Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 360

Chapter 360: Can You Get Me Some Clothes?

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The baby in Liao Yuan’s womb indeed belonged to Meng Wei, but he was merely playing and basically didn’t take such promiscuous woman seriously. It was only accidental that he had impregnated her.

Originally, he thought of abortion but changed his mind in the end. There were very few descendants in his line of descent in the clan, and there were only a handful of people in his generation. When compared to the relatives in their own clan, they were at a disadvantage.

Hence, he intended to have this illegitimate child. If this child had outstanding talents in the future, he would bring him back to the clan. If this child had normal talents and didn’t perform, he could just ignore him.

The reason why he had chosen Wang Yuan was naturally with the intention of bringing up this kid. It was impossible for him to bring this child up by his side. As a member of a big clan, this was a disgraceful matter and would affect him greatly. Therefore, Wang Yuan this time was considered as a surrogate father and could be forced to be a father…

A few lackeys heard him and immediately went forward to rip Wang Yuan’s clothes off while laughing evilly. It would definitely be big news when his clothes were burned, and he was left standing naked in the forest.

“Don’t you dare!” Wang Yuan was anxious after hearing his words and struggled constantly. However, how could he be a match for these people? He practiced ancient martial arts, so normally three or four people were not his match. However, he was merely an ancient martial arts practitioner in the Regulated Breathing realm while Meng Wei was from an ancient martial arts aristocratic family, so anyone around him would be able to suppress him.

Liao Yuan said coldly, “Wang Yuan, if you are willing to treat me and my child in the womb well, I will plead with Young Master Meng for you. I am also willing to be with you and be your woman in the future. However, if you really don’t appreciate the favor, you know what tactics Young Master Meng is capable of. You are merely a distant branch of the Wang Clan, and your status pales in comparison with Young Master Meng’s. Even if you are killed, the Wang Clan might not avenge you.”

Wang Yuan’s looks were good, and he had a good family background. Although he didn’t have any influence, his family was affluent, which was enough to give her a luxurious life. She was quite willing to marry someone like this.

She knew herself well enough to understand that those sons of the influential families basically wouldn’t take her seriously and would merely treat her like a toy. She had long given up the dream of marrying into a wealthy and influential clan.

Wang Yuan looked pleasing to her eyes, and all his qualities were quite good. Furthermore, she was not afraid that Wang Yuan might do something to her, as the child in her womb belonged to Young Master Meng. After giving birth to this child, it was like having an Imperial Sword by her side, and Wang Yuan wouldn’t dare to do anything to her.

“B*tch, you shut your godd*mn mouth.” Wang Yuan wished he could rip this woman apart. That was not how a fallback guy should be, and he had so many grievances that he felt like killing someone.

Suddenly, a voice resounded which caused everyone in the forest to be in a daze. “Ahem! The forest is quite crowded. Let him go. Otherwise, I will chop your hand off.” This deserted place actually had someone appearing in it, and that person even was brazen enough to meddle in their matter.

“What are you looking at? He’s talking about you. Are you still going to attack?”

Mo Wen walked out in a relaxed manner, and his eyes swept across those people nonchalantly. This group of people has really gone too far. They didn’t learn anything good and are always involved in cheating.

He looked helplessly at Wang Yuan, who was in a sorry state and looked miserable. Originally, when he knew that Liao Yuan was not a good woman, he didn’t tell him explicitly, or rather, this kind of thing was not for him to tell.

Indeed, only a month had gone by, and there was problem. That beautiful senior was easily courted by him and looked faithful to him. Anyone with some brains would know there was something wrong. Unfortunately, Wang Yuan had plunged into the “river of love.” How could he think so much?

“Mo Wen!”

“Mo Wen!”

“It’s actually you!”


Mo Wen had just walked out, and a few among those people exclaimed in surprise. Obviously, some “familiar people” had recognized Mo Wen, and their faces changed interestingly at once, particularly He Mingge. His face turned garnet instantly, and his body was trembling uncontrollably. I have actually met him again. What’s wrong with this world? How am I going to survive?!

He Mingge could still remember vividly this macho guy who dared to beat the Qin Clan’s Fourth Young Mistress. After that day, it had never crossed his mind to get revenge on Mo Wen, as he was the kind of person the He Clan wouldn’t offend.

Particularly after he had beaten up Qin Clan’s Fourth Young Mistress, he actually is alive and kicking, and is able to stroll everywhere as if nothing had happened. Even thinking of it now, he couldn’t help but release a shiver.

Furthermore, as a member of He Clan, he was also able to get news. Su Boyu actually died in the Su Clan, and only the members of the Su Clan knew how he died. However, there wasn’t an absolute secret in this world, so after a few inquiries, he knew that Mo Wen was involved in that matter, and this youngster had actually gone to the Su Clan to kill Su Boyu under the watchful eyes of the people. That’s why Su Boyu had not appeared in school for such a long time. Instantly, He Mingge had categorized Mo Wen as a very dangerous person.

“Mo Wen, are you sick of living? You are actually casting caution to the wind and meddling with Young Master Meng’s matter.” Cheng Hao widened his eyes and stared at Mo Wen angrily with a ferocious face. Unlike He Mingge, he was not afraid of Mo Wen. In his eyes, Mo Wen was merely a hooligan.

After their previous military training, he didn’t continue to pick on Mo Wen, as he knew that Mo Wen had offended Su Boyu, and with Su Boyu’s character, he wouldn’t like anyone to touch his targeted prey.

Knowing that Mo Wen’s ending would definitely be very miserable, he no longer paid any attention to him. He never expected Mo Wen to appear in front of him, alive and kicking. Moreover, he even cast caution to the wind and dared to meddle with Young Master Meng’s matter. Indeed, it embodied the statement, “You wouldn’t die if you didn’t seek death.” This Mo Wen was simply digging his own grave.

“Cheng Hao, you indeed still act the same, specializing in immoral acts.” Mo Wen curled his lips into a smile and looked mischievously at his former “old classmate.” Since he had actually come across this guy, he couldn’t only blame it on bad luck.

“You are digging your own grave.” Cheng Hao was in a rage. This Mo Wen actually dared to mock him brazenly under the watchful eyes of so many people. It was simply ridiculous.

“Go, maim him!” He shouted loudly with great grandeur, but he was not the first to rush forth. Instead, he commanded the surrounding people to go forward to teach Mo Wen a lesson, as he knew that Mo Wen was strong and could fight quite well. During the gang fight in the canteen, many people were unable to hurt him.

If he were to be the first, he reckoned would be smashed. However, it didn’t matter, because if he didn’t defeat Mo Wen, someone else surely would. Everyone around Young Master Meng was a great expert. Indeed, someone stood up and looked at Mo Wen with a sardonic smile.

“Youngster, you said you wanted to chop our hands off just now. That’s really brave. You will see how I shatter your brain into pieces.” It was a young man in his early twenties with his body full of killing spirit, as though he had killed many people. If normal people were to meet him, they would be shaken in shock by his imposing manner.

“Mo Wen, you better run. They are all ancient martial arts experts. Just get me some clothes later.” Delight flashed in Wang Yuan’s eyes instantly when he saw Mo Wen. However, he didn’t think that Mo Wen could save him from Meng Wei’s hands, as Meng Wei was too strong, and those people around him were all experts.

The Meng Clan was one of the five big ancient martial arts aristocratic families in the Capital. Unlike Wang Yuan, Meng Wei was the Young Master in the main line of descent in the powerful and influential Meng Clan and was a person with real power. Although Wang Yuan was a member of the Wang Clan, which was also one of the big five aristocratic families, he was merely in a distant branch, so strictly speaking, he was already not considered a member of the Wang Clan after so many generations of heritage.

Although he knew that Mo Wen’s Cultivation was very high, and the normal ancient martial arts practitioners were not his match, he was alone, so he would be at a disadvantage when encountering the Young Master of the Meng Clan. However, with Mo Wen’s Cultivation, it shouldn’t be difficult for him to escape. By then, he could return and bring him some clothes and resolve the urgent situation. Otherwise, none of his friends would know that he was standing naked in the forest, completely helpless. He couldn’t be running around naked asking for help.

That hideous young man approached Mo Wen one step after another with cruelty in his eyes, like he was staring at his prey. Meng Wei folded his arms and looked mischievously at Mo Wen. He didn’t stop those people, so he obviously had consented to their actions. There is actually someone who knows Wang Yuan and has poked his nose into this matter. This should be interesting.

“Since you are not attacking, I shall fulfill your wish.” Mo Wen cast a look at the young man indifferently. Then, before he could attack him, a streak of gold light flickered and disappeared. The next moment, a painful groan resonated. The young man held his arm while his other arm had actually dropped onto the ground with blood spurting out a few meters away. Soon, the ground was completely dyed red.

“Ah!” Cheng Hao exclaimed in shock before moving backwards a few steps in terror. At this moment, his face and body were totally covered with blood. The blood that gushed out from the cut arm had drenched him from head to toe. Previously, he had been following behind the young man who was approaching Mo Wen like the *ss in the lion’s skin. As he was the nearest to the young man, his blood spurted all over him.

Cheng Hao had never seen such a gory scene, so he nearly fainted. The fresh blood showered over his head and face, and trickled all the way into his mouth. Instantly, he bent over and began vomiting uncontrollably. He groaned and moaned as if he were more miserable than the person whose arm was amputated.

“You… dare to hurt me…” That guy glared at Mo Wen angrily with bewilderment in his eyes. He was not even near Mo Wen, and his arm was actually amputated. That was truly too weird. What exactly was happening? What exactly happened just now!?

He was an ancient martial art practitioner in the Soothing Pulse realm. In the ancient martial arts aristocratic family, his Cultivation was not considered high, but it was difficult for him to find a match in school. Now, he didn’t even know what had caused his arm to be amputated. It was simply unbelievable that such a weird thing had actually happened to him.

The faces of the surrounding people froze and glanced at Mo Wen as if they had seen a ghost. Everyone was rooted to the ground and didn’t dare to make any rash move.