Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 385

Chapter 385: Fighting to Make Friends

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Qin Xiaoyou was a talent of the Huo Clan. However, if she married into the Bi Clan, she would then become a member of that clan. In the future, it was hard to say, but she may even be a master in the Bi Clan. Bi Kuanhai’s eyes were shining, and he was increasingly tempted as he looked on.

“Err, Grandfather, I don’t even know that girl,” Bi Fengdi said a little awkwardly. His pale and fair face had flushed red, as if he were very shy. The brothers of the Bi Clan were all amazed to see Bi Fengdi’s look. Our elder brother actually has such a side to him! It was a very rare sight to see. Could it be that he had already taken a liking to that young girl from the Huo Clan?

Bi Kuanhai smiled and said, “You don’t know her now, but it is easy to get to know her in future. Feelings can be developed, after all. Fengdi, that girl is not a simple girl. Such an exceptionally talented young lady appearing in the Capital may not be possible, even in the span of hundreds of years. If you don’t fight for her, you really should be struck by lighting.”

This grandson of his was good in every way. He had exceptional talent and good morals. He was just too conservative. He had never interacted with a girl before and was never seen to have discovered an interest in any girls. Now that he was of a marriageable age, if he was still so passive, there was no knowing when he would ever get married.

Upon listening in, the people all around were all holding in their laughter. The normally solemn old grandfather can actually say such a thing!

“Grandfather, I think we should just let things take their course. Proposing to her now is too sudden. We don’t even know if she likes me, or if she already has anyone she likes,” Bi Fengdi said softly. It was as though he was not very accustomed to such things. Moreover, proposing at the first meeting was too sudden and shocking. At that time, he may even end up making a bad impression.

“Let things take their course my *ss. What do you know? Such an outstanding young lady has probably already been eyed by many. The slower you are, the more likely it is that she will be snatched away by someone else. These things have to be done out of the blue. The faster you can confirm it, the sooner grandfather will be more at ease.” Bi Kuanhai glared at Bi Fengdi. This lad just did not seem to understand. That young girl was so outstanding, and there was no knowing just how many people were eyeing her. There were definitely more people who had the same thoughts as he did. If they were too late in taking action, there would be no chance for them.

“Don’t worry. No matter what, the Bi Clan is the top aristocratic family in the Capital. Nobody has been able to take this position for dozens of years. If it is us making a marriage proposal, I believe the Huo Clan will give it careful consideration. Moreover, you are not too bad yourself. Out of the youths in the Capital, there is no one more frightening than you, yet. Have more confidence in yourself, as you are a well-matched couple. How do you know that the girl doesn’t fancy you as well?” Bi Kuanhai counseled earnestly.

This grandson of his was just too worried all the time. He was also very inarticulate with relationships and did not know how to take the initiative. Even as a grandpa, he could see that this lad was interested in that young girl. Otherwise, with his personality, he would have rejected it directly. He would not even say anything about being afraid that the other party would not like him.

Bi Fengdi’s face reddened as he said a little awkwardly, “Then… Grandfather, I’ll let you handle this thing. I’m not very good with these things.”

“Nonsense, if grandfather doesn’t do it, am I supposed to depend on you to do it successfully? If you had that capability, grandfather would not have to worry so much,” Bi Kuanhai said in a bit of a mood. If this lad had that ability, he would probably already have a great grandchild. However, things appeared positive for now. At the very least, Bi Fengdi had not rejected him outright and had actually agreed. The only thing he needed now was for the other side to agree as well.

“From now on, try to display yourself more, even if it has to be on purpose. In any case, just make sure that you demonstrate your strengths to the girl. The more outstanding you are, the greater the chances of success. We can neglect all other things first. In the battle of the top ten, you have to win the title. If you meet with that girl, you still have to demonstrate a gracious style… that… what’s that called? Oh right, gentlemanliness. You have to portray your gentlemanly side. Girls generally like boys with good culture…

“Also, during the battle, you can give in to her, but you definitely cannot lose to her on purpose. Generally speaking, girls do not really like men who are inferior to them. The stronger you are, the more secure she will feel…” Bi Kuanhai held onto his grandson and slowly taught him, racking his brains to impart all his “picking up girls” experience to him. As he got excited, he had even lost a little of his aura as the great elder.

Listening to their elder’s teachings, the surrounding people from the Bi Clan all nodded in turn and were modestly taking in the tips with very agreeable looks. Only the heavens knew that when the elder was younger, the only girl he had liked had ultimately become someone else’s wife. Meanwhile, his first wife was a match from the family’s arranged transactional marriage. In fact, before the day of the wedding, they had not even met each other.

“Oh yeah, Xiaoyou has won again. That Qin Clan is not that good after all.” Wang Xiaofei jumped up in joy. Her hands were on her hips, and she looked beyond proud. It was as though she felt even more accomplished than if she herself had won.

A youth from the Wang Clan made his way over and tried to get into Wang Xiaofei’s good books by saying, “Xiaofei, I heard that you are best friends with that Qin Xiaoyou. Can you introduce her to me?”

“That’s right, Xiaofei, that girl’s martial arts are too amazing. She clearly will not be outdone by men. I really want to exchange some tips on martial arts with her. Introduce her to me?”

“Xiaofei, fifth brother usually treats you the best. When you were young, I brought you all over to play. Fifth brother really likes that girl. Introduce me later, ok…”

A huge bunch of people from the Wang Clan had surrounded and directly wrapped Wang Xiaofei in their midst. Each and every one of them had the facade of wanting to just be friends.

“You guys… just save it! Xiaoyou will not come to like any of you.” Wang Xiaoyou maintained her stance with her hands on her hips. She did not leave them any pride as she rolled her eyes at those youths of the Wang Clan. Towards the brothers from her own clan, she could be direct and simply just reject them. In fact, she did it in a very cold manner.

“Hey, Xiaofei, you are in the wrong here. How would you know that we are not her type? What if she just happens to like people of this type? How can you look down on the brothers from your own clan. Are you even still our cute and pretty little sister Xiaofei? Just introduce me. In the future, fourth brother will agree to any request of yours.”

“Exactly, exactly! How would you know that she wouldn’t like us? As the saying goes, fertilizers and water do not flow outside the field. The pavilion closest to the water enjoys the first moonlight. Xiaofei, you can finally be of value. If that lady Xiaoyou can marry into the Wang Clan, it would be your first act of merit for the Wang Clan. If anyone dares to say that you are useless in the future, I will be the first to not let him off.”

Not only had Wang Xiaofei ignored the words of that elder brother, she had instead flown into a rage. She glared at those people with her large eyes and said with a very fierce presence, “Who are you calling useless?! Who is useless?! Who dares to call me useless?! In what way am I useless?!”

“What I mean is that, Xiaofei, you are the most useful person in the Wang Clan. If anyone dares to say that you are useless, I will be the first to get him. It’s an example, just an example…”

“That’s right, it was just an example.”

“Xiaofei, you are such a useful person, you can definitely think of a way to get lady Xiaoyou to join the Wang Clan. By then, nobody would be more amazing than our younger sister Xiaofei.”

The group of people surrounded Xiaofei with flattery. The flattering words were just tweaked in small ways as they said them repeatedly with only one goal in mind. They hoped that Wang Xiaofei could hook them up and give them a shot at getting together with Qin Xiaoyou.

“That’s enough. You are all grown-ups and are not children anymore. Can you just be thinking more decently? Xiaoyou has already long had someone that she fancies. You would not be able to break them apart, even if you tried. There is no use, even if you kill me. If I bring this up to Xiaoyou, she would definitely cut all ties with me.”

Wang Xiaofei knew just how infatuated Qin Xiaoyou was with that Mo Wen. For Mo Wen, she could even neglect her best friend at times. Because of this, she had been a little jealous of Mo Wen. In the past, she had not liked the sight of him because of that. However, she still did not like the sight of him now.

“It can’t be! She actually has someone she likes already… The heavens are not on our side…” Around her, there were immediately cries of disappointment. Each of them was indignant and hurt. At the same time, they were obviously also jealous.

“Can we take the steal?” someone asked very indignantly.

“You? Save it.” Wang Xiaofei did not bother to save any pride for her own elder brothers. She did not even think well of her elder brothers.

Not far away, a group of Wang Clan elders had seemed to not have moved from their sitting position. However, their attention had been drawn in their direction. At that moment, a few of them shared a few glances and shook their heads while sighing. She actually had a lover already. Evidently, the Wang Clan did not have that fortune.

Back then, when the Wang Clan was prepared to unite with the Qin Clan through marriage, the Qin Clan had brought up a change of candidate. At that time, the Wang Clan was not very happy about it. After all, changing a person was just like having a substitute. It was not a direct descent of the Wang Clan. The marriage between the two families had already been interrupted. However, in order to ensure that the larger scheme of things was not affected, the Wang Clan had still forcibly accepted it.

If they had known back then that the substitute was Qin Xiaoyou, they would definitely have rushed over to the Qin Clan at the first opportunity and fetched Qin Xiaoyou back to the Wang Clan to prevent her from getting away.

Qin Xiaoyou returned to the seat of the Huo Clan and smiled at Mo Wen. She was rather excited, because she finally had the opportunity to prove herself in front of Mo Wen. Although this competition was not very convincing, it was still a good start, and she believed that she would get stronger in future.

Mo Wen smiled. He could only roughly guess Qin Xiaoyou’s thoughts. However, it was a good thing. Although he did not have very strict requirements for training Xiaoyou, her eagerness to improve would no doubt be very beneficial for their future.

In the fourth round, the Qin Clan’s talent, Qin Qiao, was pitted against the Feng Clan’s top talent. As one of the only two ancient martial art practitioners in the Qi Nucleation realm in the competition, there was naturally no doubt about his abilities. Without a second thought, he simply defeated his opponent in less than a minute. It was simple and direct, which caused quite a number of people to take notice.

In the past, although Qin Qiao was an exceptional talent in the Qin Clan, he was not all that eye-catching. At most, he was more or less at the same level as Qin Kui. Yet now, he had broken through into the Qi Nucleation realm and had made his way into the top ranks of masters. He could almost even be comparable to the top talent of the Capital, Bi Fengdi. It was simply amazing.

Could a person’s talent explode when one had become an adult? If not, how could Qin Qiao have caught up to Bi Fengdi in such a short period of time?