Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 397

Chapter 397 Ghost Lair

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Wang Xiaofei was silent but held Qin Xiaoyou’s hand tightly. She lowered her head slightly before speaking to Xiaoyou softly, “If something is to happen to him, you may go over to accompany him.”

Xiaoyou’s eyes had always been fixed on Mo Wen, so how could she not know her thoughts. Currently, Mo Wen was fighting the expert in the Embryonic Breathing realm. As the repercussions were too strong, they were unable to go over to the other side.

“He will definitely be fine.” Qin Xiaoyou shook her head before continuing, “We just need to protect ourselves well so as not to distract him.”

Wang Xiaofei sighed and kept quiet. This was like a doomsday for the Bi Clan Manor House in which they couldn’t escape at all and none would be spared.

On the other side, Envoy Guifeng finally caught up with Mo Wen. “You are Mo Wen who escaped Envoy Guiluo’s killing? Very well! I can give you an intact corpse later.”

Envoy Guifeng gave a cruel laugh. His figure was like an apparition that silently strode across the darkness. He stretched out his hand, and a whiff of black fog froze into a claw that suddenly appeared in front of Mo Wen before it dragged downwards.

Mo Wen pointed with his outstretched hand. A streak of golden light flashed while the Tai Yang Sword directly cut through that fog claw. The hot golden light was like a blazing sun that removed all darkness. That fog claw disappeared instantly into the air.

“Indeed, you have some abilities.” Envoy Guifeng snorted coldly. This person was able to escape from Envoy Guiluo’s clutches. He is definitely not a simple junior. However, he has Cultivation in the intermediate stage of the Qi Nucleation realm, while Envoy Guiluo was merely in the beginning stage of the Embryonic Breathing realm. He was able to escape from Envoy Guiluo, but he won’t have it so easy now.

“I will give you another chance to make a move. If you are merely at this standard, you will not have to make any more moves,” Mo Wen said stoically without moving or initiating any move. The people of the Heretic organization were different from the normal ancient martial arts practitioners, even though they also practiced ancient martial arts. He also wanted to know how capable an expert in the Embryonic Breathing realm was in the Heretic organization. If he were to make a move, a Heretic martial arts practitioner in the Embryonic Breathing realm would simply have no chance to use all his actual strengths.

“Conceited!” Envoy Guifeng was enraged, as a junior in the Qi Nucleation realm actually dared to taunt him this way. He is simply digging his own grave.

“Blade of Ghost.” He directly used his trump card in hopes of killing the conceited junior in one big stroke. Envoy Guifeng’s black robe inflated as masses of fog constantly rushed out of his body. As his entire body was hidden in the black fog, the pressure of his body surged tremendously. At this moment, he was simply equivalent to half an expert in the later stage of the Embryonic Breathing realm.

The people of the Heretic forces were usually able to master some secret techniques that some normal ancient martial arts practitioners were unable to master. They were able to increase their Cultivation within a short period of time. When they were facing enemies, they would be able to take them by surprise and kill those opponents of the same Cultivation very easily.

A sinister skull the size of a millstone floated out of the black fog. It was not a white skull but black. The hollow portion of the eyes was filled with enchanting yet weird crimson radiance, as if the glance of those hollow eyes was able to make one go into a trance while the evil Qi would invade the entire body.

“Hades Techniques.” Surprise flashed in Mo Wen’s eyes. Hades Techniques were the secret techniques practiced by those Ghost Cultivators in the Immortal Cultivation world and were commonly called Immortal Ghost techniques. They were very unusual. This Blade of Ghost actually had some characteristics of the Hades Techniques. Although it was superficial, it was incomparable to the simplest Hades Techniques. However, it was shocking that such an attack appeared among the ancient martial arts practitioners.

It was not that the Hades Techniques were very strong. The abilities of the lower level Immortal Cultivators were usually not as strong as the ancient martial arts practitioners. The ancient martial arts practitioners who practiced to the profound realm were very strong, beyond those Immortal Cultivators who had just started Immortal Cultivating.

However, when an ancient martial arts practitioner who had attained Cultivation in the Embryonic Breathing realm used the Hades Techniques, the power would be incredible. Although they only mastered a superficial bit, they were way beyond those who had just begun Immortal Cultivation and those Immortal Cultivators who had weak spiritual power mainly in terms of lethality.

That evil weird skull gave out a weird laughter before a whiff of black Qi shot out of its mouth and instantly disappeared. The next moment when it appeared again, it had already enveloped Mo Wen and formed a black swirl that constantly pulled him down.

Envoy Guifeng’s face paled as his aura was instantly weakened. Merely an attack, it had exhausted half of his Inner Qi. If his Cultivation hadn’t improved to the intermediate stage of the Embryonic Breathing realm, he might have used up his Inner Qi after an attack and wouldn’t have any power left to fight.

However, once Hades Techniques were used, the normal ancient martial arts practitioners basically wouldn’t be able to escape. Even Mo Wen was not an exception. It usually only took one attack to kill the opponent, and there was basically no need to attack a second time.

The corner of Envoy Guifeng’s mouth curled into an eerie smile while waiting for Mo Wen to shatter in the Ghost Qi.

The two whiffs of Ghost Qi froze into two Ghost Head Knives before they flew out of the Ghost Qi Swirl and silently chopped towards Mo Wen. The Blade of Ghost was able to kill without any form.

“The Heretic martial arts practitioners indeed have some unusual tactics.” Mo Wen glanced at Envoy Guifeng, and his eyes continued to be as calm as usual. Now, he could be almost certain that this Heretic organization was connected to the Ghost Immortal Cultivators, and they were quite closely related. It was very difficult for an ancient martial arts practitioner to use the power of the Hades Techniques.

This kind of thing was rare in the world where he had lived in his past lifetime. The ancient martial arts practitioners would be ancient martial arts practitioners while the Immortal Cultivators would be Immortal Cultivators. There would always be a natural chasm between the Immortal Cultivators and the ancient martial arts practitioners that was impassable.

Of course, not only were the ancient martial arts practitioners unable to master the abilities of the Immortal Cultivators, but they definitely also needed the real Ghost Immortal Cultivators’ help and paid a huge price to be able to have it. In the world of his past lifetime, the status of the ancient martial arts practitioner was very low, so it was basically impossible for the Immortal Cultivator to put any effort into the ancient martial arts practitioner, so this kind of thing was very rare.

At that time, he had Cultivation in the Golden Elixir realm and was an Alchemist boy in the Divine Pill Sect, so he had contact with the Immortal Cultivators every day, yet he never had the chance to receive such help from the Immortal Cultivators.

However, there were two ancient martial arts practitioners in the Embryonic Breathing realm who appeared to have the special abilities of the Immortal Cultivators in merely one Heretic force. Hence, it was obvious that the relationship between the ancient martial arts practitioners and the Immortal Cultivators in this world was not only close but was attached with great importance.

“You really know some things. Since your identity shouldn’t be too simple, the more I have to kill you,” Envoy Guifeng said laughingly. The credit for the killing of an exceptional genius was great, especially when this youngster was on the name list of the Embryonic Death Plan.

“Kill me? Ludicrous!” Mo Wen cast a disdainful look at Envoy Guifeng. The terrifying pressure on his body increased suddenly while a streak of golden light shot out of his body. The light got brighter and brighter, like the golden sun giving out a shocking radiance. The entire public square was brightened, and many people looked in their direction involuntarily.

“Later stage of the Embryonic Breathing realm!” Envoy Guifeng was utterly shocked as he looked at Mo Wen. The aura in his body at that moment was actually equivalent to the later stage of the Embryonic Breathing realm. Wasn’t he a junior in the Qi Nucleation realm? How could he possibly have Cultivation in the later stage of the Embryonic Breathing realm?

At once, Envoy Guifeng understood that the report was erroneous. This Mo Wen was not merely in the Qi Nucleation realm like Envoy Guiluo had mentioned, but was in the later stage of the Embryonic Breathing realm, a Cultivation that was above his.

However, even so, Envoy Guifeng didn’t seem to panic. A practitioner in the later stage of the Embryonic Breathing realm was trapped in his Blade of Ghost at the moment, so he might not be at a disadvantage. If he was careless, it was possible for him to die in it.

“Hmmph, die for me!” Envoy Guifeng snorted coldly. The Inner Qi rushed out of his body frantically, and he tried to kill Mo Wen with all his might. Since this youngster was careless, it was the best time to kill him.

Mo Wen laughed sardonically as two streaks of golden light emerged in his eyes and rose like two small suns. It was obviously an area within an inch in his eyes, but it gave people the feeling that it was shining boundlessly.

He looked at the skull in front of Envoy Guifeng and didn’t do anything. However, the next moment, the skull seemed to suffer serious damage and gave out devastating shrill cries. After a few cracking sounds resounded, it shattered bit by bit and disappeared into the black fog.


Almost at the same time, Envoy Guifeng’s face turned ashen, and he spat out a mouthful of blood. His entire body seemed to have been struck by lightning, and his body shook before he limped softly onto the ground.

The Ghost Qi Swirl that enveloped Mo Wen and the two Ghost Head knives suddenly dispersed and disappeared without a trace.

“Soul Attack! How did you do it!?” Envoy Guifeng lifted his head to look at Mo Wen in disbelief. Two streaks of blood trickled out from his gray-white eyes forming a vivid contrast to his pale complexion.

He was a member of the Ghost Lair, so he was good at the tactics pertaining to the soul, and his own soul was superior to those of the ancient martial arts practitioners of the same level. In the eyes of the ordinary ancient martial arts practitioners, he was the King of Hell. However, today there was someone who used a soul power that nearly shattered his soul.

How could it be possible for an ancient martial arts practitioner to have such terrifying soul power? Moreover, how did he know how to use the Soul and Will attacking techniques? Those kinds of secret techniques even Lord Ghost Ink, Lord Malicious Spirit, and I don’t have the ability to master.

“You can ask the King of Hell when you are in hell.” Mo Wen glimpsed coldly at Envoy Guifeng. His figure had already silently appeared before Envoy Guifeng, and he struck his palm onto his forehead.

A crack sound resonated while his skull shattered into pieces. Envoy Guifeng’s skull was directly burst like a watermelon. In the meantime, a mass of golden flame enfolded Envoy Guifeng’s body, and he became ashes within a short time.

“Ah! The destruction of Soul. Mo Wen, I will not let you off, even if I die.” In the air, Envoy Guifeng’s voice resounded followed by a series of constant miserable shrieks in a mass of weird black Qi. That mass of black Qi was wrapped with a burning golden flame which burned that mass of black Qi into ashes.

Mo Wen naturally knew that these kinds of Heretic martial arts practitioners who were related to the Ghost Immortal Cultivators would know some matters of the spirit. After one died, the soul could be retained for three days without any external interference before it was dispersed into the heaven and earth.

However, that was suitable for ordinary people. For people like ancient martial arts practitioners, their soul was stronger than the ordinary person’s, so it could exist for a longer period of time.

Of course, regardless of how long it existed, it would eventually be dispersed completely. That the dead wouldn’t be resurrected was true not only in the mortal world, but it was also true in the Immortal Cultivation world. However, those profound Immortal Cultivators had the ability to prevent the soul from dispersing. When the soul was not destroyed, it was considered to be alive.