Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 362

Chapter 362: Shen Jings Worry

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In fact, that middle-aged man didn’t know how to address this youngster. He didn’t dare address him casually. In the ancient martial arts world, only the strong ones ruled, and the skilled ones would be called teachers. It was only right for the people to greet the person with higher Cultivation as, “Senior.” He was certain that this youngster was definitely an extremely terrifying person, and even the Clan Leader of the Meng Clan might not have the same powerful influence.

Mo Wen looked at Wang Yuan, who was still in a daze, and pointed at Meng Wei while asking with a smile, “Wang Yuan, do you want to beat this guy up?”

“Yes!” Wang Yuan regained his composure while his hatred for Meng Wei flashed in his eyes. However, he began to hesitate due to Meng Wei’s status.

“Now I will give you a chance to beat him up badly,” Mo Wen said stoically.

Wang Yuan hesitated for a moment but soon bit the bullet. Since the situation had developed to such an extent, he couldn’t swallow this humiliation without beating Meng Wei up. He strode forward and began hurling punches and kicks at Meng Wei.

Since he had completely offended Meng Wei, Wang Yuan no longer had any apprehensions when attacking him. He hit Meng Wei aggressively everywhere, causing him to wail in pain as if he were in an abattoir.

“How dare you humiliate me!

“How dare you make me a surrogate father…

“How dare you make me a fallback guy…

“I will godd*mn kill you!”

The more Wang Yuan hit, the more enthusiastic he got. The more he beat him, the better he felt. He simply couldn’t stop, as he had finally found an outlet to vent all his anger.

The scene sent chills down the backs of the surrounding people, and they didn’t dare to look him straight in his eyes. Wang Yuan actually dared to beat Meng Wei up. He was really too bold.

Meng Wei, who had been high and mighty just now, was already badly battered. He was wailing on the ground and was completely different from his previous arrogant image.

Those surrounding people could only watch and basically didn’t dare to get in the way, as there was a terrifying youngster standing beside Wang Yuan, and everyone knew that this person was not to be offended casually. Even Meng Wei’s two middle-aged bodyguards didn’t dare to stop him at this moment. They could only stare at Wang Yuan, as they were afraid he would do something which might harm Meng Wei’s life.

After bashing Meng Wei for a good 15 minutes, Wang Yuan finally stopped and exhaled deeply.

Mo Wen said indifferently, “I will give you another chance. Take off all your clothes and get out of this forest, or else bear the consequences.” Although he hadn’t intended to create any trouble on school grounds, he couldn’t be blamed for disobeying the school rules if they really failed to appreciate his kindness.

“Take off… We will take off…” Feeling the killing intent from Mo Wen, the two middle-aged men knew that he was not speaking casually, and perhaps there was a possibility he would kill all of them in the next moment. Immediately, they didn’t bother about anything else and began to take off their clothes. After all, dignity was precious, but it was nothing compared to their lives.

Since the two strong men didn’t even dare to disobey him, the rest of the people naturally wouldn’t dare, either. One after another, they began to swiftly take off their clothes, afraid that Mo Wen might attack them if they were too slow.

Only Meng Wei clutched onto the mud tightly and refused to remove his clothes. He had been born with a silver spoon in his mouth, and was respected and feared by others everywhere he went since birth. He had always been superior and had never suffered such humiliation before. He was the eldest Young Master of a main line of descent in one of the five big aristocratic families in the Capital. He had so much pride in him that he usually looked down his nose at the people around him, so suffering such great humiliation was simply worse than killing him.

“You don’t want to take off your clothes?” Mo Wen cast a cold look at Meng Wei. He was still unwilling to be adaptable, even now. These young masters who came out of the wealthy and influential families were were well-protected and used to having others around them. If they were to go into the ancient martial arts world, they would probably be turned into ashes within a few days.

“Young Master…” Meng Wei’s stubbornness caused one of the middle-aged bodyguards to be anxious. This was not the time to consider their dignity. They might not live through this if they did. He was different from Meng Wei. He had lived long enough to know that this world was very big with many capable people, some that even the five big clans couldn’t afford to offend.

Meng Wei had been in the clan since birth and had only been out of the Capital a few times. He had been declared as overlord in the past and presumed that there was nothing the clan couldn’t do, so he naturally didn’t know many things. Mo Wen was so young and had such terrifying abilities, how could he be a normal person?

Those two middle-aged bodyguards couldn’t stop to consider it. They pounced forward and began to rip Meng Wei’s clothes off. A wise man knew when to retreat. Regardless of anything else, the most important thing was to get Meng Wei out alive. If anything were to happen to Meng Wei, they wouldn’t be able to be responsible for it.

Very soon, Meng Wei was totally naked. As he was struggling on the ground, his entire body was covered with mud like a beggar.

Immediately, everyone except for Liao Yuan, the only woman, had their clothes ripped off and scattered everywhere on the ground. Liao Yuan had secretly escaped while Wang Yuan was beating up Meng Wei.

Mo Wen had let it slide and intentionally let her go. After all, it was impossible to stop her and take her clothes off. That seemed pretty uncivilized… moreover, that woman was pregnant, so she couldn’t be beaten up. That b*tch was most difficult to handle.

“Get out.” Mo Wen didn’t intend to bother about them any further. He turned around and walked out of the forest. He was not interested in this group of worthless hooligans. He was only trying to stick up for a friend.

Wang Yuan chased after him from the forest and said, embarrassed, “Mo Wen, thank you.” At this moment, he was badly bruised with his clothes completely tattered due to the struggle just now. He knew that Mo Wen was only sticking up for him. Otherwise, he wouldn’t waste time on things that didn’t involve him.

He never thought that the friend he knew from military training would become so strong. Mo Wen had completely blown away Wang Yuan’s previous perception of him.

“Better go for some treatment later,” Mo Wen said with a smile. Wang Yuan’s injuries were not serious. Most of them were superficial wounds, but the outward appearance looked really bad.

After hesitating for a moment, Wang Yuan said, “That Meng Wei was a member of the five big ancient martial arts aristocratic families in the Capital. The Meng Clan is very influential in the Capital, so he might not let us off so easily.”

He was afraid that Mo Wen didn’t know Meng Wei’s background and would be attacked by the Meng Clan in the future. As for him, he had already thought of a way out. If worse came to worst, he would spend an exorbitant price to ask the people of the Wang Clan to mediate and compensate Meng Wei with a lump sum. After all, he was still connected to the Wang Clan, and since it was Meng Wei who was bullying him in this case, the Wang Clan wouldn’t leave him in the lurch.

“Uh-huh, don’t worry. I will settle this matter.” Mo Wen nodded as he thought that Wang Yuan was afraid of Meng Wei’s revenge.

After Wang Yuan heard him, he didn’t comment any further. After all, it was not the first time Mo Wen had beaten up someone from the five big aristocratic families. The Qin Clan’s Fourth Young Mistress had also suffered the same from him that time at the bar. Now, Mo Wen was still alive and kicking as if nothing had happened. The more Wang Yuan thought about it, the more he felt that Mo Wen was not simple and perhaps basically didn’t need to be worried about.

After walking out of the forest, Wang Yuan went his separate way from Mo Wen to settle the aftermath of this matter alone. As for Mo Wen, he went back to his dormitory, which he had not been to for several months.

The Freak Dormitory was quiet as usual with nobody around. Surprisingly, Dongfang Yi was not in the dormitory, and there was no sign of anyone else at all.

Recently, the people in the Freak Dormitory seemed to be very busy. That Ren Lisha, who bred poisonous vermin, had not been seen in long time and had not returned. As for his poisonous vermin, they naturally had gone along with him. The place was completely empty.

Mo Wen guessed that something must have happened in the ancient martial arts world to cause these young geniuses to leave one after another.

He returned to his own room and took out the phone which had not been used for a long time. After charging the phone, he gave Qin Xiaoyou a call, as he had not seen her for a long time, and he missed her a little.

The strange thing was Qin Xiaoyou’s phone was actually switched off. According to what he knew, under normal circumstances, her phone shouldn’t be switched off. Other than sleeping at night and when the battery was low, it was rare not to be able to get through during the day.

Mo Wen put his doubts out of his mind, as nothing should have happened to that girl since he had given Old Man Wei prior notice before he left. Unless she left the school, the people in the school had agreed to protect her.

If something were to happen, Old Man Wei would have informed him at once. After all, he had created the trouble in the forest once he returned. It was impossible that the people in the school didn’t know. As the trouble was small, they chose to let it slide and didn’t want to deal with it.

Now, nobody had looked for him, so there shouldn’t be anything seriously amiss.

As he couldn’t find Qin Xiaoyou, Mo Wen immediately left the dormitory intending to look for Shen Jing. He had played truant and had disappeared for such a long time, he reckoned that Shen Jing’s expressions would be interesting when she saw him again.

Mo Wen was getting more helpless, as it was so coincidental that Shen Jing was actually his class mentor. If it had been any other class mentor, he basically wouldn’t consider the consequences after playing truant. Now, after disappearing for such long time, he didn’t know what kind of complaints Shen Jing would have when he met her again, but losing her temper was inevitable.

When Mo Wen reached the teachers’ apartment, he didn’t go up but walked to the building’s exercise area. The exercise area was equipped with fitness equipment, and usually many elderly people would use this area for exercising in the morning. Active young people were seldom seen there.

The reason why Mo Wen didn’t go upstairs was that he had noticed Shen Jing.

It was afternoon after school. Everyone was busy with different things, and the exercise area would normally be empty. However, at this time there was a person sitting on the swing. That swing was meant for the children there, but right now there was an adult leisurely swinging on it.

Shen Jing held the rope in one hand while the other hand was holding onto a few books. She swung idly while looking up at the clouds in the sky and thinking of something.

After her class, she had originally intended to go home to cook. However, when she walked past the empty deck, she didn’t feel like going back to that cold quiet home. Hence, she sat in this place for a while.

Having lived alone for many years, she had always been alone at home. She thought she had already gotten used to living alone and living her life quietly every day. However, she didn’t know when it had started, but she realized that she was easily agitated and felt lonely. The normal quiet life was like water which had a stone thrown into it and was no longer quiet.

Suddenly, a voice resounded behind Shen Jing’s back. “What are you thinking?” The voice had given her such a shock that she nearly fell off the swing.