Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 372

Chapter 372: Huo Clan

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In the ancient martial arts world, there were always grudges in the Jianghu. Although fighting and killing were normal, among such young, inexperienced youths, there rarely was this type of person that killed so decisively.

“The members of the Qin Clan are too cowardly…”

When some people saw that the few youths from the Qin Clan had no strength of character, they secretly sighed one by one. The Qin Clan was such a large and rich clan, producing strong members every generation. Even an absolute strong practitioner in the Embryonic Breathing realm had appeared. However, among their youth, there were no outstanding figures. They bullied the weak but feared the strong. Before this, they seemed imposing, but now they looked pathetic.

“The few members of the Qin Clan seem to recognize the youth. That’s why they fear him so greatly. I wonder where this youth is from.”

“It is indeed a bit strange. No matter how useless the members of the Qin Clan are, they should not stoop so low. They have practically completely disgraced their clan.”

“I wonder where this youth is from. I have never heard of him. He probably isn’t an ancient martial art practitioner from around the Capital. Otherwise, he should be famous in the Capital.”

“Indeed. The youth’s cultivation is at least in the Qi Nucleation realm, even possibly having reached the intermediate stage of the Qi Nucleation realm. Placed in the Capital Martial Arts Symposium, he would most likely be second to none. Even that Bi Clan’s Bi Fengdi cannot compare to him. If he was an ancient martial art practitioner from around the Capital, it would be impossible for him to be unknown.”

“Not necessarily. The area around the Capital isn’t small. Aside from our ancient martial arts aristocratic families, there are also ancient martial art sects that are hidden deep within the mountains. They almost never come out. No one knows exactly how strong they are. Long ago, I heard great grandfather say that the area around the Capital had a hidden martial arts strain. Maybe that is where this youth is from.”

“Little girl Xiaofei, are you done venting? Later, you should lead me to find Xiaoyou.” Mo Wen smiled as he glanced at Wang Xiaofei. Just now he had intervened and should have preserved some of Wang Xiaofei’s honor. After all, no matter how he put it, Wang Xiaofei was still Qin Xiaoyou’s friend. He couldn’t just let her be bullied.

“You… what is there to vent… you better run for your life…” Wang Xiaofei recovered her senses, grabbing onto Mo Wen and preparing to run. Later, once the Meng Clan and the Qin Clan caught wind of this, they wouldn’t be able to run even if they wanted to. Mo Wen had killed Meng Guo. The Meng Clan would absolutely not let him go free.

“Why do I need to run?” Mo Wen pulled Wang Xiaofei back and said, “You don’t need to worry. You have only one mission. Later, bring me to Xiaoyou.”

“You…” Wang Xiaofei really wanted to crack open that skull of Mo Wen’s to take a look and see whether water had entered his brain. He actually still thought about finding Xiaoyou at this moment. Could it be that he did not know how much trouble he had gotten himself in?

“Right, you follow me. I’ll take you to find Xiaoyou. Maybe we can come up with a plan.” Wang Xiaofei changed her mind. The probability of asking Mo Wen to escape now was not high. After all, this was the Bi Clan Manor. As the host, the Bi Clan could not possibly let a murderer like Mo Wen escape, so the probability of them successfully escaping was not high.

However, if they did not escape and instead headed to the Huo Clan house to find Qin Xiaoyou, maybe they could seek aid from the Huo Clan. Then, combined with the Wang Clan, the two families could possibly keep Mo Wen safe.

With that thought in mind, Wang Xiaofei dragged Mo Wen and prepared to run. Continuing to stay where they were was not wise. They had to quickly find Qin Xiaoyou.

“What’s the rush?” Wang Xiaofei had barely taken two steps when she was once again pulled back by Mo Wen.

“You…” Wang Xiaofei really wanted to stomp Mo Wen on the ground and let him die there.

Mo Wen did not bother with Wang Xiaofei. He walked up to the Qin Clan youth, and calmly said, “Rumor has it, that your Qin Clan relic has broken through to the Embryonic Breathing realm?”

From the conversation of the crowd before this, Mo Wen had more or less heard that. The Qin Clan great grandfather had not died after being severely injured, but instead had a breakthrough in his cultivation. A dying person still had the potential to break through to the Embryonic Breathing realm. This incident was a bit strange!

“Yes, the elder has broken through to the Embryonic Breathing realm.”

Upon hearing this, the Qin Clan youth who was the leader stopped his action. Thinking about the elder made his panicking expression calm down quite a bit. The elder breaking through to the Embryonic Breathing realm and becoming an absolute strong practitioner was the pride of the clan. With a strong practitioner in the clan, it was impossible for Mo Wen to not have some reservations.

Before, he was afraid that Mo Wen did not know that the elder had broken through to the Embryonic Breathing realm at all and would kill them all unreservedly. After all, with Mo Wen’s habit of frequently killing people, he would not give them an opportunity to say much. Now that Mo Wen actually knew, he would certainly have some fear and would not simply kill him.

“I won’t kill you. Go back and tell that old relic of the clan that you can survive disasters sent from heaven, but you won’t survive your sins. Mo Wen will surely pay your Qin Clan a visit.” Mo Wen nodded. A look of clarity flashed in his eyes. He did not say anything else, dragging Wang Xiaofei and leaving the place. None of the surrounding people dared to block their path. One by one, they actively opened a path for them.

The Qin Clan elder could break through to the Embryonic Breathing realm. Mo Wen somewhat understood that, under normal circumstances, it was impossible. For sure, he had borrowed the power of the heretic forces in order to break through to the next realm.

However, with this the Qin Clan had completely involved themselves with the heretic forces and could not escape anymore. As they said, you can’t survive your sins. Now, the world was the world of the Huatian Palace. Although the heretic forces were mysterious and powerful, against the might of the Huatian Palace, they could only hide, not daring to stick out their heads.

The Qin Clan, an ancient martial arts aristocratic family of the Capital, actually dared to have relations with the heretic forces. It was like a court minister colluding with traitors. Nothing good would come of it. Sooner or later, they would become the sacrifice of the struggle between the two factions.

Of course, the Qin Clan may not necessarily be able to wait for that day to come. That was because Mo Wen would not spare the clan.

Among the group of the Bi Clan, a youth asked with a bitter smile, “Brother Fengdi, what should we do with this situation?” No one had thought things would develop to this stage. Before this, they were already prepared to stop them, but in the end they were still too late.

“What can we do? We cannot handle this issue anymore. Let’s go back immediately to report to the clan elders. There is probably no way to save the situation today. The Meng Clan and Qin Clan won’t stop here,” Bi Fengdi said with a serious face as he watched Mo Wen and Wang Xiaofei’s silhouettes disappear into the distance. Things had escalated to this point. Juniors like them could not make any decisions. How they were going to deal with this issue still needed to be discussed with various parties.

However, there was a point that awed Bi Fengdi. A youth who was barely 20 actually had such terrifying cultivation. With a few gestures, he had eliminated Meng Guo. Even he could not manage to do so. Also, he could sense an ominous danger from the youth. It was like a dormant beast, causing people to fear it on sight.

The Bi Clan Manor House was very large. The buildings inside were stacked and layered, with many paths and walkways. It was like a small town. “Move quickly. Why are you dilly-dallying?” Wang Xiaofei pulled Mo Wen, almost dragging him as she ran. Her little face bore an anxious look.

This Mo Wen’s nerve was too thick. He actually acted now as though nothing had happened, waltzing calmly on the road. He nearly made her go crazy. What would they do if they did not manage to arrive at the Huo Clan’s house before being intercepted by the people who rushed over from the Qin and Meng Clans?

“Even this is called dilly-dallying?” Mo Wen was speechless inside. Before this, he had dragged Wang Xiaofei up the mountain, but she had refused to cooperate at all, needing to be pulled and dragged. Now, it was as though she had eaten gunpowder. He was running behind Wang Xiaofei, and she complained that he was slow.

“Stop your nonsense. Wherever you go, you seem to cause trouble. You should not have come to a place like this,” Wang Xiaofei said sulkily.

“That being said, what relationship does Xiaoyou have with the Huo Clan? How is it that she is staying in the Huo Clan’s house?” Mo Wen asked incredulously. What relationship did the Huo Clan have with Xiaoyou? He could not wrap his head around it. Before this, he had never heard Xiaoyou mention this clan. It seemed to have just suddenly sprung up.

“You will know when we get there,” Wang Xiaofei said impatiently. She had no time to explain all this to Mo Wen.

After a short while, they two of them arrived in front of a small courtyard. The surroundings weren’t bad, with pleasant scenery. During the Capital Martial Arts Symposium, people who could stay in such a place were probably large aristocratic families whose influence and power weren’t small.

After all, there were many people who joined the Martial Arts Symposium. The Bi Clan Manor House did not have so many living quarters. Many slept in temporary tents. Those who had a house to stay in were not average, let alone such a beautiful standalone quarter.

Wang Xiaofei ran up to the doors of the courtyard and finally gave out a huge sigh of relief. After calming down, she pulled Mo Wen towards the courtyard. She seemed familiar with the place, as though she frequently came here.


“Little sister Xiaofei.”

Along the way, quite a few people greeted Wang Xiaofei. They clearly knew her. These people all practiced ancient martial arts and had quite good cultivation. They obviously belonged to an aristocratic family.

“Xiaoyou is in the inner courtyard. Her status now is not ordinary anymore,” Wang Xiaofei said as she laughed. After walking into the quarters, her state of mind seemed to relax quite a bit. She could even laugh now.

“How can she not be ordinary?” Mo Wen asked curiously. He was secretly cursing inside. What gimmick was this girl trying to pull off?

“She has now become the Huo Clan’s young mistress. Her status is noble, and she is a prodigy, so she has garnered much attention.” Wang Xiaofei lifted her sharp chin as she gave Mo Wen a glance and said, “Didn’t you believe that Xiaoyou was not worthy of you? Now, whether or not you are worthy of her remains to be seen.”

Wang Xiaofei quietly snorted as she proudly puffed out her chest. It was as though she was the one who had become extraordinary.

Mo Wen rolled his eyes. When did he say anything like that? This woman really knew how to imagine things.

Mo Wen did not know that after he left, Xiaoyou completely changed her previous lifestyle. Aside from studying, the rest of her time was almost all spent on practicing. Day and night, every day she practiced diligently.

Therefore, she naturally ended up ignoring Wang Xiaofei. She normally would not be able to see Xiaoyou. She couldn’t even find a playmate. If she pestered Xiaoyou, Xiaoyou would say that if she did not work hard, she would become a burden for Mo Wen. She would be a useless person, and would be unworthy of him and what not… then she would reveal a pitiful look, causing people to not dare to disturb her.