Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 387

Chapter 387 Gorgeous Defeat

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Bi Fengdi felt a sense of danger. A cold breeze blew past him and made his hair curl. He shivered. Immediately, he regained consciousness. Without hesitation, he sent a palm strike out behind him to face the dainty, black crystal hand head on.

A loud sound thundered, and an explosive force immediately sent Bi Fengdi flying backwards. At the last moment, he used his hand to block Qin Xiaoyou’s fatal blow, but because it was too rushed, his defense didn’t have much strength.

Thankfully, Bi Fengdi was now completely conscious. While he was in midair, he let out a long howl. His resounding Inner Qi swept across the space, clashing with the surrounding air. Then, using the recoil, he twisted and turned, narrowly falling on the edge of the fighting ring.

The palm strike just now had nearly knocked Bi Fengdi out of the fighting ring. If he had not been quick to respond, he most likely would have lost to Qin Xiaoyou at the very beginning of the battle. He was covered in cold sweat. It would be embarrassing if he lost to Qin Xiaoyou. How could he still impress her in the future? His grandfather would skin him.

He had still not managed to wrap his head around everything that had occured just now. It had all happened too suddenly, without any warning. It caused him to feel strangely dizzy. What was this martial arts technique?

If he had not felt a sense of danger just now, he most likely would have already lost to Xiaoyou before he even comprehended what had happened.

“Sound attack technique!” Bi Kuanhai sucked in a breath. His eyes stared unblinkingly at the fighting ring. Bi Fengdi had not immediately understood what had happened, but how could Bi Kuanhai not see it? That was a sound attack technique, and a very frightening one. Otherwise, it would be impossible for it to have such a strong effect on Bi Fengdi.

In the ancient martial arts world, any sound attack technique was a rarely seen martial arts teaching. This was especially so for pure sound attack techniques, as they were even rarer. However, every sound attack technique had immeasurable worth. Normal martial arts factions would rarely have this type of martial art teachings.

As for some incredible sound attack techniques, those were even more rare in the world. They were obscure, otherworldly magnum opuses.

Bi Kuanhai was not the only one who was shocked. Almost everyone there was caught by surprise. No one would have thought that fighting against Bi Fengdi would not only be effortless for Qin Xiaoyou, but that she would also gain the upper hand in an instant. A Sea of Qi realm ancient martial art practitioner was battling another in the Qi Nucleation realm and actually suppressing the opponent. What was happening? Wasn’t this all too absurd?

Even Huo Changxing was speechless and staring with wide eyes. He had never expected that Xiaoyou would be so powerful. Before this, he had actually underestimated her greatly. Looking at the current conditions, she would most likely not lose and even had some possibility of winning.

Of course, the chances of winning were slim. After all, the two of them were a huge realm apart. It might not have been apparent at the very start, but as the battle continued, the difference would certainly be made clear. After all, the difference in their cultivation was hard to make up for.

Bi Fengdi felt shocked inside, as he looked at Qin Xiaoyou warily. He was heaving slightly uneven breaths. His brush with defeat had been too close just now. His heart was still beating uncontrollably.

However, Bi Fengdi did not have much time to catch his breath. The countless illusions once again swarmed from all around. They seemed to be prepared to block Bi Fengdi off at the boundary of the fighting ring and then send him flying out. He could not evade such an onslaught at all because there was no place to hide. He was completely suppressed when it came to speed.

Bi Fengdi did not dare to continue staying at the boundary of the fighting ring. He was afraid if he wasn’t careful, he would actually fall out of the ring. At this moment, he did not dare to look down on Qin Xiaoyou.

With a flash of his silhouette, Bi Fengdi leapt up. He was prepared to come out from the side and send the surrounding illusions flying with a palm strike. This would create a gaping hole for him to pass through.

He would not encounter Qin Xiaoyou’s real body’s attack. After all, there were so many illusions and just one real Qin Xiaoyou. Sealing him off from all sides was impossible. However, a thought had just crossed his mind, when something unexpected happened. A faint whistle of the wind passed his ear. A slightly chilly aura made him suddenly have goosebumps. Without any hesitation, he immediately dodged.

As expected, a black Qi of Sword appeared without a sound at the spot where he had just stood. It leapt forward and slashed his afterimage in half. The sharp Qi of Sword shot out from afar, leaving a deep but fine cut in the solid rock floor.

Bi Fengdi sucked in a breath of cold air. The attack just now had had no warning signs. It seemed to suddenly appear before him. If it weren’t for the fact that he had felt a sense of danger, even if he had wanted to evade this sort of attack, it would be very difficult to do so. How could a maiden have such bizarre methods? The longer Bi Fengdi battled with Qin Xiaoyou, the more he felt that this girl was unfathomable. Although the battle had just begun, Bi Fengdi no longer had his previous confidence in certain victory.

That delay just now naturally made Bi Fengdi’s plan to break out of this encirclement fail. At this moment, Xiaoyou’s real body appeared in front of him without a sound, blocking his escape.

“Get down.” Qin Xiaoyou gave Bi Fengdi a glance. Her delicate lips gently opened and uttered the two words plainly. The next moment, a bizarre thing happened. Bi Fengdi, who was momentarily in midair, actually dropped down. His body crashed straight down like a weight. It seemed as though her words were more reliable than religious scripture. What she said had happened.

Bi Fengdi was bitter beyond words inside. The situation just now had occurred again. In his mind there was a roar which he could not block. After being at a disadvantage the first time, he had actually taken some steps to defend against it. He used his Inner Qi to seal his eardrums and concentrated his energy hard. However, he was still unable to block Qin Xiaoyou’s bizarre sound attack technique. It caused him to go stiff for an instant.

Although it was just for an instant, his Inner Qi stopped circulating, and his body naturally dropped down to the ground. At that moment, his Inner Qi was cut off. His previous momentum was gone, and he could not summon up any energy. Even if he wanted to fly up again, he could not.

Also at this moment, Qin Xiaoyou came pouncing down from above. Using the momentum of her drop, she sent a palm strike at Bi Fengdi.

Just now, when she had used the Soul Shuddering Demonic Sound, Qin Xiaoyou had already calculated for this attack, so she had received the falling Bi Fengdi just right, striking a palm out with all her might. She had done so because she knew that in terms of Inner Qi cultivation, she was still far lower than Bi Fengdi. She could only use tricks like these to gain the advantage and from there, defeat her opponent.

Bi Fengdi exchanged blows with Qin Xioayou helplessly from below. In his current condition, that was the only way he could block her attack. From the start until the end, he did not have the chance to use any of his martial arts techniques even once. The maiden’s calculations were layered and interlocking. Once she successfully landed an attack, she did not relent. He had actually fallen again and again by her design.

As fist and palm collided, a loud thud sounded. The huge force caused Bi Fengdi to drop down even faster. Like a meteor falling to Earth, he directly crashed on top of the hard fighting ring. A cloud of dust flew out, and a crater actually formed in the ground.

Qin Xiaoyou, on the other hand, flew up once again due to the force of the collision, but her attack did not stop. As she reached out with her small black crystal hand, a cold wind suddenly the swept through the heavens and earth. The surrounding temperature plummeted dozens of degrees. A jet black claw bizarrely appeared on top of Bi Fengdi’s head, furiously clawing towards him.

Bi Fengdi felt a chill all over his body. It was as though he had dropped into a freezer, and even his blood froze. That bizarre, jet black claw enveloped him from above. The heavens and earth were cold, causing his thoughts and movements to slow down.

Bi Fengdi drew in a cold breath. The attack had actually not ended. That maiden had practiced so many terrifying and bizarre martial arts. How did she actually do it? Even he had only practiced two ranked martial arts. Also, he could only display the power of one of his martial arts. The other one he had just begun to learn. After all, practicing martial arts was not an easy thing.

A maiden in the Sea of Qi realm had actually practiced so many terrifying martial arts. Disregarding where the martial arts came from, her talent alone was certain to astonish people.

The Tai Yin Claws came enveloping downwards, directly pressing Bi Fengdi into the crater. The terrifying Tai Yin Qi caused the ground surrounding him to form a layer of black ice crystals. It also directly sealed Bi Fengdi’s body in ice, like a slab of black crystal.

Bi Fengdi could not resist the Tai Yin Claws at all. It was because when he had fallen from the sky, his Inner Qi had already dissipated. He could not gather his Inner Qi again in time. Against the instantly descending Tai Yin Claws, he could only watch, unable to respond at all.

Qin Xiaoyou drew a beautiful arc in the air as she landed gently on the ground. She looked at Bi Fengdi, who was sealed in the crater. The corner of her mouth curled into a charming smile. Finally, she had defeated this powerful opponent of hers.

In reality, the reason why Qin Xiaoyou could so easily defeat Bi Fengdi was because the battle tactics that she had mentally simulated had worked. Otherwise, under normal circumstances, it would not have been easy for her to defeat Bi Fengdi.

It could be said that the moment Bi Fengdi underestimated his opponent and carelessly put himself at a disadvantage, Qin Xiaoyou had formed a perfect battle plan in her mind. It took only a short instant. Her responsiveness and thinking ability was nothing if not astounding.

Bi Fengdi laid in the crater with his limbs stiff, his entire body freezing cold, unable to move. He laughed bitterly. He had actually lost, and so suddenly at that. He had not even completely managed to react before he was utterly defeated at the hands of this girl.

He wanted to nurse his grievance so much by letting out a loud yell. He was dissatisfied. He wanted to battle Qin Xiaoyou again. It was because just now he had not displayed his ability at all. He had not even used any of his martial arts before losing so bafflingly. He was a Qi Nucleation realm ancient martial art practitioner. He had actually lost to a maiden in the Sea of Qi realm in such a short amount of time. It was an utter disgrace.

The surrounding crowd looked at Bi Fengdi, who was lying in the crater motionlessly with his entire body completely sealed in ice. All of them seemed petrified, unable to believe what they had witnessed with their own eyes! This person, was he really Bi Fengdi? The Bi Fengdi who was the number one youth genius in the area around the Capital and had Qi Nucleation realm cultivation?

No one could believe it because this contrast was too great. Under normal circumstances, Qin Xiaoyou should be the one who would have lost. It shouldn’t by right have been Bi Fengdi. He had been so utterly defeated in just moments.