very difficult for a mortal to practice Immortal Cultivation, as it was particular about one’s aptitude, spiritual roots, and age. Mo Wen’s present age was not suitable for Immortal Cultivation, and his aptitude for Immortal Cultivation was not very good. He had attempted it once before, and it turned out to be more difficult to practice Immortal Cultivation now than it had been during his past lifetime.

If he insisted on practicing Immortal Cultivation, he might have difficulty in accomplishing anything in this life. In that case, he might as well just practice ancient martial arts.

In Ji Wuya’s heritage memory, there were many methods of enabling mortals to transform completely into geniuses in Immortal Cultivation. There was even a method of becoming a Mighty Immortal Cultivator immediately in one giant leap.

However, the prerequisites for those methods were as difficult to fulfill as going to heaven. They were not any extraordinary Sacred Medicine, they were merely some extraordinary good fortune or extraordinary remarkable powers which would be able to restructure the mortal body at an exorbitant price. These methods were almost impossible. Instead of pinning hopes on those unrealistic methods, it would be better to practice quietly and perhaps a miracle might happen one day.

In a nutshell, Mo Wen didn’t find the suitable path of Immortal Cultivation and couldn’t help feeling disappointed. However, he didn’t come away from Ji Wuya’s heritage memory empty-handed. He discovered two kinds of remarkable powers that were not restricted to Immortal Cultivators. Mo Wen was surprised and excited that the two remarkable powers could be practiced by those who were not Immortal Cultivators.

Previously, he had never heard of any remarkable powers that could be practiced by those who were not Immortal Cultivators. Moreover, the power was shocking and strong beyond imagination. One of the two remarkable powers was the Spiritless Clean Fire. One didn’t need to be an Immortal Cultivator to practice it and only needed to fulfill the prerequisite of having a Flame Divine Furnace by one’s side.

Mo Wen naturally had fulfilled this prerequisite, and obviously, there was definitely a secret connection between the Spiritless Clean Fire and the Flame Divine Furnace. Otherwise, why would there be a need for the Flame Divine Furnace to be by one’s side in order to practice it? Without the Flame Divine Furnace, even an Immortal Cultivator would be unable to practice Spiritless Clean Fire.

From Ji Wuya’s memory, Mo Wen knew that the Spiritless Clean Fire was not simple, as it was a rare great remarkable power and was almost as great as any other remarkable power. The terror of its power was very shocking, even to Ji Wuya.

In the heritage memory, even Ji Wuya didn’t dare to use Spiritless Clean Fire casually. In his life, the number of times he had used Spiritless Clean Fire was limited. He would not use it unless he had no other choice.

Other than being terrifying, the greatest disadvantage of Spiritless Clean Fire was that it was difficult to control. Spiritless Clean Fire was colorless and formless, but more intractable than any primitive beast, and its frenzied strength was enough to burn a Mighty Immortal Cultivator into ashes. If one was unable to control that flame, one might harm oneself and have a miserable ending. Hence, Ji Wuya had warned in the heritage memory that those who didn’t have great perseverance and courage shouldn’t practice this remarkable power.

Besides the Spiritless Clean Fire, the other remarkable power was the Divine Soul Trillion Layers, which was not a usual method of remarkable power, but was a kind of secret method of practicing the godly spirit.

Even in the Immortal Cultivation world there were very few secret methods of practicing the godly spirit, and every method was precious. Regardless of the Immortal Cultivator Sect, it would be collected and viewed as a treasure.

This Divine Soul Trillion Layers was different from the normal secret method of practicing the godly spirit. Its prerequisite was very simple – any living thing with a spirit was able to practice it. In other words, a normal person could also practice a great remarkable power of the Immortal Cultivation world, and even a cat or a dog could naturally practice it if they knew how to practice. It could be said that the Divine Soul Trillion Layers didn’t have any barrier of entry, and everyone on earth could practice it.

However, though this remarkable power seemed to have a low prerequisite, the difficulty of the practice was extremely high. If a trillion people practiced, only one would be successful. It was so difficult that from a certain perspective, it was purely based on luck.

The year Ji Wuya obtained the practice method of the Divine Soul Trillion Layers, he attempted to practice, and by some coincidence, he actually practiced successfully. His luck was considered to be really great.

As the practice of this Divine Soul Trillion Layers was very weird and didn’t take into consideration the Immortal Cultivator’s aptitude and power of understanding, it was not difficult to see that it was solely dependent on one’s luck. If luck was not on one’s side, even a genius in the Immortal Cultivation world would still remain outside the entry level when they practiced. If luck was superb, even a pig could practice and have the possibility of success.

Once the Divine Soul Trillion Layers was successfully practiced, it was definitely equivalent to a shocking great remarkable power and was not lower than any methods in this world.

That year, Ji Wuya being able to practice the Divine Soul Trillion Layers successfully was his fortuitous encounter. During the ancient historical period, he used this remarkable power to attain a great reputation in a generation in which many experts were being produced.

Mo Wen smiled bitterly, as he could practice these two shockingly great remarkable powers, but the path of practice would be unusually difficult. Whether it could be successful was solely based on the will of the heavens.

However, the path of practice was full of hardships, especially for an Immortal Cultivator, as it was basically resisting the rules and changing one’s destiny by fighting with the heavens and earth for the extension of one’s lifespan. Any Mighty Immortal Cultivator’s growing process was complex and full of obstacles. No one would have smooth sailing.

Since Mo Wen had decided to tread this path, he was naturally mentally prepared. Although he couldn’t find any method to be an Immortal Cultivator in Ji Wuya’s heritage memory, he found techniques that could make him stronger. If he could practice these two great remarkable powers to a certain level, he would be as good as an Immortal Cultivator.

Mo Wen had decided to practice the Spiritless Clean Fire and Divine Soul Trillion Layers without much hesitation, as he didn’t have any other choice of paths.


In the secret chamber, the lighting dimmed, and at an unknown time, a fresh fragrance started to diffuse in the small space. The fragrance was getting denser, and with just a slight smell of it, one would feel that all of one’s bones and muscles were completely relaxed and refreshed.

“It’s successful.” Delight flashed in Mo Wen’s eyes. After a day and a night’s effort, Cyan Spiritual Pills had finally been successfully concocted. It was a spiritual pill. Since his rebirth, this was the first time he had concocted such high-grade pills. It was impossible with his own ability, but with the Flame Divine Furnace, he was successful in his first attempt. It was like a precious treasure for concocting pills.

With this furnace in hand and the Dafang Sect’s herbal medicines, he could concoct many different kinds of pills in large quantity with different kinds of efficacy, even including spiritual pills. It was simply a great resource to him, so how could he not be excited?

Although he didn’t need so many pills for himself, he could sell them in exchange for useful things. It could be said that he could continue to create wealth with this Flame Divine Furnace.

Though he could also concoct pills in the past, he didn’t have the present conditions then. During that time, he was lacking herbal medicines, so without the raw materials, he frequently failed in concocting pills. It was good enough to have one success in every five attempts. He usually would be busy for a few days but could only produce enough pills for himself.

Now, it was different. With the Flame Divine Furnace, he was able to concoct spiritual pills successfully in one attempt. Moreover, the Dafang Sect would be acquiring herbal medicines continuously, so there wouldn’t be any lack of raw materials. Mo Wen’s thinking suddenly became active.

He hit the Flame Divine Furnace with his palm, and the lid suddenly opened with dense steam blooming out of it. There were 12 fat white pills lying in the round, full furnace.

Twelve pills!

Mo Wen gasped in surprise. When he concocted the pills in the past, it would be good to have three or four pills in a furnace. However, when he concocted pills now, he was able to produce 12 pills at one time. It was simply against logic.

That’s the reason why Ji Wuya would call the Flame Divine Furnace an Alchemy Sacred Instrument and a rare precious treasure in this world. It was simply appalling news that an ancient martial art practitioner in the Embryonic Breathing realm could concoct so many spiritual pills.

It was known that it was difficult for an alchemy room master of a Divine Pill Sect to concoct ten spiritual pills in a furnace. Sometimes, there wouldn’t be ten pills, as ten pills was a very rare thing.

Mo Wen had actually done something that an alchemy room master could never do. If it was leaked to the world, it would simply be shocking news. After all, concocting pills was a technical activity. Even in the Immortal Cultivation world, not everyone could do it. Those who could concoct pills were those who had practiced alchemy techniques for many years and had some concocting accomplishments after going through many practical experiments.

In the past, Mo Wen had trained in the Divine Pill Sect for three years, and even the alchemy room master had praised him for his natural talent in concocting pills. However, the one time he had concocted spiritual pills, he only produced one pill. At that time, he became very famous among the trainees in the Divine Pill Sect, as even some Immortal Cultivator trainees were not as good as he was.

However, now he actually could be equivalent to a master of the alchemy room.