Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 359

Chapter 359: Surrogate Father

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Mo Wen was resting with his eyes closed on a long-distance bus on a highway about 100 kilometers away from the Capital.

Coming out of the Yandang Mountains, Mo Wen had sent Gu Jingman back to the Gu Clan Fort before taking the bus back to the Capital alone. After more than a month, he was finally returning to the big city.

There was someone chatting with another person on the bus. They didn’t sound like locals from the Capital. They were probably foreigners who were touring the area. “Have you heard? It is said that the Taihang Mountains are going to be developed into a scenic tourist area, and this time it is going to be big scale development. It is also said that a few big groups are going to be involved in the development, and among them is a big business giant, the Blue Ocean Group.”

“I heard about it a long time ago. However, they started work only recently. They are said to be building a huge amusement park, so it’s not certain how much they have invested in it,” another person replied.

“The people these days don’t know how to cherish the resources of this earth. They are developing virgin forests every day. Sooner or later, they will destroy the earth’s ecological environment.”


Mo Wen, who was sitting in the last row, furrowed his brows while thoughtfulness filled his eyes. Taihang Mountain tourism development! The secretive Heretic force acted quite quickly. It had been barely more than a month, and they had already started working.

However, what exactly was their purpose? Now, they went ahead urgently with the tourism project of developing the barren mountains and the primitive forests, so obviously there was something unusual going on. He naturally knew that it was impossible that the purpose of the Heretic force was as simple as developing tourism. There must be an ulterior motive.

Moreover, the Blue Ocean Group was actually involved in it. This caused him to think of that secretive man in the black robe who seemed to be someone from the Heretic organization. However, he was unsure at that time if Envoy Guiluo was related to the Heretic force that appeared in the Xu Clan.

Now it seemed both of them were definitely related and perhaps were from the same organization. However, the Qin Clan was obviously involved in this matter. Could that Envoy Guiluo help the Qin Clan kill me? And what exactly were these people intending to do? Could there be some secrets in the Taihang Mountains?

Doubts flashed in Mo Wen’s eyes. Although he knew this matter was not that simple, he couldn’t guess the purpose of that Heretic force. However, the historical abode of the Ming Cult was in the Taihang Mountains, so could their purpose be to target the Ming Cult’s heritage?

Shock filled Mo Wen’s heart. Though the Ming Cult’s historical abode is secretly hidden, if one could be certain about the estimated area, it is still possible to find it from the primitive forests. After that, he shook his head. The Heretic force is weird and secretive, while their origin seems to be quite extraordinary. A force that could be the enemy of Huatian Palace must be quite unusual. For them to make such a big fuss, it might not be merely the heritage of the Ming Cult they are interested in.

Hua Xia University in the Capital!

At this moment, midsummer was already over, and Autumn was coming. The temperature had decreased tremendously, so many people would put on their long-sleeved shirts. Only those fashionable young people would continue to wear elegant summer clothing.

On the university’s campus, there would never be a lack of people. Along the way, one after another young figure released an abundance of energy.

Mo Wen walked on a shady path in a relaxed mood. After all, the atmosphere on campus could easily relieve one’s stress. At least in this place, he didn’t need to constantly think of practicing. He didn’t need to be apprehensive about different kinds of present and future worries.

He didn’t walk on the main road but took a path towards the dormitory area. As he strolled past a scenic spot, it was quiet, and very few people were there. Occasionally, there would be one or two secretly dating couples. The distance to the dormitory would be shorter over this path.

As he walked idly by, there was a familiar voice which suddenly came from the forest nearby. “Fellow, are you obeying? Believe it or not, you will be killed. Don’t think I don’t dare. You better be sensible.” That man’s voice and tone were very arrogant and domineering.

“Pff. You are only a dog. You merely bully with your master’s backing.” Another muffled voice sounded like his mouth was injured, and he was slurring when he spoke.


Surprise flashed in Mo Wen’s eyes. He obviously recognized the two voices coming out of the forest. Curiosity flashed in his eyes as he walked over.

There was a group of people standing in the forest. A person was lying prone on the ground with the rest standing around him. Occasionally, they hurled punches and kicks at him.

Among the group of people, there were a few Mo Wen could actually recognize. The one who was lying the ground was Wang Yuan, Mo Wen’s classmate. They also used to be in military training together. At this moment, he was seriously injured and bleeding. Everyone in the group who surrounded him looked truculent, and they were stepping on him to prevent him from getting up.

There were a few others whom Mo Wen could also recognize. The person who was grabbing Wang Yuan’s hair while slapping his face was none other than Cheng Hao, the son of a wealthy family. After military training, Mo Wen had not seen this person, as he seemed to be hiding somewhere.

During their military training, Cheng Hao took advantage of him, and until now, Mo Wen had yet to get even with him. After all, Cheng Hao was merely a small fry who was unworthy of Mo Wen looking for him personally.

Other than this person, he actually recognized the other two others. One of them was He Mingge, whom he had seen twice. In the past, he was licking the Qin Clan’s fourth young mistress’ boots, and he was completely scared stiff when Mo Wen ended up beating the Qin Clan’s fourth young mistress.

There was another person whom Mo Wen was surprised to see. She was Wang Yuan’s girlfriend, whom he met recently. She seemed to be called Liao Yuan. At this moment, she was standing to the side, watching the incident coldly. She was indifferent towards those people who were beating Wang Yuan up.

However, those people whom Mo Wen recognized didn’t seem to be the main characters. A young man was standing under a big tree with his arms folded, looking apathetic. He was looking condescendingly at Wang Yuan as if he were a lord who could decide another person’s fate.

There was a circle of admirers standing around him. He Mingge was standing beside the young man with a respectful expression and didn’t have any of his previous arrogance.

“Lift him up. I don’t like to talk to anyone lying on the ground,” the young man said stoically.

Those people instantly propped Wang Yuan up. A person gripped his arm and locked his shoulders so that Wang Yuan was unable to move, like a criminal who was waiting for his execution.

Cheng Hao clutched Wang Yuan’s hair and lifted his head up by force. His face was full of bruises and was extremely swollen. He was almost beyond recognition.

“Wang Yuan, a wise man’s action suits the times. I don’t like to talk to someone who is insensible. Since you have met Liao Yuan, you will have to be completely responsible. The child in her womb now will be your child in the future. You will take good care of both the mother and the child. Otherwise, I will not be easy on you.”

That young man flicked away the dust on his sleeve and said unhurriedly, “You know that killing you is the same as killing an ant.”

“My child?” Wang Yuan shook his head stubbornly before saying with a sardonic smile, “I have never slept with this slut. How can the child be mine? Meng Wei, don’t think I don’t know that the child in her is most likely a product of your Casanova act.”

“Slap him!” The young man said apathetically without even looking at Wang Yuan.

Cheng Hao heard him and whirled his arm, forcefully hitting Wang Yuan’s face as if giving a performance. Then, the rest of the people began hurling punches and kicks at Wang Yuan. They did quite a thorough job. Wang Yuan, who practiced ancient martial arts, couldn’t help but groan involuntarily.

“Meng Wei, kill me in school if you have the guts. I will respect you for that. If you can’t kill me, you are a lowly person.” Wang Yuan was obstinate and stared at the young man unyieldingly with bloodshot eyes.

“Wang Yuan, you should appreciate what’s good for you. It’s your good fortune to be able to foster young master Meng’s child. If this child is to be brought back to the Meng Clan one day, it will be very beneficial for a surrogate father like you.”

Liao Yuan watched Wang Yuan coldly, and her eyes were shockingly indifferent. The gentleness that she used to have when she was with Wang Yuan in the past had disappeared without a trace.

At this moment, Liao Yuan’s belly was slightly swollen. With a close look, one would see this woman was perhaps a few months pregnant. However, she had only known Wang Yuan for about two months. Moreover, after she and Wang Yuan met, they hadn’t had any sexual relationship, so it was impossible that this child was his.

After discovering that Liao Yuan was pregnant, Wang Yuan intended to clarify it with her. In the end, this slut had brought him to this deserted forest and called forth Meng Wei and company. They immediately hurled punches and kicks at him to threaten him and force him to obey. They were simply shameless.

“You, slut. Stop your bullsh*t and get out of my sight. Don’t contaminate my eyes.” Wang Yuan bellowed at that woman and wished he could give her a hard slap to send her to her grave. His heart was bleeding, as he thought he had found his happiness, but it turned out to be so cruel.

“Bash him violently,” that young man instructed darkly. It was a matter that he handled personally, and yet it couldn’t be settled. He didn’t believe that this Wang Yuan’s unyielding character could be that strong.

“Young master Meng, perhaps Wang Yuan should be…” He Mingge went forward to present his suggestion before gesturing with his hand an action of castrating. Then, he laughed evilly.

If a man lost that, would he still be called a man? He didn’t believe that under the circumstances, Wang Yuan wouldn’t give in.

“Don’t be a smart aleck.” Meng Wei coldly looked askance at He Mingge. It was as good as killing Wang Yuan if he were to castrate him brazenly in school. Making such a stir was no different from killing him. When the school investigated the case, he wouldn’t be able to escape from it.

Like what Wang Yuan had said, he really didn’t dare to kill him in school. After all, he naturally knew that even with his status, regardless of how strong his influence was, he wouldn’t be able to get away with it if those people in school were to investigate.

However, though he couldn’t kill Wang Yuan, it was easy to humiliate him. He didn’t believe that if he humiliated him at least once every day, Wang Yuan’s unyielding character could still be so strong.

“Since you think you have so much unyielding character, it’s fine. I would like to know how long you’ll hold out.” Meng Wei smiled evilly while speaking. Then, he told the person beside him, “Strip him of all his clothes and burn them. Then, smash his phone. I would like to see how he’s able to go back from here.”