Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 396

Chapter 396 Why Did You Not Want To Be A Human?

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Mo Wen narrowed his eyes slightly, while looking at the three mysterious people who had just appeared. There was one who was familiar to him. It was Envoy Guiluo. Last time they had met, Mo Wen had suffered quite a bit at his hands.

However, even though he was strong practitioner at the Embryonic Breathing realm, Envoy Guiluo was not the leader of this group. Instead, he was just a subordinate.

The other person beside him was also of the Embryonic Breathing realm. These two men seemed to have a lower than the black-robed man called Lord Ghost Ink.

Mo Wen focused his attention on the mysterious black-robed man. This person’s aura frightened him. He unconsciously felt a sense of danger well up within him.

Although the person was not an absolute strong practitioner at the Golden Elixir realm, he was certainly far beyond the normal pinnacle of the Embryonic Breathing realm. Compared with the Golden Elixir realm, he most likely was not far off. Compared with the Jiang Clan Elder, this person was most likely not on the same level.

The members of the Qin Clan became excited, all respectfully kneeling on the ground and casting flattering looks at Lord Ghost Ink. They could not wait to directly prostrate themselves on the ground before him. They were like little dogs, wagging their tails to appease their master.

The surrounding members of the ancient martial arts aristocratic families did not dare make any sudden movements. They were all pale with fright, none of them knowing what to do.

The events of today were far beyond what they could comprehend. It was like a living human encountering a ghost! Everyone felt a chill run throughout their bodies.

“Why did you not want to be a human, but instead became a dog?” Mo Wen slightly shook his head.

The Qin Clan was still an ancient martial arts aristocratic family with hundreds of years of heritage. Now, the entire clan was kneeling before someone else like dogs. The honor of their ancestors had been completely disgraced.

His voice was not loud, but neither was it soft. Right now, the entire plaza was silent, so almost everyone had heard his words.

Everyone froze, looking tremblingly at Mo Wen. This youth was way too brazento actually dare to provoke the Qin Clan at this moment!

Bi Kuanhai and Huo Changxing both looked at Mo Wen, surprise appearing on their sullen faces. Bi Kuanhai’s eyes also registered shock that this youth was actually so bold as to say such things at such a time!

Huo Changxing, on the other hand, looked at Mo Wen for a long while, his tense expression unknowingly easing up quite a bit.

“What did you say?” Qin Guang remained kneeling on the ground, both of his hands locked in salute.

He turned his head and stared at Mo Wen. His eyes were full of hostility and killing intent, but he did not immediately take action because Lord Ghost Ink was present. Unless the higher ups gave the order, he would not dare make a move.

Mo Wen’s one sentence drew everyone’s attention to him. Even the three mysterious men turned their gazes to look at Mo Wen.

“As expected, the young are so arrogant.” Lord Ghost Ink gave Mo Wen an indifferent glance, then mockingly shook his head.

“It is you.” Envoy Guiluo, who was standing behind Lord Ghost Ink, recognized Mo Wen. A surprised look flashed on his face. He had not expected that this youth would actually appear in this place.

“You know him?” Lord Ghost Ink glanced at Envoy Guiluo, surprised.

“My lord, this is Mo Wen,” Envoy Guiluo said with a bow.

“Oh, so he is the genius that escaped from your grasp?” Lord Ghost Ink looked somewhat surprised at Mo Wen. His eyes revealing his interest.

“That’s right, one and the same.” Envoy Guiluo laughed bitterly.

“Lord Ghost Ink, please give me the order, so that I can go and kill the youth.” The other black-robed man, who was standing next to Envoy Guiluo, took a step forward, bowing as he voiced his request.

“Are you confident?” Lord Ghost Ink smiled.

He naturally knew that his two subordinates usually did not always agree. In fact, they had fought for many years. Now that Envoy Guiluo had failed to complete a task, Envoy Guifeng naturally would take the opportunity to outshine him.

“If I cannot kill this person, I will surrender my own life to you!” The black-robed man answered in full confidence.

Upon hearing his words, Envoy Guiluo coldly snorted, his eyes flashing a mocking look. He clearly knew of Envoy Guifeng’s limited abilities. Envoy Guifeng was barely stronger than him, so his wanting to kill the youth was practically a lunatic’s ravings!

“The three of you better come at me all at once, then maybe you will have a chance to win.” Mo Wen laughed and placed his hands behind his back.

He seemed poised, putting on an air as though he was casually waiting for the three of them. He knew that if he did not get rid of these three people, the events of the day would most likely become a fight to the death.

However, he felt a bit strange, as he was wondering why the heretic organization was so interested in the Bi Clan Manor House. After all, they were just normal ancient martial art practitioners.

Although those who were on the heretic path had eccentric personalities and acted cruel and merciless, they would not simply target a normal ancient martial arts faction. Also, they seemed to be preparing to murder all of the people in the manor house.

If they did that, it would obviously force the Huatian Palace to conduct a strict investigation. Then, if they were not careful, they would probably fall into the hands of the Huatian Palace! As such, even the heretic forces would not do such a thing so brazenly!

“Arrogance!” Envoy Guifeng coldly snorted. He never thought that this youth would be so arrogant. He was asking for death!

With a flash of his silhouette, he rushed towards Mo Wen. Since this youth could evade Envoy Guiluo’s chase, then he would just kill him. Then, Lord Ghost Ink would naturally know who was stronger!

“Kill everyone here and immediately collect their souls and Blood Essences!” Lord Ghost Ink did not bother with Mo Wen, as he was but a young and brash youth.

Hence, Mo Wen was unqualified to require his attention. So, he waved his hand, and twenty black silhouettes suddenly appeared behind him. Every one of them emanated a powerful aura that was comparable to the Qi Nucleation realm.

The figured that had just emerged from the darkness then rushed towards the ancient martial art practitioners on the plaza, directly attacking them with the intent to kill. These twenty Qi Nucleation realm strong practitioners were like tigers that were entering a herd of sheep.

Everywhere they passed, they left a bloody massacre in their wake. No one in the plaza could stop so many heretic path experts! At the same time, the members of the Qin Clan also started attacking, killing as many of the surrounding ancient martial art practitioners as they could.

“Brother Qin Guang, the Meng Clan and the Qin Clan are allies. Won’t you spare us?” The Meng Clan old master, Meng Hongbo, begged.

His face was pale as he watched the members of the Meng Clan fall. His eyes were full of horror and regret. The Qin Clan had even attacked them. It was despicable. If he could not find a way, then their Meng Clan would most likely all perish here.

“Die!” Qin Guang looked indifferently at Meng Hongbo, uttering the word casually.

In that instant, a hoard of Qin Clan members rushed forward and started killing the members of the Meng Clan mercilessly. It was as though they were slaughtering pigs and sheep.

“Qin Guang you mad dog, I’ll kill you!” Meng Hongbo was outraged, almost coughing up a mouthful of blood. He shouted loudly, “Members of the Meng Clan, kill them! Kill all the dogs of the Qin Clan!”

“Overconfident idiot!” Qin Guang coldly laughed, deciding not to bother with the Meng Clan anymore.

With a flash of his silhouette, he directly rushed towards Bi Kuanhai and Huo Changxing. The two of them were the Bi Clan Manor House’s only Embryonic Breathing realm strong practitioners. Hence, once the two of them were eliminated, then the rest would naturally be easy to handle.

Envoy Guiluo also went over and joined forces with Qin Guang to handle Bi Kuanhai and Huo Changxing. On the other side, Qin Xiaoyou grabbed ahold of Wang Xiaofei, while expertly evading the opponents.

However, they could only stay within the plaza, as they could not leave. Before this, an ancient martial art practitioner of the Qi Nucleation realm had tried to escape, but the plaza was surrounded by a black fog, so they could not get through it. As a result, the Qi Nucleation realm ancient martial art practitioner who went through it instantly melted into a puddle of blood in that black fog!

Wang Xiaofei had tears in her eyes and her tiny face was pale. Her eyes were filled with a helpless look.

Before this, she had seen a few of the Wang Clan’s clansmen die at the hands of the black-robed men. She could only watch, unable to do anything. In fact, if Xiaoyou had not protected her, she would most probably be dead already.

Qin Xiaoyou, on the other hand, dragged Wang Xiaofei’s hand, blocking her as they made their way forward. She clutched the Silver Serpent Freezing Pins, while cautiously looking at her surroundings.

She seemed like an older sister who was protecting Wang Xiaofei. Before this, Wang Xiaofei had considered Qin Xiaoyou as being a gentle and weak girl who needed her protection. But now, she realized that Xiaoyou was far stronger than her. It was just she kept her strength hidden inside. When she needed to be strong, she would be stronger than anyone!

“Xiaoyou, aren’t you afraid?” Wang Xiaofei asked with a shaking voice.

They were now like livestock trapped in cages, awaiting their slaughter. The world seemed to have shut its doors. There was no escape.

“I am not afraid. Don’t worry. We will be fine. Evil will never conquer justice!” Qin Xiaoyou tried to hold Wang Xiaofei’s hand and cheer her up.

Qin Xiaoyou kept giving Wang Xiaofei, or maybe herself, encouragement. She could not despair now. Otherwise, Wang Xiaofei would also despair. She must give her hope!