Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 384

Chapter 384: Perfect Match

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Qin Kui’s scimitar was merciless. With a white flash, it appeared above Qin Xiaoyou’s head in the blink of an eye, then came down in full force without holding back. It was clear that he had the intention to kill.

But, his scimitar still did not land on Qin Xiaoyou. No matter how fast his scimitar was, it was like her body was a residual image. When his scimitar flashed and slashed down, only the wind whistled, as Qin Xiaoyou’s silhouette disappeared before his eyes!

Qin Kui was startled, immediately putting up his guard. He looked in all directions, suddenly noticing that countless afterimages had appeared around him.

They were all Qin Xiaoyou’s images! All of the silhouettes swarmed forwards, attacking Qin Kui. As Qin Kui was frightened, he subconsciously took a step backwards. But, as the light silhouettes were all around him, he had nowhere to escape!

“Die!” he shouted.

At this moment, Qin Kui became confused and a but disoriented, so he subconsciously just starting to swing his scimitar around wildly. He knew that there could not possibly be so many Qin Xiaoyous!

There most certainly was only one real body, meaning that the rest were just illusions. If he could just block the attack from Qin Xiaoyou’s real body, he would be fine.

But, finding the real body among so many illusions wasn’t easy, and the battle could be decided in a split second! In such a short amount of time, it was almost impossible for him to clearly differentiate between all of them. When it came to this, he could only try his luck and hope for the best.

One slash, two slashes, three slashes…

Qin Kui kept slashing, not daring to stop swinging the scimitar in his hand. In a short while, he had already slashed through countless afterimages. But, the afterimages seemed to be endless! The more he slashed away at them, the more new images appeared. He could not possibly defeat them all!

If he could not find Qin Xiaoyou’s real body soon, then this situation would keep persisting! Unknowingly, he had once again been caught in the same cycle, his Inner Qi being spent in a frenzied and haphazard manner!

But this time, it was Qin Xiaoyou who had initiated the situation. Qin Kui was just passively defending himself, yet the result was still exactly the same!

Qin Kui did not know that he was facing the once famous Tai Succubus Dance that shook the martial arts circles. It was known as the Ming Cult’s Sacred Maiden’s unique technique.

“As I said before, you are no match for me.” Qin Xiaoyou’s light, spirited voice came from among the sea of illusions. Her voice sounded close one moment and far away the next, making it hard to discern her position.

Qin Kui was starting to sweat. That girl was performing such mysterious movements, and she could still speak, too! As for him, all he could do was try to focus on fighting off he images unceasingly.

It was the first time that Qin Kui had encountered such bizarre movements and battle strategies in his life. He secretly felt an ominous feeling in his gut.

Suddenly, all of the illusions disappeared and only one silhouette was left. It was standing right in front of Qin Kui. She seemed to have stopped using her strange movements to combat Qin Kui, instead choosing to appear directly in front of him for real!

When Qin Kui saw this, he was shocked. But, without any hesitation, he thrust his scimitar toward towards her.

Qin Xiaoyou’s little face tensed. Then, using her delicate hands, she firmly grabbed the Tang scimitar in Qin Kui’s hands. She had actually caught the blade with her bare hands, directly on its edge!

As Qin Kui held onto the scimitar’s hilt, no matter how he tried, the Tang scimitar would still not budge. It was as though it was being pressed down by a huge mountain!

“How is this be possible?” Qin Kui was shocked and looked pale. He looked at Qin Xiaoyou in disbelief. She had actually caught his scimitar with her bare hands!

After her long, delicate hand caught the Tang scimitar, it had then turned into black crystal. It was like the purest black crystal, and it caused a layer of black ice crystals to gradually start to form on the surface of the Tang scimitar.


She clenched her five fingers slightly, and the Tang scimitar that was forged from fine iron immediately shattered, then blew away in a black powder form. Qin Kui took in a cold breath. For the first time, he realized that this girl was not going to be easy to deal with!


Then, a silhouette flashed and a palm strike landed on Qin Kui’s chest. With another flash, it had retreated into the distance again. The entire exchange took just a split second.

Qin Kui did not even manage to react, but he did feel a chill on his chest. His entire person was then sent flying, crashing heavily to the ground. Blood flowed out of the corner of his mouth and his face was pale beyond compare. He had obviously suffered severe injuries.

Before this, when Qin Xiaoyou had battled other people, she had not been so ruthless. But, because Qin Kui wanted to kill her and was a member of the Qin Clan, she showed no mercy.

After all, she would never be polite to the members of the Qin Clan! However, she did not kill him, as she had never killed anyone.

Also, in the fighting ring, intentionally killing someone was against the rules and considered to be immoral behavior. Although she could not make others follow the rules, she would take care to abide by them herself. After all, a martial arts competition was for sparring, not a stage for taking revenge!

“Have you broken through to the pinnacle of the Sea of Qi realm?” Qin Kui struggled to crawl up from the ground.

He looked at Qin Xiaoyou with a pale face. He clearly felt the strength of Qin Xiaoyou’s Inner Qi. It was definitely comparable to the pinnacle of the Sea of Qi realm, maybe even stronger!

The reports that he had received said that Qin Xiaoyou was just a girl at the later stage of the Sea of Qi realm, which meant that she had some ability, but she was not very strong. But now that they had come face-to-face, he finally saw how big of a difference there was between them. Those reports were all just nonsense!

Qin Xiaoyou gave Qin Kui a glance, then quickly ignored him. She then coldly turned and left the fighting ring, as she was not interested in talking with anyone from the Qin Clan.

Her cultivation had indeed broken through to the pinnacle of the Sea of Qi realm. She was just a fine line away from the Qi Nucleation realm! In fact, if Mo Wen had not asked her to suppress her cultivation, she would most likely have broken through to the Qi Nucleation realm by now!

As for how she had broken through so quickly, that was because Mo Wen had given her a Vigor Consolidating Pill. This made Qin Xiaoyou’s cultivation break through by one rank, even almost breaking through to the Qi Nucleation realm, all in one shot! This level of talent thrilled Mo Wen!

She had defeated Qin Kui with a palm strike and the whole arena was filled with cheers. Qin Xiaoyou, the black horse of the Ten Talents, had once again proven her ability.

“That little girl’s cultivation has actually gone up another rank. It is truly thrilling.” As Huo Changxing looked at Qin Xiaoyou, he was clearly surprise.

With his cultivation and experience, he naturally could see the changes in Qin Xiaoyou’s cultivation. She was at the pinnacle of the Sea of Qi realm, so it was no wonder that she had so easily defeated Qin Kui.

Mo Wen, on the other hand, was expressionless, as his opinion was that this victory did not prove anything. On the other side, in the face of Qin Kui’s defeat, the Meng Clan’s and the Qin Clan’s facial expressions were ugly, especially the Meng Clan’s.

They originally had a genius who could fight for the top three spots, but he had died at the hands of Mo Wen! As for the gradually declining Huo Clan, they had suddenly emerged as a new force to be reckoned with!

Moreover, a surprising genius had appeared. One could imagine how sick they felt inside!

As for the Qin Clan, they were much calmer. After all, the Qin Clan still had another genius, Qin Qiao, who was an absolute genius with the qualifications to aim for the top. As for Qin Kui, they had not placed much hope on him anyway.

“That girl is not simple, as the martial art techniques that she practices are very mysterious. If possible, I would like to not kill her. Instead, I’ll capture her and force her to share her martial arts teachings! Maybe that would be more beneficial.” The Qin Clan’s eldest great grandfather observed Qin Xiaoyou for a while, his eyes flashing with a rarely seen passion.

When the members of the Qin Clan heard his words, they were shocked. A martial art teaching that could intrigue even their own clan elder was rare indeed. This girl was truly extraordinary!

“Grandfather, although the martial arts teachings that this girl practices are amazing, we are not too shabby either! Now that we have cooperated with ‘that,’ why would we worry about not having any mysterious martial arts?” Qin Shaoyang asked while laughing.

As the Qin Clan Clan leader, he naturally knew a little about his grandfather’s working with the heretic forces. So, with the help of the mysterious faction, it didn’t make sense to him why the Qin Clan would worry about developing and growing in strength.

“Hmm, what you say is also true. We do not need to covet other people’s martial arts. Regardless, the future Qin Clan will not necessarily be worse than others.” Upon hearing this, the eldest great grandfather smiled and nodded his head, looking somewhat pleased.

Now, everything in the Qin Clan was thriving. Not only had he broken through to the Embryonic Breathing realm, the Qin Clan’s cultivation had also vastly improved. All of this was thanks to that mysterious faction.

He was starting to think that cooperating with that mysterious faction was the wisest decision he had made in his whole life. As such, the Qin Clan would prosper completely in his hands and his name would certainly be archived in the Clan’s history!

“The original plan hasn’t changed. Looking at the current situation, the chances of that girl’s meeting Qiao’er are very high. When that time comes, we will kill her.” The Qin eldest great grandfather’s eyes flashed with killing intent.

After all, if that girl was left alone to continue to grow, she would probably become quite a threat to the Qin Clan. Naturally, they had to exterminate her!

“That girl is incredible! If she does not die young, she will become one of the strongest practitioners of this generation. Her achievements would be immeasurable!” While sitting in the Bi Clan’s seating area, even Bi Kuanhai was impressed with Qin Xiaoyou.

His eyes were full of admiration. The girl was only in her teenage years, yet she already had such ability! It was indeed incredible. If Bi Kuanhai knew that Qin Xiaoyou’s current achievements had been obtained with only three months of practice, he would have been even more stunned.

“The maiden indeed has an alluring grace. She is a stunning beauty.” Bi Fengdi, who was sitting beside Bi Kuanhai, nodded his head in agreement.

The maiden called Qin Xiaoyou, be it her appearance, temperament, or talents, they were all rare in this world. In fact, the area around the capital had not seen such a girl in a long time.

“Fengdi, rumor has it that this maiden is a member of the Huo Clan. They are also one of the Five Aristocratic Families, so it is a perfect match. You are young and accomplished and have not yet married. If you married that maiden, you two would be a perfect pair, creating a tale of romance for the new generation!” Bi Kuanhai’s eyes twinkled.

If such a stunning girl could marry into the Bi Clan, it naturally would be happy occasion. Moreover, he had originally had the intention of forming an alliance with the Huo Clan anyway, so it would naturally be a double dose of happiness!