Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 371

Chapter 371: Ruthless Person

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Meng Guo was angry yet amused. This youngster actually cast caution to the wind and dared to provoke me. He must be simply sick of living. Who does he think he is? He doesn’t even know what he is made of and still dares to poke his nose into everything.

A young man from the Meng Clan who was standing next to Meng Guo remarked, “Youngster, is this a place for you to act as a hero and save the beauty? Get out now, or else you will soon know what a living hell really is.” His eyes were filled with so much darkness that he didn’t look like a kind person at all.

“Let’s not talk anymore, just bash him first.” Another young man from the Meng Clan with basically no intention of reasoning at all stepped forward and moved to immediately slap Mo Wen’s cheek.

Before his palm could reach the edge of Mo Wen’s clothes, his entire body flew backwards and rolled away for dozens of meters as if he had suffered a massive hit. He coughed out a mouthful of blood, and his face completely paled.

“You… You actually… annihilated my Cultivation…”

That young man laid on the ground and looked at Mo Wen in disbelief. He nearly fainted out of trepidation as his Cultivation, which he had practiced for dozens of years, was completely gone in a stroke. That was worse than killing him.

Moreover, he basically didn’t know what exactly had happened just now. He flew backwards inexplicably, and then he ended up this way. Throughout the whole process, he didn’t realize that the youngster had moved. He looked like he was standing in the same spot the whole time.

“You dare to act so violently?” Meng Guo was shocked. Everything had happened so suddenly just now that he had not even recovered from it. Although his brother’s Cultivation was not as high as his, it was at least in the beginning stage of the Sea of Qi realm. He was actually inexplicably defeated by that youngster’s hand, and his Cultivation was completely annihilated.

For an ancient martial arts practitioner, annihilating another person’s Cultivation was the same as ending someone’s way of life. It was definitely an irreconcilable hatred for someone and cause for a death blood feud.

Mo Wen ignored Meng Guo’s question and asked expressionlessly, “You are members of the Meng Clan? The Meng Clan, which is one of the five big ancient martial arts aristocratic families in the capital?”

“That’s right. You still have some knowledge. Those who have offended the people of the Meng Clan will not have a good ending. Young man, you have made a grave mistake.” Meng Guo looked at Mo Wen coldly. He didn’t make a move immediately, as he had not understood what had happened just now. This youngster was a little weird, so he wouldn’t act rashly before understanding his actual strength.

“Ignorant.” Mo Wen looked askance at Meng Guo while his lips curled into a sardonic smile. Then, he gradually extended his arms and grabbed in the air in Meng Guo’s direction.

The next moment, a weird scene happened. Meng Guo’s body actually flew into the air like an invisible hand had grabbed him. Regardless of how hard Meng Guo struggled, it was absolutely futile, as he simply couldn’t get out of that weird binding strength.

“You… How could it be possible?!” Meng Guo glanced at Mo Wen in terror, and his eyes were filled with disbelief. Now his entire body was floating in the air and was basically beyond his control. With his Cultivation at the pinnacle of the Sea of Qi realm, it was weird and unbelievable that he simply had no resistance at all.

“The Meng Clan’s people seem to be incompatible with my fate. I fixed the Meng Clan’s people yesterday, and today I met people from the Meng Clan again. Since that’s the case, don’t blame me for being merciless and vicious.” Once Mo Wen finished speaking, a sudden thud resounded in the air, and then there was an explosion. Meng Guo, who had been trapped in the air, burst into pieces directly and formed a mass of bloody fog which caused the air in the surroundings to have a layer of sanguinary gas. That mutilated body didn’t have any organs in it. It was as if they had evaporated into the air.

“You… You… actually killed someone…” A few people of the Meng Clan, who stood beside Meng Guo just now, were all looking at Mo Wen in terror like it was an unbelievable nightmare. Someone actually killed a Meng Clan member in public, and it happened at the Capital Martial Arts Symposium.

Not only were the people of the Meng Clan in disbelief, but those surrounding onlookers were also frozen to the spot and were speechless for some time. The scene in front of them was too gory. Should that be something that a youngster could do?

Furthermore, it was at the Capital Martial Arts Symposium. It was unheard of that anyone dared to kill someone during the event. After all, nobody would dare to so such a thing without any apprehension. That was simply showing contempt, not only to the Bi Clan, but also to all the ancient martial arts practitioners in the capital region.

Many people had neglected the youngster’s ability and never thought about how it was possible for him to kill Meng Guo, a genius in a big aristocratic family, so effortlessly. As he had killed someone who belonged to the Meng Clan at the Capital Martial Arts Symposium, it was more shocking to them than anything else.

At a distance, a group of young men from the Bi Clan were walking towards Mo Wen. Everyone halted in their path and froze on the spot. This thing had happened so suddenly, and they had never expected it. In the blink of an eye, a person was dead. He was the Meng Clan’s number one genius and had been in line to be the next Clan Leader.

“You are… a demon. You are a devil…” The other members of the Meng Clan retreated. Affected by terrifying emotions, they disregarded everything else and began running away. That scene just now had been too weird. Meng Guo, who was so strong, simply turned into a mass of bloody fog without any resistance. A whiff of cold air drenched them from head to toe, as this was more frightening than encountering a ghost.

Mo Wen stood at the original spot without any expression before he spit out a word nonchalantly. “Die!” The next moment, those people who were running froze and gradually fell onto the ground, including that young man who was stripped of his Cultivation. Every member of the Meng Clan at the scene became cold cadavers one after another.

Those cadavers were bleeding from their noses, eyes, and mouths. Traces of blood were all over their faces, and their expressions were frozen at the moment they died. Some were terrified, some were anxious, and some were panicked like they didn’t know that they would die the next moment.

Since he had already started killing, he wouldn’t mind killing a few more. This group of hedonistic youths was too arrogant and domineering, so even if he didn’t make a move today, they would end up with the same ending and horrible death sooner or later.

Wang Yuan froze to the spot, and his body was trembling. He simply couldn’t believe his own eyes, as he had never seen Mo Wen being so insane and ruthless. Did he know exactly what he was doing? Wasn’t he afraid that he would invite fatal disaster?

He was simply too impulsive. When he encountered the Qin Clan Fourth Young Mistress and Meng Wei, he at most taught them a lesson, but now he actually killed someone directly!

“Stop there!” Mo Wen killed a few people of the Meng Clan but appeared like nothing had happened. Then, he turned his head to the other side while a tinge of mischief flashed in his eyes. On the other side were a few young men of the Qin Clan who had intended to secretly run away.

The few members of the Qin Clan stiffened slightly while the blood instantly drained from their faces. They broke out in cold sweat and trembled in trepidation like they had been overly shocked.

“Mo… Mo Wen… Sir…” The leading young man of the Qin Clan turned his stiffened body around to look at Mo Wen while stammering with terror in his eyes. The rest of the young men of the Qin Clan did the same. Everyone’s faces were as pale as sheets. It was like they couldn’t stabilize themselves, and they swayed from side to side, nearly incontinent.

In fact, when Mo Wen stood up, they had already recognized him as that terrifying youngster who came to the Qin Clan alone the other day and nearly annihilated the Qin Clan. How could it be possible for them not to recognize him? This terrifying youngster was the Qin Clan’s most taboo person. If anyone from the Qin Clan were to meet him, the first thing to do would be to make a detour.

They never expected to actually meet Mo Wen in this place. It was simply like meeting a ghost.

“It seems like you were among those who spread rumors to tarnish my reputation and insult Xiaofei’s integrity just now?” Mo Wen asked indifferently.

It seemed a little interesting to Mo Wen to actually meet the people of the Qin Clan again. In the past, the Qin Clan colluded with the heretic influence, which caused his revenge for Xiaoyou to be a wild goose chase. Hence, they could only blame their luck for meeting him again here.

“Mo… Sir… We… didn’t know you were involved… or else even if you gave us a hundred guts… we won’t dare to say anything… we should die… we deserve a thousand deaths…” The leading young man knelt down with a plop sound and started to kowtow to Mo Wen incessantly.

When facing death, dignity and pride were thrown out the window. The young man clearly understood how terrifying Mo Wen was, and that he wouldn’t reason when it came to the Qin Clan. He wouldn’t take the Qin Clan’s influence into consideration, so he would kill them like he was stepping on an ant.

Once the leading young man had knelt down, the other young men of the Qin Clan followed suit. If they didn’t beg for mercy now, they reckoned they would be the same as the Meng Clan and become another cold cadaver.

“Everyone give yourself 100 slaps,” said Mo Wen stoically.

“Yes! Yes!” Those people of the Qin Clan heard him and instantly nodded like chicks pecking rice. Slap, Slap, Slap. They began to slap on their own faces. They used all their strength for every slap, as they were afraid that Mo Wen would kill them directly if he was unsatisfied that it was not loud enough.

It was because they were very clear that Mo Wen was that kind of person who would give one a consequence that was equivalent to death if anyone tried to reason with him. They just followed whatever he said earnestly, so perhaps one would be able to retain one’s life. It was also good if they could stall for as long as possible, as the people of the Qin Clan might come to their rescue. After all, the events had caused such a great stir, it was impossible for the clan not to receive any news.

Slap! Slap! Slap!

One slap after another, the faces of those few people from the Qin Clan soon swelled and looked like pigs’ heads. The surrounding people gasped as they saw that Mo Wen not only had killed everyone in the Meng Clan, but also didn’t intend to let the people of the Qin Clan go. Where did this youngster, who was actually so ruthless, come from?

The hedonistic younger generation of the aristocratic families paled in comparison to this youngster. They were simply on different levels. This one was definitely a genuinely vicious and ruthless person.

Someone exclaimed, “That youngster is so terrifying and has at least Cultivation in the Qi Nucleation realm. Otherwise, it would be impossible for him to kill Meng Guo so effortlessly. Moreover, this person was so decisive in his killing and killed a few people consecutively without batting an eye. He is definitely a vicious and ruthless person who has killed many people.