Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 368

Chapter 368: The Heartbreaker

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Mo Wen pulled Wang Xiaofei onto the mountainous path. Wang Yuan pretended to be looking at the scenery while quietly following behind Mo Wen.

The young man, Mu Qing, who was leading the way in front, cast a weird look at Mo Wen and Wang Xiaofei. After that, he kept quiet and led the way with a cold face. Wait ’til we reach the entrance of the manor house. He would just leave them there, as he had no interest in entertaining them.

Bi Clan Manor house was at the peak of a mountain around the Bi Clan Village. It was 670 meters above sea level and was considered neither a high mountain peak nor a low one. The Bi Clan Manor House, the home of the leading clan among the five big ancient martial arts aristocratic families in the capital, was built on top of a mountain peak.

Wang Xiaofei gave out a loud shriek as she couldn’t get out of Mo Wen’s grip on her wrist. “Ah! Let me go. I am going to be nasty if you continue to pull me.” Both of them were entangled together and went up the mountain awkwardly. Wang Xiaofei was not cooperative, so Mo Wen almost dragged her up the mountain.

“Shut up. If you continue to scream, don’t blame me for throwing you down the mountain. When I find Xiaoyou, I will let you go,” said Mo Wen impatiently. Women are so troublesome.

“Mo Wen, you dare to bully me. I will not let you off easily. You just wait.” Wang Xiaofei screamed and yelled while cursing at Mo Wen. Her heart was so filled with grievances that she nearly cried. I am the Young Mistress of the Wang Clan. Since when did anyone dare to bully me? However, her screaming was useless, as she was naturally unable to resist once she was in Mo Wen’s hands.

They went along the mountain path, and soon they reached a massive manor house. There was a plaque on the door with flamboyant calligraphy in golden words on a black background. The plaque read, “Bi Clan Manor House.”

“We are already at the manor house. I still have something to attend to, so I will take my leave now.” Mu Qing pointed to the manor house before turning around and leaving without any intention of introducing the place at all.

Wang Yuan glanced at Mu Qing’s receding back and mumbled softly, “What an attitude.” He actually abandoned us here and left.

“This Manor House is quite big. Let’s check it out.” Mo Wen smiled as he strode forward into the Manor House. The Bi Clan Manor House was one of the biggest manor houses he had ever seen. Looking into the distance, the silhouettes of many buildings rose and fell, and one couldn’t see the end.

The manor house was massive with many people in it, and almost all those people were ancient martial arts practitioners with high Cultivation.

Wang Yuan glimpsed at the strong ancient martial arts practitioners who walked past him one after another with serious expressions. It was normally so difficult to see an expert, not to mention so many strong experts appearing together.

The main point of the Capital Martial Arts Symposium was to select the new five big aristocratic families. However, other than that, when many ancient martial arts influences gathered together, they would naturally discuss martial arts, share experiences with one another, and interact with one another in regards to their martial arts techniques, etc. There was even a trade fair among the ancient martial arts practitioners to trade items that they would use in the ancient martial arts world.

“So many ancient martial arts practitioners.” Wang Yuan expressed his astonishment with radiance sparkling in his eyes. He knew very few ancient martial arts practitioners. To be exact, he seldom had contact with this circle of ancient martial arts practitioners. Even his master was only an ancient martial art practitioner in the Soothing Pulse realm.

During the Capital Martial Arts Symposium, the flow of people was naturally great, and the Bi Clan Manor House was so crowded everywhere that the guest rooms were almost all occupied. Those who couldn’t get a room could only pitch a tent temporarily in the spacious area surrounding the manor house.

Those ancient martial arts practitioners with profound Cultivation, who were usually high and mighty, would actually stay in tents when they were at the Bi Clan Manor House. Hence, those who could stay in the house would only be those with higher status. Wang Yuan was secretly dumbfounded. It is indeed the Martial Arts Symposium of the capital region. It is unusually high class.

“Where’s Xiaoyou?” Mo Wen looked around. There were people everywhere. In such a massive manor house, it was indeed very difficult to find a person without knowing the place.

“I don’t know.” Wang Xiaofei turned her head to the side, stiffened her neck, and refused to look at Mo Wen. Her anger surged whenever she looked at him. He was actually so overbearing that her wrist was aching.

Mo Wen raised his brows as he asked in a murderous tone, “Are you going to tell me?”

“What do you intend to do?” Wang Xiaofei took a step back and hunched her body a little while looking at Mo Wen cautiously. This place is not near a precipitous cliff or a wall of rock. Could this b*stard still throw me down the mountain?

“What do I intend to do? If you dare to not tell me, I’ll do anything.” Mo Wen stared at Wang Xiaofei and scrutinized her for a moment before laughing evilly with an, I am an indecent thug look.

“Don’t you dare. Do you believe I…” Wang Xiaofei glared in an aggressive manner with a look that said, I’m not afraid of you, but the hesitation in her eyes had obviously given her away. She originally wanted to threaten Mo Wen with a few words, but in the end, she kept her mouth shut helplessly. She had already threatened him before, but Mo Wen simply wouldn’t buy it.

“You think I wouldn’t dare?” Mo Wen took a step forward and almost leaned onto Wang Xiaofei’s body. His hands were on her shoulders as he laughed coldly.

“Don’t… I’ll tell… alright…” Wang Xiaofei was trembling in fear with trepidation in her eyes. Mo Wen, this insane guy, wouldn’t do anything in the public, right? However, she didn’t dare to scream for help, otherwise, it would surely attract many people to crowd around them.

She knew that there were very few heroes who would be a good Samaritan in the ancient martial arts world. Most of them were just onlookers who might not help her, but would laugh at her instead.

Just when Wang Xiaofei was at her wit’s end and was ready to compromise, a voice suddenly resounded. “Xiaofei, the fourth uncle was looking for you just now. Where did you go?”

A few people had walked towards them from afar. One of the young men was sharp and glanced at Wang Xiaofei, who was standing to the side, so he instantly walked towards her.

“Third brother…” Sob… sob… When Wang Xiaofei cast a look at that young man, her eyes turned red, and immediately, tears rolled down her cheeks like she had been greatly aggrieved.

Mo Wen glanced at Wang Xiaofei, who was crying her heart out, and was totally speechless. I only intimidated her slightly but didn’t really do anything. Isn’t this a little over…

“What happened, Xiaofei?” The young man instantly felt that something was wrong and immediately took a step forward.

Wang Xiaofei was wiping her tears while pointing at Mo Wen and saying, aggrieved, “Third brother, he bullies me.”

“What! You dare to bully my sister? You must be sick of living.” When the young man heard her, he was enraged. He was thinking that this youngster was Xiaofei’s friend just now, but he never thought that he was a bad guy who bullied a Wang Clan’s member in public. It was simply too much.

Wang Jingmin was furious, as Wang Xiaofei was the youngest sister in his generation in the Wang Clan, and someone actually dared to bully her. Almost without any hesitation, Wang Jingmin pounced forward in a flash to strike Mo Wen.

In the twinkling of an eye, he strode across a distance of more than ten meters and appeared in front of Mo Wen. Then, he casually slapped. The forceful wind whistled while the stones and sands on the ground rolled when the Inner Qi was released. He actually had Cultivation in the Sea of Qi realm.

“Get down.” Mo Wen uttered the two simple words without any intention of moving his hands. The forceful wind blew upon his body but even the edges of his clothes didn’t move.

Wang Jingmin fell to the ground with a thud while his hands covered his ears. He began rolling on the ground in pain. However, he was so unyielding that he actually didn’t make a sound.

Of course, Mo Wen was merely using a bit of the Soul Shuddering Demonic Sound but was not serious about it. Otherwise, these two words would have cost Wang Jingmin his life.

“Ah. Third brother, what happened to you?” Wang Xiaofei struggled out of Mo Wen’s grip and ran forward in shock. She didn’t understand how her third brother could suddenly act this way. He had obviously been fine just a moment ago, but now he acted like he was being possessed.

At that moment, Wang Jingmin’s entire body was in spasm due to the excruciating pain, and he couldn’t speak at all, so naturally he couldn’t answer his youngest sister’s question.

“What sorcery did you use?” Wang Xiaofei glared at Mo Wen in a rage. Although she didn’t know what exactly had happened, she knew it definitely had to do with Mo Wen.

“Nothing will happen to him.” Mo Wen shook his head. He didn’t intend to harm Wang Jingmin, but he would definitely suffer some pain.

“I am going to fight you all the way.” Wang Xiaofei instantaneously jumped up and violently pounced onto Mo Wen. It was fine to bully her, but now it was simply too much that he even bullied her family members.

“Don’t be crazy. I was only asking you to lead the way and nothing else. Is it that difficult?” Mo Wen clutched Wang Xiaofei’s wrist and pulled her up like a chick before shaking her violently for a moment. Wang Xiaofei’s world was spinning, and she was completely dizzy and confused…

The commotion caught the attention of quite a few of people who soon gathered around them. The surrounding people also tried to gather in towards them. Soon, round after round of more and more people gathered around them. This world was never lacking people who would crowd around to watch a scene. There was no exception, even in the ancient martial arts world.

“B*stard. You, the heartbreaker. I am going to fight you all the way…” Wang Xiaofei shook her head and looked at that repulsive face in front of her. Then, she opened her mouth and took a big, forceful bite of Mo Wen’s arm.

“Ah, toothache…” After the bite, Wang Xiaofei’s face turned completely gloomy as her hand covered her mouth, and she complained of toothache. She had only tentatively bitten Mo Wen’s arm, but it was equivalent to biting metal, which nearly caused her teeth to drop out. Are you even human?

After being hardened by the indestructible body of Vajrapani, Mo Wen’s present physique was equivalent to having skin of bronze and bones of iron. Normal knives and swords were unable to harm him. Wang Xiaofei was asking for trouble by using her small teeth.


“What did that girl say just now? Heartbreaker? This youngster could have bullied her, and this girl was fighting him with her life?”

“I reckoned that, too. The youngsters these days have immoral lifestyles and like to be promiscuous. They will not be responsible after they mess around. They are fickle in their affection and usually abandon their old lover for new ones. The morals of this generation are really going from bad to worse.”

“The people nowadays are not as simple as our generation. They are promiscuous.”

“Yang Laosan, you better stop talking nonsense! Recently, I heard that you had coerced someone’s daughter to be your Ninth Mistress, but at the end that woman committed suicide by poisoning herself. A bad guy like you trying to act noble? You better be careful, or an Executor of the Huatian Palace will come after you to punish you when your crime is disclosed.”

“Li Laoyao, you are sick of living. I will castrate you if you continue to sprout rubbish…”


Wang Xiaofei’s casual words had attracted much conjecture and discussion among the surrounding crowd revolving around the subject of the heartbreaker with many different versions. Everyone was delighted in the animated discussions, gesticulating continuously.