Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 392

Chapter 392 Xiaoyous Crisis

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The people of the Huo Clan heaved sighs of relief. However, the people of the Qin Clan and the Meng Clan were frowning.

They never expected that a young lady that was only seventeen or eighteen could actually be so difficult to deal with! The people of Qin Clan looked upset, while Qin Qiao was groaning secretly.

After exchanging blows with Qin Xiaoyou, he clearly saw that she was not only intelligent and quick-witted, but that she was also able to predict his intentions. In addition, her incomparable talents with the Inner Qi actually rivaled any ancient martial arts practitioner of Qi Nucleation realm! The worst thing was that her martial arts were weird and strong martial arts, none of which he ever seen or heard of before!

He was baffled, as she was merely a girl, so he couldn’t understand how she could know so many rare martial arts! Even if she had the qualities to learn them, she couldn’t have learned every one of them so well at such a young age! However, even though his present cultivation was way higher than Qin Xiaoyou’s, if she didn’t fight him head-on, it would be very difficult to defeat her.

After another half an hour passed, Qin Qiao’s countenance grew from bad to worse. The Jet-Black Soul Scimitar was constantly swallowing his Qi and blood, so he was fading rapidly. If it were to continue on like this, he might not have any strength left to fight, and his cultivation would decrease by a level, reducing it to the Sea of Qi realm!

Qin Qiao’s eyes flickered for a moment. He was obviously discouraged. Finally, he seemed to have decided something and suddenly looked at Qin Xiaoyou with frenzied and cold eyes.

“You forced me to do this…” Qin Qiao clenched his fist tightly and his hair danced wildly in the air, while his frenzied eyes gradually intensified.

Whiff after whiff of weird black gas was released from his body. That black gas was like the filthiest air on earth. Wherever it was released, it left a putrid fishy smell that would nauseate anyone!

Many people who were near the fighting ring were covering their noses and mouths with their sleeves. They constantly retreated backwards, trying to escape the stench of the black gases.

“What is he doing? That’s so disgusting! It smells more repulsive than rotten fish.”

“What’s happening? Something is wrong with that Qin Qiao!”

“It’s not right. That’s Qin Qiao’s Cultivation! It’s impossible, right?”

“Such a strong aura. His Cultivation has increased rapidly. He must be equivalent to an ancient martial arts practitioner in the later stage of Qi Nucleation realm.”


Below the fighting ring, massive discussions were going on. Everyone was looking at the ring quizzically, while they were retreating backwards at the same time. That odorous smell and the weird threatening feeling that it gave them caused them to keep their distances from the fighting ring.

The Clan Leaders of those big aristocratic families, such as the Bi Clan and the Wang Clan, stood up and looked at the fighting ring in shock, as they didn’t know what exactly was happening.

In just a few moments, Qin Qiao’s Cultivation had actually surged to the level of the acme of Qi Nucleation realm, which was almost equal to some of the pillars of the five big aristocratic families’! It was simply unbelievable. The faces of the Qin Clan’s people were instantly filled with worry.

“Qiao’er was too impulsive, how could he…” One of the elders was pointing at the fighting ring. He began to say something, but then he seemed to be concerned about some taboo, so he swallowed the words. However, the shock and rage in his eyes spoke volumes.

He noticed that a thing could only be found on the bodies of some people in the Qin Clan, a mark that stood as a promise and an agreement and was not supposed to be used against the opponent, was at that moment being used by Qin Qiao, and in public!

Didn’t he know that this action would be pushing the entire Qin Clan into an extremely difficult situation?

“Everyone in the Bi Clan Manor House will have to die today it seems.” Qin Clan’s Eldest great grandfather shook his head, his voice cold and detached. He had a calm countenance, but the killing spirit in his eyes would cause anyone to shiver.

The few elders of the Qin Clan who had heard him gasped in shock. Previously, they knew that the Qin Clan would be carrying out a big operation, but they had never expected that it would be so serious! They looked at one another and all went silent, a lingering chill filling their hearts.

All the people inside the Bi Clan Manor House now included almost half of the ancient martial arts influences in the capital. As such, it was already packed with two to three thousand people!

Moreover, those people who had come for the Martial Arts Symposium were all respectable people. So, if they all died in the Bi Clan Manor House, it would cause terrifying repercussions!

If this horrific thing happened, the Huatian Palace would definitely never let it slide. In fact, they would surely conduct a complete investigation!

A few elders considered this matter to be too risky, but they were at the point of no return now. After they had decided to cooperate, they had no chance to turn back.

“Don’t worry. The Qin Clan has already made a contingency plan!” Qin Eldest great grandfather uttered very calmly.

He was selfishly thinking of the fact that the secretive force had promised him that, as long as the Qin Clan made a sufficient contribution, they would help him to attain the Golden Elixir realm.

That was an existence that he had never dared to think about. Previously, he was troubled about breaking through to the Embryonic Breathing realm, which was something that even dozens of years of practice couldn’t achieve. Now, he had a chance to be at the Golden Elixir realm!

He never doubted that the secretive force had such an ability. Whatever they said, they would do. After all, they promised to make him an ancient martial art practitioner of the Embryonic Breathing realm within three days, and they did it effortlessly!

Once he had attained the Golden Elixir realm, he would have no regrets in this life. Moreover, the Qin Clan could move into the Sacred place of the secretive force. Also, it would be very beneficial to the Qin Clan, as it might become a first-class clan after developing for several more years!

Knowing that their patriarch had made some preparations, the few Qin Clan elders heaved sighs of relief and were more relaxed.

“Qiao’er is activating the Ghost Mark now. It is detrimental to him, as it may be destroying his fundamental skills and might even cause the cultivation to regress.” Looking at Qin Qiao in the fighting ring, Qin Clan’s Clan Leader, Qin Shaoyang, sighed deeply, while pity flashed across his eyes.

He also had the Ghost Mark on his body, but he didn’t dare use it unless it was a life and death situation. Qin Qiao had actually used it in a match, which was greatly disrespectful.

“It looks that way. If he is destroyed, he can only blame himself. There won’t be a lack of geniuses in the Qin Clan’s future, so it’s alright for one useless genius to die.” The Qin Eldest great grandfather said coldly with no emotions in his eyes. It was as if he was talking about a stranger.

The few elders of the Qin Clan all had chills running down their spines and unconsciously shivered, as they dared not look straight into the patriarch’s eyes. He had clearly become merciless!

Previously, the patriarch was stern, but he had never been so cold. He used to treat the juniors and his grandchildren with affection, even occasionally teasing them in jest. However, now he seemed to have a heart of stone.

“Qin Xiaoyou, you have forced me to be like this. Regardless of what kind of talent you are, you shall die at my hands today.” Qin Qiao’s eyes were giving out an evil Qi.

His present cultivation was equivalent to the acme of the Qi Nucleation realm. His massive pressure descended from above, while the Qi circulation sealed the entire fighting ring. His power was everywhere.

Qin Xiaoyou’s face paled slightly. She looked as if she had encountered a primitive beast. There was a vast difference between their powers, and she had almost no resistance. Qin Qiao was very frightening!

She wanted to escape, but there was a frightening pressure that was enveloping her body. It was as if there was a huge rock pressing on her, so she had difficulty moving, not to mention running away from Qin Qiao!

“Oh No!” Huo Changxing shouted.

As he recovered from his previous surprise, he realized that something was wrong. His figure flashed and dashed towards the fighting ring. He knew that Xiaoyou was in danger.

Bi Kuanhai also stood up immediately. His figure flashed and pounced towards the fighting ring. He couldn’t let anything happen to Qin Xiaoyou! After all, he was still hoping that such a unique genius like her would marry into the Bi Clan.

However, even though both of them were experts in the Embryonic Breathing realm, they were quite a distance from the fighting ring. With their abilities, it was impossible to arrive on time.

As Qin Qiao had the Cultivation of Qi Nucleation now, there was basically no obstruction for him to kill Qin Xiaoyou effortlessly. As Huo Changxing and Bi Kuanhai made their moves, Qin Qiao had also suddenly made his move. He obviously had no intention of letting Qin Xiaoyou go!

“Scoundrel, how dare you?” Huo Changxing bellowed in rage. He then struck a palm from afar, while strong winds gushed towards the fighting ring. However, it was already too late.

Bi Kuanhai also moved with the intention to save Qin Xiaoyou, but was completely helpless. Qin Xiaoyou’s face was as pale as a sheet of white paper, and she pursed her lips tightly as she stood under Qin Qiao’s frightening pressure.

Facing this crisis of life and death, she was exceptionally calm. Although her opponent was almost unbeatable, she still didn’t give up.

She circulated the Inner Qi in her body and activated it to the extreme, then waved both her hands. Twelve Silver Serpent Freezing Pins cut across the sky, moving violently towards Qin Qiao like twelve Silvery blue Water Dragons.

At a distance, Mo Wen had been sitting at his seat watching the scene unfold, not moving an inch. However, a tinge of golden light surged in his eyes.

It was the Soul Fire, burning brilliantly and giving out an immense light. A weird streak of Soul Power was spreading out from his heart and enveloped the entire public square instantly.