Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 361

Chapter 361: Deterrence

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“You are actually an expert. That’s why you dare to meddle in my matter.” Meng Wei squinted a bit while his eyes narrowed. His expression was slightly somber. Just now, most people hadn’t seen that streak of golden light that flashed and disappeared, but he accidentally caught sight of it, as he was the only ancient martial arts practitioner in the Sea of Qi realm at the scene.

As a member of the ancient martial arts aristocratic families, he naturally had been practicing ancient martial arts since he was very young. Meng Wei was born into the main line of descent in the Meng Clan. If his achievement in ancient martial arts was too weak, he definitely wouldn’t have been considered important.

However, he had vaguely seen something just now. He was not very clear exactly what that thing was, but he could be certain that this youngster was an expert and was probably stronger than he was.

“Friend, I am a member of the Meng Clan, which is one of the big five aristocratic families in the Capital. Since you practice ancient martial arts, you should understand the implication,” Meng Wei uttered coldly. So what if this youngster’s Cultivation is higher than mine? With my family background, maybe he should be afraid of me more than I am of him.

Mo Wen nodded slightly. “You are actually a member of one of the five big aristocratic families.” That’s why this Young Master Meng dares to be so arrogant. The five big ancient martial arts aristocratic families in the Capital were quite influential. Their clans had long been entrenched in the Capital, which had thousands of years of history. The areas they were involved in were not merely limited to ancient martial arts. They had a presence in different industries and fields, especially those ancient martial arts clans with hundreds of years of history. They were more or less involved with the Hua Xia military forces and governmental high officials. Not only did the five big aristocratic families have the wool pulled over the eyes of the public in the Capital, but normal people certainly wouldn’t dare to offend them, either.

Meng Wei remarked nonchalantly, “Apologize and get out of here, and I will treat it as if nothing happened.” Since Mo Wen knew his status, he wouldn’t be afraid that he wouldn’t give in. However, this youngster’s Cultivation was very high, and he might have some backing, so he had better not coerce him too much. After all, he wouldn’t want to invite trouble.

“Apologize?” Mo Wen curled his lips into a smile. “The people of the five big aristocratic families are indeed confident.”

“You are going to fight me all the way?” Meng Wei’s face turned cold, as he had already given him lenient treatment, yet this youngster actually didn’t appreciate his kindness. He merely didn’t want to create a stir. Mo Wen really thought that he, as a member of the five big aristocratic families, would be afraid of him?

“You are not qualified to fight with me. Every one of you take off your clothes, then get out of the forest,” Mo Wen said indifferently. These were not good people, so a small punishment was still necessary. Since it was not wise to have bloodshed in school, it seemed to have given them the advantage that he couldn’t chop off all their arms.

“You…” Cheng Hao pointed at Mo Wen and looked at him in disbelief. This fellow is actually so arrogant to simply disregard the law. He is uncontrollable. Even if he doesn’t think highly of me, how would he dare to not think highly of Young Master Meng and the Meng Clan?

“What did you say?” Meng Wei’s face turned completely dark as he cast a cold look at Mo Wen. From the time he was young, nobody had dared to provoke him in this way.

“I’ll give you a minute. You will bear the consequences if you delay any further,” Mo Wen said as if to himself, as he basically didn’t look at Meng Wei’s face.

“You are godd*mn digging your own grave!” Among those few young men, three of them took a few steps forward to surround Mo Wen, intending to attack and besiege him. They didn’t believe that so many of them would need to be afraid of him, a single person.

However, Mo Wen merely uttered two words nonchalantly with a soft voice. “Get down!” Then, a weird scene happened. The three people who besieged Mo Wen actually did get down. One after another, they fell to the ground with blood gushing out of their noses, eyes, and mouths as they groaned continuously.

Meng Wei gasped in shock. This was the first time he expressed some panic. This youngster seems to be too abnormal. Could he be a legendary sorcerer who could knock someone down with a statement?

He Mingge’s legs were trembling as his face turned green. He was speechless. Only he knew that Mo Wen was a ruthless person who could casually beat up the Qin Clan Fourth Young Mistress. Hence, when Young Master Meng had an encounter with him, he reckoned he wouldn’t have a good ending.

As for Liao Yuan, she was already in shock with trepidation. She hid behind Meng Wei and didn’t dare to show herself.

Mo Wen remained indifferent with his hands behind his back and looked like nothing had happened. It was naturally effortless for him to deal with these people. If it were not for the fact that he didn’t intend to kill anyone in school, he could have killed all of them with a statement using the power of Soul Shuddering Demonic Sound.

“Both uncles, please handle this person,” Meng Wei said, looking quite upset. He knew that he had met a ruthless person, as Mo Wen hadn’t had any apprehension, even after Meng Wei had announced his status.

Behind Meng Wei, two middle-aged men walked out. They had been standing near Meng Wei at a distance that was neither near nor far. However, they never spoke a word and merely stood quietly. It was obvious that they were Meng Wei’s personal bodyguards.

Some young people who were born into the big clans had bodyguards by their side, especially those members in the main line of descent with good talent. The clans would value them, as they were afraid that they would die during their growing process.

One of the two middle-aged men had Cultivation at the pinnacle of the Sea of Qi realm, while the other had Cultivation in the later stage of the Sea of Qi realm. Their Cultivation was quite high. If they didn’t encounter a strong expert in the Qi Nucleation realm, Meng Wei wouldn’t have any problems under their protection.

These kinds of people were mostly the younger generation of the servants groomed in the big clans, but they were not actual members of the clans. Compared to the members of the main line of descent, their status was usually relatively low.

Of course, the strongest would be the most respected. This had always been the case in the ancient martial arts world. The higher the Cultivation one had, the higher the status and position one would be given. Like these two people, when placed in the Meng Clan, their status would be quite high. They followed Meng Wei to protect him, while Meng Wei wouldn’t dare to neglect them. If they were to break through to the Qi Nucleation realm, they would be equivalent to elders and would be respectfully greeted by the normal disciples in the main line of descent.

Those two middle-aged men didn’t make a move on Mo Wen immediately, but suggested with grave expressions, “Young Master, this person is not simple. I think we had better retreat. Both of us will protect you, so escape will not be a problem.”

That youngster is too strange. They could vaguely feel a sense of approaching danger in their hearts. They didn’t dare ignore it. Furthermore, when Mo Wen had made his move just now, neither of them had even understood what exactly had happened.

“Escape!” Meng Wei’s face turned gloomy. He had never needed to escape. From the time he was young, others usually would be escaping when they met him; he wouldn’t be the one escaping. Moreover, this was in school. If he were to escape, how would he be able to get along in school in the future?

He didn’t expect this youngster to be so difficult to deal with that even the two strong experts beside him would suggest the idea of escaping. In the Capital, there were only a handful of senior experts in the Qi Nucleation realm that could necessitate a need to escape. Could this youngster be compared to those people?

Meng Wei basically couldn’t believe that this youngster who looked to be almost as old as he was could possibly have such terrifying Cultivation. If he is really that powerful, what would I, the genius of the five big aristocratic families, be considered as?

“Nobody can escape. I think you had better just take off your clothes obediently as I said. Then I won’t be bothered to make things difficult for you. Yes, you still have another ten seconds.” Mo Wen cast a mischievous look at the two middle-aged men. Those two men seem to have a good pair of eyes. However, with their abilities, it would be naïve to think that they could escape.

Since they had intended to rip Wang Yuan’s clothes off, he would give them a taste of their own medicine. However, he didn’t ask them to take off their pants. Otherwise, once they were out of the forest, it would be indecent…

“Mo…Young Master Mo… I’ll take… I’ll take off…” He Mingge didn’t bother about anything. He took off all his clothes in trepidation and threw them onto the floor when he was bare to the waist. Although it was humiliating, at least there wouldn’t be any trouble. Otherwise, it would worse to have one less arm or leg. Now, he was merely without dignity.

“You are godd*mn arrogant. I will kill you.” Meng Wei went completely crazy as he simply couldn’t bear it any more. Exactly who was the Young Master of a big clan? He never had so many grievances before. Even his personal bodyguards undermined their own powers and prestige while boosting the opponent’s morale.

Just then, he cast caution to the wind and rushed forward alone. No matter what, he had Cultivation in the beginning stage of the Sea of Qi realm. He didn’t believe that this youngster could be any stronger than he was.

“Young Master!” The faces of the two middle-aged men next to Meng Wei turned pale when they saw this. Instantly, they shot forward behind Meng Wei. The Young Master, who is calm normally, actually has become so impulsive!

The three of them had Cultivation in the Sea of Qi realm, which could be considered as the highest Cultivation among those people, as those people previously were merely small fry. When the three of them made their moves, the Inner Qi was released immediately, causing strong winds to surge in the forest.

“Get down.” However, before they could reach Mo Wen, he again softly uttered those words. After that, an abnormal thing happened once more. The three people fell onto the ground almost simultaneously, as if it had been rehearsed for a show.

However, this was not in the show. Meng Wei fell on his stomach and screamed continuously with blood oozing out of his nose, mouth, and eyes. His face was distorted as his body trembled due to excruciating pain as though he was suffering tortures in hell.

Not only Meng Wei, but also the other two middle-aged men were rolling on the floor, continuously moaning and occasionally screaming from pain.

Everyone was dumbfounded and looked at the spectacle in disbelief. Whatever Mo Wen said came true. It is terribly abnormal. His single statement mowed down three experts. What kind of situation is this?

Wang Yuan glanced at Mo Wen blankly, like he had never known him at all. He knew previously that Mo Wen had practiced ancient martial arts, and his ability was way above his, but he never expected him to be so terrifying.

What kind of strength was that? His mind simply couldn’t think straight.

Mo Wen walked to the front of Meng Wei before asking coldly, “Are all the people of the five big aristocratic families as arrogant and domineering?” This person was a weirdo who had actually coerced someone into being a father…!

The middle-aged man struggled to get up from the ground and looked at Mo Wen in trepidation. At this moment, he finally knew how terrifying this youngster was. In the agony of fear and panic, he ignored Mo Wen’s age and greeted him as a senior. “Se.. Senior, we didn’t offend you intentionally… Please spare some consideration for the Meng Clan and let us go.”