Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 378

Chapter 378: Pureblood Vampire

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A shocked look flashed in Huo Changxing’s eyes. His injuries were different from normal internal injuries, and yet this youth could actually tell. How did he do it? He had believed that in Hua Xia’s ancient martial arts world, by right, no one should be able to detect the signs.

“Your injuries are indeed a bit strange, but in the body, no matter what hidden danger there is, the concept is still the same. For people of medicine who dedicate their efforts to exploring the mysteries of the human body, not being able to detect this is just because their practice is not up to par,” Mo Wen said as he explained, seemingly noticing Huo Changxing’s doubt. The injuries in Huo Changxing’s body were indeed a bit strange, different from normal internal injuries. Or it should be said, his body had not received damage from external forces, instead receiving some form of limitation, causing the body to develop an illness. It was fundamentally the same concept as falling sick.

“You are from a medical aristocratic family?” After Huo Changxing looked deeply at Mo Wen, he gradually recovered his calmness. As it had come to this, there was no point in hiding anything. He could not hide anything from this youth, anyway.

Mo Wen nodded slightly. He looked at Huo Changxing with a surprised look. The injuries this person had in his body were somewhat bizarre, causing him to be intrigued. He asked, “May I check the unmentionable illness in your body?”

“What is in my body are not wounds, but… maybe it’s something like that. Although you are a doctor, you can’t treat my condition.” Huo Changxing shook his head, seemingly stopping himself from saying something.

He was clear about his own condition. In the Hua Xia’s ancient martial arts world, most likely not many people knew about this thing. As for helping him remove this condition, it was impossible, unless the mysterious Huatian Palace was willing to help.

“Inside your body, there is a strange energy continuously absorbing your life Essence Qi like a parasite. You are the parasite’s nutrients. If this goes on for long, you probably won’t just have your cultivation deteriorate, but you will also age faster until your life is sucked dry and you die,” Mo Wen said nonchalantly. He could only get a rough grasp about the thing inside of Huo Changxing’s body, but the bizarre energy was not just a pure form of energy. It seemed to have signs of life.

If his guess was right, it was highly possible that the thing in Huo Changxing’s body was similar to the ghost cultivator’s Ghost Rearing Technique. They planted a ghost in the body of strong men, full of vigor. The ghost would feed on the life essence of the host body, until one day when the ghost matured, it would then leave the host body, but by then, the host body would most likely be consumed completely until it was dried up.

“How do you know?” Huo Changxing gave Mo Wen a shocked look. Tonight, he had already shown this face of shocked disbelief three times. This youth was too bizarre. He seemed to know everything.

“With the absorption ability of the parasite in your body, you will have at most five more years to live before your life is sucked dry.”

“That’s right.” Huo Changxing gave Mo Wen a deep look. He was silent for a long while before he nodded slightly. He was clear about his own condition. The thing in his body was a torture to him every waking moment. He had returned from overseas to Hua Xia precisely because he knew he did not have long to live and wanted to return to see his clan. He never thought that he would encounter this series of events.

He originally did not love life and just went with the flow, but with the decline of his clan and the unfortunate fate of his first lover, he had too many things that he needed to protect. This caused him to once again have a strong desire to live.

“Maybe I can save you once,” Mo Wen said plainly.

“You are confident?” Huo Changxing’s eyes flashed as he looked at Mo Wen with shining eyes. At the start, he did not believe that this youth could help him, but now he slightly believed him. This youth was too bizarre. He seemed to be all-knowing and was a little unpredictable.

“We will know if we try. However, I do not simply save people. Today, I am saving you for the sake of Qin Xiaoyou and her mother. I hope that you will treat Wang Huiru well in the future. Otherwise, I will save you today, and come take your life later,” Mo Wen said plainly as he looked at Huo Changxing.

Wang Huiru raised her daughter up all on her own. In the future, having someone to support her would be a good thing. After all, when her daughter grew up, it would be impossible for Qin Xiaoyou to accompany her all the time. If she had a partner, her days would not be so hard to pass. However, Mo Wen was afraid that there would be more changes in the Huo Clan, so he said what needed to be said first.

“Don’t worry. Her life is more important than mine. Even if you weren’t here, I would not let her suffer anymore,” Huo Changxing said.

“I hope you do as you say.” Mo Wen nodded slightly, then with a flash of his silhouette, he appeared in front of Huo Changxing in the blink of an eye. He grabbed onto him, then dashed into the inner house. With a gust of strong wind, the doors and windows immediately closed.

Huo Changxing felt shocked. When Mo Wen moved, he actually could not resist.

Mo Wen dropped Huo Changxing on the ground and sealed all the acupoints on his body. He pressed one hand on the Baihui Point on the top of Huo Changxing’s head. Thin strands of pure Inner Qi entered Huo Changxing’s body continuously like little snakes.

“As expected, it is somewhat bizarre.” After a while, Mo Wen then removed his hand, raising his eyebrows. The thing in Huo Changxing’s body did not seem like a feeding ghost. It did not emanate any Yin Qi. Instead, it was full of a pure Vigor Qi.

“The person who planted this thing in my body is not someone from the land of Hua Xia, but is from the western world.” Although Huo Changxing could not move his entire body, he could still open his mouth to speak. The thing in his body was a taboo in the western world. Once one came in contact with it, it was impossible to come back alive. Back then, the fact that he managed to escape from that terrifying place was all by luck. Otherwise, he would most likely have never been able to return to this fertile land that raised him.

“The western world?” Mo Wen was stunned, becoming deep in thought.

“Do you know about vampires?” Huo Changxing said with a serious look. Vampires were not unheard of in the western world. As an ancient martial arts practitioner that had also lived in the western world, he would occasionally encounter one. But those were just mixed blood descendants. Although the legends made them sound marvelous, they would not necessarily be much stronger than Hua Xia ancient martial arts practitioners. Also, they were not immortal. Aside from having longer lifespans than ordinary people, they could still die from old age and disease.

Besides the mixed blood descendants, legends told of a pureblood vampire. They only existed in legends, rarely appearing. This type of pure vampire not only had amazing abilities, but also had very long lifespans, living for a few hundred, even thousands of years. However, they could not always live normal lives, needing to hibernate to replenish their life energy. The longer a pureblood vampire slept, the stronger its abilities were.

Consequently, this type of pureblood vampire was always hibernating, usually sleeping for decades. Under normal circumstances, the chances of encountering one were extremely rare, let alone encountering one by accident. Even if one intentionally sought one out, it would most likely be very difficult to find one. However, Huo Changxing was very unfortunate, because he met a pureblood vampire, and his body had been planted with this deadly thing.

“Vampire!” Mo Wen looked at Huo Changxing in surprise, seemingly showing some understanding in his gaze. He was not foreign to vampires. That was a strong creature in the western world. Rumor had it that its abilities weren’t weak. Even the Huatian Palace did not take them lightly.

When he was in the Huatian Palace, he was slowly influenced by what he saw and heard, understanding some of the mysterious things that existed in the world. Vampires were a substantial part of this understanding. On the Huatian Palace Savages List, a few people were vampires.

However, the western world was very big. Its various structures were somewhat complex, and vampires were just one of them.

“The person who attacked me was a pureblood vampire,” Huo Changxing said as he let out a sigh. There were very few pureblood vampires. It was hard even to find traces of purebloods among the inner bloodlines, but he had encountered one. His luck was unspeakably bad.

If it had been just a mixed blood descendant, then how could it have such means? With his Embryonic Breathing realm cultivation, he would not necessarily be afraid of them.

“The thing in your body is good stuff,” Mo Wen said conclusively as he nodded. That strange mass of pulsating energy not only had signs of life, but was also full of the pure strength of Qi and blood. The majesty of the Qi and blood made him feel shocked. If he could extract it and use it to concoct a panacea, it would probably have very powerful effects.

Upon hearing this, Huo Changxing smiled bitterly. The thing planted in his body was like an incurable disease. Every day, he could only watch as he slowly headed towards death. Mo Wen actually said that it was good stuff. What good did it bring?

“Focus your mind and don’t have any stray thoughts. I’ll help you extract the thing,” Mo Wen said. He rubbed the medicine spiritual ring on his finger, and a small wooden box appeared in his hand. It was the Ming Cult’s lost treasure, the Ming Yang ancient needles. Of course, when retrieving them, Mo Wen chose a blind spot so that Huo Changxing couldn’t see.

Upon hearing this, Huo Changxing was shocked. Could this youth truly help him remove that pureblood vampire’s demonic embryo? After his shock, he quickly took a deep breath and focused his mind. At this moment, he could only follow Mo Wen’s instructions. He had no other way. He could only make every possible effort even though the hope was slim.

In the dark house, Mo Wen’s expression was solemn. His body emanated a faint glow. A circle of flickering golden flame surrounded him.

On Huo Changxing’s body were dozens of long, golden needles. More and more were added until they almost covered his entire body.

As there were more and more needles, Huo Changxing’s body began to evaporate Qi and blood. He became more and more unstable, continuing to have Vigor Qi oozing from his skin. The air was filled with a thin scent of blood.

The Vigor Qi that oozed out did not dissipate. Instead, it gathered together, trying to accumulate and take shape. However, whenever a certain amount of Vigor Qi gathered, a plume of golden flame would envelope it, completely evaporating the Vigor Qi.

With the passing of time, Mo Wen’s face became more and more stern. More and more golden flames appeared on his body. He looked like a god of fire. Even Huo Changxing’s body was enveloped in a layer of golden flame.

In about 15 minutes, Huo Changxing’s expression started to contort, as though he was suffering from severe pain, but he could not voice it out. His face turned blood-red, as though blood would drip out of it. From his body, there actually came a strange scream. The sound was bizarre. Although it was not loud, it could penetrate gold and split rock. It seemed to be a soundwave technique. If a normal person heard it, they would instantly bleed to death from all orifices.