Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 357

Chapter 357: Return

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Even a person with very serious shortsightedness would be able to see the change that Wang Yinru had gone through. She did not believe that a person would groundlessly experience such a huge change. There definitely had to be a reason.

A woman over 40 years old still had glowing skin that even an infant’s could not compare to. It was like a piece of elegant silk without a single defect. Her gaze was sparkling like a young girl’s, and there was not a single wrinkle at the corners of her eyes.

Gu Jingman looked at Mo Wen, giving him a look that asked what good stuff he had given her to consume, demanding a good explanation.

However, Mo Wen could not be bothered with Gu Jingman. He looked at Wang Yinru and asked, “Your body has recovered?” He was just asking for fun because at the moment, anyone could tell that Wang Yinru could not be better. She was radiating vitality.

“Thank you. You are my lucky star, indeed,” Wang Yinru said with a smile.

Gu Jingman rolled her eyes. She could just say directly that she was trying to get closer to Mo Wen and skip using words like, “lucky star.”

“All is good as long as you’ve recovered.” Mo Wen shook his head. All along, Wang Yinru’s injury had been a result of his negligence. Such a thing could have happened in the past, but now that Wang Yinru had recovered, he could also heave a sigh of relief.

Wang Yinru smiled and said, “I’ll just remain in the Dafang Sect from now on. After all, I have a better understanding of the Dafang Sect than you and will be able to be of help.” She naturally knew that everything had ended the moment she regained her Cultivation. Mo Wen no longer owed her anything. The Jiang Clan had been executed, and Mo Wen had attained the position of sect leader. Their aims for the current trip had been achieved and thus, their transaction had also been completed.

In reality, acting affectionate towards Mo Wen was just a show for Gu Jingman. Only she knew that she and Mo Wen simply had a collaborative relationship. After everything ended, she would naturally take her leave.

However, now, she did not want to leave. That was because if she left, she did not know where to go or what to do. Her revenge had been exacted, and her life no longer had an aim. She would only be able to get some feeling of “home” by staying by Mo Wen’s side. Perhaps she was just lying to others and herself, but as long as she was able to deceive herself, she would already be very satisfied.

As for the status of Huatian Palace’s Executors, it did not really affect her. Huatian Palace was so big, and it had so many Executors, they would basically not care about lower-ranked Executors at all. They would not pay much attention to them, nor have many restrictions on them. As long as they maintained their number of completed missions each year, Huatian Palace would not ask about her.

“You’re willing to stay?” Mo Wen looked at Wang Yinru in surprise. She was an Executor of Huatian Palace, and she had rather exceptional talent. If she continued to stay on at Huatian Palace and train herself, with the help of Huatian Palace’s resources, she would not be any worse off than those Seven Stars Executors. There was not much benefit in her staying behind in the Dafang Sect. Instead, it would probably hold her back from improving.

“Of course I am willing to. After all, this is my home.” Wang Yinru’s gaze slowly shifted to look out the window as she smiled with very complex feelings. This was the place in which she had been born and raised. In the future when she died, this very same mountain would probably not be too bad of a resting place.

“Since you are willing to stay behind, I naturally have no objections. Next time, when I am not in the Dafang Sect, I will be more at ease having you around to watch over it as well.” Mo Wen nodded. Wang Yinru’s Cultivation was rather high. Moreover, she was someone who was born into the Wang Clan. With her around, she would be able to take care of things. It was not a bad thing at all that she was willing to stay behind and help him with Dafang Sect.

Moreover, he did not think that Wang Yinru harbored any regrets about giving up her training at Huatian Palace. After all, with his current abilities, the help that he could provide her may not even lose out to that of Huatian Palace.

“It’s a deal then. In the future, I will be in charge of taking care of your sect,” Wang Yinru said with a smile, shooting a glance over at Gu Jingman. It appeared that the look had been directed at her on purpose. She did not know why, but she really enjoyed teasing this young lady. Who asked her to be so petty? She had even actually been jealous of her. Her age gap with Mo Wen was so big, how could anything be possible between them in the future? She had experienced a lot of life and had also experienced many things in the meantime. Hence, there were many things that she did not place too much importance on anymore. She was not someone who would cling onto every single outstanding man that she came across.

She knew that Mo Wen was an exceptional talent in the human realm. In the future, he would definitely have exceptional accomplishments, and would not be just an average person. Hence, it was impossible for him to stay in the Dafang Sect in one corner of the ancient martial arts world forever. His world was very big, and this small area could not contain him. The world was his battleground. His future would probably not have her in it, simply because she was not worthy of him. Naturally, he would not spend too much effort with this sect in future. Since he was unable to watch over this area, she could do it on his behalf. At the very least, she still had something that she could watch over. Then, her life would not be useless.

As expected, Gu Jingman saw the cocky look that Wang Yinru had acted out, and was so angered that she turned her head away. Out of sight, out of mind. She was just going to be a caretaker of a sect, what was there to be so smug about? She talked so arrogantly, as though she were the female owner of the Dafang Sect. Indeed, her skin wasn’t just of the average thickness.

She could actually tell that Wang Yinru was clearly trying to anger her on purpose. This person was just too evil. Was this not a form of bullying? However, even though she knew that Wang Yinru was purposely angering her, she still could not help but feel a little peeved. She was not petty because of her words, but was angered that she had the ability to help Mo Wen with watching over the sect. If it had been her, she would probably not have been of any help at all. With this one on one comparison, Gu Jingman was completely dispirited. At least in this aspect, she had been completely defeated by Wang Yinru.

Mo Wen looked at Wang Yinru and Gu Jingman speechlessly. He was not blind, and naturally could see that there was some tension between the two women. Normally, they appeared to be close and even addressed each other affectionately. However, the tension between them was not subtle at all.

He simply did not understand why women could not get along with one another. However, he would not question further regarding these kinds of things and would definitely not interfere. Even if he noticed, he would turn a blind eye towards it. He was not stupid, so he would not go looking for more trouble for himself.

After Wang Yinru had regained her Cultivation, Mo Wen immediately relieved himself of all duties and handed all things big and small over to her to handle. She thus became like a second sect leader of the Dafang Sect. With such a major caretaker like Wang Yinru, Mo Wen naturally had to give her good “training.” He immediately became a leader, and he washed his hands of everything and directed everything over to Wang Yinru.

Just as Wang Yinru had said, Mo Wen did not value the Dafang Sect much. Hence, he would also not spend too much effort on it. To him, this sect was only valuable in that it provided him with Cultivation resources. After the sect had fulfilled that purpose, he did not have much interest in any other aspect of it.

A few more days passed, and Mo Wen was preparing to leave the Dafang Sect and return to school. After all, he had been gone for more than a month. If he did not make a trip back for a bit, everyone else would probably think that he had disappeared. That girl Xiaoyou had probably been scolding him and nagging at him in her head every day. He wondered if she had been diligent in training and just what stage her Cultivation was currently at.

As for the Dafang Sect, he had handed everything over to Wang Yinru. For a certain period of time at least, she would not be able to leave the Dafang Sect. After all, the Dafang Sect had undergone such a major change, and its internal affairs were still unstable. Hence, it was necessary for someone to govern it.

At the foot of the mountain of the Dafang Sect, Wang Yinru stood underneath a tree and looked at Mo Wen as she asked, “When are you coming back?” Although she knew that Mo Wen would rarely return after leaving, she still could not help but ask when he would next return.

Today, not only was Mo Wen preparing to leave, Gu Jingman would also follow along. After all, it had also been a long time since she had returned to the Gu Fort Clan, so she had to go back and take a look. Mo Wen would send her along the way.

“I don’t know!” Mo Wen shook his head. He himself did not know the next time he would return. Perhaps he would only come back when he needed the Dafang Sect. Normally, there was no point in making such a long journey out into the mountains.

Wang Yinru nodded and did not say anything more. Meanwhile, Mo Wen and Gu Jingman waved goodbye, and the two of them gradually disappeared down the mountain path.

Essentially everyone in the Dafang Sect knew that their Sect Leader, Mo Wen, had left the sect. However, everything in the sect was still proceeding systematically, and everyone was going about their business according to Mo Wen’s instructions. That was because in the Dafang Sect, there was still a master who was in charge of the sect, and nobody dared defy her.

The Yanxia Sect was one with a very long history, and its power was not any less than the Dafang Sect’s. Previously, it had been the top power in the Three Major Mountain Ranges. However, after Mo Wen had become the sect leader of the Dafang Sect, the Yanxia Sect had become a lot more low-key.

At the moment, in the great meeting hall of the Yanxia Sect sat the sect’s high officials. They were obviously those who held the absolute reins of power. The person who was seated at the head was not the Sect Leader of the Yanxia Sect, Yan Qiuyun. Instead, it was an old woman who had a head of entirely white hair. This old woman was holding onto a dragon-headed walking stick. Her body was small and stooped, and her eyes were a little jaundiced. It was as though she did not have much energy.

However, not a single person present dared to have any hint of disrespect towards her. That was because she was the most superior senior in the whole of the Yanxia Sect. She was also the renowned top master in the whole of the Three Major Mountain Ranges—before Mo Wen had appeared—known as Granny Hong Yan.

It was said that her Cultivation could very possibly match that of an ancient martial art practitioner at the peak of the Embryonic Breathing realm. Although the elders of the Jiang Clan also had a senior at the peak of the Embryonic Breathing realm, he usually did not come out in public, and there was rarely anybody who knew of him. Hence, he was far less famous than this old lady of the Yanxia Sect.

The old lady looked over at Yan Qiuyun and asked with a hoarse voice, “That youth called Mo Wen has already left the Dafang Sect?” Clearly, this particular meeting of the Yanxia Sect was related to Mo Wen.

Yan Qiuyun stood up and bowed before saying, “That’s right. According to the verified news relayed by the sect disciples, Mo Wen left Yandang Mountain early this morning.” Although she was the Sect Leader of the Yanxia Sect, she had to always maintain her respect towards Granny Hongyan.

After finding out that Mo Wen had left the Dafang Sect, she had also felt very relieved internally. In reality, after Mo Wen had become the sect leader of the Dafang Sect, many of the major powers in the Three Major Mountain Ranges had been very uneasy. Day and night, they had been watching the Dafang Sect’s every movement.

That was because they were afraid of the young sect leader’s raging ambition that would potentially make him unsatisfied with conquering only the Dafang Sect. Then, he would attack them and conquer the whole of the Three Major Mountain Ranges. After all, Mo Wen was powerful enough to scare all the ancient martial art powers in the Three Major Mountain Ranges. Previously, there had been no one with such abilities. The major powers were all in equilibrium, and not one could conquer the other.

However, Mo Wen now had that power. A master who could kill off an ancient martial art practitioner at the peak of the Embryonic Breathing realm was a whole new level of scary. Moreover, he was still a youth, and it was difficult to predict just how much he could achieve in future, posing a much greater threat to them.