Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 379

Chapter 379: Sacred Embryo

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Mo Wen continued to insert the needles without expression, as though he didn’t hear the horrifying screams. As there were more and more needles inserted into Huo Changxing’s body, Mo Wen’s forehead started to sweat. It seemed to be strenuous for him, too.

The needle technique that he performed was one of the four famous needle techniques of the Mo Clan from his previous life. It was called the Soul Extraction Needle. The function of the Soul Extraction Needle was to drive out all the negative elements in the body, extracting everything that was harmful. For ancient martial art practitioners, when they suffered from internal injuries, such as another’s Inner Qi invading their bodies and forcefully destroying their bodily functions, the nasty Inner Qi could be easily driven out of their bodies using the Soul Extraction Needle.

The thing in Huo Changxing’s body worked under the same principle. Using the Soul Extraction Needle remedy suited the case. The goal was to extract the thing from his body.

The screaming was getting louder. The sound waves were like ripples in water, rippling out in circles continuously. The waves could almost be seen by the naked eye. The table, chair, bed, and other furniture in the room were reduced to fine powder by the shock of the sound waves.

If Mo Wen had not set up a layer of Qi encasement in the room that the sound waves couldn’t escape from, the whole residential area would most likely have been affected, let alone the room.

The sharp screaming lasted for half an hour, and it got more and more high-pitched. Finally, a crimson light mass suddenly came out from Huo Changxing’s Baihui point. When it first appeared, it was like a cloud of flame, blood-red in color. The cold, crimson flame lit up the room.

“It knows how to escape.” A glint of surprise flashed in Mo Wen’s eyes. Right after the crimson flame appeared outside of Huo Changxing’s body, it escaped with a dash, seemingly wanting to sneak out of the room through the window.

To Mo Wen’s surprise, the lump of strange energy had basic awareness. It was indeed not simple. Naturally, Mo Wen wouldn’t let the crimson light mass escape. He extended his hand and made a grab for it. Instantaneously, the room was filled with his Inner Qi. A black claw quietly appeared on top of the crimson flame. With a scoop, the claw caught the crimson flame.

The black claw returned to Mo Wen silently with a flash. Right when Mo Wen was about to examine the crimson flame in detail, it suddenly brightened up and unexpectedly escaped from the black claw’s grasp.

With a sharp scream, the crimson flame morphed into a giant red bat and pounced on Mo Wen.

“Humph. A reckless act.” Mo Wen snorted coldly. He waved his sleeve, and instantly, dozens of Qi of swords were emitted, slicing the red bat to pieces. The bat disintegrated and formed clouds of crimson light.

The strange crimson light mass was incredibly intelligent. In the blink of an eye, the dispersed crimson light mass once again gathered. However, it didn’t continue to attack Mo Wen; instead, it tried to escape again. It could actually determine that it wasn’t Mo Wen’s opponent.

Again, a glint of surprise flashed in Mo Wen’s eyes. The crimson light mass was not a living organism; it was an energy mass with the breath of life. The more Mo Wen discovered how extraordinary the crimson light mass was, the more he didn’t want to let go of it. It was a pure mass of Qi and blood. For him, it had many uses and was equivalent to a high-level spiritual medicine.

A glint of light flashed in Mo Wen’s eyes. The next moment, a black and gold swirl appeared quietly at the bottom of the crimson light mass. The crimson light mass flickered and was sucked into the black and gold swirl without any resistance, disappearing in an instant.

Then, with a flash, the black and gold swirl appeared in Mo Wen’s hand. The black and gold light slowly dissipated, leaving only a lump of crimson material in Mo Wen’s hand. The crimson light mass had transformed into a lump of liquid that moved continuously.

“This is good stuff!” A glint of amazement flashed in Mo Wen’s eyes. The power of Qi and blood in the crimson light mass was indeed astonishing. If it was concocted into a panacea, it would most likely have the function of revitalizing blood and flesh. He took out a bottle from his medicine spiritual ring and forcefully stored the crimson light mass in it. He sealed the opening of the bottle and put it in the storage ring.

What Mo Wen didn’t know was that the moment he sealed the crimson light mass, a furious voice rang out in an ancient and mysterious castle located far away in England. “Who has the audacity to kidnap a Sacred Embryo Incarnation!?”

In a huge, mysterious, and solemn palace, there were dozens of mysterious men dressed in black robes and hidden in shadows sitting in the palace hall. Those people seemed to have fallen into a deep sleep. All of them were like logs, not moving for a very, very long time. They seemed to be long dead and had turned into fossils.

There were ten crimson flame lanterns lit up behind every man. The lanterns emitted an eerie and strange glow. The whole palace hall was enveloped in the light of the crimson flame lanterns. It was filled with austere gloominess. However, behind one of the men, a crimson flame lantern had silently extinguished. It formed a huge contrast with the other nine crimson flame lanterns that were still burning brightly.

The corresponding man suddenly opened his eyes. Two streaks of crimson light flashed, and his eyes were blood-red in color like two ruby stones. Right now, his eyes were filled with anger. He stood up, flustered and exasperated.

“Wait until I catch you. I will surely keep you as a blood slave. I will feed on your blood and flesh every day.” The man in the black robe had a cold expression. With a flash, he disappeared from the palace hall as though he had teleported. He disappeared in the blink of an eye.

The palace hall sank into dead silence once again. Other than the extinguished crimson flame lantern and the man in the black robe who had left, nothing had changed. As for the other men in black robes, they were like dead stones, unchanging from the beginning until the end.

After Mo Wen had sealed the crimson light mass, he was slightly relieved. Even though catching the crimson light mass was easy, forcing it out from Huo Changxing’s body was tough.

As for Huo Changxing, since the crimson light mass had left his body, his aura had dropped drastically. He was weakened, and his aura had plummeted to the lowest point. He lost his vigor, and his vitality became weak. Originally, he had Cultivation at the pinnacle of the Qi Nucleation realm. It had actually dropped a level to the later stage of the Qi Nucleation realm.

Mo Wen glanced at him, not surprised. The crimson light mass had sucked away much of his Essence Qi. Before this, when the mass was still in his body, the effect was not very obvious. Now that it had left him, the effect was revealed completely.

However, it was fine, and actually was good news. Even though the extraction of the crimson light mass sucked away much of his Essence Qi, he would recover one day. If the crimson light mass had stayed in his body, not only would he never recover, he would continue to weaken until he died.

“Miracle Physician Mo, thank you for saving my life.” With his exhausted body, Huo Changxing stood up and bowed to Mo Wen. He knew that once the thing had been removed from his body, he was free. His hidden illness was exterminated. Mo Wen had saved him.

At this moment, Huo Changxing didn’t dare to be impolite to Mo Wen. He had called Mo Wen “Miracle Physician.” Not only was this youth his savior, he was mysterious and highly capable. Mo Wen was extraordinary.

Thinking back, when the Qin Clan and the Meng Clan came, he and the Wang Clan tried their best to protect Mo Wen. He found that laughable now. With this youth’s ability, he didn’t need their protection at all. They had indirectly helped the Qin Clan and the Meng Clan instead. Otherwise, if the two clans messed with the youth, they would most likely not end up well.

“I have said before, I save you only because of Wang Huiru and her daughter. I hope you keep your promise,” Mo Wen said plainly.

Huo Changxing nodded. He lamented in his heart. Who would have known that Wang Yinru and her daughter, who had originally needed his protection, had saved his life indirectly? With this youth’s protection, who dared to touch them?

“Take this pill. You will be able to restore your Cultivation by tomorrow morning.” Mo Wen flicked his fingers. A white, aromatic pill popped from his fingers and floated in front of Huo Changxing.

Huo Changxing was shocked upon hearing Mo Wen’s words. He stared at the round, white pill in surprise. It was merely a pill, but it could actually restore his Cultivation overnight. It was rather unbelievable. After all, his loss of Essence Qi was severe. It would be hard to replenish it in a short amount of time.

If he had slowly recuperated by himself, it would most likely have taken him two to three years to recover his pinnacle state. Now that he was able to maintain his Cultivation at the later stage of the Qi Nucleation realm, it was already not simple.

However, the pill was fragrant. When the pleasing aroma entered his body, his whole body felt soothed. All his pores opened. With Huo Changxing’s experience, naturally he knew that the pill was good stuff, so he took the pill without being overly polite.

What Huo Changxing didn’t know was that the pill was a panacea not available in the ancient martial arts world. It was the Cyan Spiritual Pill used for healing. Now that Mo Wen had the Dafang Sect’s resources, he had become more generous. He didn’t care about giving away a spiritual pill.

“Thank you, Miracle Physician Mo. I will remember your kindness today in my heart. In the future, if there is anything that you can use the Huo Clan for, just say it. I will try my best to do it.” Huo Changxing bowed slightly towards Mo Wen. Then, he left the room and closed the door, bidding him farewell.

After Huo Changxing had left, Mo Wen flicked his fingers, and the jade bottle with the crimson light mass stored in it appeared in his hand. There was crimson light flickering in the bottle. It seemed like something was struggling.

Mo Wen touched his chin. A glint of thoughtfulness flashed in his eyes. Just now, he didn’t scrutinize it. When he observed it carefully again, his heart pounded. There seemed to be something peeping at him. He stared at the jade bottle incredulously, sinking into deep thought.

After a long while, a glint of light flashed in Mo Wen’s eyes. Then, suddenly his pupils had some strange changes. His pupils transformed into pure white in an instant, as though they were two snow pearls. His pupils emitted cold and foggy light.

“It is indeed tricky.” After 15 minutes, a glint of understanding flashed in Mo Wen’s eyes. The next moment, his pupils strangely emitted strands of white, crystal silk threads. Those crystal silk threads ignored the barrier of the jade bottle, sneaking into it. The next moment, all the crystal silk threads wrapped around a strand of black fluid, tearing it out from the crimson light mass. The black fluid was exposed to the air in an instant.

Mo Wen extended his hand and squeezed it. The golden flame enveloping his palm instantly burned the strand of black fluid into ashes.

Far away in the sky, thousands of miles away, a flying shadow suddenly trembled. It stopped abruptly, floating strangely in mid-air.