Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 375

Chapter 375: The Five Aristocratic Families Gather

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This person was dressed in a coarse, blue outfit. His figure was not tall and looked somewhat rickety. His appearance was old, with his hair all white. Obviously, he was an old man.

The elderly person was none other than the Meng Clan old master. Many years ago, he was already an ancient martial art practitioner at the pinnacle of the Qi Nucleation realm, a giant figure supporting the Meng Clan, which was a large clan.

“Elder Meng, you are an old senior, so I respect you. But if you plan to capture someone on the Huo Clan’s territory, that won’t happen.” Huo Changxing shook his head, not giving in an inch.

“The person I want to capture is the fugitive that killed our Meng Clan’s successor. He dares to kill people, so why can’t we seek revenge? Huo Clan clan leader, the Meng Clan and the Huo Clan have always been harmonious. I hope that you will not affect the relationship between our two families from here on out because of a lapse in judgement,” Meng Hongbo said nonchalantly. Behind his words, he directly involved family grudges.

“I have said already, no matter how mighty your Meng Clan is, if you plan to capture someone on our territory, that won’t happen! What’s more, Mo Wen is a guest of the Huo Clan. We have all the more reason not to let you have your way.” Huo Changxing’s overbearingness made quite a few members of the Meng Clan give him sidelong glances. This man who had left the clan for dozens of years, after returning, was actually so mighty.

“Huo Changxing, you can’t even tell right from wrong. You are actually sheltering a murderer. If that’s so, then don’t blame me for not caring for old ties.” Meng Hongbo snorted coldly. His majestic aura swept out, sending sand, stone, grass, and trees flying. The strands of his hair were like fine blades, straightening one by one. Many people who were standing beside Meng Hongbo could not withstand the terrifying pressure and continuously retreated backwards.

The small courtyard was primed. With just a word of disagreement, fighting would ensue.

As the two sides were preparing to take action, a vibrant voice sounded from afar. “Old Man Meng, who exactly does not know right from wrong? I have heard that members from your Meng Clan have been bullying people first, resulting in themselves being killed. I would say that their deaths were warranted.” The next moment, a strong gust of wind whipped up, and a silhouette appeared in the small courtyard.

The person was dressed in a purple robe. His hair was white, and his face was a healthy red, full of energy. He was a healthy old man full of vigor. This person’s cultivation was not weak. Once he appeared, he blocked off Meng Hongbo’s aura, showing that he, too, had cultivation at the pinnacle of the Qi Nucleation realm.

“Old Man Wang, you want to meddle in this affair?” Meng Hongbo glared at the purple-robed elder with an angry look. This person was none other than the Wang Clan clan leader, Wang Tiannian.

“What do you mean meddle in this affair? This matter originally involves our Wang Clan. You condoned your clansmen bullying my granddaughter and sullying her honor. How do we settle this matter?” Wang Tiannian said plainly.

“Grandfather!” When Wang Xiaofei saw that Wang Tiannian had appeared, she immediately ran over excitedly. She hugged Wang Tiannian’s elbow. Her eyes were red, and tears were flowing.

“Little Feifei, don’t be scared. With me here, no one will dare think of bullying you.” Wang Tiannian gently petted Wang Xiaofei on the head, his eyes full of kindness.

After Wang Tiannian appeared, quite a number of Wang Clan people also appeared in the courtyard. These people were all experts in the Wang Clan. Clearly when the Wang Clan came over, they came prepared.

Wang Yuan and Wang Jingmin were also among them. Before this, when Wang Xiaofei lead Mo Wen to the Huo Clan house, Wang Yuan and Wang Jingmin immediately went to the Wang Clan’s quarters to report the whole matter.

Wang Jingmin had no good feelings towards Mo Wen. Not only did his little sister get bullied, he himself had gotten the short end of the stick at his hands. However, this was this and that was that. Mo Wen had stood up for Wang Xiaofei and ended up causing such a ruckus. The Wang Clan could not just sit by and watch.

“Old Man Wang, I think you have become senile. Why do you harden your heart to find fault with the Meng Clan? You have seen that your granddaughter is standing here just fine, but my grandson is lying cold in a coffin. Guo’er was the most talented person in the Meng Clan, the future hope of the Meng Clan. Killing him means that Mo Wen is irreconcilable with the Meng Clan. If you insist on preventing this, then the Meng Clan and the Wang Clan can only be sworn enemies, fighting to the death.” Meng Hongbo’s anger could not be contained. His hair flared up. Why was he discussing with Wang Tiannian who was bullied or not? His favorite grandchild was dead. How were they going to settle this debt?

“Old Man Meng, what you say is still reasonable. Injuring and killing someone is indeed overboard. The young ones fighting inevitably results in accidents. But in this incident, both parties have responsibilities. The dead cannot be resurrected. You had better lighten up. Our Wang Clan can give your Meng Clan suitable compensation,” Wang Tiannian said plainly. His tone was not as harsh as before. Obviously, he had no intention to really be at loggerheads with the Meng Clan. If they could talk, naturally he would seek a harmonious conclusion.

If Wang Tiannian had been there at the scene and saw the one-sided massacre, he most likely would not have said so confidently that it was an accident. Anyone with eyes could see that it was obviously an intentional murder. However, this also fit Mo Wen’s style, which was if people did not offend him, he would not offend people. However, since he was provoked over right and wrong, then he would show no mercy.

“Compensation?” Meng Hongbo laughed coldly, saying, “How are you going to compensate for a clan’s successor and their future hope?”

“I have already said that the dead cannot be resurrected. Yet you are still thinking in that direction. Otherwise, for both clans, no one will benefit. In other words, even if you capture this youth and try him for murder, what use is there? Can you resurrect your grandson by splitting Mo Wen into eight pieces? Besides, I am here today. Don’t even think about touching him.”

Mo Wen had attacked and killed the few Meng Clan members because of Wang Xiaofei. As the person at the helm of the Wang Clan, Wang Tiannian could not just sit by and watch. The Wang Clan had hundreds of years of inheritance. Their only ancestral teaching was to do things with a clear conscience. No matter what, as long as Mo Wen was still in the Bi Clan Manor House, he would guarantee that he would be unharmed.

“Old b*stard Wang, you are truly unreasonable, sheltering the Meng Clan’s enemy. Then, don’t blame me for being cruel and heartless. How long do you think your Wang Clan can act as you please? Today, I will teach you all a lesson.” Meng Hongbo was angered to the limit. He was the dignified person at the helm of the Meng Clan, a figure long reputed in the area around the Capital. He actually could not even avenge his own grandson.

The people of the Wang Clan were going too far.

“Elder Meng, you heard just now what I have said. You cannot touch our Huo Clan’s guest. Otherwise, the Huo Clan won’t stand by and do nothing.” Huo Changxing also took a step forward, blocking in front of Meng Hongbo and standing beside Wang Tiannian. The stance of the two clans allying with each other was clear to anyone. The Meng Clan had come with a large group of people but had continuously encountered the interception of the two clan factions.

Huo Changxing, as the leader of a clan, naturally knew what to do at a time like this. Even if there was only the Huo Clan, he could not possibly let the people of the Meng Clan capture Mo Wen. Now that the Wang Clan was here, it was too good to be true. How could he not support this ally of his?

“You all…” Meng Hongbo pointed at Huo Changxing and Wang Tiannian. His chest went up and down as he breathed heavily, angered beyond words. In the eyes of others, at such an age, they would most likely be concerned whether he would stop breathing and die on the spot.

Although the Meng Clan was mighty, right now two clans were blocking him. Planning to capture Mo Wen seemed to be an impossible thing. The enemy who killed his grandson was right before him. If he couldn’t do anything, he would probably become a laughingstock once word got out. How would he, Meng Hongbo, still have face to travel in the Jianghu?

As these people were confronting each other, another voice interrupted. “Old Man Wang and Huo Clan clan leader, the two of you acting as such is too unreasonable. After all, someone from the Meng Clan died, and the successor at that. Such a huge incident, how can it be called settled with just a few words and a little compensation?”

Unbeknownst to them, another elder had appeared below a large tree in the courtyard. The elder’s age was very old. His appearance was withered, looking as though he were dying. He seemed to be even older than Wang Tiannian and Meng Hongbo.

“The Qin Clan eldest great grandfather!” Wang Tiannian narrowed his eyes, his facial expression turning serious. In terms of seniority, this person was still above him, being the same generation as his father. It could not be said that he did not live long. Before Old Man Qin had broken through to the Embryonic Breathing realm, Wang Tiannian was already not a match for him. Now that he had broken through to the Embryonic Breathing realm, he would be even more powerful and amazing.

“So the Qin Clan eldest great grandfather has come in person. We’ve heard much about you!” Huo Changxing was the one who remained calm throughout. He was not affected by the appearance of the Qin eldest great grandfather. He merely saluted with his fists, and that was all.

“This person is daring, having the audacity to murder someone during the Capital Martial Arts Symposium. Such arrogance is looking down on our Five Aristocratic Families, looking down on all the ancient martial art practitioners in the area around the Capital. He deserves a thousand deaths.” The Qin eldest great grandfather said all of this righteously. He was imposing, and his huge aura emanated outwards, enveloping the entire courtyard. The people around couldn’t help but feel a shiver down their spines. A sense of respect for the strong practitioner naturally welled up in them.

Even Wang Tiannian and Meng Hongbo’s bodies stiffened. A sense of danger welled up inside them as they looked cautiously at the Qin eldest great grandfather.

As expected, this Qin Clan eldest great grandfather’s cultivation had broken through to the Embryonic Breathing realm. Otherwise, it would be impossible for him to have such a terrifying aura.

“Does that mean that the Qin eldest great grandfather is prepared to intervene in this matter? And that you must capture Mo Wen?” Huo Changxing asked in a cold tone. Even now, he had not skimped on decorum. To be able to face an Embryonic Breathing realm ancient martial art practitioner so calmly, he was indeed a person who had seen the world at large.

“That’s right. Meng Clan clan leader, forgive me for not mincing words. This person murdered Meng Guo. Although he is guilty, I do not need to come out personally for him. That’s your Meng Clan’s family matter. But this person has publically murdered people during the Capital Martial Arts Symposium. He looks down on following the rules and on ancient martial art practitioners of the area around the Capital. That is a death sentence, and everyone will be out for his head.” The Qin eldest great grandfather swept a glance across the crowd. His tone was tough. His stance was clear that he wanted to kill Mo Wen no matter what, and that he was standing on the righteous side, dragging all the Capital’s ancient martial art practitioners into his camp.

As to why he insisted on killing Mo Wen, it was naturally not because Mo Wen did not follow the rules and disgraced all the Capital’s ancient martial art practitioners. That was but an excuse. A man who wants to beat his dog will never be afraid of finding a stick.

In reality, among the people there, he wanted to kill Mo Wen far more than Old Man Meng did. It was because Mo Wen was still a huge threat to the Qin Clan. Even though he had broken through to the Embryonic Breathing realm, Mo Wen still made him unable to eat and sleep in peace. Maybe no one else knew how terrifying Mo Wen was, but he knew very clearly that if the youth was left to grow and develop, it would be a catastrophe for the Qin Clan.

Also, this youth knew more or less about the Qin Clan working together with the heretic forces. That day when Envoy Guiluo appeared, Mo Wen could not possibly have failed to figure it out. If word of the incident got out, it would be a disaster that they would not be able to recover from. So, only by eliminating this terrifying youth as soon as possible, could he truly be at ease.