Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 388

Chapter 388 Amazingly Beautiful

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In the Bi Clan’s parliament, Bi Kuanhai’s expression hardened immediately. Just a moment ago, he had been nodding his head and feeling very satisfied.

His sudden mood shift was the result of the Bi Clan’s pride and joy, the top young talent of the capital, being defeated by a young lady! The people of the Bi Clan could not believe their eyes, and their gazes were all filled with disbelief.

No one understood how Bi Fengdi could have lost! The result of the battle had disoriented everyone, and throughout the huge square, everything fell silent in an instant.

However, that only lasted a few seconds, as the crowd then became engaged in heated discussions…

“She actually defeated Bi Fengdi. That young girl is so powerful!”

“How can this be? Bi Fengdi is an ancient martial art practitioner with the Qi Nucleation realm. They are a whole realm apart. By right, she should not be able to overtake him like that.”

“Where did that young lady come from? She’s so frightening!”

“With this young lady, the Huo Clan can make a comeback! In the future, they may even surpass the Bi Clan.”

Even the Huo Clan was in a state of chaos. Huo Changxing stood up and fixed his gaze on the fighting ring. He could tell that Bi Fengdi had not gone easy on her and had truly been defeated at the hands of Qin Xiaoyou.

But, how could that be?

Even Huo Changxing, who understood Qin Xiaoyou to some extent, was also very surprised. He knew that, in comparison to the average ancient martial art practitioner with the peak of the Sea of Qi realm, Qin Xiaoyou was much stronger. But, it was still impossible for her to be that powerful.

As such, Huo Changxing was shocked at the outcome of the battle. Those people of the Huo Clan who had even shallower understandings of her were even more shocked.

A few of the elders of the Huo Clan exchanged glances, their eyes full of surprise. This Qin Xiaoyou was actually so capable. Now that her mother had married into the Huo Clan, she was also considered as belonging to the Huo Clan. To the Huo Clan, this relationship was meaningful and had huge implications.

Initially, a few of the elders had disapproved of a clan leader marrying a normal wife. Moreover, she was a widower. They believed that such a woman would not have the capabilities to take on the role as the wife of a clan leader.

Yet, many of them had changed their minds about this. Their thoughts about Wang Huiru began to change because Qin Xiaoyou’s performance had been so amazingly beautiful. Hence, they saw bending their standards as being worth the effort in order to keep her within the clan.

“That young lady is so powerful. She’s so young, yet she has already achieved such a high level!” An elder from the Wang Clan exclaimed.

Defeating Bi Fengdi, who was of the Qi Nucleation realm, with just her Sea of Qi realm was not just a showing of natural talent. It was wisdom!

“Little b*stards of the Wang Clan, whichever one of you can get that girl to come over to the Wang Clan as a daughter-in-law will become the clan leader in the future!” Wang Tiannian looked at the squirmish youth of his clan, his words having stumped everyone.

Wang Tiannian’s mood was currently quite positive. This was because he knew that, although the Wang Clan was feeling down, the Qin Clan was probably feeling even worse!

After all, such an amazingly talented young girl had been produced within their clan, yet they had not developed her well. Instead, they had become enemies with her. It was the biggest joke in the world!

Wang Xiaofei rolled her eyes at her own grandfather. He was already so old, but he still had such thoughts. Xiaoyou already had a partner, yet he was still inciting her bunch of brothers to steal away this genius bride!

“Thank you for the match.” Qin Xiaoyou slowly walked up to Bi Fengdi and saluted. Then, she turned around to walk out of the fighting ring. The black ice crystal that was wrapped over Bi Fengdi had begun to melt gradually, becoming rays of Yin Qi that permeated the air.

In a moment, Bi Fengdi had regained his freedom. He climbed out of the hole with a pale face and then looked at the back of Qin Xiaoyou.

He had a very complex look in his eyes. He had lost. At this moment, lady Xiaoyou was probably laughing at him!

Bi Fengdi felt deflated as he walked out of the fighting ring. He felt useless, believing that he would probably never win her favor.

“Grandfather.” Bi Fengdi walked up to Bi Kuanhai and lowered his head.

He did not mind losing the title of the competition, as it was nothing but an empty title. However, being defeated by Qin Xiaoyou had made him lose his dignity. It could actually be the most embarrassing thing in his life thus far!

“You didn’t perform badly, it was just that the young lady was too amazing.” Bi Kuanhai shook his head and patted Bi Fengdi on the shoulder.

Such an outcome was very surprising, and nobody knew how to react to it. However, Bi Kuanhai would not be defeated by such an outcome. He was just a little regretful and disappointed.

That young girl had both talent and skill. Not only was her cultivation of a very high level, her intellect was also amazing. With such a shocking talent, it was very normal that she had achieved what she had today.

Perhaps, this was not necessarily a bad thing for Bi Fengdi. Since he was young, everything had been smooth sailing for him. As such, someone who had never encountered failures could not possibly achieve true success in the future.

“Grandfather… I…” Bi Fengdi looked at his grandfather and spoke a few words, only to fall silent again. His gaze was full of disappointment.

“Hmm? What do you have to say?” Bi Kuanhai looked at Bi Fengdi curiously.

“I… I… like that young girl, but now…” Bi Fengdi lowered his head, his face reddening slightly.

It was the first time that he had felt this way about someone of the opposite gender. He realized that he truly liked that young lady Xiaoyou quite a bit. He knew that this must be the real thing because it was the first time that he had displayed such a strong desire in front of a girl, and it was also the first time he had been so sad and discouraged because of a battle.

“Since you like her, then pluck up your courage and go woo her. Don’t be afraid because she defeated you. Girls tend to look down on men who are not bold or decisive. In any case, I will definitely support you and help you. If you are able to woo that girl, it will definitely make me smile, even in my dreams.” Bi Kuanhai then immediately burst into laughter, hitting Bi Fengdi on the shoulder.

He was very satisfied with this outcome. He had been afraid that Bi Fengdi would have lost all courage after being defeated by the young lady.

“I will do my best.” Bi Fengdi looked at Qin Xiaoyou from far away and clenched his fists tightly. He had a very determined look in his eyes.

“What’s going on? How could that little sl*t defeat Bi Fengdi? Did he let her win on purpose?” In the Qin Clan, that short middle-aged man with a thin angular face stood up suddenly, while looking at the fighting ring in disbelief.

“That’s right! That girl could not possibly have such an ability. There is an 80 percent chance that Bi Fengdi purposely made things easier for her and lost to her. He must have been blinded by her beauty!” Another old man in the Qin Clan shook his head as well, refusing to believe that this was real. There was definitely something wrong with this outcome!

Everyone from the Qin Clan refused to believe that Qin Xiaoyou had that ability. If it were true, it would just cause them further embarrassment!

After all, Qin Xiaoyou was someone who had walked out of the Qin Clan, even though she had the blood of the Qin Clan. So, not only was she not contributing to the clan, but she had even become the clan’s enemy!

“That lad from the Bi Clan did not go easy on her, so the young girl is truly extraordinary. However, the fact that Bi Fengdi lost was also due to his own carelessness.” The old elder of the Qin Clan shook his head and said serenely.

He could naturally tell that Bi Fengdi had already given it his all during the battle. Meanwhile, Qin Xiaoyou had used the circumstances to her favor, and she had even relied on some of her astute psychological skills to defeat the opponent. He was also amazed that such a young girl could have such abilities.

The people of the Qin Clan exchanged glances. They naturally would never doubt the words of the grand elder.

In a moment, the Qin Clan’s initial thoughts that she had won because of dumb luck had been utterly destroyed. One by one, they started to direct their gazes to the clan leader, Qin Shaoyang.

This was because, back then, the incident where he went against Qin Xiaoyou’s father was his own doing. If it had not been for him, the clan would not have offended a scary youth like Mo Wen, and would have instead earned his support, thus gaining another amazing talent!

This had made some of the grand elders of the Qin Clan blame Qin Shaoyang. However, because of his status as the clan leader, they did not say anything out loud.

Qin Shaoyang’s expression had also turned very sour. He could naturally understand why the people of the clan all were gazing at him with scorching resentment.

However, back then, Qin Xiaoyou had still been an infant in swaddling clothes, so there was no way that he could known about these things that would happen in the future. Moreover, when he had gone against Qin Yi, although he had been the one planning it, there were quite a number of people in the clan who also knew about it and didn’t try to stop him.

“That’s enough. What’s done is done. There is no need to harp on about those things. Now, this young girl has enmity with our Qin Clan for stealing her possessions and killing her father. Hence, we cannot let her continue develop herself. So, we have to get rid of her as soon as possible,” the grand elder of the Qin Clan said coldly.

Although they had missed out on an exceptional talent and his heart ached because of that, they could only proceed forward and do what needed to be done. There was no point in looking back.

That young girl had to be taken care of as soon as possible. If not, she would become a huge threat to the Qin Clan!