Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 386

Chapter 386: Xiaoyou Versus Bi Fengdi

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After the fight for the top eight ended, the fight for the top four was about to begin. It remained as only two opponents against each other. They would fight to be in the top three.

The remaining four people were Bi Fengdi, Qin Qiao, Wang Jingxian, and Qin Xiaoyou. The four people were the most outstanding people in this Ten Finest Talents competition, so everyone knew that their fights were going to be very interesting.

“It turns out she will be fighting against Bi Fengdi.” After drawing lots, Huo Changxing sighed deeply. This time, Qin Xiaoyou was not so lucky. In the first fight for the top four, she was against the number one young genius, Bi Fengdi. The possibility of defeat was too great, with almost no chance of winning.

According to the situation now, the most beneficial choice was to fight against Wang Jingxian of the Wang Clan for the first match. After all, neither of them were ancient martial art practitioners in the Qi Nucleation realm, so their strengths should be similar, and she would have a chance of winning the first match.

If Qin Xiaoyou intended to fight for the top three, she would have a good chance after beating Wang Jingxian. However, with the situation now, she might be defeated in her first match and out of the running completely.

Qin Xiaoyou was very indifferent while waiting quietly for the fight to begin. She was neither happy nor upset, as if it didn’t matter who she was going to fight against.

Bi Kuanhai patted Bi Fengdi’s shoulders and was continuously encouraging him. “Little brat, you are indeed so lucky to be fighting against that young lady. This is an opportunity, so remember to perform well and don’t forget your manners. Remember whatever your grandfather has taught you and show the charm of a man.”

It is very beneficial to him in many ways to be against Qin Xiaoyou for the first match. After all, fighting against a young lady is way better than fighting against Qin Qiao for the first match.

“I will work hard…” Bi Fengdi murmured with an uneasy expression. After all, he had never done this kind of thing before. How do I show the charm of a man? How do I appear refined and cultured? How do I have the disposition of a gentleman? He had never thought of such things before, not to mention having learned them.

“Grandfather believes in you. Go, and I wish you a triumphant return.” Bi Kuanhai waved his hand, as he was very confident in his own grandson.

“He is actually not fighting against that girl for the first match. Her luck is quite good. It seems quite impossible to get rid of her in the fighting ring.” Qin Shaoyang furrowed his brows. According to the Qin Clan’s thinking, the best outcome was to be against Qin Xiaoyou for the first match. Not only would it be easy to defeat the opponent, they could also get rid of a hidden trouble. The situation now was obviously not going smoothly according to their wishes.

After all, if they were not fighting against Qin Xiaoyou for the first match, it might be quite difficult to fight against her later. Unless she defeated Bi Fengdi and fought Qin Qiao for the championship, this thing was almost impossible.

“It’s alright. Sooner or later we will get them. Whether it is Mo Wen or Qin Xiaoyou, both will not live for too long.” Qin Eldest Great Grandfather laughed coldly and didn’t mind it too much.

Bi Fengdi was fighting against Qin Xiaoyou while Qin Qiao naturally was fighting against Wang Jingxian. Neither of them were enjoying good luck. If the first match had been Bi Fengdi against Qin Qiao, that would have been the best outcome for them.

In the first fight, Qin Qiao and Wang Jingxian went into the ring and without any doubt, Wang Jingxian was defeated. After all, he was facing an ancient practitioner in the Qi Nucleation realm, so they were basically on different levels.

The second fight was Qin Xiaoyou versus Bi Fengdi. When they were ready, the judge came down from the ring. Qin Xiaoyou and Bi Fengdi were left in the ring facing each other about 100 meters apart.

“Miss Xiaoyou, it’s my pleasure to be here.” Bi Fengdi took his bow in a prim and proper manner with a cool smile on his face. His smile was beaming, as if he were very refined and cultured. However, if one were to look carefully, one would discover that his expression was unnatural and stiff, like he was trying to mimic someone.

“The pleasure is mine.” Qin Xiaoyou nodded slightly while looking weirdly at Bi Fengdi. Why is this person acting like a poor and pedantic scholar? Those who didn’t know him might think they were back in ancient times.

“Miss Xiaoyou, to know a person by reputation is not as good as meeting her in person. I’ve heard so much about you.” Bi Fengdi paused as he blinked for a while and blurted out another standard sentence unnaturally and mechanically. He really didn’t know what kind of common phrases in Jianghu he should say. Before he went into the ring, he was mentally prepared enough and had done a lot of preparation work. However, once he was in the ring and facing Qin Xiaoyou, he seemed to have put everything out of his mind and couldn’t utter a single word.

“Uh… I have also heard about you. Ahem… fight now?” Qin Xiaoyou was practically speechless as she looked at Bi Fengdi. This person is in the ring not to fight but to spout lots of nonsensical, superfluous words. She didn’t know him but had still heard a lot about him. What had he heard about her…

“Miss Xiaoyou, you don’t have to worry. I will not hurt you. We will just fight casually, then you just need to claim defeat. I will not make things difficult for you.” Bi Fengdi suddenly thought of the fight at that moment, so he nodded immediately with an, “I am friendly and will not hurt you” look. His grandfather instructed him repeatedly that he must be a gentleman during the fight and must not hurt Qin Xiaoyou. Moreover, he must not lose on purpose and must try to illustrate the strong side of a man.

“Uh…Thank you! But the fight must be fair and square. We shall use our own abilities so please do not give me any advantage over you…” Qin Xiaoyou nearly fainted. What’s wrong with this person? Is he sick in the head or is he pulling my leg? Isn’t he the number one genius? As his talent for practice is so much higher than the rest, are his intelligence and mental capacity not able to catch up with him?

He actually asked her to claim defeat publicly without even a fight. Even if he was confident, he didn’t have to do this. Moreover, he still put on an, “It’s all for your own good” look.

Not only was Qin Xiaoyou stunned by his act, but the rest of the spectators were also looking weirdly at him. What’s wrong with that Bi Fengdi? He was smart and elegant previously and had the heroic demeanor of the number one genius, so why is he behaving like a foolish nitwit now?

“That Bi Fengdi is a fool…” Wang Xiaofei rolled her eyes. The number one genius of Bi Clan conducts himself like this?

“Hee hee. That Bi Fengdi is finally getting his comeuppance today. Look at him now. His fighting power is beyond weak, and he is simply a sh*thead. Compared to our second brother, they are simply in different classes.”

Those youngsters of the Wang Clan were laughing with schadenfreude, as only they would know what exactly Bi Fengdi was thinking about. After all, they could be considered as “birds of a feather” with Bi Fengdi.

Huo Changxing was also speechless. Bi Fengdi doesn’t behave like this normally. What’s wrong with him today?

Only the people of the Bi Clan were clear about what was happening. At this time, all the young people were trying very hard to keep a straight face. Their faces were all red as they wanted to laugh but didn’t dare. The “great disciple” who was trained by the Eldest Great Grandfather is indeed unusual…

However, Bi Kuanhai didn’t think anything was wrong. He was constantly nodding approvingly as if Bi Fengdi were performing really well.

“Bi… Bi young master, the time is getting late. We’d better fight quickly so we can finish and get to the results quickly.” Qin Xiaoyou cast a look at Bi Fengdi helplessly. She didn’t intend to waste any more time with Bi Fengdi and was about to initiate a move. She originally intended to greet him as, “Mr. Bi,” but they continued to have honorific greetings for those young people such as, “young master” and “young mistress” in the ancient martial arts world, so when in Rome, do as the Romans do.

Xiaoyou twisted her slim waist, and a remnant shadow flashed across the ring. In the blink of an eye, she was 100 meters away. In the next moment, a glistening black hand swept across with a howling wind and struck towards Bi Fengdi’s chest.

Bi Fengdi was shocked. Miss Xiaoyou’s speed was actually so fast that she was able to stride 100 meters within a moment. He had yet to react to it and reckoned she might be better than he was. That’s why she could defeat Qin Kui effortlessly. With such amazing physical movements, she could be in the winning position.

At that moment, he couldn’t think of any other solution but to simply stretch out his palm and block Qin Xiaoyou’s hit, which was as fast as lightning. When their palms collided, a deep booming sound resounded like a small explosion as strong winds whooshed through the surroundings.

Qin Xiaoyou flew backwards, and her figure cut across the air in a beautiful arc as if she were dancing with quick, light steps. After changing a few poses, she removed all the force of the strike. The next moment, her figure seemed to be everywhere in the air. She actually used the momentum to exhibit the Tai Succubus Dance, giving her opponent no time to react, as it was simply impossible to decipher which figure was the real person at that moment.

This time, Bi Fengdi simply didn’t have the ability to react. Although he had blocked Qin Xiaoyou’s palm, he was being pushed back by the strong force hitting him. He only managed to stabilize himself after moving back four or five steps.

“Such a profound Inner Qi.” Bi Fengdi looked at Qin Xiaoyou in shock. During the exchange of blows just now, it dawned on him that Qin Xiaoyou had such profound Inner Qi that should have exceeded the pinnacle of the Sea of Qi realm. Though it was not equivalent to his, it was not too far off. Hence, she was almost equivalent to an ancient martial art practitioner halfway into the Qi Nucleation realm.

It was unbelievable to him that a girl in the Sea of Qi realm actually had such a profound Inner Qi. How did she do it? Under normal circumstances, when Cultivation was at the pinnacle of the Sea of Qi realm, there wouldn’t be much change in the amount of Inner Qi. It was usually almost the same. Unless it was those old fellows who had practiced in the Sea of Qi realm for dozens of years yet hadn’t broken through to the Qi Nucleation realm, then their Inner Qi would be profound due to accumulation over time.

After only one exchange of blows, Bi Fengdi’s face turned a bit more serious. He didn’t dare to underestimate this girl. Compared to those normal ancient martial art practitioners at the pinnacle of the Sea of Qi realm, she was obviously much stronger.

The remnant figures were everywhere, and all of them were moving with different poses as if many girls were dancing. Bi Fengdi was surrounded by all the remnant figures. They occasionally passed by him to the side, sometimes they dispersed into nothing, and yet at other times they would gather again. It was simply confusing to the eyes.

In the dense display of illusory figures, suddenly a soft voice resonated. “Shake.” Then, a blast of weird soundwaves immediately covered the ring.

Bi Fengdi’s body shook, and suddenly a series of blasts resounded in his brain. He felt dizzy and faint, as if a huge rock had hit his brain. His vision went blurry, and his thinking suddenly stopped.

The next moment, a figure appeared strangely behind Bi Fengdi without the slightest sound. That figure extended a slender, glistening black hand and suddenly struck towards Bi Fengdi’s back.