Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 394

Chapter 394 Huge Chaos

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“Qin Clan Leader, you have overstepped your boundaries. Our clan is the one that is hosting this ancient martial arts meet. Thus, what you say will not hold. Instead, we have a fair discussion. Moreover, even if there is any fault to be found in such a situation, it is not so serious that it would warrant a death penalty. Hastily wanting to kill someone is a little too much.” Bi Kuanhai walked up to the fighting ring and looked coldly at the Qin Clan grand elder.

Previously, the old man from the Qin Clan had acted presumptuously without asking thoroughly about the case. He simply wanted to declare the person guilty, but showed no respect at all to the host.

“The two of you sound like you are in cahoots, stopping me from taking revenge on behalf of my grandson. Do you have something against the Qin Clan?” The Qin grand elder narrowed his eyes and looked coldly at Huo Changxing and Bi Kuanhai.

The words of the old man set Huo Changcing and Bi Kuanhai deep in thought. They were thinking of the conflict between the Bi Clan, the Huo Clan, and the Qin Clan.

It was normal to have some conflict among the five aristocratic families. However, nobody had explicitly talked about it that way before.

“Qin grand elder, you may have overstated the case,” Bi Kuanhai said calmly.

He did not really understand the Qin grand elder’s meaning. Could it be that he really dared to sever all ties with their two clans, and in front of everyone?

Huo Changxing decided not to say anything, but simply looked at the old man. His underlying meaning was very clear, as his facial expression revealed the thought, Whatever you are thinking of doing, I will be fighting you till the very end!

“Overstated the case?” Old man Qin laughed coldly, saying, “Bi Kuanhai, you dare to say that you have nothing against the Qin Clan? Before, you were protecting Mo Wen, and now you are protecting Qin Xiaoyou! In every case, you have been going against our Qin Clan. Do you think that we are such easy pushovers?”

The expressions of all of the people started to change. At the moment, they noticed that the atmosphere below the fighting ring did not seem right. Could it be that someone was preparing to wage a battle?

In the distance, the clan leader of the Wang Clan, Wang Tiannian, as well as the clan leader of the Meng Clan, Meng Hongbo, also stood up. Their gazes were fixed on the fighting ring, their expressions solemn.

The aristocratic families of the capital had not engaged in a large-scaled fight in a hundred years. In comparison to those ancient martial art sects, who often had many killings, they were much more stable and peaceful.

Even if they had conflicts, they would settle them in private or choose another method of handling it. Clashing head-on was a situation that had not happened in a long time.

Moreover, the two leaders did not understand the particulars of this current situation before their eyes. In the past, old man Qin had challenged the Huo Clan and Bi Clan, but that could have been overlooked. Now, he clearly knew that Huo Changxing had the Cultivation of the Embryonic Breathing realm. At the same time, his future potential was boundless.

Would he really have the confidence to go against the Bi Clan and the Huo Clan at the same time?

“Old man Qin, watch what you say. The Bi Clan is just following protocol when handling situations. We have never gone against anyone in particular. On the contrary, your being at the helm of the Qin Clan and butting into the private business of the Meng Clan and the Huo Clan could have been overlooked. However, you added to that your plan to kill that youth! I should actually be asking you what you have against that young man Mo Wen, such that you are trying to use official methods to fulfill your personal endeavors? Just what are your intentions?” Bi Kuanhai asked serenely.

Since things had already come to this point, he no longer had to pattycake around old man Qin. After all, he had no reason to be afraid of him. Besides, everybody could tell that he had planned the ancient martial arts meet just so that he could kill Mo Wen, but now, to kill off Qin Xiaoyou…That was just unacceptable. Regardless, they had no part in interfering with the matter.

“It seems like the two of you are against me. Do you think that you can totally disregard our Qin Clan?” Old man Qin began to smile unusually, as he looked teasingly at Bi Kuanhai and Huo Changxing. It was as though the people standing before him were not two masters with the Embryonic Breathing realm, but were simply two clowns.

“So what if that is the case? Back when I went over to the Qin Clan Mountain Villa, I said before that I would repay you for the sufferings that you have given Huiru. Consider this that day.” Huo Changxing finally spoke in a cold voice.

His words were no mere threats. After returning and finding out about what Wang Huiru and her daughter had suffered, he had made a trip to the Qin Clan Mountain Villa. At the time, the old man Qin had broken through into the Embryonic Breathing realm and he could not do anything to him. But now, the tables had turned…

Bi Kuanhai’s face became even colder. Although he did not have the intention to totally lash out at the Qin Clan, the old man Qin was so overbearing, anybody would be tempted to thwart him.

“Since that is the case…” Old man Qin looked at Huo Changxing and Bi Kuanhai, then said calmly, “Since you dare to go against me, I will make sure that you die a horrible death and have no final resting place.”

He then flicked his fingers and a flame ignited. It was as though it was some sort of signal that could be seen even from far away.

“What are you going to do?” Bi Kuanhai looked up at the flame and noticed that something was not quite right.

A weird feeling also welled up within Huo Changxing. Something was definitely up.

“I’m going to kill the both of you! Haha! You idiots! I was only teasing you guys just now. However, now that you’ve actually admitted that you are going against my Qin Clan, I must give you both a horrible death.” Old man Qin looked over at Huo Changxing and Bi Kuanhai, suddenly laughing maniacally.

His white beard and hair danced in the wind and he was exceptionally smug. It was as though he had already stepped all over the Bi Clan and the Huo Clan, becoming the most powerful of the three.

“So arrogant!”

“Looking for death!”

Huo Changxing and Bi Kuanhai both flew into a rage simultaneously. As the two of them attacked immediately, a strong gust of wind blew through the space.

Meanwhile, Qin Xiaoyou had already jumped out of the fighting ring and run back to Mo Wen’s side. She naturally did not dare to remain in the fighting ring, where three masters of the Embryonic Breathing realm were fighting things out!

“Are you scared?” Mo Wen smiled and stroked Qin Xiaoyou’s head.

Qin Xiaoyou nodded, her face pale.

Qin Xiaoyou then pointed to the fighting ring nervously. Currently, the three masters of the Embryonic Breathing realm were battling it out.

She had not imagined that such a thing would ever happen. She thought that they had begun fighting because she had killed Qin Qiao!

The people on the square slowly retreated further away from the fighting ring. Even an ancient martial art practitioner with the Qi Nucleation realm would not dare to interfere with this battle!

“Not a single one of you can leave. Everyone here must die!” Old man Qin began to laugh maniacally. The sound was so loud,it made one’s ears hurt.

As he battled against both Huo Changxing and Bi Kuanhai, he did not seem to be on the losing end at all. In fact, his frightening aura was only getting stronger, which shocked everyone!

A layer of black fog was surrounding old man Qin’s body. Then, wailing and howling came out from within the black fog. It was accompanied by a very scary and evil aura, which was very similar to Qin Qiao’s from before.

Old man Qin’s Cultivation started to rise and, in a moment, he had become the equivalent of the intermediate stage of the Embryonic Breathing realm. In a sudden turn of events, he had become superior to both Bi Kuanhai and Huo Changxing!

Everyone’s expressions changed drastically. This old man Qin was simply insane! He was actually thinking of attacking every single person in the mountain villa. The people who were gathered at the mountain villa made up almost half of the capital’s aristocratic families!

Some of the aristocratic families were immediately enraged that the Qin Clan was being so destructive! Some people had already begun to keep their eyes on the people of the Qin Clan. Although they were no match for the grand elder of the Qin Clan, some were at least masters of the Embryonic Breathing realm.

In a moment, the entire scene had descended into complete chaos. Many of the ancient martial art practitioners had surrounded the people of the Qin Clan. The people of the Huo Clan and the Bi Clan especially had simply attacked then directly. Thus, a huge battle had erupted very quickly.

In no time, a whole bunch of people from the Qin Clan were killed. Their painful howling sounds could be heard for miles. After all, even though the Qin Clan was strong and powerful, they would not be able to withstand a combined attack by so many ancient martial art practitioners!

“You kill a single person from my Qin Clan, and I will kill off your entire clan!” The Qin Clan Leader, Qin Shaoyang, had used a single palm to hit an ancient martial art practitioner, such that he shattered him to pieces.

His face was full of manic killing intent and a frightening aura exuded from within his body. It was actually comparable to that of the peak of the Qi Nucleation realm and was arguably even stronger, such that it was even close to the Embryonic Breathing realm!

He clearly only had a Cultivation of the intermediate stage of the Qi Nucleation realm. However, at the moment, there was still a layer of black fog surrounding his body and clearly, everything was related to that black fog.

When faced with such a situation, Qin Shaoyang and Wang Tiannian had to step up and personally go against him. They also had to restrain him, as if they let him do whatever he wished, many people would die at his hands.

Other than Qin Shaoyang, there were a few other people from the Qin Clan who were experiencing unusual changes. A layer of black fog had covered their bodies and their Cultivations were raised by a few realms.

However, it was fortunate that not everyone from the Qin Clan became that way. Only four or five of them experienced such a change. But, they were all the elders of the Qin Clan, so they were all comparable to the peak of the Qi Nucleation realm!

In a moment, the tables had turned! The Qin Clan now had the upper hand, and the five or six of them with the black fog went on a killing frenzy, reducing everything in their paths to a bloodied mess.

The Qin Clan had threatened to kill off everyone, which had basically triggered every single ancient martial art practitioner to attack them as a united force. Only the Meng Clan stood in the distance without moving at all, each and every one of them having uncertain expressions on their faces.