Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 363

Chapter 363: Uncivilized

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She wasn’t sure when it started, but she would think of that b*stard whenever she was alone. Every time she thought of him, she wished she could slam him onto the floor and stomp on him.

Shen Jing didn’t know what had happened. She seemed to have been possessed. That person was always bullying her. Now that he was gone, and she was finally at peace, why did she keep thinking of him? Could it be that she had been alone for too long, so when someone whom she was slightly more concerned with appeared, she would find it hard to give him up?

As she was deep in thought, she nearly fell from the swing in shock when a voice resounded behind her. Shen Jing put on a stern face while turning around to look at that evil person who had scared her intentionally. She asked coldly, “Are you a cat, walking so stealthily without a sound? Do you know how rude that is?” From the voice just now, she already knew who was standing behind her. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have been so shocked.

This b*stard is actually back. She thought she wouldn’t see this guy the whole semester.

Mo Wen had left without a word and had been gone for more than a month. At first, she was still worrying about how to account for it to the school. It turned out that the school management looked for her first and told her not to bother about Mo Wen’s matter, as he was the school’s special student.

In the beginning, Mo Wen had been recommended by Professor Pan to have the chance to study at Hua Xia University. When had he become the school’s special student? He seemed to have some capabilities, and nobody was minding his constant truancy.

“Don’t be angry. I was hoping to give you a pleasant surprise. Are you happy to know that I am back?”

“Only a ghost would be a pleasant surprise!” Shen Jing rolled her eyes, and a frown appeared on her delicate face. This guy is simply shameless!

“Your husband is back. Why are you still sitting here? You should hurry home to cook a meal,” Mo Wen said sternly. I must display a figurehead’s dignity at this time.

“I’m not cooking!” Shen Jing snorted softly before turning her head stubbornly to the side. She refused to take Mo Wen’s treatment lying down. Not knowing why her heart was filled with grievances at this moment, she was upset whenever she saw this evil person. Her quiet life had been totally destroyed because of him.

“Are you cooking?” Mo Wen widened his eyes while his volume had increased by a few decibels.

“Not cooking, not cooking, not cooking at all.” Shen Jing put both her hands over her ears and rebelled loudly as if she were trying to shut something out.

The “stern” Mo Wen suddenly changed to a smiling face at once and walked towards the swing. He squeezed in to sit down next to Shen Jing. His hand held her waist as he said intimately, “Not cooking is fine. Today, I will cook for you.”

That swing was supposed to be used by a kid, but now both adults were squeezed into it, so naturally the seat was completely filled and both of them were close together.

“Shameless!” Shen Jing stretched out her hand to push Mo Wen away but didn’t manage to do it. In a rage, she pinched Mo Wen.

“Ouch! It’s so painful. You’re killing your husband!” Mo Wen shrieked exaggeratingly as if Shen Jing’s little pinch was going to pinch away half his life.

“Quiet. Are you seeking death?” Shen Jing’s face blushed as red as a cherry as she immediately looked around. After realizing that there was no one nearby, she heaved a sigh of relief. This place was the teachers’ apartment. If others were to hear Mo Wen’s “mournful” shriek, she would have to hide her face in the future.

Mo Wen embraced Shen Jing while laughing and saying, “If you are obedient, I will not scream.”

Shen Jing secretly gnashed her teeth. She wished she could bite Mo Wen. However, she was afraid that Mo Wen would create more trouble, so she silently lowered her head.

Shen Jing blushed as she said, “Get up. How can I cook without getting up?” It is so inappropriate to act so intimately in public. What if someone sees us?

“Alright, my wife. Let’s go home.” Mo Wen held Shen Jing’s hand and smiled. They came down from the swing and walked towards Shen Jing’s apartment. Once they walked into the apartment, Shen Jing pushed Mo Wen away. “Go away. Who’s your wife?”

Shen Jing sat onto the sofa angrily and stiffened her face, refusing to look at Mo Wen.

Mo Wen walked to Shen Jing and sat beside her. Then, he hugged her and nibbled on her ears lightly while saying, “I said you are my wife, and you will be my wife.”

Shen Jing shivered while a tingling sensation spread from her ears to the rest of her body. When the hot air caressed her earlobe, her entire body turned delicately soft as she leaned onto Mo Wen’s chest and put up a futile struggle.

“Totally shameless.” Shen Jing opened her mouth and bit Mo Wen’s chest to demonstrate her resistance. However, that bite was basically without much strength and instead, kindled Mo Wen’s desire.

“Stop titillating me. Be careful. It may go overboard.” Mo Wen glared at the woman in his arms.

“Who’s titillating you. Let go of me.” Shen Jing glared at Mo Wen. This man is so arrogant all the time and doesn’t know how to be gentle.

“Be good and cook for your husband.” Mo Wen didn’t continue to “bully” Shen Jing and stopped appropriately before letting her go with a smile. Then, he sprawled himself lazily onto the sofa as if her place was his own home.

Shen Jing was upset when she saw Mo Wen. After a month of disappearance, he just comes back like an arrogant idler. He is always calling me his wife, but I didn’t even know his whereabouts during the time he was gone. How is that being a wife?

With all the grievances, she had the intention of throwing a tantrum continuously and giving Mo Wen a hard time. However, she also knew that with Mo Wen’s arrogant character, he would continue to bully her if she continued with her petulance.

Swallowing all her grievances, Shen Jing put on her slippers and apron with a frown before preparing a meal in the kitchen. This devil was back, so she reckoned she wouldn’t have any peace today if she didn’t pacify his stomach.

“Ah! Are you seeking death?” While Shen Jing was cutting the vegetables in the kitchen, she suddenly realized that a person was hugging her from behind. Without a doubt, she knew who that was. There was no one else in the house besides Mo Wen.

Mo Wen snugged his head onto Shen Jing’s shoulder while saying softly, “Many things happened during the time I was gone, so that’s why I wasn’t able to come over to see you.”

When had he first left, he hadn’t told Shen Jing, as he thought that he wouldn’t need too much time at the Dafang Sect. However, he didn’t expect so many things to happen along the way.

“Uh-huh.” Shen Jing acknowledged him without any facial expressions and didn’t say anything else. However, she was very surprised that Mo Wen would actually explain anything to her. Could this be a change of character? Since when did this b*stard have a respectful side!?

“If I need to leave for a long period in the future, I will notify you first.”


“When are you going to bring me home? When are we going to get married?” Out of the blue, Mo Wen asked these questions, which shocked Shen Jing. She stiffened in Mo Wen’s arms and looked completely lost.

Mo Wen naturally felt Shen Jing’s change, and his brows furrowed slightly. In fact, he was only probing. At this stage, he naturally was not bothered with the process of marriage. The purpose of asking was to probe into Shen Jing’s attitude towards him.

He would like to know if Shen Jing was with him willingly. If she was reluctant, he would consider letting her go. After experiencing things with Gong Biluo, he seemed to have thought many things through. Sometimes, people were forced by circumstances. Those who liked each other might end up together. If they didn’t like each other, it was pointless for him to hold on.

Mo Wen was indeed very arrogant, and on the issue of relationships between men and women, he had very conservative, feudalistic thinking, as the world of his past lifetime was a feudalistic society which considered a man to be superior to a woman. A woman of that world was considered to be unchaste when she kissed a man, not to mention having a sexual relationship. This woman, who was staunch in her moral integrity, would have to either marry the man she had kissed, or commit suicide to prove her chastity. It was very difficult to have any other alternative.

Therefore, in Mo Wen’s thinking, Shen Jing was already equivalent to his woman and must follow him for the rest of her life. However, his thinking was not a reason to fetter another person. Mo Wen was not an unreasonable person, and moreover, this world was not the previous world of his past lifetime.

If Shen Jing really resented him and was reluctant to be with him, he wouldn’t force her but would chose to let her go completely and disappear from her presence forever. After all, Mo Wen was not someone who would be troubled by relationships. His heart had always been focused on the path of Immortal Cultivation. If he could be a supreme ruler in a place in heaven and earth, there wouldn’t be anything he couldn’t get, so there wasn’t any need to trouble over it.

Shen Jing froze momentarily in Mo Wen’s arms, and her hands stopped cutting the vegetables. She became silent for a long time before asking, “Marry me? Only me?”


“How many do you intend to marry?”

“I don’t know…”

“This is your sincerity?” Shen Jing took a deep breath, trying to calm herself down.

Mo Wen thought for a bit and replied with the normal answer which the other world would use. “It is only reasonable and logical for a strong and powerful man to have many women. If you are willing to be with me, I will give you everything you desire.”

In the world of his previous lifetime, the rules were such that it was indeed a reasonable thing that the stronger a man was, the more power, wealth, women, and fine things a man would have.

“Your thinking is so childish. You think you can be a very strong man?”

Could a guy who was always thinking of polygamy and unrealistic things be a guy who has ability, thinking, and strength? Shen Jing thought in her heart. Mo Wen had been very childish from the beginning. He was just a little guy with great male chauvinism. She wouldn’t deny that Mo Wen was very outstanding among his peers, but having some abilities didn’t mean that he could break the rules, and it couldn’t become the reason for him to make her submit.

Could she, Shen Jing, marry someone only because he had strong abilities? There were so many people with great abilities in this world.

“How do you know I’m not a strong and powerful man? Even if I am not strong and powerful now, one day I will become a strong and powerful man who could shelter you from anything and give you everything you desire,” Mo Wen argued. At least to Shen Jing, he indeed had the ability to change his rules. Shen Jing didn’t believe him, as she didn’t know him well.

However, he didn’t know that his thinking was already trapped in whether he was strong or not. He had used the other world’s standard in this world, as competing for a woman based on a man’s level of strength was common in his old world.

Mo Wen didn’t have any entanglements in any relationships in his past lifetime and was a greenhorn in relationships in this lifetime before he had been awakened. Hence, he was inexperienced in relationship matters, or rather, he basically didn’t know how to court a girl he liked.

From Shen Jing’s perspective, his uncivilized ways of courtship were naturally naïve and childish.