Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 373

Chapter 373: Genius Girl

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Every time Wang Xiaofei looked for Qin Xiaoyou, this would happen. Wang Xiaofei was furious. Why would Qin Xiaoyou not be a good match for Mo Wen? Clearly, by right, Mo Wen was not a match for Qin Xiaoyou. Could it be that just because he was an ancient martial art practitioner, normal girls were not a good match for him?

Wang Xiaofei was used to seeing ancient martial art practitioners. Everyone was an ancient martial art practitioner in her home, but she didn’t feel that the ancient martial art practitioners were any better or nobler. Furthermore, she didn’t like to practice. She preferred a carefree life. Usually even when she practiced, she lacked the perseverance to do it daily. She was not obsessed with it.

As time passed, her family didn’t force her to practice anymore, allowing her to slack on the job. So, even though Wang Xiaofei was in the Wang Clan, one of the five major martial arts aristocratic families, her cultivation was very low. Even now, she was only at the pinnacle of the Regulated Breathing realm and couldn’t break through to the Soothing Pulse realm.

However, Qin Xiaoyou was different. She was a genius girl that was rare to encounter in 100 years. She had not practiced for long, and her Cultivation was comparable to that of those geniuses in the five major martial arts aristocratic families. It was definitely rare in the history of the ancient martial arts world.

A girl in a purple dress was standing in the inner courtyard. She was regulating her breathing and focusing on practicing a fighting technique. The fighting technique was filled with unpredictable changes, accompanied by faint Cries of the Dragon and Tiger. Every punch exerted by her dainty fist seemed to be mixed with roaring force. The punches were strong, yet flexible. The figure moved along with the punches, and the punches moved along with her will. The force and the tenderness combined made it naturally flawless.

“Good fighting technique!” Not far away, under a banyan tree, a middle-aged man in gray robes stood, watching her moves. Once in a while, he would clap and praise her. His eyes were filled with amazement. He was tall and well-built, but the man’s face looked like he was middle-aged, and his hair was snow-white, dull in color. He seemed to be unhealthy.

The girl finished her moves, tucking in her sleeves and standing aside respectfully. Even though the force of her fists had dissipated, the Cries of the Dragon and Tiger still lingered like the sound of thunder. The sound excited people. He was amazed by her talent to comprehend.

“Xiaoyou, what fighting technique is that?” the middle-aged man in gray robes asked curiously. Every morning, Qin Xiaoyou would appear in the courtyard at the same time to practice this fighting technique. After a period of observation, he realized that this technique was not simple. Not only was it a fighting technique, it was a unique way of Practice. On top of training the body, the technique aided her in comprehending, pointing straight towards the way of Practice.

“Uncle Huo, this is the Dragon Tiger Fist. On the surface, it is a fighting technique, but it is actually a way of Practice.” Qin Xiaoyou smiled. She had practiced the Dragon Tiger Fist for a while now. After a period of accumulation, naturally she had her own thoughts about the Dragon Tiger Fist, too. She had come to understand more and more about the profundity of this fighting technique.

The Dragon Tiger Fist was not an offensive martial art; it was a way of Practice. Practicing the Dragon Tiger Fist could excavate the human body’s potential and increase the practitioners’ comprehension, thus affecting one’s talents subconsciously. In a nutshell, it could make the practitioners smarter and make the way of Practice broader and easier.

The theory of talent had long existed in the cultivation world. When the ancient martial arts sects selected their disciples, they focused on assessing their talents, too. However, the Dragon Tiger Fist broke this law. Talents were not necessarily inherent; they could be changed later in life.

It was possible for a slow-witted person to become a genius through practicing the Dragon Tiger Fist. If the practitioner was a genius and had exceptionally strong comprehension, then practicing the Dragon Tiger Fist was like giving wings to a tiger.

“Can you please teach the Huo Clan this fighting technique? If you agree, I’m willing to exchange it for anything.” Huo Changxing stared at Qin Xiaoyou expectantly. With his gaze, naturally he could tell that this fighting technique was not simple. It was profound and deep, seemingly simple but actually complicated. Even after his long period of observation, he still couldn’t make sense of it, let alone learn it secretly.

Of course, as the head of a clan, Huo Changxing naturally wouldn’t do things like learn things secretly without permission. If it was possible, he would rather hope to exchange it with Qin Xiaoyou for something.

“You are willing to pay any price?” Qin Xiaoyou asked. Her eyes twinkled.

Huo Changxing smiled and said, “Of course. Feel free to ask for anything. Even if you are not exchanging the Dragon Tiger Fist for it, I will try my best to fulfill your request.”

“In that case, can I exchange it in regards to my mother?” Qin Xiaoyou said with a smile. Her big eyes were crescent shaped from smiling.

“Um…” Huo Changxing’s facial expression stiffened. He stared helplessly at the mischievous girl. He shook his head while saying, “No.”

“Then, I can’t teach you,” Qin Xiaoyou said while throwing her hands in the air.

“Little girl, I think you intentionally don’t want to teach me. Alright, I will not ask again.” Huo Changxing shook his head, smiling silently. This girl obviously didn’t want to teach him this fighting technique. Otherwise, why would she make a request that was meaningless and was impossible for him to grant?

“Uncle Huo, if this was my own technique, I would surely not be stingy, and I would teach you. But the Dragon Tiger Fist is not mine. Without the owner’s permission, I will not teach it to anyone,” Qin Xiaoyou said apologetically.

“The person who taught you the Dragon Tiger Fist, was he the person who taught you how to practice?” Huo Changxing asked curiously.

“Yes.” Qin Xiaoyou nodded. Suddenly, her gaze was absent-minded, seemingly recalling something. Her dainty face reddened.

“I’m rather curious to meet and find out exactly what kind of person that Brother Mo is that you talk about,” Huo Changxing said with a smile. A youth with Qi Nucleation realm cultivation who went to fight the Qin Clan alone, how could he be simple? Furthermore, all the martial arts that he taught Xiaoyou were astonishingly impeccable. Even Huo Changxing was jealous seeing them. The youth’s background would most likely not be simple.

Of course, Qin Xiaoyou still surprised him the most. How could a commoner, who had never practiced ancient martial arts before, have such Cultivation with only three months of practice? One would most likely not come across someone like her in 1,000 years. At least he had never heard of such an occurrence in the ancient martial arts world.

“There will surely be chances, but he has not come back for a long time.” Qin Xiaoyou lowered her head slightly, feeling dejected. Mo Wen had been gone for more than a month without any news.

Huo Changxing stared at Qin Xiaoyou, smiling while shaking his head. He had been through this. He naturally knew the feelings and the romance of youth. When he was young, he was like that, too. So many years had passed. Originally, he thought that he would not have a chance again in this life. He didn’t expect to be able to meet his love again.

Outside the courtyard’s door, a crisp female voice rang out. “Xiaoyou, come out quickly. Come and see who I have brought.” Even from far away, she had started shouting.

“Xiaofei is here,” Qin Xiaoyou said happily, dashing towards the outside immediately. She didn’t have many friends. Wang Xiaofei was a rare bestie of hers. During the Capital Martial Arts Symposium, Wang Xiaofei often came to visit her and play with her.

However, just when Qin Xiaoyou reached the door, her body froze on the spot. Her gaze was fixed in one direction. The surroundings seemed to have lost their color. There was only one figure in her gaze.

Qin Xiaoyou couldn’t believe her eyes at all. The person whom she had thought about day and night had indeed appeared before her. Everything was so unexpected. She was not mentally prepared at all.

“Xiaoyou, I have brought you your lover, whom you think about even in your dreams. How do you want to thank me this time?” Wang Xiaofei had both her hands on her hips and her chin raised. She put on an, “I’ve done well” look. She had totally forgotten that before this, she had still been very reluctant to bring Mo Wen to Qin Xiaoyou.

If Xiaoyou knew what Wang Xiaofei had done, it was unsure whether or not Xiaoyou would have cut ties with her out of anger.

“Mo Wen!” Right now, Qin Xiaoyou obviously had no time to care about Wang Xiaofei. She immediately dashed past Wang Xiaofei and leapt into Mo Wen’s arms.

“Why are you so clingy?” Mo Wen said with a smile while putting his arms around Qin Xiaoyou’s waist.

“You are back.” Qin Xiaoyou put her head on Mo Wen’s chest. Her expression was filled with longing. She didn’t care at all whether her actions were appropriate in public. If Mo Wen still hadn’t come back, she might not have been able to wait longer and would have left the capital to look for him.

“I encountered a little accident, so I am late.” Mo Wen touched Qin Xiaoyou’s head. Originally, if everything had gone according to plan, he would have been gone for half a month at most. In the end, he was trapped in the underground palace, so his absence dragged on until more than a month had passed.

“Xiaoyou, even though he is back, you shouldn’t be too optimistic. Mo Wen has stirred up big trouble. He might not be able to stay alive,” Wang Xiaofei said in an exaggerated manner at the side with her mouth pouted. Xiaoyou had forgotten about her bestie once she had her lover. How did she end up with such a heartless, bad friend?

“Ah! What happened?” Qin Xiaoyou asked nervously while grabbing onto Mo Wen’s hand. What trouble did he cause?

“He has killed Meng Guo, the number one genius in the Meng Clan, and a few other talented youths in the Meng Clan. When the Meng Clan finds out about this, will they let him get away easily? They will surely slice him into pieces and grind his bones to dust,” Wang Xiaofei said bitterly. This Mo Wen was too reckless. He didn’t think about consequences at all. He had caused such big trouble. How did he plan to settle this?

She knew that Mo Wen had been helping her to vent her anger, but he could have changed his method. For example, he could have given Meng Guo a good beating or shamed him. But now Mo Wen had killed him. He was too ruthless.

“Is it the Meng Clan, which is also one of the capital’s five major martial arts aristocratic families?” Qin Xiaoyou asked.

“Exactly. Other than that Meng Clan, who else could it be? If it had been a normal martial arts aristocratic family, it would not be a big deal,” Wang Xiaofei said helplessly. If it had been a normal martial arts aristocratic family, with the power of the Wang Clan, she could settle the matter. However, they had stirred trouble with the Meng Clan. That was no longer a small matter.

“Those people from the Meng Clan must have found fault with Mo Wen. Otherwise, Mo Wen would not simply kill people,” Qin Xiaoyou said while frowning. She knew that Mo Wen was not a person who stirred up trouble. Since Mo Wen had killed the people from the Meng Clan, he had surely done so for a reason.

After knowing it was just the Meng Clan who had a vendetta with Mo Wen, Qin Xiaoyou was relieved because she knew that Mo Wen was not afraid of the Meng Clan. Before this, he wasn’t even scared of the Qin Clan. Why would he be scared of the Meng Clan?

“More or less,” Wang Xiaofei said with a red face. It was indeed the people from the Meng Clan who stirred up trouble first. Mo Wen only killed Meng Guo and the rest to vent on her behalf.

“It’s a small matter. Both of you, don’t worry.” Mo Wen smiled while touching Qin Xiaoyou’s head. Since when did he need this girl to worry about his matter?

Wang Xiaofei rolled her eyes upon hearing his words. Small matter! Later, when the Meng Clan came here, she wanted to see whether he could still smile.

“You have guts!” A voice rang out from behind them. Huo Changxing stared at Mo Wen curiously as he walked out from behind the door.

This youth had the audacity to kill Meng Guo, the successor of the Meng Clan, and still say it was a small matter. He was courageous, but it was uncertain whether he had ability. If he didn’t have much ability and had done such a thing, he was bold but tactless.

“You are?” Mo Wen stared at Huo Changxing with his eyebrows raised slightly. Before this man had come out, Mo Wen had noticed him. It was just that Mo Wen didn’t care about him.

“He is Uncle Huo, the current clan leader of the Huo Clan. Hmm, he can be counted as an elder of mine. The matter is a little complicated. I will slowly explain it to you later,” Qin Xiaoyou said with a smile while hugging onto Mo Wen’s arm intimately. She seemed to have noticed Mo Wen’s doubt.