Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 380

Chapter 380: Ten Finest Talents Competition

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“I actually lost the instinctive reaction. How could that be possible!? Exactly who has plundered the Sacred Embryo Incarnation!?” That secret shadow’s face turned gloomy as a tinge of surprise flashed in his eyes. He was chasing after a target but lost his direction momentarily and didn’t know how to continue from there.

“Sooner or later, I will capture you.” The secret shadow was so angry that he struck a palm into the air, and a crimson light flashed. Instantly, the wind began to blow while the clouds rolled, and a big hole was smacked through a cloud.

This person was none other than the man in the black robe in the mysterious ancient castle. After his countenance changed constantly for a while, the man in the black robe gnashed his teeth before turning around to return to where he came from. He didn’t continue tracking.

“I see.” In the house, Mo Wen curled his lips into a smile, as he had nearly fallen for the hidden trick. There was actually a Mental Imprint in the crimson light mass that allowed one to track the whereabouts of the crimson light mass.

A person who could perform a Mental Imprint was definitely not simple. At least, martial arts practitioners wouldn’t have this ability. Normally, only an Immortal Cultivator or equivalent existence would know how to operate a bit of soul power.

Just now when he inspected the crimson light mass, he discovered that something was wrong, and a weird feeling surged in his heart like somebody was peeping at him. Now, he finally knew the reason.

He was able to destroy the Mental Imprint mainly because he had been practicing the Divine Soul Trillion Layers, so he was able to use his soul power more proficiently. However, it was barely enough to destroy it. Otherwise, if it had been in the past, even if he had discovered the Mental Imprint, he would be at his wit’s end and unable to resolve it.


The Capital Martial Arts Symposium continued in full swing. The second afternoon was the day for the Ten Finest Talents selection. The Ten Finest Talents selection was very simple. Any young people in the Capital region below the age of 30 could sign up for it. After rounds and rounds of elimination, the strongest ten people would be selected to be that year’s Ten Finest Talents.

After a few days of selection, the top 50 strongest ones had already been selected. Today would be the day they fought for their position on the Ten Finest Talents list. There was a big public square in the Bi Clan Manor House that could accommodate many people. Early in the morning, many people had gathered there and were waiting to watch the event.

In fact, those ancient martial arts aristocratic families that participated in the Capital Martial Arts Symposium were mainly there to be spectators. After all, only a handful of ancient martial arts aristocratic families had the ability to challenge the five big ancient martial arts aristocratic families. Many ancient martial arts aristocratic families were basically not qualified.

As for the positions of the Ten Finest Talents, they had been occupied by the young elites of the big five aristocratic families for many years, as it was rare that other influences could have a young person who could make the Ten Finest Talents list.

Even so, this didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of the ancient martial arts practitioners. Those who came forth to participate in the Capital Martial Arts Symposium were streaming in continuously, and there was an increase in number every year.

In the public square, the five big aristocratic families had their designated seats in the front rows which illustrated the nobility and styles of the big aristocratic families.

Mo Wen followed Huo Changxing to sit in the Huo Clan’s designated seats and was completely bored while waiting. This kind of martial arts competition was basically uninteresting to Mo Wen. However, as he knew that Qin Xiaoyou had made the top 50 and would be participating in today’s martial arts competition, he wanted to see how she would do.

Many people were looking at the Huo Clan’s designated area with curiosity. To be exact, they were all looking in Mo Wen’s direction. After all, many people knew about yesterday’s incident, and that this youngster had killed the Meng Clan’s successor, Meng Guo, which caused the big five aristocratic families to get into a fight.

After one night, the news of the incident had spread like wildfire, and many people were surprised that Mo Wen was still at the Bi Clan Manor House. If it had been another person in his position, they might have escaped immediately to a faraway land and left this place of trouble after surviving yesterday’s incident. They never expected this youngster to actually watch the martial arts competition leisurely without any anxiety or awareness of danger. Instantaneously, many people were discussing animatedly about the incident involving Mo Wen and the Meng Clan.

In the Meng Clan’s designated area, many people were looking at Mo Wen with much hatred. They wished they could tear that horrible youngster to pieces. Unfortunately, he was protected by a few big aristocratic families, and the Bi Clan was one of them. Now, the Qin Clan seemed unwilling to get involved in this matter. The Meng Clan alone, no matter how strong they were, they couldn’t do anything to this youngster at the Bi Clan Manor House.

Mo Wen naturally didn’t mind others looking at him. He sat on the chair calmly and simply ignored all the different kinds of expressions focused on him.

Huo Changxing sat beside Mo Wen and was looking askance at him. He sighed softly in his heart, as he didn’t know who this youngster was. He has incredible abilities which not only removed the demonic embryo from my body, but he also gave me a pill that allowed me to restore my Cultivation completely overnight like I had a changed body. The hidden injuries from the past were completely healed, and I am back to the condition of my heyday.

The serious perennial illness, which was nearly fatal and had absolutely no resolution, was healed by this youngster overnight. Huo Changxing felt like it was unreal, as if it were a dream.

That’s why Mo Wen dared to kill the Meng Clan’s successor under the watchful eyes of the public. His action was impulsive, but in fact, he didn’t think too highly of the Meng Clan.

Huo Changxing looked in the Meng Clan’s direction, shook his head, and sighed. As the relationship between the Meng Clan and the Huo Clan was not that close, Huo Changxing was happy to see that they had a feud with Mo Wen. If that clan were to take the gloves off, they would most likely be at a serious disadvantage when facing Mo Wen. However, he was not interested in being a busybody. Besides, even if he told the people of the Meng Clan that this youngster, Mo Wen, was not to be provoked, they wouldn’t believe him.

There were five fighting rings in the lower corner of the public square. The 40 young experts would be divided into five batches and would be fighting in the rings separately. Every fighting ring would eventually be left with the strongest four to form the group of the strongest 20 before challenging for the Ten Finest Talents. After a while, under the organization of the judges, the martial arts competition began.

Mo Wen briefly scanned the challengers. They were all young, under 30 years old. As for their Cultivation, everyone was at least in the Sea of Qi realm. In the ancient martial arts aristocratic families in the outside world, it was very difficult for their young generation to have such Cultivation.

Qin Xiaoyou was in Ring Number Three. There was a person in every ring. If they wanted to be in the top four, they would need to defeat a few rounds of opponents. What was surprising to Mo Wen was that this girl, Xiaoyou, actually had good combat ability. In round after round of fights, she was systematic with clear thinking and alert reactions, so she was seldom at a disadvantage.

Originally, he thought that Xiaoyou’s speed of practice was so fast that her actual combat ability might not be able to catch up. However, now it seemed like he had underestimated her talent. He hadn’t taught her some of the things about actual combat ability, but she was able to use those things in the fights, so it must be Huo Changxing who had given her the knowledge about fighting. After all, Mo Wen had left for more than a month, so Huo Changxing must have more or less given her some direction in her practice.

After a few rounds, that girl had handily seized one of the top four positions in the ring and had successfully made the list of the strongest 20.

“Xiaoyou is indeed a martial arts genius. I merely give her a few pointers, and she is able to quickly infer their essence. With her talent, if she has a good teacher, her future achievements will be unlimited,” Huo Changxing said with a smile as he seemed to see the surprise in Mo Wen’s eyes.

Xiaoyou’s talent was one of a kind, something that he had ever seen in his life, not to mention seeing it in the past, as it was completely unheard of. If she had started practicing earlier, perhaps she might have been as good as this terrifying youngster in front of him. If she could be properly guided, perhaps she might be the most brilliant one of the generation.

Of course, that Qin Xiaoyou could have the present achievement was mainly due to this youngster. After all, the method of practice and martial arts were all rare magnum opuses in this world.

He didn’t study the things that Xiaoyou was practicing and didn’t have much understanding of them. After all, the martial arts and practice method of every ancient martial arts practitioner was a secretive thing. Outsiders were not supposed to inquire about it. However, based on appearances during her practice, he knew that it was unusual.

“She is indeed a genius,” Mo Wen agreed readily. With that kind of talent, even he felt inferior to her. Qin Xiaoyou had Cultivation in the later stage of the Sea of Qi realm and was practicing Heavenly Hand and Tai Yin Claws, techniques that were magnum opuses. She almost wouldn’t have any equal in the fighting ring. In the subsequent fights for the strongest ten, she almost didn’t have any difficulty in making the top ten list. She had become the most stunning dark horse.

She had practiced the Nine Yin Divine Technique, a rare first-class practice method. Even with Cultivation in the later stage of the Sea of Qi realm, the profundity level of her Inner Qi was stronger than the normal pinnacle of the Sea of Qi realm. If she didn’t encounter ancient martial arts practitioners in the Qi Nucleation realm, very few people would be a threat to her.

“That young lady, where is she from? Why does she have such profound Cultivation? The genius of the Xue Clan, Xue Qiao, was actually defeated by her within ten strokes. This kind of strength might be able to seize the top three out of the Ten Finest Talents.”

“Who’s that young lady? I have never heard of her. Which clan has produced such a genius? So young yet with such strength, perhaps she will be a big shot in the Capital region in the future.”

“That young lady is so pretty with rare beauty. Such a beauty with such shocking talents. It will be really perfect if she is added to the Yang Clan.”

“Stop daydreaming. Is the Yang Clan qualified to marry such a young lady? Simply ridiculous. I think among the young talents in the five big aristocratic families, only a handful are worthy of her.”

“That girl seems to be a member of the Huo Clan. I have seen her in the Huo Clan’s courtyard before. Could the Huo Clan have another great genius? It fits the saying that after a storm comes the calm. When the Huo Clan was about to wane, not only did their number one genius, Huo Changxing, return to the Huo Clan, but now the clan also has a young lady with shocking talents. Those ancient martial arts aristocratic families that are thinking of taking its position will have their plans scrapped prematurely.”


There were many discussions outside the ring, and almost all of them revolved around the subject of Qin Xiaoyou. Qin Xiaoyou, who was originally an unfamiliar face and previously unheard of, had such an outstanding performance now that it was naturally easy for her to attract everyone’s attention. It was especially easy to be the everyone’s talking point when she had such graceful beauty.