Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 390

Chapter 390 The Jet Black Soul Scimitar

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Bi Fengdi and Wang Jingxian’s battle was without suspense as usual. Although Bi Fengdi lost to Qin Xiaoyou, so his confidence had taken a hit and his condition was not very good, he was still not someone who Wang Jingxian could match. After all, the two were a huge realm apart, so it was impossible for him to possess the same skills as Qin Xiaoyou.

So, Bi Fengdi successfully managed to take the third place. But, with Bi Fengdi’s fame and all of the expectations that were place upon him, this third place rank felt unsatisfactory. After all, he had been one of the favorites to take first place.

Many people were exclaiming that there was a black horse in this round, who had exceeded everyone’s expectations. In fact, if it weren’t for her, Bi Fengdi would not have lost his advantage in the Ten Finest Talents competition!

After the third place was decided, the finals were about to begin. It would be a match between Qin Xiaoyou and Qin Qiao.

Their battle would decide who got the position of leader of the Ten Talents. Everyone was guessing as to which one would be victor.

Many gambling dens had even opened betting tables. Qin Xiaoyou’s odds were quite favorable! After all, she had defeated Bi Fengdi and her fame had instantly skyrocketed.

The final battle began as Qin Xiaoyou and Qin Qiao both walked up to the fighting ring, then stood to face each other. Qin Qiao, who was standing on the opposite side, was not tall. In fact, his appearance was quite normal.

His eyes had a chilly look that made people feel very uncomfortable. He squinted at Qin Xiaoyou, who was standing on the opposite side, then said enigmatically, “I am here to put things in order!”

“I am not a member of your Qin Clan, so please don’t speak to me as if I was.” Qin Xiaoyou said with a cold look.

“Such a rebellious spirit. You will die here!” Qin Qiao coldly snorted.

The next moment, a black shadow shot out like lightning, instantly appearing above Qin Xiaoyou’s head. It was a jet-black scimitar. Its blade shined with a faint blue cold light and it seemed to be coated in poison.

Qin Xiaoyou’s gaze slightly froze. With a flick of her finger, a beam of black Qi of Sword flashed out. It directly collided on the surface of the jet-black scimitar, sending the scimitar flying forward.

Then, strangely, the scimitar acted as though it was a living object! It vibrated slightly and released a shrill cry. The next moment, it actually returned and once again slashed towards Qin Xiaoyou!

Even Qin Xiaoyou was slightly stunned that the scimitar could actually attack on its own. When the scimitar attacked her once again, her silhouette flashed. She evaded the attack by instantly becoming dozens of fake images, her silhouette dividing and combining, dazzling anyone who saw the scene.

Then, the jet-black scimitar curved. It was as though an invisible hand was controlling it! It once again then slashed towards Qin Xiaoyou.

However, this time, it curved towards Qin Xiaoyou’s real body. It had actually found the real body among the sea of illusions in an instant, which gave Qin Xiaoyou a fright!

At a distance, Mo Wen’s eyes flashed with a look of surprise. That scimitar was strange indeed, as it had a very strong spirit power.

Moreover, it was covered in Yin Qi, as though a spirit was sealed inside it. This sort of thing was hard to come by, as only the members of the heretic forces would have such things. As such, it should, by right, not have appeared in Qin Qiao’s possession!

Could it be that the Qin Clan and the heretic forces were cooperating to the extent that this sort of item could simply be taken out and used?

With the spirit power being sealed in the scimitar, it could easily find Qin Xiaoyou’s real body. This was because the illusions were immaterial and would not have souls. As such, they would not have soul waves. After all, if it could detect soul waves, it could directly lock on to the real body!

Hence, Qin Xiaoyou’s cultivation and ability were still not enough. She could not divide her spirit to tens of thousands of pieces and cause that soul searching ability to be unable to find her. At this point, even Mo Wen would find it hard to accomplish such a feat.

Qin Xiaoyou raised her eyebrows. That scimitar was too bizarre. Not only could it attack on its own, it could even detect her real body’s position. Plus, it had almost reduced the power of the Tai Succubus Dance by half!

In order to prove that the assumption she had was correct, Qin Xiaoyou continued to dodge a few more times. As expected, the scimitar still chased after her precisely and without error. Moreover, the illusions suffered no negative effects at all!

“Although your movements are exquisite, to me, your method is just a waste,” Qin Qiao said with a cold smile. He would not fall for Qin Xiaoyou’s tricks.

“Is that so?” Qin Xiaoyou’s expression was calm.

Her silhouette drew an elegant arc in the air, once again dodging the scimitar’s attack. The instant her body dropped down, she pulled up once again, appearing in front of Qin Qiao in a flash.

Although the illusions could not display their intended effect, the Tai Succubus Dance used not only its illusions, but its peerless speed and agility. As such, it was almost impossible for the scimitar to hit her.

“I would like to see how capable you are.” Qin Qiao coldly snorted, taking a step forward.

He sent out a palm strike, directly punching Qin Xiaoyou head-on. He naturally would not believe that he could defeat this girl with just the Jet-Black Soul Scimitar.

Besides, the scimitar was not his weapon, so he could not display its full power. The scimitar had just been just stored in the Qin Clan, and the eldest great grandfather had made an exception to let him use it this once, the goal being to counter Qin Xiaoyou’s meddlesome illusory ability!

The two of them clashed, fist and palm colliding. Bursts of blinding light exploded and strong gales were swept up.

Qin Xiaoyou landed on her toes. Her silhouette flashed and, using the recoil, she instantly retreated tens of meters, coincidentally evading the scimitar that came slashing towards her. As for Qin Qiao, he was sent backwards seven to eight steps before he managed to stabilize himself.

“As expected, your cultivation is strong.” Qin Qiao looked somewhat surprised at Qin Xiaoyou.

It was no wonder that Bi Fengdi would lose to her. The strength of her Inner Qi was impressive. She was only at the pinnacle of the Sea of Qi realm, yet she already had such amazing cultivation! The height of her talent was indeed astonishing.

“You are much weaker than Bi Fengdi. The people of the Qin Clan only know how to boast falsely!” Qin Xiaoyou looked at Qin Qiao from a distance.

She clearly saw that Qin Qiao’s cultivation was lower than Bi Fengdi’s. He had barely made it to the Qi Nucleation realm and was somewhat unstable. His Inner Qi was thin and dispersed and plentiful, but not concentrated.

According to Mo Wen’s explanation, these were the signs of one having unstable foundations. This was a serious condition for an ancient martial arts practitioner, as it could affect his future growth!

“Humph. You will know later whether or not I am just a big talker. Today, in this fighting ring, I will surely kill you, unless you admit defeat now!” Qin Qiao coldly smiled, while ignoring Qin Xiaoyou’s belittlement. His eyes looked confident.

“I won’t be admitting defeat.” Qin Xiaoyou’s small face tensed up. Against a member of the Qin Clan, she would never admit defeat.

“Then die!” Qin Qiao laughed sinisterly. He liked stubborn characters like Qin Xioayou very much. After all, if she did not fight and only retreated, he could not kill her!

With a whooshing sound, the Jet-Black Soul Scimitar flew back, landing in Qin Qiao’s hand. It had a terrifying power.

As such, Qin Xiaoyou could not possibly be his match. However, on order to use this scimitar, he had paid a high price. Hence, at least for a while, he would be in a weakened state. But, if he could kill Qin Xiaoyou and prove himself in front of the eldest great grandfather, everything would be worth it!


The Jet-Black Soul Scimitar let out a bizarre howl and suddenly emitted a jet black light. On the hand that Qin Qiao used to hold the scimitar, a wound opened up, with streaks of blood flowing out it. Then blood then strangely seeped into the scimitar.

With the injection of the blood, the Jet-Black Soul Scimitar vibrated slightly, as though it was very excited. The bizarre howling became more and more rapid, giving people goosebumps and causing them to exclaim in awe.

“What is that weapon? It is so bizarre. Even from such a distance, I can still feel a bone-chilling cold.”

“Isn’t that the evil weapon from the legends? That thing is the most tainted object in this world. Anyone who comes into contact with it will have many misfortunes fall upon them.”

As the bizarre Jet-Black Soul Scimitar naturally drew many people’s attention, everyone looked upon it with surprise, their eyes full of caution. Although they did not know what it was, they could feel that it was not a good thing!

The members of the other aristocratic families all had serious expressions on their faces. They looked solemnly at the evil scimitar that was in Qin Qiao’s hand.

Bi Kuanhai glanced in the direction of the Qin Clan solemnly. His eyes flashed and his expression turned ugly. He had discovered that something was off with the Qin Clan…

Huo Changxing frowned. He was deep in thought. After a while, he suddenly looked at Mo Wen and said, “This thing will be a threat to Xiaoyou’s safety. Should we retreat?”

At this moment, Huo Changxing had to respect Mo Wen’s opinion. Besides, that thing was clearly very evil, beyond the realm of normal weapons! Although he did not know where it came from, he knew that it was not simple.

“There is no need. Let’s just continue watching for now,” Mo Wen said plainly. His expression did not change and he was as calm as before.

“Isn’t that a bit risky?” Huo Changxing looked hesitantly at Mo Wen. He did not know why this youth had such confidence in Xiaoyou. But, he knew that Mo Wen knew Xiaoyou the best, so he deferred to him.

“If anything unexpected happens, I will take action,” Mo Wen said nonchalantly. Upon hearing this, Huo Changxing did not say anything else.

“Humph, merely a hoard of bandits.” The Qin eldest great grandfather was sitting at his seat, his expression calm.

He had naturally felt all of the gazes that were being directed at the Qin Clan. However, he did not mind them. He just thought of the future as he smiled…

So what if those people suspected or had ill feelings towards us? In just a little while, this place will become my world and those who followed me will prosper, while those who defied me will perish!