Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 377

Chapter 377: Frightening Night Visit

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Huo Changxing was speechless. Since when could she not find anyone to consult during her practice? Is she directly ignoring my existence? Since when did she have many things that she didn’t understand? Why doesn’t she ask me? Whenever I ask if she has any problems with her practice, she always says no.

This girl’s ability to comprehend and grasp ideas was shocking. She was able to draw inferences from a single fact and many times had her own perception of things, so the need for his guidance was greatly reduced. Now, she thought others didn’t know that she claimed not to understand anything so she could pester her little boyfriend.

“Alright, I also would like to see how much you have improved,” said Mo Wen with a smile. Xiaoyou seemed to be quite suited for practicing the Nine Yin Divine Technique. He could distinctly feel the pure Tai Yin Qi from her body, and its level of purity was actually not less than his. If Xiaoyou also attained the Embryonic Breathing realm, it would be very impressive.

Looking at Mo Wen and Qin Xiaoyou’s receding backs, Huo Changxing went into deep contemplation. For some unknown reason, he vaguely felt that Mo Wen was not a simple youngster. He actually could feel an uncontrollably dangerous aura. That was a kind of dangerous aura that he didn’t feel from Bi Kuanhai or the Qin Clan’s Eldest great grandfather.

At night, Mo Wen stayed at the Huo Clan’s residence, but he didn’t really have any contact with the Huo Clan’s people. He found a stand-alone house and almost didn’t ever leave. Only Xiaoyou occasionally ran in and out of it, constantly asking him about the problems she faced in her practice.

This girl’s talent was indeed shocking. Once she had some achievements in the Nine Yin Divine Technique, Mo Wen taught her the martial arts practices to attain the next level of Heavenly Hand and Tai Succubus Dance, etc. He was dumbfounded and gasped in amazement with her incredible ability to comprehend.

When Mo Wen was teaching her to practice, at most he would advise her on a point or two and basically didn’t need to explain much. However, this girl was able to understand the meaning of it. In a night’s time, Mo Wen realized that he actually had nothing to teach her. Subsequently, he merely let her do her self-practice. Normal people really couldn’t teach such a great disciple, and even Mo Wen found it quite demanding.

After Mo Wen began staying at the Huo Clan’s residence, the people of the Huo Clan almost wouldn’t initiate any contact with him. After all, everyone knew that although Mo Wen was young, he was a ruthless and merciless person who dared to kill a few young talents from the Meng Clan and was definitely not easy to handle. Hence, under normal circumstances, the people of the Huo Clan didn’t wish to have too much contact with that kind of person.

Every Capital Martial Arts Symposium usually lasted for half a month. During this period, all the ancient martial arts aristocratic families in the Capital region would have a fight to compete for the first five positions based on their strength. Those that could be listed as the first five would be the next five big aristocratic families of the Capital.

However, there had not been much change to the list of big five aristocratic families for many years. Very few aristocratic families had successfully taken over the positions to topple the original five big aristocratic families.

Other than the fight among the top levels of the ancient martial arts aristocratic families, there was also a fight among the young talents in the Capital region. After all, to the ancient martial arts aristocratic families, the flourishing of the younger generation was more important than their present strength. If there was a shortage of new blood, that aristocratic family would definitely rapidly wane.

Hence, to examine the real strength of an aristocratic family, it not only required looking at the fighting power of the top level but also looking at the ability of their younger generation.

In every Capital Martial Arts Symposium, there would be a Ten Finest Talents competition. The so-called Ten Finest Talents were the ten new young finest talents selected from the ancient martial arts aristocratic families in the Capital region who represented the strongest group in the young generation.

The Ten Finest Talents competition in the Martial Arts Symposium was usually more intense than the listing of the aristocratic families. This was perhaps because there was not much change in the listing of the aristocratic families. However, the Ten Finest Talents competition was different, as it depended on the personal abilities of the individual young person. Occasionally, some young talents of unknown small aristocratic families might possibly be listed in the Ten Finest Talents.

Qin Xiaoyou’s reason for attending the Capital Martial Arts Symposium this time was that she hoped to make the Ten Finest Talents list and exhibit her own worth so that the entire Huo Clan would see her in a new light.

In the middle of the night, everything was calm and quiet, and everyone was sleeping. Even Qin Xiaoyou, who had been pestering Mo Wen until late at night, had finally returned to her own room with much reluctance. Mo Wen didn’t sleep but sat cross-legged on the wooden bed with his eyes closed, practicing quietly.

Suddenly, a dark shadow flashed in the room and flitted silently across like a spirit before appearing in front of Mo Wen. That dark shadow didn’t stop but extended a hand as fast as lightning to grab Mo Wen. However, the lightning-fast strike grabbed nothing but air.

Something flashed before his eyes, and Mo Wen’s figure disappeared from his original spot. He had been sitting cross-legged on the bed, but now the bed was completely empty, as if he had moved within a moment.

The eyes of the secretive dark shadow narrowed as doubts flashed in his eyes. However, he didn’t have any hesitation and almost immediately retreated. After a missed strike, one must immediately leave and get 1,000 miles away. In the blink of an eye, he retreated more than ten meters and appeared near the door.

A faint laugh resounded. “Since you are already here, why are you in a rush to go? Why don’t we have a good chat?” It was Mo Wen’s voice. He was already standing at the door before the dark shadow could get there and seemed to have been waiting there for some time.

That dark shadow was shocked, and his body stiffened slightly. His body shook to instantly change his direction. He took a turn and appeared inside the room. He obviously knew someone was standing at the door, so he basically couldn’t get out.

That dark shadow stared at Mo Wen and was silent for a while before speaking. “You’re indeed not that simple.” Who else could that voice belong to other than the Huo Clan’s Leader, Huo Changxing.

“How exactly did you know that?” Mo Wen asked curiously. He was not curious about the dark shadow’s identity, as he had already discovered him when he had entered the room. However, his breath holding technique was incomparable to that of normal ancient martial arts practitioners. Once he hid his Cultivation, very few ancient martial arts practitioners could see it, and even an ancient martial arts practitioner in the Golden Elixir realm wouldn’t be able to find out his background. How did Huo Changxing do it?

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“Sense! I was born with a very acute sense. You could understand it as a sixth sense. I sensed that you are very dangerous,” Huo Changxing said with a grave face. Even the normal ancient martial arts practitioners in the Embryonic Breathing realm couldn’t make him sense how dangerous they were like Mo Wen could. This youngster was quite weird, and his strength might be beyond his imagination.

“Interesting. Unfortunately, you have practiced ancient martial arts.” Mo Wen heard him and nodded but was not surprised. This ability to sense was quite iffy, but not inexplicable. This kind of person was normally born with a very strong soul power that could sense things through their soul. Normal people would call this an instinctive reaction, but in fact, this kind of reaction could be manipulated by humans.

The reason why he mentioned that it was unfortunate that Huo Changxing had practiced ancient martial arts was because this kind of person was very suitable for Immortal Cultivation, or in other words, could be a genius in Immortal Cultivation. If Huo Changxing had been born into an Immortal Cultivation sect, perhaps he would have had some achievements. However, now it could only be unfortunate, as once one missed the best age for Immortal Cultivation, one wouldn’t have any achievements, even if one were to practice Immortal Cultivation again.

“You are unusual, but I would rather test it out for myself.” Radiance flashed in Huo Changxing’s eyes as he suddenly attacked. A figure flashed like lightning and instantly pounced towards Mo Wen.

Mo Wen curled his lips into a smile while standing tall and straight in his original spot. He merely stretched out a hand to receive Huo Changxing’s rapid and aggressive punch. Subsequently, the arm shook slightly as Huo Changxing was thrown back and hit the wall.

“Very profound Cultivation.” Huo Changxing took a deep breath and looked at Mo Wen in shock. The exchange of blows took merely a moment, but when he faced Mo Wen, he had basically no resistance and was casually thrown out.

“You have Cultivation in the Embryonic Breathing realm and are in the later stage of the Embryonic Breathing realm!” Huo Changxing glanced at Mo Wen in disbelief and couldn’t believe that such a youngster actually had Cultivation in the later stage of the Embryonic Breathing realm. It was simply atrocious. Embryonic Breathing realm! There were only two tip-top experts among all the ancient martial arts practitioners in the Capital region. Furthermore, both of them were antiques who had practiced for 100 years.

Mo Wen laughed but didn’t comment. In fact, he was merely in the beginning stage of the Embryonic Breathing realm, but his Inner Qi was relatively strong, as he practiced three Divine techniques and was stronger than the normal ancient martial arts practitioners in the beginning stage of the Embryonic Breathing realm. However, compared to the ancient martial arts practitioners in the later stage of the Embryonic Breathing realm, he was weaker in terms of Inner Qi. He was slightly stronger than those at the pinnacle of the intermediate stage of the Embryonic realm but was not at the same level as those in the later stage of the Embryonic realm.

“Who exactly are you?” Huo Changxing fixed his eyes on Mo Wen and had a serious expression. This youngster’s origin was definitely not simple. Under normal circumstances, it would be impossible for such a youngster to exist. Only when those secretive existences were involved was it possible to cultivate such a young elite.

“I am Mo Wen, but just Mo Wen, not any Buddha of any temple. You are also not simple, and it is improper to belittle yourself. If you hadn’t suffered a serious internal injury, your Cultivation would also be in Embryonic Breathing realm,” Mo Wen said while he laughed faintly. This Huo Changxing didn’t merely have Cultivation at the pinnacle of the Qi Nucleation realm but was an expert in the Embryonic Breathing realm. However, as he had been seriously injured, it had led to the regression of his Cultivation, and he could only perform at the level of the pinnacle of the Qi Nucleation realm. Even so, Huo Changxing was still stronger than the normal ancient martial arts practitioners at the pinnacle of the Qi Nucleation realm.

Huo Changxing covered up his injuries, but they could not escape Mo Wen’s eyes. This Huo Changxing was indeed a genius. He had practiced to the Embryonic Breathing realm at the age of 45. It could be said that if he was not injured, he could have improved further and had the possibility of attaining the pinnacle of the Embryonic Breathing realm.

“How could you possibly know that? Who exactly are you?” Huo Changxing gasped in shock, and his body tensed up unconsciously while looking at Mo Wen fiercely. Very few people knew that he had been injured. At least, nobody in the Hua Xia Continent should know about it, not to mention an outsider. Even those people in the Huo Clan didn’t know this secret, as everyone thought that his Cultivation was at the pinnacle of the Qi Nucleation realm.

“I am merely a doctor. You are sick, so I naturally would know,” Mo Wen laughed and explained unhurriedly. He could see that Huo Changxing was anxious and cautious towards him, so his injury might involve a secret. That’s why Huo Changxing was so careful and cautious. However, Mo Wen was not interested in his secret. After all, who didn’t have a secret in this world?