Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 369

Chapter 369: Concubinage

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The surrounding discussion made Wang Xiaofei turn red. She wished she could just disappear into a hole in the ground. She said that Mo Wen was a cheater to protest for Xiaoyou, not for her. What then was this group of bored people speculating about?

“Quickly, lead the way. Turn big problems into small ones, and small problems into no problems at all. If you continue to make a scene, beware of becoming a laughingstock yourself.” Mo Wen coughed twice. The thoughts of humans were truly frightening. But right after that, he became expressionless, putting on an air of calm confidence. The thickness of his skin was honed to the point that oil and salt could not penetrate, and fire and water could do him no harm.

“B*stard, this is all your fault. I’ll remember today.” Wang Xiaofei glared evilly at Mo Wen and prepared to walk out of the crowd surrounding them with a dark look. It was nothing for her to lead the way for Mo Wen. If she continued to make a scene, she might really end up a laughingstock. She also did not dare continue getting caught up with Mo Wen.

“Xiaoyou is in the Huo Clan house. You could have simply asked anyone to find out.” After saying this, Wang Xiaofei did not bother with Mo Wen anymore. She walked up to Wang Jingmin, lifted him up from the ground, and said, “Third elder brother, let’s go back first.”

Right now, Wang Jingmin’s attitude had softened quite a bit. Although the terrifying pain still remained, after a while it was not as strong. He could manage to get off the ground and stand.

“Brat, if you dare bully my little sister, our Wang Clan members will remember you and settle the score with you.” Wang Jingmin glared coldly at Mo Wen, but he did not prepare to engage with Mo Wen because he knew that he was not this youth’s equal. Even now, he was still unclear as to how he had fallen over. With his Sea of Qi realm cultivation, he actually had suffered a loss. It was really bizarre.

A few men walked out of the crowd. The leader’s figure was tall, and his appearance was handsome. However, his eyes were sharp, and his aura was imposing. The words he said were also unpleasant. “Aiya, Wang Jingmin. Rumor has it that you are a genius of the Wang Clan, with cultivation in the Sea of Qi realm at 24 or 25. Now that your sister has been defiled by others and also bullied in public, you just endure it and walk away?”

“Meng Guo, what b*ullsh*t are you uttering? Try saying that again and see!” Wang Jingmin’s eyes were wide open in anger as he gazed coldly at the handsome youth called Meng Guo. This person was indiscreet. His little sister was an unmarried maiden, and Meng Guo actually said in public that she had been defiled. He clearly had ill intentions.

“Wang Jingmin, what are you yelling about? Others say you are a genius. You really think you are so special? You are a piece of trash. You can’t even win against a measly brat. What gives you the right to roar and yell? Also, just now it wasn’t me who said so. It was your sister who said so herself. Cheater? Heh heh, most likely she was played by someone then dumped,” Meng Guo said as he smiled coldly. He totally looked down on Wang Jingmin.

The people around also laughed aloud, their words full of ridicule and contempt. “Tsk tsk, the members of the Meng Clan are fighting with the members of the Wang Clan again. These two ancient martial arts aristocratic families truly are enemies. After fighting for decades, they actually haven’t stopped.”

“That Wang Jingmin going against Meng Guo will most likely suffer defeat. He certainly is not his equal. Meng Guo is the Meng Clan’s number one genius. Rumor has it that his cultivation has long reached the pinnacle of the Sea of Qi realm. Maybe only Wang Jingxian from the Wang Clan would be qualified to spar with him.”

“Right? However, the few strong youth experts from the Wang Clan are probably in seclusion now preparing for the Ten Finest Talents competition. They most certainly won’t appear here.”

“The Ten Finest Talents competition. Among the Wang Clan, probably only Wang Jingxian has the ability. The chances of the other geniuses taking the top ten are too slim.”

“You dog, you go too far.” Wang Jingmin’s rage flared up. Meng Guo lashed out at him in public and insulted his sister as well. He could not take it anymore. He directly attacked, sending a palm strike right at Meng Guo. The afterimages of his palm could be seen as its underlying strength whipped up the air. Its momentum was extraordinary.

Meng Guo just curled the corner of his mouth into a cold smile, seemingly looking down on Wang Jingmin’s attack. “The members of the Wang Clan are really overconfident. A mere Wang Jingmin actually dares to challenge Meng Guo.”

On the other side, a few more youths walked over. They saw the scene before them and laughed coldly. Obviously, they knew the difference between the two of them quite well.

“Brother Fengdi, if they keep fighting, it will probably escalate. Should we stop them now?” In the distance, a few people stood on top of a loft. The leader was also a youth. His appearance was not outstanding, and his figure was normal, but his eyes were very bright. From his position, he could see the entire scene in the distance nicely.

“Why should we stop them? If you stop them once, there will still be a second time. Stop them a second time, and there will still be a third time. Can you always continue stopping them? For the last few days, haven’t these things been occurring frequently? We’ll just observe. As long as they don’t escalate it too far, and no one dies, then we will let them fight.”

Bi Fengdi shook his head. Some things could not be stopped even if they wanted to. The ancient martial arts world was never at peace. Love and hatred, and repaying debts and seeking revenge happened every day. With so many ancient martial arts factions gathered together in one place, enemies meeting would feel exceptionally jealous. It was almost impossible for fights not to happen.

Even if their Bi Clan was the First Aristocratic Family, there were some things they could not intervene in or do much about.

Wang Jingmin’s palm strike flew towards Meng Guo and seemed imposing, but Meng Guo just stood on the spot, did not move at all, and said, “Overconfident.” He let the palm strike come towards him, then simply lifted his hand. A gale immediately stirred, and his Inner Qi ran rampant. The powerful Inner Qi directly swept Wang Jingmin away.

He was like a rolling gourd, rolling dozens of meters away. His face immediately turned pale, and then he suddenly spat out a mouthful of fresh blood.

“Third elder brother!” Wang Xiaofei was shocked pale. She rushed over to help her third elder brother up. After she discovered that he was severely injured, she immediately looked at Meng Guo with flaming anger.

“Meng Guo, you dare to bully us. Later, I will surely ask my eldest brother to come settle the score with you.” Wang Xiaofei was so angry that her face was beet red, and her tiny frame was shaking. That b*stard Mo Wen bullying her was one thing, but these Meng Clan people actually also tried to bully her? Was she such a pushover?

“Your eldest brother, Wang Jingxian? Hehe, will he even come? I, too, am interested to know whether he is as strong as the rumors say,” Meng Guo said as he laughed coldly. Using Wang Jingxian to threaten him was still not enough. Between the two of them, they would sooner or later see who was the stronger one. As to who was stronger or weaker, it was still an unknown.

“You just wait and see.” Wang Xiaofei angrily spat out her words. Then, supporting Wang Jingmin, she prepared to leave. She knew that if she continued to stay there alone, she would only be at a disadvantage.

“Wang Xiaofei, your looks are not bad. With your slender waist, hips, and oval face, as well as your large eyes, small mouth, and fair skin, you don’t seem like a person who can’t get married. Why would you fall for a shameless cheater? Such a pity. However, I do not mind. Although you have been defiled by someone else, I am willing to accept you. Who knows, if you serve me well, I can even give you status as my concubine.” Meng Guo said this as he looked lustfully at Wang Xiaofei. The surrounding people were also riled up, jeering and giving out kinky laughs.

A youth among them looked playfully at Wang Xiaofei. He openly cooperated with Meng Guo to ridicule her. His tone was full of contempt. “Brother Meng is right. The Wang Clan’s little girl Xiaofei is quite a looker. It’s just a pity. It’s such a waste of good skin. No matter what, our Qin Clan has been friends with the Wang Clan for generations. If you really can’t marry, you can come and be a concubine in the Qin Clan. Our treatment won’t be too bad. Before this, your Wang Clan rejected a woman of our Qin Clan. Now, we the Qin Clan will be gracious and not reject your woman.”

From the crowd, some more people walked out. The group was brightly dressed, and their auras were extraordinary. Each of them looked arrogant beyond compare, not even looking at other people.

Needless to say, this group of people were members of the Qin Clan, one of the capital’s Five Great Ancient Martial Arts Aristocratic Families. Everyone could sense that the Qin Clan was much more high profile joining the Martial Arts Symposium this time around compared to previous times. The members of the Qin Clan were especially arrogant, looking down on everyone regardless of who they were.

Also, there were rumors saying that the Qin Clan eldest great grandfather had broken through to the Embryonic Breathing realm not long ago. He had reached enlightenment, stepping up to the ranks of peerless masters. This time, the Qin Clan joined the Martial Arts Symposium with the goal of challenging the Bi Clan and earning the title of First Aristocratic Family.

Now that the Qin Clan had stepped up, they clearly had the intention of contending with the Wang Clan. Before this, the Wang Clan and the Qin Clan indeed had a good relationship. Each generation had relations with each other, and the two families always had intentions to marry and form alliances. However, because the woman from the Qin Clan did not keep her chastity, getting pregnant out of wedlock with the offspring of another, the Wang Clan members could not accept this, and they rejected the marriage.

Rumor had it that the members of the Qin Clan later found a substitute to replace the Qin Clan’s fourth young mistress in marrying into the Wang Clan, but for whatever reason, that did not happen as intended.

Precisely because of this, a crack began to form in the relationship between the Wang Clan and the Qin Clan. Especially recently, the Qin Clan was acting even more high and mighty, looking down completely on the Wang Clan. They had publicly insulted the Wang Clan many times. As such, the rift between the two families grew larger, to the point that they were diametrically opposed to one another.

Meng Guo and Qin Feihu saying that they would receive Wang Xiaofei as a concubine openly in public was tantamount to shaming the Wang Clan. After all, Wang Xiaofei was the Wang Clan’s young mistress in the main line of descent. They actually dared to say that they would receive her as a concubine. What else could that be if it wasn’t insulting the Wang Clan?

In the ancient martial arts world, polygamy was still practiced. Strong men reigned supreme, so those with ability could take multiple wives. For the ancient martial art practitioners, this was right and proper. For some people with higher status, having multiple wives and concubines was normal. However, aside from the first wife, these concubines were the same as those in ancient society. They had no status and could even be ordered around as maids.

Normally, a young mistress from an aristocratic family would only become a concubine when the other party was too powerful. Only under insurmountable circumstances, when the difference between the two aristocratic families was too great, would this happen.

In the capital, who would dare receive the young mistress of the Wang Clan’s main line of descent as a concubine? Even the Bi Clan did not dare say such things. Any one of their women marrying would certainly be recognized as a first wife. If any of their own were taken as concubines, wouldn’t the Wang Clan become a laughingstock?