Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 376

Chapter 376: One Left after Another

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“I beg to differ with the Old Qin Clan Leader. Although Mo Wen was wrong in this matter, there are bound to be some injuries and deaths in the fights of the young ones. Moreover, it happened for a reason, and he didn’t break the rules of the Martial Arts Symposium with an ill intention. It is too much to give a junior such a judgement.”

After Qin Eldest Great Grandfather had finished his speech, nobody expected that anyone would dare to refute his words. However, in the blink of an eye, a figure appeared, floating like a passing shadow from the direction where the voice had come from. The person who had spoken was an old man with white hair dressed in a gray robe, but his complexion was youthful, and his eyes were bright.

“Bi Kuanhai!” Qin Eldest Great Grandfather furrowed his brows while he snorted softly like he was very displeased with the presence of this old man. As for the rest of the few people there, they saluted the old man with their fists in their palms raised in front of them to show their respect.

This person was none other than Bi Kuanhai, the Bi Clan’s main pillar and the number one expert in the Capital region in the Embryonic Breathing realm. This person’s Cultivation was the highest in the ancient martial arts aristocratic families in the Capital region. Before Qin Eldest Great Grandfather had broken through to the Embryonic Breathing realm, he was the only expert in the Embryonic Breathing realm in the Capital region.

“Old Qin Clan Leader, I have some understanding after the clan member’s reporting, so I am here particularly to handle this case as the host of this year’s Capital Martial Arts Symposium. Based on the principle of equality, I believe Old Qin Clan Leader won’t object?” Bi Kuanhai lifted his sleeves with a sage-like manner and had an elegant demeanor.

“How does Mr. Elder Bi intend to handle this matter? Shouldn’t the killer pay with his life?” Qin Eldest Great Grandfather commented coldly. The appearance of Bi Kuanhai might not helpful to him. From what he had just said, he could tell Bi Kuanhai was not on his side.

“Uh-huh. This matter boils down to merely a personal grievance. It is not a case of disrupting the Capital Martial Arts Symposium intentionally. However, it was indeed wrong to shed blood at the Martial Arts Symposium. Regarding this matter, the Bi Clan Manor House is also responsible, as we didn’t have a full consideration of the safety measures. Therefore, on this matter, the Bi Clan Manor House is willing to compensate the Meng Clan to a certain degree,” Bi Kuanhai explained logically. His tone was unhurried, but it also carried an air of finality.

“A little compensation is sufficient for so many lives? Mr. Elder Bi, as a host, isn’t this matter handled unjustly?” Qin Eldest Great Grandfather asked with a frown. A little compensation? A big aristocratic family is not lacking anything. Who wants his little compensation!? Furthermore, what he wanted was Mo Wen’s life. Compensating him with mountains of gold and silver was nothing compared to that.

“Just now I’ve already answered. This little bit of compensation is merely for the Bi Clan Manor House’s security negligence, and at the same time, we will also demand some compensation from that youngster by the name of Mo Wen. As for the case of killing that you mentioned, it has nothing to do with the Bi Clan Manor House.

“After all, this killing case was about a personal grievance. The Meng Clan’s young man bullied the juniors of the Wang Clan, which led to this killing case. Could you be asking the Bi Clan Manor House to be responsible for something unrelated? I reiterated that this matter was a private matter between the Meng Clan, Wang Clan, and that youngster. It’s better for outsiders like us not to be involved in it.”

Bi Kuanhai’s intention was very clear. The Bi Clan Manor House was an outsider in this matter, so the Qin Clan was naturally also an outsider. Hence, it was advisable not to stir up trouble and cause any disorder with a matter that was not related to them.

Qin Eldest Great Grandfather’s face turned gloomy, and he looked extremely upset. This Bi Kuanhai’s speech seemed just, but everyone knew that he was siding with the Wang and Huo Clans. If the Bi Clan Manor House and those two clans were united, the Qin and Meng Clans wouldn’t be getting any advantage.

Huo Changxing and Wang Tiannian looked at Bi Kuanhai in surprise. The Bi Clan Manor House, being the first ancient martial arts aristocratic family in the Capital, had always been high and mighty, and seldom tried to be connected to the other big aristocratic families. His present behavior obviously had the intention of drawing the Wang Clan and Huo Clan to their side. Otherwise, he basically didn’t have to handle this matter.

From this, it was obvious that the rising of the Qin Clan had caused the Bi Clan to have a sense of crisis, and the Bi Clan had the intention of making an alliance with the Wang Clan and Huo Clan.

Qin Eldest Great Grandfather took a deep breath before he uttered coldly, “Mr. Elder Bi, this matter has nothing to do with the Bi Clan. Why does it trouble you to be here personally?”

“Since the Bi Clan is the host, whatever happens here is related to the Bi Clan Manor House. If we don’t handle it personally, how will the like-minded people here respect us?” Bi Kuanhai said stoically.

“What Mr. Elder Bi means is that you must meddle in this matter?” Qin Eldest Great Grandfather snorted coldly.

“We aren’t meddling in it. After all, this is a private matter of the Meng Clan’s,” Bi Kuanhai answered indifferently.

Meng Hongbo gradually frowned more deeply. Originally, he thought that because Qin Clan’s Eldest Great Grandfather had come personally, getting Mo Wen would be easy. He never expected the old b*stard from the Bi Clan would actually interfere and obviously didn’t want the Qin Clan to meddle in this matter. With just the Meng Clan, how could it be possible for them to capture Mo Wen with the protection of the Wang Clan and Huo Clan?

Since the matter had been greatly blown up, it was no longer up to the Meng Clan to have a say in it. He didn’t expect capturing a junior could actually be blown out of proportion. It was a rare thing to have the helmsmen of the five big aristocratic families gather together.

“Mr. Elder Bi, it’s better not to meddle in many things. Since I am unable to persuade you, we will meet again another day.” Qin Eldest Great Grandfather snorted and flicked his sleeves. A gust of strong wind rushed past, and he was instantly at a distance. He knew that with Bi Kuanhai’s interference, it would be impossible for him to take Mo Wen down.

Everyone knew that Bi Kuanhai’s act was for the sake of drawing the Wang Clan and Huo Clan to their side, but it also signaled his intention to form an alliance.

“This matter has not ended. The one who killed a member of the Meng Clan will pay for it with his blood sooner or later.” Meng Hongbo looked at Mo Wen coldly before turning around and led the rest of Meng Clan away without a pause. Qin Eldest Great Grandfather has already been forced to leave, so it would be impossible to capture Mo Wen, even if I stayed. Now, he could only leave and think of a way to accomplish his goal later.

“You are quite lucky,” Mo Wen commented disapprovingly as he curled his lips into a smile.

If they hadn’t retreated, he definitely wouldn’t have minded getting rid of everyone when they made a move. However, since they had retreated, he couldn’t be bothered waging a fight. After all, there were many eyes in this place and a mixture of different people. Moreover, it was a great assembly of ancient martial arts practitioners, so he might get himself into trouble for killing too many people.

If it had been another place, those people of the Qin Clan might not be able to leave alive. It would be a good time to clean them up.

Looking at those people from the Meng Clan and Qin Clan retreating, Wang Xiaofei and Wang Yuan heaved sighs of relief. It was the first time they had seen such a big scene. The arrogance and domineering previously might have cause a big fight if they had been reckless.

“Huo Clan Leader and Wang Clan leader, since you are in the Bi Clan’s territory, we can give you some leeway. However, if it had been somewhere else, I am afraid I couldn’t be of any help, so it’ll be better to conduct yourself appropriately.”

Bi Kuanhai saluted Huo Changxing and Wang Tiannian with his fist in his palm in front of his face before warmly bidding them farewell. Then, he flashed and disappeared from the small courtyard.

Huo Changxing and Wang Tiannian looked at each other as they naturally understood Bi Kuanhai’s meaning. Now, Mo wen had their protection, so he could be safe temporarily. However, it was difficult to know what would happen after they left the Bi Clan Manor House. Mo Wen had killed the Meng Clan’s successor, so the Meng Clan definitely wouldn’t let the matter rest, and even the Qin Clan seemed to have the intention of killing Mo Wen.

Wang Tiannian muttered to himself before he bid farewell by saluting with his fist in his palm in front of his face. Then, he led all the experts of the Wang Clan out of the Huo Clan’s courtyard. Mo Wen was in the Huo Clan’s courtyard, so he was naturally very safe, and the Wang Clan didn’t have to worry about him.

As for the future, the Wang Clan couldn’t control things so much after he left the Bi Clan Manor House. After all, Mo Wen had indeed been too impulsive in this matter. The Wang Clan had protected him for a day, but once he left the Bi Clan Manor House, the Wang Clan wouldn’t be able to help, even if they wanted to.

In the end, Wang Xiaofei and Wang Yuan followed Wang Tiannian back to the Wang Clan’s courtyard. As he digested this information, Wang Yuan had the chance to speak to Wang Tiannian more and had indirect contact with the Wang Clan with the intention of returning to Wang Clan’s lineage.

“Your name is Mo Wen?” After everyone had left, Huo Changxing glanced at Mo Wen with some curiosity. He looked at this young man who had great courage. Perhaps very few people were observing this youngster in detail, but he paid great attention to him. This youngster had been calm the entire time, and was nonchalant and composed regardless of whoever came. Such a manner was not a disposition that a youngster could have.

“That’s right.” Mo Wen nodded slightly and smiled mischievously. This Huo Changxing seemed to be quite interesting.

“Xiaoyou mentioned to me before that you were not simple. It is rare to attain such great achievements at such a young age. However, you are still very young now, so you will be at a disadvantage if you meet an expert in the Embryonic Breathing realm. Hence, it’s better for you to stay in the Huo Clan’s courtyard during this period,” Huo Changxing said with a smile. Others didn’t know how powerful this youngster was, but he knew a little. Someone who dared to go to the Qin Clan alone and who caused the Qin Clan to be in chaos must have shocking ability and guts.

Previously, that Qin Eldest Great Grandfather looked at Mo Wen with great intentions of killing him, so it was obvious that he had a lot of enmity toward this youngster. Now Qin Clan’s Eldest Great Grandfather had broken through to the Embryonic Breathing realm. With such an exceptional Cultivation, he would naturally like to get rid of such hidden danger.

“I will stay here these few days to coach Xiaoyou on her practice.” Mo Wen nodded and smiled but didn’t comment any further. Xiaoyou’s present Cultivation was surprising to him. She is actually in the later stage of the Sea of Qi realm. How did she do it? It is almost equivalent to taking panacea every day.

This discovery had stunned Mo Wen. Xiaoyou had only practiced briefly. He had left the Capital for barely more than a month, but she had actually broken through the realms consecutively and was similar to his previous speed.

He was actually practicing all over again, but Qin Xiaoyou had just started practicing. The difference between them was vast. In other words, a genius like him when compared to Qin Xiaoyou was almost the same as an idiot. A person could actually be so talented to such an extent that Mo Wen found it unbelievable.

“Good, good. I have lots of things that I don’t understand, but I can’t find anyone whom I can ask. I’ve finally found someone to teach me now.” Qin Xiaoyou hugged Mo Wen excitedly with a grateful look. She had finally found a good teacher and friend.