Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 391

Chapter 391 Fighting

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After that Jet-Black Soul Scimitar had sucked Qin Qiao’s blood, it emanated a very strong killing power. The thick, bloody smell made one feel nauseous, but anyone who looked at that scimitar would also feel a coldness from within.

Nobody could be sure if it was a misconception, but Qin Qiao’s aura had seemingly been elevated, and it was as though he had achieved the edge of the Qi Nucleation realm.

“Extinguish.” Qin Qiao breathed out coldly. The scimitar in his hand immediately turned into a black ray going straight at Qin Xiaoyou. It trailed a thick black fog that did not dissipate easily. It was very unusual.

Qin Xiaoyou’s expression was very solemn as it was tightly fixed on that Jet-Black Soul Scimitar. She could feel that the evil sword was different from before, such that it could threaten her life. However, she was not afraid, because Mo Wen had always said that in order to be powerful, one had to experience difficult situations time and again. Only then would the improvements be significant.

Qin Qiao had an amazing weapon, but so did she! With just a flick of her finger, a silver-blue ray flashed, directly dispelling that black fog and clashing with that Jet-Black Soul Scimitar.

The clashing sound rang and reverberated, and the imposing black ray disappeared for a moment, revealing the scimitar. There was a layer of deep blue ice frost sealing up that Jet-Black Soul Scimitar’s powers.

A stunned look flashed in Qin Qiao’s eyes. He knew of the Jet-Black Soul Scimitar’s power, yet there was something that could actually seal up that power. With a hard look, he noticed Qin Xiaoyou’s weapon was a very exquisite silver-blue hair pin. It was magnificent. At the very end of the pin, there was a snake head that looked extraordinarily ferocious.

That’s right, it was Mo Wen’s Silver Serpent Freezing Pin. It was a unique hidden weapon in the world and had once been world-renowned. There was no knowing how many masters it had killed before, and it was definitely a lethal weapon that struck terror in people’s hearts. However, there were currently not many people who knew of this lethal weapon. After all, there had been no news about it for many years. Even though it was very famous, it was something that had happened many years ago.

Mo Wen had given the 12 Silver Serpent Freezing Pins to Qin Xiaoyou as something to protect her. Although the Silver Serpent Freezing Pin was unique, it was nothing special in Mo Wen’s hands and was therefore quite a waste. After all, he had the Sacred Fire Sword, so the Silver Serpent Freezing Pin was not of much use to him.

“Break into pieces.” Qin Qiao breathed out coldly, and a very strong Inner Qi flew out from his body to penetrate through that Jet-Black Soul Scimitar. Immediately, that scimitar shined with a black light that caused the blue ice frost surrounding it to completely shatter. In the next moment, Qin Qiao’s figure flashed as he threw himself towards Qin Xiaoyou in preparation to personally attack. Although Qin Xiaoyou had a very unusual weapon, he did not think that it would make her a worthy opponent.

Qin Qiao flashed and appeared in front of that Jet-Black Soul Scimitar. He grabbed the scimitar, and his figure flashed once again, appearing not far away from Qin Xiaoyou. He slashed downwards with the scimitar in his hand, and a gust of cold air surged out. Suddenly, a bunch of eye-piercing black rays shot out from the scimitar and became a very frightening force heading directly towards Qin Xiaoyou.

With the help of that Jet-Black Soul Scimitar, Qin Qiao’s casual attacks were already very shocking and were enough to threaten the life of an ancient martial art practitioner at the beginning stage of the Qi Nucleation realm. Qin Xiaoyou did not dare to use brute force against that scimitar, as clashing head on would not be of any benefit to her. Hence, she split her body into several figures and flashed multiple times. In the next moment, she had already appeared ten meters away.

Although the Jet-Black Soul Scimitar could use the ripples of the soul to distinguish which image was her real body, her technique was very quick and dexterous, which made it difficult for anyone to tell.

“Where did you go?” A bright look took over Qin Qiao’s eyes, and the surges of Inner Qi from his body became more and more intense. A bunch of black fog surged out from above the Jet-Black Soul Scimitar, immediately dispersing dozens of meters away. It had actually sealed off everything in the surroundings, and a little segregated space had been created. Almost at the same time, Qin Qiao came dashing forward and slashed the scimitar in his hand downwards once again. His strength was obvious in that instant.

Qin Xiaoyou noticed that the black fog surrounding the area had a very strong repelling force. She tested it for a bit, and within a short period of time, she was actually unable to escape from within the black fog. Moreover, the black fog was also strongly corrosive, and the moment one was engulfed inside, strong scorching sensations were felt on the skin. In fact, this could be felt even through the protection of the body stemming from Inner Qi. If it had been the average person, the body would have rot and melted.

However, in the face of a strong opponent, the strength of the jet black sword had currently reached such an extent that Qin Xiaoyou was not given any time to break apart the black fog at all. In her helplessness, she could only extend her hand and wave. A gloomy claw suddenly appeared and immediately grabbed a hold of the attacking jet black sword.

If it had been any other sword of average strength, it would have definitely shattered to pieces upon being grabbed by the Taiyin Claws. However, while the Jet-Black Soul Scimitar’s strength was not usual at all, Qin Xiaoyou’s Cultivation was not that high, either. Hence, not only had she failed to shatter the force, it had even started to break into pieces and disappear into the air under the scimitar’s strength.

However, it had also bought Qin Xiaoyou quite a bit of time. With a wave of her hand, tens strong rays of Taiyin Claws had shot out from within her sleeves, directly cutting above that black fog. Immediately, the black fog started to churn, and a hole had opened. Just as Qin Xiaoyou was prepared to wriggle out of the black fog, a figure appeared suddenly from behind. It was Qin Qiao. “You won’t be able to leave.”

He did not bother holding back at all and directly waved the sword twice. Immediately, two rays of sword Qi were created, one each heading towards Qin Xiaoyou on the right and left. It appeared to be two rays of lightning. If Qin Xiaoyou had continued trying to break out of the black fog, ignoring those two rays of Sword Qi, she would definitely have been caught up by them, and they would have killed her on the spot.

However, sending out two rays at once had also caused Qin Qiao’s face to pale significantly. The brightness in his eyes been dimmed, and his energy was depleted quite significantly. He had forcefully unleashed his powers, and it had taken quite a toll on him. Moreover, the little segregated space that had been sealed off by the black fog was also sucking up his Inner Qi at a frightening rate.

Not only that, but the Jet-Black Soul Scimitar was constantly sucking his blood just like a demon, which caused his blood pressure to drop insanely. In that state, it was completely impossible for him to hold up for long. If he was not able to kill Qin Xiaoyou soon, he would die from being exhausted by the Jet-Black Soul Scimitar. Hence, without hesitating to use up his energy, he had to kill off Qin Xiaoyou as quickly as possible.

Hu Changxing stood up immediately, and his gaze was fixed silently on the fighting ring. An abundance of Inner Qi surged in his body, and he was prepared to unleash it. He could already tell that Qin Xiaoyou’s Cultivation was a little low, and she was not a match for Qin Qiao. Although he did not know what had happened, with Qin Qiao’s current condition, he was afraid that even Bi Fengdi was not a match for him. He could already be on par with an ancient martial art practitioner at the intermediate stage of the Qi Nucleation realm.

All the while, Mo Wen remained seated in his position. He was calm and at ease, but his gaze never left Qin Xiaoyou. Qin Qiao’s goal was clearly to force her into the small and narrow black fog space for the battle. Then, it would decrease her technical advantage greatly and enhance Qin Qiao’s Cultivation level advantage significantly.

However, at the moment, her hope of breaking out of the black fog was not high. If things continued, the price she would have to pay would be very high. With that thought, Qin Xiaoyou gritted her teeth. Since he wanted to trap her, she would have to give it her all in fighting him in this cage.

Qin Xiaoyou did a very exquisite reversal, and actually turned things around. She raised her hand, and four to five silver-blue rays flashed out, directly clashing with those two sword Qis.

A few clanging sounds rang out, and those silver-blue rays had all been repelled. However, the two sword Qis that were directed at Qin Xiaoyou had also stopped for a moment. Although they had not shattered, they had actually dimmed quite a bit. There was seemingly a cold aura floating all around that caused the two sword Qis to be suspended in the air, such that they became as slow as snails.

Qin Xiaoyou flashed and appeared before those two sword Qis. She did two simple but direct palm strikes and used that frightening strength to scatter the sword Qis into mist.

“There are actually still so many Silver Pins!” Qin Qiao’s pupils dilated as he focused on the Silver Serpent Freezing Pins rotating around Qin Xiaoyou non-stop. That item was very unusual. He had experienced it before. However, he had not expected that Qin Xiaoyou would have so many of them. It was already not easy to have a single pin, since it was a rare item. However, there were as many as five to six of them in her hands, which had caused him to helplessly feel a sense of fear. At the same time, greed was breeding inside of him. If he were able to get his hands on that item, it would be too amazing.

With that thought, Qin Qiao’s eyes began to burn, and although the Jet-Black Soul Scimitar was also a very unusual item, it did not belong to him. Being able to use it once was already a very big reward. If he was able to get his hands on the Silver Serpent Freezing Pin, he would also have a rare and amazing weapon. In the future, if he could go a step further and break through into the Embryonic Breathing realm, he would be above everything else because of it. Hence, Qin Qiao started to go all out. He attacked Qin Xiaoyou crazily and was aiming to kill her so he could take the Silver Serpent Freezing Pin.

However, although Qin Xiaoyou was not prepared to break out of the black fog, she was also not prepared to fight with brute force in person. Instead, she used a more fluid method. She grabbed hold of Qin Qiao with one hand and attacked with the other. After a moment, the two of them could actually not take it anymore. As the battle continued, Qin Qiao’s expression turned worse and worse, and his face began to turn pale.

Qin Qiao was so angry that he scolded her, exclaiming, “So treacherous!” He continuously attacked Qin Xiaoyou, but there was no use at all. Even if he had the upper hand, he still ended up chasing after her. However, even though he wanted to kill her, it was impossible to do so within a short period of time.

Qin Xiaoyou could drag things out, but it would be very difficult for her to do so. The longer she dragged it out, the more harmful it would be for Qin Qiao. The Jet-Black Soul Scimitar was still constantly sucking out his blood. If he was still unable to kill Qin Xiaoyou, not only would he never be able to do so, but his current Cultivation would also be reduced by a level. It was even possible he could return to the Sea of Qi realm. It was something so unbearable that he would not even be able to take it.

Meanwhile, Qin Xiaoyou maintained her cool and continued battling with Qin Qiao. She did not initiate any attacks, but at the same time, did not allow Qin Qiao to leave the fighting ring. She retreated when he advanced, and he retreated when she advanced. Such guerilla tactics were very useful in such a situation.

After all, she could tell that the whole reason for Qin Qiao’s sudden improvement in Cultivation was related to that Jet-Black Soul Scimitar. At the same time, he would not be able to battle for too much longer. If she could continue to drag things out, it would be difficult to predict who would ultimately win the battle.

As time passed, Huo Changxing, who was standing at his seat with a very tense expression, relaxed slightly. A smile spread across his face. This battle technique of Xiaoyou’s was truly aptly used.

The issues that Qin Xiaoyou could identify were naturally also ones that he could identify. Although there were special methods in the ancient martial arts world that would allow one to improve Cultivation suddenly, there would definitely be limitations, and the effects would not last for long. The moment the effects wore off, Qin Qiao would be even worse off than he had been before.

“Such an amazing young lady. She indeed has intellect that surpasses most people’s.” A look of admiration flashed in Bi Kuanhai’s eyes. Currently, he was even more hopeful that Qin Xiaoyou would be able to marry into their Bi Clan. If that were possible, he was willing to pay any price, no matter how high.