Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 395

Chapter 395 Astronomical Anomaly

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“Clan Leader, what should we do now? The people of the Qin Clan are insane, completely insane.”

The face of one of the Meng Clan’s elders paled while looking at Meng Hongbo. They didn’t expect the Qin Clan to do such a thing. What’s the difference between this and death? Using the Qin Clan to go against all the ancient martial arts aristocratic families, that’s almost impossible.

The Meng Clan was related to the Qin Clan via marriage now and was an ally of the Qin Clan, but the Qin Clan basically hadn’t discussed this matter with them.

“Don’t make any move,” Meng Hongbo said with a cold, gloomy face. Since they would neither help nor oppose the Qin Clan, he naturally wouldn’t be going crazy with the Qin Clan.

However, though he didn’t oppose the Qin Clan and didn’t make a move, it didn’t mean that the Qin Clan wouldn’t make a move. Some of the Qin Clan’s people had gone berserk with their killing spree, and instantly there were three or four people of the Meng Clan being killed at the Qin Clan’s hands.

“Bastards. What exactly do the Qin Clan’s people intend to do? Could they be thinking of annihilating the Meng Clan, too…” A Meng Clan elder was furious, but before he could finish his words, a streak of dark light flashed before his eyes, and one of the Qin Clan’s elders appeared in front of him. The next moment, a hand clutched his neck and lifted it up. A cracking sound resonated, and the corpse of the Meng Clan’s elder was thrown onto the floor like garbage. He didn’t pause for a moment before pouncing onto the next person.

An elder of the Meng Clan had simply died at the hands of the Qin Clan’s elder. Both of them originally had Cultivation in the Qi Nucleation realm, but at this moment, any elder of the Qin Clan was equivalent to the pinnacle of the Qi Nucleation realm, which simply couldn’t be rivalled by those in the normal Qi Nucleation realm.

“Clan Leader!” The people of the Meng Clan were all enraged with bloodshot eyes while looking at their own Clan Leader. The people of the Qin Clan actually killed the Meng Clan’s people.

Meng Hongbo’s countenance was especially gloomy. He didn’t know what exactly the Qin Clan was doing, but he realized that something was wrong.

“Retreat! Everyone get out of the Bi Clan Manor House!” Meng Hongbo bellowed while he killed the ancient martial arts practitioner who was blocking him. He was the first to rush outward, as this place was too dangerous to stay in. The Qin Clan is too strong with five to six experts at the pinnacle of the Qi Nucleation realm. Who could rival them? To fight with the Qin Clan, the Meng Clan would suffer great loss, but to stand with the Qin Clan would make us the enemy of many ancient martial arts aristocratic families, which might lead the Meng Clan into a crisis of clan annihilation. The best solution now is to run away. Even though one of the elders in the Qi Nucleation realm was dead, he couldn’t consider that too much now.

A group of people from the Meng Clan immediately followed behind him and killed their way out of that place.

The entire public square was chaotic with fights everywhere. Some who were not even related to the Qin Clan but had grudges with the ancient martial arts aristocratic families also joined in the fight.

“They…” Qin Xiaoyou stood beside Mo Wen, totally speechless while looking at the sanguinary scene right before her eyes. Who would expect the matter to go to this extent?

Only Mo Wen was beside her, as almost all the people of the Huo Clan had been mobilized to deal with the people from the Qin Clan.

The Wang Clan’s people, who were not far away from her, were also doing the same. As those people of the Qin Clan had made their first move on the Wang Clan, the Huo Clan, and the Bi Clan, they had no choice but to retaliate.

“The Qin Clan’s people are indeed courting death.” Mo Wen shook his head slightly. He didn’t really understand why the Qin Clan would suddenly do something that seemed so unbelievable. However, obviously there must be a reason for it.

“Oh no. I am going over to help Xiaofei.” Suddenly, anxiety flashed in Qin Xiaoyou’s eyes as she realized that Xiaofei, who was at a distance, was in danger. Her Cultivation was low, and she disliked practicing martial arts. In such chaos, she didn’t even have the ability to defend herself.

Over on the other side, some of the Qin Clan’s people had surrounded Wang Xiaofei. Although a few brothers were protecting her, the people of the Qin Clan were too aggressive, and obviously they couldn’t hold on for too long.

Qin Xiaoyou dashed to where Wang Xiaofei was. Mo Wen didn’t stop her, as those people were merely the Qin Clan’s normal disciples who couldn’t do anything to Qin Xiaoyou, so it could be training for her. Those with actual high power were all handled by the experts from the few big aristocratic families such as the Bi Clan.

Although the Qin Clan’s people were very strong, many big aristocratic families had them outnumbered, especially as the Qin Clan’s move had infuriated all the ancient martial arts practitioners in the public square. There were people joining them constantly to help suppress the Qin Clan. Although the abilities of those ancient martial arts aristocratic families were not comparable to the five big aristocratic families, they still had some experts in the Qi Nucleation realm who could unite to form a relatively strong power.

Perhaps in a short time, the Qin Clan would all be wiped out. After all, it was resisting all the ancient martial arts aristocratic families in the Capital region.

Mo Wen looked at the chaotic scene quietly but didn’t make a move. He merely looked on with apathetic eyes. If it were only the Qin Clan, he naturally didn’t need to make a move. Those aristocratic families were enough to annihilate the Qin Clan completely. The Qin Clan doing this with nothing to rely on was equivalent to hitting a stone with an egg. They were seeking self-destruction.

Of course, it was impossible that the people of the Qin Clan had really gone crazy and did this for no reason. They not only knew the unknown purpose, but they were confident enough to do it brazenly.

The fireworks previously must have been a kind of signal. Perhaps someone was conspiring with the Qin Clan on this matter. As for who that person was, Mo Wen seemed to have some suspects in mind. Hence, he was waiting to see what the trick was that the Qin Clan had up their sleeves, and to see if those people would really appear.

“Qin ignorant old man, what exactly do you intend to do?” In the center of the public square, nobody dared to be close to where the Embryonic Breathing realm practitioners were fighting. Bi Kuanhai looked at Qin Guang with a grave face. This old fellow is above me in terms of seniority, yet he actually did this kind of insane cruel thing.

Not mentioning the fact that they have completely destroyed the Capital Martial Arts Symposium this year, could the Qin Clan still get a foothold in the Capital region after this?

“What am I doing? Obviously, eradicating all of you. Bi Kuanhai, you are still too inexperienced to be opposing the Qin Clan.” Qin Guang laughed sardonically. Black gases were fluctuating on his body, and the frightening power was towards the later stage of the Embryonic Breathing realm. With his strength, he was able to suppress both Bi Kuanhai and Huo Changxing. If his Cultivation and Inner Qi were stable, both of them could be in fatal danger.

“Qin old crazy dog, you are simply insane. Your hundred years of Qin Clan heritage is going to be destroyed at an old crazy dog’s hands.” Huo Changxing’s countenance was also unpleasant as he fought Qin Guang with all his might. As things had developed to this extent, he would be stupid not to understand what was going on. The people of the Qin Clan behaved so weirdly one after another, with evil Qi suddenly thrusting through the sky. It was certainly related to that secretive “evil.”

Although an ancient martial arts practitioner like him didn’t know exactly what that “evil” was, he knew that it must be something that ancient martial arts practitioners shouldn’t be involved with.

“Ignoramus, you are courting death.” Qin Guang was furious, as someone actually dared to call him an old crazy dog.

Suddenly, the heavens and earth turned dark, and the sun above disappeared instantaneously. It was obviously noon, but in the blink of an eye, it turned into night. The sudden exchange of day and night had caught everyone by surprise.

The entire Manor House was completely immersed in darkness. There wasn’t a moon or stars in the sky, and it was as dark as a pitch, as if one were in the middle of a mountain.

Fortunately, the Cultivation of those people in the public square was quite high, so they had night vision ability.

“What’s happening!? The sky turned dark. What’s going on!?”

“Heavens! It was obviously afternoon just now. How did it become night in an instant?”

“What kind of situation is this? Is heaven collapsing?”


Such an astronomical anomaly had dazed everyone. They stopped fighting voluntarily and looked into the pitch-dark sky in disbelief. It was the first time that all of them had experienced such a situation, and some even thought it was a miracle.

“Cover the sun to blot out the day! Good tactic.” Mo Wen’s eyes narrowed while surprise flickered in them. There was actually someone who used the tactic, cover the sun to blot out the day, to seal the Bi Clan Manor House to separate this place from the rest of the world.

The others didn’t know, but it was naturally impossible for him not to know that someone had used a Trapping stratagem technique to confine and trap the entire Manor House through the way of stratagem and the power of the Vital Qi in the heaven and earth. This kind of thing was not uncommon in the Immortal Cultivation world, but it was unusual in the ancient martial arts world.

Obviously, someone had eyed the Bi Clan Manor House or perhaps all the ancient martial arts practitioners in the Manor House.

“Ha ha! The Lord has finally appeared. All of you must die, none shall be spared.” Qin Guang laughed loudly and frantically. The power to change the heaven and earth was such an outstanding power that was equivalent to the power of the legendary deity. When the Lord made his move, none of the people in the Manor House would be alive.

“Tsk Tsk. There were indeed many sacrifices with sufficient Qi and blood. Although it was insufficient, it was almost enough.” In the darkness, a sharp, evil laugh pierced through the entire Manor House. It was like the sound wave technique that pervaded everywhere like needles piercing through everyone’s bodies. Many people covered their ears and rolled on the ground in agony. However, it didn’t help, as that sharp laugh continued to penetrate without any hindrance into the people’s minds. It was like being hit by a huge rock.

Many people with lower Cultivation were bleeding out of their eyes, nose, and ears directly due to the vibration of that voice. They died a violent death.

“Welcome Lord Ghost Ink.” Qin Guang knelt on one knee with his hand covering his heart, appearing in his loyal posture. His face was full of respect, and the previous pride and insanity were absolutely gone.

“Qin Guang, you have done well. This time, you are considered to have a great merit.” A black, shadowy figure gradually walked out of the darkness. A loose black robe completely shrouded him in darkness as if he were integrated into the surrounding darkness. At this moment, it was impossible to decipher his body shape and looks. Only a pair of cold, cruel, pale gray eyes gave the people a particularly deep impression.

Behind this person, there were two others standing with their hands hanging respectfully by their sides. One of them was Envoy Guiluo, who had not been seen for some time.

“Thank you, Lord.” Delight flashed in Qin Guang’s eyes. Great merit was not going to be merely praises but was going to be an actual reward. Any actual reward in the organization was extremely precious to him.

When the anomaly had appeared previously, Bi Kuanhai and Huo Changxing had already stopped fighting. Now, seeing Qin Guang actually kneel before a secretive person, their hearts were overwhelmed with horror while their limbs immediately turned cold. Neither of them were stupid, so they immediately knew what was going on.

This astronomical anomaly was actually man-made and was intentionally directed at everyone in the Bi Clan Manor House. Its purpose… when the thought passed through their minds, their blood froze, and their bodies stiffened where they were standing. They couldn’t regain their composure for a while.

Not only Bi Kuanhai and Huo Changxing, but almost everyone in the public square was totally stiffened with their limbs turning icy cold. Terror spread like wildfire and enveloped the entire public square.