Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 370

Chapter 370: The Youngster with Guts

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The people of the Qin Clan and Meng Clan chimed in with each other in harmony to ridicule Wang Xiaofei in public, which resulted in much jeering by the surrounding crowd.

Wang Xiaofei was so furious that her face was beet-red. There were people who were so repulsive spouting nonsense to insult and damage her reputation.

“F**king mongrels, you are courting death.” Wang Jingmin was so infuriated that he could feel his lungs burning. This group of people is simply bullying others beyond the pale. Disregarding his own serious injury, he intended to rush forth to fight Meng Guo and company.

“Third brother…” Wang Xiaofei held Wang Jingmin back, as she knew that they were weak now, so they would be at a disadvantage if they were to fight with the people of the Qin Clan and Meng Clan.

Her eyes were red with tears welling up, yet she had to prevent them from rolling down while she got her third brother out of that place.

“The people of the Qin Clan and Meng Clan are getting too arrogant.” In an attic in the distance, a young man looked at Meng Guo and company with an unpleasant countenance. During this Capital Martial Arts Symposium, the two clans had changed their past behavior. Everyone got on their high horse and looked down on others, especially the Qin Clan. It was said that their eldest great grandfather had broken through to the Embryonic Breathing realm. Now they didn’t even have any intention of respecting the Bi Clan, the leading clan in the five big aristocratic families, not to mention the small aristocratic families.

“Brother Fengdi, has that Qin Clan’s eldest great grandfather really broken through to the Embryonic Breathing realm?” Another youngster standing next to the man in white asked with a doubtful expression, obviously having some doubts about the rumor. How could the Embryonic Breathing realm be so easily attained? Even among the ancient martial art practitioners in the Capital region, only the Patriarch of the Bi Clan has this Cultivation.

That Qin Clan’s eldest great grandfather had not broken through in dozens of years. Now that he was dying, the possibility of a breakthrough was almost negligible.

“It should be real, or else the Qin Clan’s people wouldn’t dare to be so arrogant. Furthermore, it’s said that the Qin Clan and Meng Clan are going to be related by marriage. The purpose is to resist the Bi Clan. Now, the Meng Clan’s people are behaving so arrogantly and are so full of confidence. The Qin Clan’s eldest great grandfather must have broken through to the Embryonic Breathing realm.” Bi Fengdi curled his lips into a smile. Many people saw the recent behavior and conduct of the people of the Qin Clan and Meng Clan. They seemed to look down their noses at people.

However, they didn’t know that the differences within the Embryonic Breathing realm were vast. The Patriarch of their Bi Clan had broken through to the Embryonic Breathing realm more than a dozen years ago. Even though he continued to be in the beginning stage of the Embryonic Breathing realm and couldn’t break through to the intermediate stage, he was incomparable to someone who had just broken through to the Embryonic Breathing realm.

In his eyes, the Qin Clan’s people were like the nouveau riche who had suddenly acquired wealth and were basically not at the same level as the Bi Clan.

“Brother Fengdi, that Qin Clan is really weird. Not only has the eldest great grandfather, who was halfway into the grave, broken through to the Embryonic Breathing realm, but that Qin Qiao, who was a good-for-nothing, has actually also broken through to the Qi Nucleation realm. Somehow, I feel that something is wrong.” The youngster who had spoken previously commented doubtfully.

Not only had the Qin Clan’s eldest great grandfather, who was a person at the end of his lifespan, broken through to the Embryonic Breathing realm, but Qin Qiao, a person who was not outstanding and used to be his defeated opponent, also had weirdly broken through to the Qi Nucleation realm.

He had become the second person among the young people in the big five aristocratic families who had attained Cultivation in the Qi Nucleation realm. He was considered the young talent of the generation and was comparable to Brother Fengdi. This whole matter simply seemed so fishy. After all, the five big aristocratic families knew one another’s abilities very well, so they had never realized Qin Qiao had such aptitude.

“It indeed seems a little fishy. Someone whose talent was not outstanding with normal Cultivation turns out to be competing with Brother Fengdi now for the first position in the Ten Finest Talents competition. Under normal circumstances, it’s almost impossible for this kind of thing to happen.”

Doubts filled the eyes of some of the Bi Clan’s young men. It was like the Qin Clan had completely changed overnight. If this was coincidental, nobody believed it.

“This matter is indeed a little unusual, but it is not for us to worry about. The seniors in the clan will handle it. We just need to do our part well. Whether the Bi Clan is able to get two positions in the Ten Finest Talents competition this time around will depend on your performance.” Bi Fengdi shook his head and prevented the Bi Clan’s young men from continuing to discuss this problem. Everyone knew that the Qin Clan was weird, but it was not suitable to talk about it openly.

A youngster related as he pointed out the window, “Brother Fengdi, that person from the Meng Clan is blocking the Wang Clan’s people again. He doesn’t intend to let them go and is indeed arrogant.”

The Meng Clan and Wang Clan’s relationship had been tense for dozens of years. They had been competing openly and secretly. Now that the Meng Clan had the Qin Clan as their strong backing, they definitely had become more arrogant and domineering.

“Let’s go down and have a look. When the need arises, we may be able to give the Wang Clan a hand.” Bi Fengdi raised his brows and turned around to walk down from the attic.

Now, the Meng Clan and Qin Clan were in collusion, so both clans had united, and their forces had increased tremendously. If the Bi Clan had had an exceptional expert in the Embryonic Breathing realm in command in the past, naturally no one would think it was worthy of serious consideration and wouldn’t gather any sects together to talk about it. However, now that there was a person in the Embryonic Breathing realm in the Qin Clan, everything was different.

If possible, the Bi Clan could perhaps draw the Wang Clan over to their side. With the Wang Clan’s situation at the moment, they shouldn’t reject the offer.


“Sister Xiaofei, why are you in a rush to go? Your brother will not eat you up.” Meng Guo laughed evilly while blocking Wang Xiaofei. Now, the Meng Clan was finally able to surpass the Wang Clan, so he naturally wouldn’t miss this chance to bully the people of the Wang Clan.

“Go away.” Wang Xiaofei glared at Meng Guo furiously while intending to go around him. However, Meng Guo moved his body in front of her, obviously refusing to let her go.

“This road doesn’t belong to your clan. If you are capable, you may step over my body. Come on Sister Xiaofei, brother is waiting for you to leap into my arms.” Meng Guo laughed loudly while opening his arms and looking like was waiting for Wang Xiaofei to throw herself into his embrace.

“You… scumbag…” Wang Xiaofei was so angry that she was speechless. On one hand, she had to take care of her third brother, who was seriously injured. On the other hand, she had to face these nasty people. She reckoned she would be crying now if she wasn’t trying not to show her weakness in front of her enemy.

“I’m a scumbag? Hee hee. No matter how much of a scumbag I am, I am not as much of a scumbag as that heartbreaker that you like, that gigolo who abandoned you after using you. You gave yourself willingly to him, which really benefited that guy. Since you can benefit him, why can’t you benefit me?” Meng Guo laughed lewdly with an, “I just want to be a scumbag” look.

“Despicable!” Wang Yuan, who was standing behind Mo Wen, clenched his fist tightly, his expression indignant. That group of people is too arrogant and domineering, actually bullying Wang Xiaofei in this way. Not only was Wang Xiaofei his classmate and on good terms with him, but he, himself, was also considered as half a member of the Wang Clan. When he saw someone of the Wang Clan being bullied by others, he was naturally infuriated.

However, although he was angry, he didn’t dare to take this matter upon himself. After all, he knew his own ability well enough that he would be a martyr if he were to go forward and wouldn’t be of much help. Moreover, he also didn’t dare to offend these people, as his family backing was insufficient. He might bring huge trouble to his family if he was impulsive now.

“What did you say just now?” Mo Wen took a few steps forward while he peered at the Meng Clan’s people indifferently.

Originally, he hadn’t intended on meddling in the fight between the people of the Wang Clan and Meng Clan, as it was a feud between the two clans which had been happening for dozens of years. As the things between them were difficult to resolve, he would be a busybody meddling in their affairs as an outsider.

However, he had never thought that this person of the Meng Clan could be so arrogant and domineering. Not only did he bully Wang Xiaofei mercilessly without reservation, but he actually also got Mo Wen involved and then simply disregarded him.

When Mo Wen walked out, the people in the surroundings were slightly dazed, as there was actually someone who dared to come forward. Moreover, he was a youngster whom nobody knew. Did he not know the consequences of offending the people of the Qin Clan and Meng Clan could be very serious?

Everyone knew that the people of the Qin Clan and Meng Clan were arrogant and domineering. Although many people found them an eyesore, very few people dared to be against them directly. They would count themselves lucky if those hedonistic sons of their clans didn’t find trouble with them.

After all, Meng Guo’s speech just now was obviously intended to humiliate Wang Xiaofei, which was why he said it so loudly that everyone could hear him. He even used his Inner Qi so that not only the people standing around, but also those standing 100 meters away could hear him.

This youngster was obviously sticking up for her by walking out of the crowd and asking his question with a cold expression.

“Isn’t this guy the one who was entangled with Wang Xiaofei just now? Seems to be pretty courageous. That’s why he dared to behave like nothing had happened after playing around with the daughter of the Wang Clan.”

“This youngster has guts like a man. At this moment, he dares to stick up for his woman. That courage is so admirable.”

“He is a youngster, after all, to be so impulsive. Those who have offended both the Qin and Meng Clans usually wouldn’t have a good ending. However, with this courage and passion, he doesn’t seem to be a heartbreaker who ditched the girl after playing around. Otherwise, why would he stick up for Wang Xiaofei?”

“This guy is a real man with righteousness, loyalty, and guts. Just now, I reckon they must be bickering, and it had nothing to do with ditching the girl after playing around.”


Unexpectedly, once Mo Wen stood up, the animated discussions based on their first impression resonated in the surroundings, connecting Mo Wen and Wang Xiaofei, who were actually not connected at all.

Wang Xiaofei’s face blushed as red as a cherry due to either her anger or those weird discussions.

At a distance, those people of the Bi Clan, who had intended to save them from the situation, saw that someone had done it before them and were slightly dazed. In the Bi Clan Manor House, very few influences could be on par with the Qin Clan and Meng Clan. Who actually had such great courage?

Meng Guo looked askance at Mo Wen nonchalantly before asking with a cold tone, “Young man, are you deaf? Or can’t you comprehend human language? It’s always good to know one’s own ability. Who do you think you are?” There is actually someone who isn’t afraid of death.

Those people of the Meng Clan looked at Mo Wen as if they were looking at an idiot. This person is sick of living to even dare to meddle in the Meng Clan’s matter. In the past, they could kill him easily like killing an ant, not to mention that the Meng Clan has a close relationship with the Qin Clan now.

Wang Yuan looked at Mo Wen in shock. Although he was very angry, sticking up for them at this time was indeed too impulsive. After all, the Wang Clan would get wind of it after a while and would definitely come to their rescue.

Although Mo Wen had taught the Meng Clan’s Meng Wei a lesson in school, they were not in school now. They were in the Bi Clan Manor House where they were having the Capital Martial Arts Symposium.

The Meng Clan might have many strong ancient martial arts practitioners in this place. If Mo Wen and the Meng Clan were against each other, Mo Wen would definitely be at a great disadvantage.