Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 389

Chapter 389 Why Was It Him Again?

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All the people of the Qin Clan agreed with the Qin Eldest Great Grandfather’s words, as Qin Xiaoyou’s talents were so obvious and would have unlimited achievements in the future. It had been a long time since the ancient martial arts world in the Capital had such a genius. After all, Qin Xiaoyou was less than 20 years old, and she had a great possibility of breaking through to the Embryonic Breathing realm in the future. All the members of the Qin Clan felt threatened, so they agreed that the best choice now was to get rid of that young lady.

“However, since that girl could defeat Bi Fengdi, her strength is unquestionable. Even if she fights Qin Qiao, won’t it still be very difficult to kill her?” an elder of Qin Clan asked worriedly. After all, their purpose was not simply defeating Qin Xiaoyou, it was killing her. They understood the difference. They merely had a chance at a moment to suddenly kill her. If they were unsuccessful in that moment, there might not be another chance.

“Don’t worry. I am very confident about this matter. Qiao’er will definitely defeat that girl. As for killing her, that will have to depend on serendipity. It’s alright. Even if we can’t kill her now, we will have a chance later,” Qin Eldest Great Grandfather said stoically, as if killing Qin Xiaoyou was not a very difficult matter.


Qin Xiaoyou happily returned to the Huo Clan’s seating area. Many of the Huo Clan’s people felt some respect when they looked at her. After all, this young lady would be the pride of the Huo Clan in the future. Although strictly speaking, she was not a member of the Huo Clan, at least she had some relationship with the Huo Clan. Because of this, she was worth being taken seriously by the clan.

Everyone was looking at Qin Xiaoyou with fervent eyes as if they were looking at their goddess, especially those young people in the Huo Clan. In the ancient martial arts world, one would gain respect with their martial arts. This kind of girl with natural beauty who also had strong skills in martial arts was very popular.

However, regardless of how fervent the eyes of that group of young people were, they could only look. As Qin Xiaoyou walked, she didn’t look at them at all and treated them like they didn’t exist. She took cheerful steps towards Mo Wen and hugged him intimately.

“I’ve won.” Qin Xiaoyou was grinning from ear to ear, as being able to defeat Bi Fengdi implied that she was already standing at the top. She merely needed to defeat that guy from the Qin Clan to be the champion of the Ten Finest Talents. Her goal was actually to be the first on list of the Ten Finest Talents, though she was merely trying to be modest by claiming that she wanted to be in the top three. However, even so, Huo Changxing previously hadn’t thought that she would be able to do it.

“Uh huh, you are destined to be extraordinary in the future.” Mo Wen smiled and took Qin Xiaoyou into his arms. Qin Xiaoyou had always been an iron fist in a velvet glove. In the past, she had already been very competitive. That was still the case as she practiced ancient martial arts.

Mo Wen and Qin Xiaoyou didn’t know that at that moment, everyone in the public square was looking at them, and they had instantly become the focal point of everyone’s speculation. Their intimate actions were really attracting too much attention. Many people’s expressions stiffened as though their hopes had been dashed, and they looked as if they had just swallowed a dead rat.

That shockingly talented and beautiful young lady actually had a boyfriend!

Their hearts were all broken, especially those young, strong men. Their eyes were red, and if looks could kill, Mo Wen would be dead. That guy actually held such an extremely strong and charming beauty in his arms. It was simply unforgivable. If sanity had not existed, many people would have tried to beat him up and take his place.

“What’s happening? That Miss Xiaoyou actually has a boyfriend!” In the seating area, the bodies of all the Bi Clan members stiffened while they looked at one another with unnatural expressions. Could their previous plan fail completely? Just now, the Eldest Great Grandfather had decided to go to the Huo Clan to ask for Qin Xiaoyou’s hand in marriage, as it was an advantage to make the first move. However, now that such a thing had happened, it meant someone had made a move before they could!

“She actually has a lover.” Bi Kuanhai furrowed his brows and frowned. His eyes were clouded with gloom for a while, seemingly thinking of something.

As for Bi Fengdi, he was speechless at that moment, and his lips pursed tightly while he stared at that person who was hugging Qin Xiaoyou.

The Wang Clan’s people stared at one another. At this time, it dawned on them that Wang Xiaofei was not lying – Miss Xiaoyou indeed had a lover. Immediately, everyone in the Wang Clan sighed, as they knew that their plan would most likely fail.

With Qin Xiaoyou’s talent and performance, almost any influence would hope to add her to their clan. Other than the five big ancient martial arts aristocratic families, the other influences also had this thought but just didn’t show it. They knew that if they were to compete, they wouldn’t be a match for those five big aristocratic families. After all, Qin Xiaoyou belonged to the Huo Clan, and it was common for the five big aristocratic families to become related to one another via marriage. They would usually turn their noses up at the ordinary influences.

Besides the Bi Clan and the Wang Clan, even within the Huo Clan, the atmosphere was a little weird, as the countenances of a few Huo Clan’s elders didn’t seem pleasant. Although Qin Xiaoyou was related to the Huo Clan, she was not a member of the clan, so she could definitely marry into the Huo Clan. Previously, those elders of the Huo Clan were still contemplating how they could play matchmaker for Qin Xiaoyou and the Huo Clan’s young men. In this way, they could definitely keep Qin Xiaoyou in the Huo Clan. After all, if Qin Xiaoyou were to marry someone else, she would have very little connection to the Huo Clan.

However, while this thought was still hovering over the minds of the Huo Clan’s elders, Qin Xiaoyou had already gone directly and unabashedly into someone else’s embrace. With their behavior, they were obviously lovers and had caught everyone by surprise.

A few Huo Clan elders gathered together and were discussing softly. “That girl actually has a lover. It seems quite difficult to act at this time.”

An old fellow with a white beard said with determination, “We must think of a solution for this matter. That girl is so talented that we can’t give up. Don’t forget that we don’t have any talented juniors in this generation, so we may have a situation of a lack of succession. If we have this girl, at least the Huo Clan won’t have to worry about anything for the next few decades.”

“That’s right. We must think of a solution. This is a big matter, so we have to manage it carefully.”

“I previously didn’t like that youngster by the name of Mo Wen. Once he was in the Huo Clan, he brought great trouble to them. Now, he even dares to trick that girl away. It’s simply detestable.”

“Xiaoyou is, after all, young and is in the bloom of youth, so she is easily tricked by flattery. I will instruct some outstanding young men in the clan to make a move on her. When she knows better men, she’ll definitely understand that Mo Wen is really lousy. By then, everything will fall into place.”

As they were at a distance, Huo Changxing didn’t know what the group of clan’s elders was discussing. Otherwise, he would definitely have sternly stopped them, as only he knew how terrifying that youngster was. It was better not to have this kind of person provoke them, but instead, they actually dared to initiate the provocation.

Unlike other big aristocratic families, the people of the Qin Clan and the Meng Clan were the calmest. As the Meng Clan knew that they had grudges with the Huo Clan previously, it was basically impossible to have a chance to connect via marriage. Instead of wasting their effort, they would rather hope to get rid of that girl secretly. In this way, no one would have her at all. Since it would also be a setback for the Huo Clan, why wouldn’t they go ahead with it?

As for the Qin Clan, they had a blood feud with Qin Xiaoyou, and she was a member of the Qin Clan, so it was impossible for her to marry into it. Compared to Qin Xiaoyou, the Qin Clan paid more attention to Mo Wen. In the Qin Clan’s eyes, this person was their secret malady, as the level of threat he presented was way higher than Qin Xiaoyou’s.

As the five big aristocratic families intended to maintain their splendor, they appeared to be relatively “calm.” However, other influences were vastly different. Once they realized that Qin Xiaoyou was in Mo Wen’s arms, the entire public square was outraged, and the animated discussions everywhere revolved around only one topic.

“The fairy of my heart, someone actually dares to desecrate her. I really would like to chop those hands off.”

“Heavens! Miss Xiaoyou actually has a lover. Heaven is collapsing, and the earth is crashing!”

“God, may you send a meteorite down to crush this b*stard to death.”


Unlike the utterly dreary screams and cries of the young people, the leaders of those influences naturally had different viewpoints about the matter. At this time, many people were filled with schadenfreude, as the five big aristocratic families would have difficulty getting Qin Xiaoyou in this way. They couldn’t fight with the five big aristocratic families, but now the five big aristocratic families might not get what they wanted, either. That was naturally a delightful thing.

“Isn’t that youngster the one who caused a big dispute previously and nearly caused the five big aristocratic families to get into a fight? This guy is indeed shocking. Not only did he stir up a dispute, but he is also well on his way towards causing another dispute.”

“Indeed, it was him. Why is it so crowded wherever he is around…”

“That guy has such great fortune to have such a beautiful girlfriend. Why didn’t the five big aristocratic families kill him previously? However, he killed Meng Guo and many people in the Meng Clan, so he has a blood feud with Meng Clan, which means he is not too far from death.”

“It’s that b*stard again. Isn’t he Wang Xiaofei’s lover? Why is he still behaving so intimately with Qin Xiaoyou now? He can’t be… What a brute. He is simply a beast!”

“What’s wrong with him? Why is he with Qin Xiaoyou? Wasn’t he pestering Wang Xiaofei previously? That’s why Wang Xiaofei was calling him a heartbreaker. Could he be abandoning his old girlfriend to get Qin Xiaoyou? What the f*ck! That’s just too much!”

Many people had already recognized Mo Wen. After all, though Mo Wen had only been in the Bi Clan Manor House for a day, he was already quite famous, as he had nearly caused a fight among the five aristocratic families in the Capital, which had not happened for dozens of years. When everyone paid attention to him again, he had actually stirred up another big dispute.

However, no matter how excited these people were, it was impossible to disrupt order in the Martial Arts Symposium. After all, not everyone was irrational. Those irrational young and vigorous young people were controlled by the seniors in their clans, so they didn’t dare to create trouble.

After Qin Xiaoyou and Bi Fengdi’s fight was over, the next fight would soon start. After the two matches had ended, the third match was naturally between Bi Fengdi and Wang Jingxian, as they would be fighting for the third position. As for the fight for the first position, it was arranged to be last, as it would be the most interesting match.