Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 365

Chapter 365: Capital Martial Arts Symposium

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Mo Qingge was able to return to school. That definitely showed that she had successfully overcome the outbreak of Massacre’s Host and survived the fatal crisis.

When Mo Wen discovered Mo Qingge, she also naturally discovered his presence.

“Thank you for your Soul Nurturing Jade,” Mo Qingge said stoically. Even when expressing her gratitude, she was as nonchalant as usual.

While going through the massacre crisis, Mo Wen’s Soul Nurturing Jade had a crucial effect. Otherwise, she might not have been able to overcome it.

“It’s great that you are fine.” Mo Wen nodded slightly.

It had indeed been difficult for Mo Qingge to overcome the massacre crisis. After all, the crisis became more critical every time. The later it was, the higher the difficulty level. That year, Mo Dong’er was only 17 years old when she nearly died in the massacre crisis.

Mo Qingge’s was reckoned to be in her early twenties, which was several years older than Mo Dong’er. Being able to overcome the outbreak of Massacre’s Host successfully was considered a miracle to Mo Wen.

After all, Mo Wen had missed Mo Dong’er’s outbreak of Massacre’s Host at 18 years of age, so he didn’t have an exact idea of how terrifying the later period of the Massacre’s Host could be. However, he could be certain that the danger Mo Qingge experienced was many times greater than what Mo Dong’er experienced.

Mo Wen was surprised at how Mo Qingge managed to resist the attack of the Massacre’s Host. Mo Qingge actually did the thing that he didn’t have any confidence in.

“I return this to you. Keep it safely.” Mo Qingge placed a jade Buddha statue in Mo Wen’s hand. This was the Soul Nurturing Jade passed down by the Ming Cult’s Thirty-Fourth Cult Leader. This item was a rare Divine item and was priceless. If word got out that Mo Wen possessed it, it might cause those old monsters in seclusion to go out plundering.

“This thing will be of great use to you, so it’s better if you have it. When you put it on your body, it will neutralize the killing Qi in your body.”

Mo Wen cast a look at the Soul Nurturing Jade and hesitated. He didn’t take it immediately. After all, the Soul Nurturing Jade was very important to Mo Qingge and perhaps with this Divine Jade, she would be able to live for a few more years.

“Although the Soul Nurturing Jade is good, its effect on me won’t be that great after using it once. It should be very useful to you.” Mo Qingge shook her head and looked at Mo Wen thoughtfully. After that, she smiled at Mo Wen, which was really rare. Then, she turned around elegantly and like a whiff of wind, she instantly disappeared from Mo Wen’s eyes.

“How does she know that the Soul Nurturing Jade is useful to me?” Puzzlement flashed through Mo Wen as he felt that he was unable to see through Mo Qingge’s thoughts. This piece of Soul Nurturing Jade was not only a piece of jade, but it had the heritage of the Ming Cult’s Thirty-Fourth Cult Leader hidden in it. However, only someone who was practicing the Nine Yang Divine Technique and Nine Yin Divine Technique simultaneously would discover it.

In fact, as Mo Wen’s Cultivation was limited at that time, he was unable to understand all the heritage in the jade Buddha statue. At most, he had very superficial knowledge of it. As Mo Qingge’s Massacre’s Host was about to have an outbreak at that time, he gave up the chance to understand the heritage in the jade Buddha and gave it to Mo Qingge.

This Soul Nurturing Jade was definitely of great use to Mo Wen. Now that he had Cultivation in the Embryonic Breathing realm, it was just enough to practice the entry level of the Yin Yang Technique. He definitely would have great gains in understanding the heritage of the Jade Buddha now.

However, under normal circumstances, only Mo Wen would know this secret. It was impossible for others to know it. After all, he was the only person who could practice both the Yin and Yang Divine Techniques simultaneously.

Mo Wen put the doubts in his mind aside. Since Mo Qingge had returned the Soul Nurturing Jade to him, he wouldn’t need to stand on ceremony. He could first research the secret Yin Yang Technique in the jade Buddha statue before doing anything else.

When he had learned all the heritage in it, he could give it back to Mo Qingge. The effect of the Soul Nurturing Jade was indeed the greatest during the first use, but it didn’t mean that there wasn’t any effect after that, as it was a Divine item for calming the nerves and soothing the soul. It was impossible for the jade to be simple.

For Mo Qingge, anything that could have any little effect was going to be an item that was hard to come by, so it was not naturally as easy and relaxed as she claimed it was.

When he walked into the classroom, many people were looking at Mo Wen weirdly and some were surprised. After all, Mo Wen was a “rare guest” in class who hardly showed himself the entire semester but had actually turned up today for the lesson.

Mo Wen was not bothered by the others’ weird looks as his eyes swept across the classroom. He actually didn’t find Qin Xiaoyou! Mo Wen furrowed his brows, as Qin Xiaoyou had always been a good student in the eyes of the teachers, regardless of whether it was in high school or university. Playing truant was an impossible thing for her, but today she was actually not in class!

Furthermore, he also discovered that other than Qin Xiaoyou, Wang Xiaofei also hadn’t turned up for the lesson. They had actually played truant together!

Normally, Wang Xiaofei and Qin Xiaoyou’s relationship was close. They were always together going into and out of class. Could they be teaming up for playing truant these days?

“Where is Qin Xiaoyou?” Mo Wen asked Wang Yuan as he walked towards him. Wang Yuan had been beaten up yesterday. Although his scars had been treated and the swelling had reduced by quite a bit, it was still obvious at one look. Today, Wang Yuan was very gloomy as he sat in the classroom like a source of light that was constantly drawing everyone’s attention.

“Xiaoyou has been on leave for the past few days. You actually don’t know?” Wang Yuan looked at Mo Wen in surprise. A few days ago, Qin Xiaoyou had applied for a long leave from school. As Xiaoyou’s boyfriend, Mo Wen actually didn’t know. What’s the situation?

Wang Yuan didn’t know that Mo Wen had left the Capital for more than a month and basically didn’t know what was happening at school. After all, everybody knew that it was very normal for him not to attend classes, but very few people would expect him to have actually left the school.

“No. Why did she apply for a long leave?” Mo Wen shook his head. A few days ago, he was still at the Dafang Sect. How would he know what had happened at school?

“She seems to be attending the Capital Martial Arts Symposium,” Wang Yuan said with a weird look on his face. The Capital Martial Arts Symposium was a grand assembly of the ancient martial arts world organized by the five big ancient martial arts aristocratic families in the Capital. All the ancient martial arts influences in the Capital region were eligible to participate. Moreover, the competition of martial arts would be organized in order to select the five strongest influences as the five big ancient martial arts aristocratic families in the Capital.

Being considered one of those high and mighty five big ancient martial arts aristocratic families was not a status that anyone could simply receive. The top five families were listed after competing in the Martial Arts Symposium.

Of course, although all the ancient martial arts influences in the Capital region would participate in the Martial Arts Symposium, Wang Yuan did not belong to one of them. After all, he was only an ancient martial arts practitioner without any sect, so he was not eligible to participate in such a grand assembly. This was a great regret in Wang Yuan’s heart.

“Capital Martial Arts Symposium?” Mo Wen blinked at Wang Yuan and looked baffled.

“You don’t know?” Wang Yuan widened his eyes and stared at Mo Wen. He actually doesn’t know about the Capital Martial Arts Symposium? Is he actually an ancient martial arts practitioner? As an ancient martial arts practitioner who has been mixing around in the Capital, he actually doesn’t know about the triennial grand assembly of the ancient martial arts world in the Capital? Could Mo Wen come from the virgin forests in the deep mountains!?

“Tell me more,” said Mo Wen.

“This Capital Martial Arts Symposium is the grand assembly for the ancient martial arts practitioners in the Capital region…” Wang Yuan rolled his eyes and started explaining like he was talking to a layman. Wang Yuan was a layman who had not even entered the door of being an ancient martial arts practitioner and knew about the Capital Martial Arts Symposium. Mo Wen, who was an ancient martial arts practitioner, actually didn’t know.

“What you mean is Xiaoyou is participating in the Capital Martial Arts Symposium?” Mo Wen’s face changed oddly. That girl has only practiced for a few days. She is already so familiar with it that she even knows how to participate in whatever Martial Arts Symposium? Why did she join the crowd simple-mindedly? What has the competition of the ancient martial arts influences in the Capital got to do with her?

“Yes, she went with Wang Xiaofei. This is what I know.” Wang Yuan smiled bitterly with a pained expression on his face. He didn’t understand how Qin Xiaoyou, someone who didn’t practice ancient martial arts, could attend the grand assembly of the ancient martial arts world in the Capital. How did she manage to get in? While he, who had been dreaming of attending the grand assembly of the ancient martial arts practitioners, was never given the chance.

Humans just couldn’t be compared as it would only send one into rage.

“Why didn’t you attend?” Mo Wen asked. Wang Yuan is also an ancient martial arts practitioner. Qin Xiaoyou and Wang Xiaofei have already joined the crowd, so why is he still earnestly staying in school?

“I would like to attend, but…” Wang Yuan spread out his hands helplessly, as he was not even eligible for entry. Normally, the members of the ancient martial arts influences would attend the Martial Arts Symposium. Although he practiced a bit of ancient martial arts, he didn’t belong to any sect and didn’t have any ancient martial arts influence behind him, so others basically wouldn’t acknowledge him.

Only if one’s cultivation was very high would he or she be able to attend the Martial Arts Symposium alone without relying on any ancient martial arts influences.

“Do you know where the Capital Martial Arts Symposium is?”

“Of course I know.” Wang Yuan nodded. Although he never got a chance to have a close look, he had clearly scouted out the venue of every Martial Arts Symposium.

“Let’s go. Don’t you want to go? I will bring you to broaden your horizons.” Mo Wen patted Wang Yuan’s shoulder while speaking with a warm smile. There was naturally a reason to bring Wang Yuan along to attend the Martial Arts Symposium, and that was to have an able-bodied man to guide the way.

“Really?” Wang Yuan looked at Mo Wen doubtfully. That Martial Arts Symposium had some prerequisites, so not everyone could attend. He believed that Mo Wen had the Cultivation to qualify for participation, but it was not going to be easy to bring someone along.

“Of course.” Mo Wen furrowed his brows while patting Wang Yuan’s shoulder and saying, “Let’s go. There may be many heroines who are highly skilled in martial arts in the Capital Martial Arts Symposium. One might have an hourglass figure with a shapely bottom while another might be graceful with a slender figure. They are especially beautiful when they are competing. Those voluptuous bosoms…” Mo Wen gave him a, “You know what I mean, right?” look.

Wang Yuan indeed couldn’t resist the temptation and became really excited after hearing Mo Wen’s descriptions. His eyes flickered with wily radiance, and he went into a daze as if a sexy, alluring heroine was standing right in front of him and waving at him coquettishly.

“Alright, I will try my luck with you.” Wang Yuan nodded vigorously with an eager longing in his eyes. He disregarded the bell which had just rung and pulled Mo Wen out of the classroom. He was willing to play truant immediately.