Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 383

Chapter 383: Tai Succubus Dance

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Qin Kui was very excited that he was able to fight Qin Xiaoyou and thought that he finally had the opportunity to display his skills. As long as he could kill Qin Xiaoyou in the fighting ring, he would be able to prove himself to the people of his clan.

“Make your move.” Qin Xiaoyou furrowed her brows. This person’s body is emitting evil currents, and he keeps talking about killing people. Moreover, it was stated in the rules that killing is forbidden in the fighting ring. This person is definitely not a good guy.

“I can’t bear to kill you, but you must die.” Qin Kui laughed evilly as two masses of killing intent burst in his eyes. His figure disappeared from his original spot without a trace. When he reappeared, he was already beside Qin Xiaoyou. A sword struck decisively and mercilessly towards Qin Xiaoyou’s throat. His stroke was steady, accurate, and ruthless. One could tell at just one glance that he was very experienced.

Qin Xiaoyou pursed her lips slightly. Her eyes focused and concentrated completely on her opponent. She twisted her slim waist, and then a remnant shadow flashed while her body disappeared from her original spot. That fast, accurate, ruthless stroke sliced into her remnant shadow.

Qin Kui was dazed for a moment, as his opponent had literally disappeared before his eyes. Furthermore, she left at the very moment that the sword struck, so her speed was considered shocking.

“Qinggong is quite good, but my sword is quite fast, too.” Qin Kui’s face turned slightly more grave as he glanced at Qin Xiaoyou, who was standing in a composed manner five meters away from him. The next moment, his loftiness surged, and he struck once again. The shadows of the sword joined consecutively into a chain while sword lights covered almost the entire circumference of five meters. With such astonishing sword lights, even a mosquito, not to mention a person, might not escape.

“Qin Kui is quite good. He is indeed the Qin Clan’s genius.” A few clan elders in the Qin Clan’s seating area nodded continuously with a tinge of admiration in their eyes. The Qin Clan being able to have two young geniuses was indeed greatly fortunate. It predicted a high possibility of the Qin Clan flourishing in the future.

Another person shook his head as if he were not optimistic about Qin Kui, but instead thought highly of Qin Qiao. “Although he is quite good, he is not as good compared to Qin Qiao. After all, the difference in the growing environment can’t be compensated for. Moreover, that Qin Xiaoyou is not simple, as she almost didn’t put in her best in the previous fights. It will be difficult for Qin Kui to defeat Qin Xiaoyou.”

Instantly, an old man retorted harshly, “Qin Dakuan doesn’t know that Qin Qiao is in the same line of descent as you. You’d better not be so skewed in your judgment. You’d better speak without bias in front of Eldest Great Grandfather. Although Qin Kui is not as good as Qin Qiao now, he will be as good when he breaks through to the Qi Nucleation realm.” Qin Kui was the genius in his line of descent, so he naturally couldn’t dampen their own morale.

“Hmph! I am just telling the truth based on the facts. At least you also admit that now Qin Kui pales in comparison to Qiao’er. Furthermore, is it that easy to break through to the Qi Nucleation realm? Our clan merely has a few experts in the Qi Nucleation realm. We won’t know when Qin Kui will attain Cultivation in the Qi Nucleation realm. For the time being, I think it will be difficult for Qin Kui to defeat Qin Xiaoyou, not to mention killing her.”

“Exactly. That girl is just lucky that she is fighting Qin Kui. If she were fighting Qin Qiao, she might not survive. You said that Qin Kui would be able to kill Qin Xiaoyou, but I don’t believe it. For us, we already know clearly whether those juniors have that ability.” Those people in the same line of descent as Qin Qiao were speaking out one after another. The conclusion was the same: Qin Kui was not as good as Qin Qiao.

“Bullsh*t. Since you don’t believe it, you just wait and see. Don’t think that you have Qin Qiao. He will be the only one calling the shots in the Qin Clan in the future. The future is still unpredictable now.”

The people from Qin Kui’s line of descent immediately argued and refused to give in in any way. “If Qin Qiao is not as lucky, he will be the same as Qin Kui. Life is full of ups and downs, and who knows what will happen? Now, who dares to guarantee that Qin Kui will not be as good as Qin Qiao in the future?”

The two groups from the Qin Clan had unexpectedly argued under the watchful eyes of the public and even had the intention of fighting it out.

“Enough.” Qin Eldest Great Grandfather furrowed his brows and reprimanded them. “Making so much noise in public, it’s such a disgrace.” Once he said it, all the members of the Qin Clan in the surroundings instantly fell into silence. They didn’t dare to argue any further.

The Clan Leader, Qin Shaoyang, smiled bitterly. Sometimes he was merely an ornament in the Qin Clan. After all, he was not very senior and didn’t have outstanding Cultivation, so only Eldest Great Grandfather was able to control the elders in the clan. The Qin Clan was a big clan with many branches in it. It was normal for them to have some conflicts and fight occasionally.

“You just need to watch to find out the results. The facts speak for themselves.” Qin Eldest Great Grandfather sighed as he glanced at everyone. This world only pursues real strength – might makes right. Who is stronger? Naturally, only time will tell.

In the fighting ring, the sword lights were full of killing spirit as they flashed across the sky with strong vigor. Qin Kui’s sword struck one blow after another at every possible angle. The people were dumbfounded at his speed and the sword’s coverage, as there was almost nowhere to hide.

However, even under such numerous sword lights, Qin Xiaoyou was dancing elegantly with quick, light steps like a sprite. She was in the midst of a storm, yet she emanated an exceptionally quiet and peaceful aura regardless of how terrifying and numerous the sword lights were and regardless of how harsh the environment outside was. She wouldn’t be affected, as it was like she and the lights existed in two different worlds.

Those sword lights actually didn’t strike her at all. She was obviously in a sea of swords but was not affected. The visual impact was simply mind-blowing and baffling.

Beads of perspiration began to form on Qin Kui’s forehead. From the beginning until now, he had already struck more than 1,000 times but none of those strikes had touched Qin Xiaoyou. Regardless of how he attacked, he simply couldn’t hit her. That figure seemed to be on a different plane than he was.

For the first time, helplessness surged in Qin Kui’s heart. Regardless of how much strength he used, he only hit air. There was nothing he could exert his strength against.

“That girl’s physical movements are shocking. How does she do it? Unbelievable!” At the Wang Clan’s designated seats, Wang Tiannian looked at Qin Xiaoyou with surprise in his eyes. With his level of experience, it was difficult to see the profundity of the physical movements, but he could be certain that it was definitely a rare magnum opus in this world. A young lady who could actually practice such a profound martial art seemed odd, especially because the Huo Clan didn’t seem to have the heritage of the martial art method she was using.

“Xiaoyou is getting more powerful.” Wang Xiaofei looked at Qin Xiaoyou, who was dancing gracefully in the fighting ring. She sighed unhappily, as even in a fight, Qin Xiaoyou remained so elegant. Previously, she didn’t like practicing and the monotonous lifestyle. However, now her own confidante was getting more powerful, and she had fallen behind. The superiority of being the young mistress of the Wang Clan didn’t seem to exist anymore.

“Xiaofei, previously you mentioned that this Qin Xiaoyou was related to the Qin Clan and nearly married into our Wang Clan.” A youngster from the Wang Clan came closer to her. If his memory hadn’t failed him, Wang Xiaofei seemed to have mentioned this matter incidentally in the past.

“Of course Qin Xiaoyou is related to the Qin Clan. She was a member of the Qin Clan, but the Qin Clan was cold and ruthless. They killed Xiaoyou’s father and nearly harmed her after that as well.” Wang Xiaofei rolled her eyes at that youngster. How old is he? Still so gossipy.

Another Wang Clan youngster heard them. He asked suddenly and enthusiastically with radiance in his eyes, “What about the incident of her nearly marrying into Wang Clan? I actually didn’t know about it.” That extremely beautiful young lady actually had that kind of relationship with the Wang Clan. It was simply earth-shattering gossip.

They were talking quite loudly with all the martial arts practitioners in the surroundings. Those young men of the Wang Clan heard them and were extremely curious, so they suddenly came closer one after another. Not only the young men of the Wang Clan, but the senior ones of the Wang Clan were also all pricking up their ears to it. They were unclear about this matter, but they didn’t get any closer for fear of being embarrassed.


In the fighting ring, Qin Kui was unable to do anything to Qin Xiaoyou after striking several thousand times. As half of his Inner Qi was exhausted, he paused to pant heavily.

“Can you stop hiding? Can’t we compete openly and aboveboard?” Qin Kui’s face turned gloomy as he glanced at Qin Xiaoyou who was ten meters away. He was at his wit’s end now, as he hadn’t expected this girl to be so difficult to deal with. With her physical movements, she was almost unbeatable. If they were to continue with the fight, he might lose completely. It would exhaust too much of his Inner Qi if he continued to use sword strikes while Qin Xiaoyou remained calm and composed without being affected.

“You are not my match,” Qin Xiaoyou remarked while shaking her head. She didn’t make a move just now, as she merely used this as combat training for herself. Her actual fighting experience was too little, so every fight was very meaningful to her. If Qin Kui knew why Qin Xiaoyou was hiding, and that she was merely treating him as a practice partner, he might vomit blood out of rage.

“In terms of running, I am definitely not your match. But other than that, what other abilities do you have?” Qin Kui taunted her intentionally with disdain. Now he was only hoping that this girl would lose her cool due to her young age and fight with him. That way, he might have a chance of winning. Otherwise, the results would be unpredictable if they were to continue.

“Although I know you are taunting me on purpose, the truth is the truth. It won’t change because of your taunting. Since you want me to make a move, I shall make a move.” Qin Xiaoyou had been unwilling to make a move previously, but not because she didn’t dare to make a move. Now that her physical movements were getting more skilful, she didn’t need to use Qin Kui for practice anymore.

Her figure flashed and within a moment, Qin Xiaoyou appeared in front of Qin Kui like she had shifted in a blink. Although Qin Xiaoyou’s speed was shocking, Qin Kui was already mentally prepared and was waiting for her to initiate the move. Almost as soon as Qin Xiaoyou appeared, he struck his sword. A streak of sword light struck down and they collided with each other. Along with the momentum, it was totally unavoidable.

The corners of Qin Kui’s mouth curled into a cruel smile as if in the next moment he could see the scene of Qin Xiaoyou being cut in two. This girl has finally lost her cool and initiated the move to court death. In his point of view, Qin Xiaoyou at most had some profound attainments in terms of physical movements but was definitely normal in other areas. He thought she had finally given up her own competitive edge, and it was almost as good as digging her own grave.