Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 398

Chapter 398 Yin Yang Technique

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Envoy Guifeng and Ghost Immortal Cultivator were related, so they both knew the tactic that they could use to protect a soul from being destroyed. A soul could be resurrected if it was was being saved by the Ghost Immortal Cultivator!

Everyone at the scene was shocked that Mo Wen had killed Envoy Guifeng. After all, Envoy Guifeng was a strong expert in the Embryonic Breathing realm!

“He has the Cultivation in the later stage of Embryonic Breathing realm!” Bi Kuanhai gasped in shock and looked at Mo Wen with extreme astonishment.

He had never expected that this youngster Mo Wen would actually have such a frightening Cultivation. A strong ancient martial arts practitioner in the later stages of the Embryonic Breathing realm was rare!

“He finally made a move…” Huo Changxing glanced at Mo Wen, hope flashing in his eyes.

This youngster had always been an enigma to him. He knew that whether they would survive today depended solely on this youngster.

Lord Ghost Ink turned his head and cast a cold glance at Envoy Guiluo. Although he didn’t say anything, his look sent chills down Envoy Guiluo’s entire body.

“Lord Ghost Ink, Mo Wen was definitely a martial arts practitioner in Qi Nucleation realm previously, so it was impossible for him to be in the Embryonic Breathing realm!”

Envoy Guiluo’s face turned as pale as a sheet and his body trembled slightly. His eyes were full of terror, as it was a great offence to give false information. He knew that if the inaccuracy of the information had led to a loss to the organization, his ending would be more miserable than Envoy Guifeng’s!

However, he absolutely didn’t know that Mo Wen had the Cultivation in the later stage of the Embryonic Breathing realm. He was definitely Qi Nucleation realm in the past!

“Lord Ghost Ink, the Qin Clan can testify that I am definitely telling the truth.” Looking at Lord Ghost Ink’s eyes, which were getting colder by the minute, Envoy Guiluo trembled. He then looked towards Qin Guang, pleading with his eyes and hoping that he would testify for him.

“Lord Ghost Ink, although I don’t know what happened exactly, Mo Wen was indeed in the Qi Nucleation realm at that time. Envoy Guiluo is not lying.,” Qin Guang said, while bowing. He was not trying to rescue Envoy Guiluo, but he knew that, at this time, he certainly couldn’t lie. Otherwise, it would mean his own death!

“What you mean to say is that his Cultivation was in the Qi Nucleation realm a month ago? And his Cultivation was in the later stage of the Embryonic Breathing realm a month later?” Lord Ghost Ink asked, while observing Mo Wen carefully.

Even he found this conclusion to be ridiculous. After all, that would be almost impossible!

“This should be true. Otherwise, the Qin Clan would have been destroyed at Mo Wen’s hands!” Qin Guang was completely appalled about this matter, with many thoughts whirring through his head…

A month before and a month later… The difference is too much!

As he thought of it, Qin Guang trembled uncontrollably. To be the enemy of a person who could break through from Qi Nucleation realm to the later stage of Embryonic Breathing realm, it was like a death penalty!

“I sincerely beseech Lord Ghost Ink to kill this wicked person, as he is a definite threat as long as he is alive.” Qin Guang spoke with great trepidation, hoping that Lord Ghost Ink would kill Mo Wen on the spot.

“Hmph, he dares to kill the people from the Ghost Lair, so I will surely kill him. All of you continue as you were. No one in the Bi Clan Manor House shall be left alive today!” Lord Ghost Ink announced indifferently.

Delight flashed in Qin Guang’s eyes. He knew that once the Lord Ghost Ink made a move, Mo Wen would definitely die!

Envoy Guiluo heaved a sigh of relief. Thanks to Qin Clan’s testimony, he knew that nothing would happen to him. So, he put on a sinister face and pounced towards Bi Kuanhai and Huo Changxing with Qin Guang.

“Even in Huatian Palace, there are very few youngsters like you.” Lord Ghost Ink took a step forward, his figure appearing in front of Mo Wen.

He then looked at Mo Wen contemplatively. After all, even in the Huatian Palace, it was rare to have a genius among the geniuses, especially one who was less than twenty years of age and in the later stage of Embryonic Breathing realm!

“The Heretic organization created such a big thing! Aren’t you afraid of the Huatian Palace’s investigation?” Mo Wen ask stoically.

“The Huatian Palace’s investigation? Ha ha! When have they not been against us? So what if they are investigating us? We always continue to survive well!” Lord Ghost Ink began to laugh loudly, disdain flashing in his eyes.

Once they had accomplished their sacred undertaking, a trifle like that Huatian Palace would be considered as nothing. Sooner or later, they would rule this world!

“What are you laughing at? You are just a group of scoundrels! Do you dare to walk out in the open and do things aboveboard? Every year, there are countless people from Heretic influences who have died at the hands of the Huatian Palace, so perhaps the next one will be you!” Mo Wen said with a sardonic smile.

The Huatian Palace had been suppressing the Heretic influences for hundreds of years, and these people have been in hiding for hundreds of years, yet they still were bragging so shamelessly.

“So what if that is true? For the sake of our sacred undertaking, any sacrifice is worth it. However, even if there is that day of judgment coming, you won’t get to see it, since you are going to die now!” Lord Ghost Ink said, malice filling his eyes.

The Huatian Palace had always been a thorn in the flesh of the Heretic influences. For hundreds of years, none of the Heretic influences dared to walk around openly and in the Hua Xia Continent. However, those who spoke negatively about the Huatian Palace in front of the Heretic influences wouldn’t have good endings.

“Is that so? I think I forgot to tell you that I am an executor of the Huatian Palace…” Mo Wen took a step forward, his figure appearing directly in front of Lord Ghost Ink in the blink of an eye.

One of his hands stretched out, and a golden black swirl suddenly descended, its weird suction instantly latching onto Lord Ghost Ink’s body.

“What?” Lord Ghost Ink exclaimed, while his body began to vibrate slightly.

Shock surged in his calm eyes for the first time. He wondered if the Huatian Palace had already known about their operation before tonight, and for an instant, his limbs turned icy cold and a chill filled his heart. If the Huatian Palace already knew about their plans, all of them might die in this Manor House!

“It’s impossible that this operation was leaked. Little fellow, don’t you try to trick me!” A whiff of black gas rose from Lord Ghost Ink’s body and a terrifying power rushed out.

In a flash, he dashed out from the restriction of the Yin Yang Swirls and flew out into the air, all while looking at Mo Wen with surprise and bewilderment. He then took out a disc from his clothes and spat a mouthful of blood onto it.

The disc immediately emitted a black glowing radiance and a weird aura swept across the entire place. Instantly, it enveloped the Bi Clan Manor House and spread into the distance.

As there was nothing strange happening within his immediate vicinity, Lord Ghost Ink exhaled and gradually relaxed a little. However, his eyes soon turned gloomy.

He was bothered that he was actually been tricked by a kid who was still wet behind the ears. If the Huatian Palace knew about their operation tonight, they definitely wouldn’t send just one youngster to deal with it! There should at least be an appearance from a person in the Golden Elixir realm!

“Little fellow, I shall rip you apart and burn you into ashes.” Lord Ghost Ink’s face turned sinister.

“You are indeed a group of scoundrels who are as timid as mice. You are shocked by a mere name.” Mo Wen curled his lips into a playful smile, while he looked at Lord Ghost ink with mischief in his eyes.

“I will take your soul out and burn it daily with the fire of hell!” Lord Ghost Ink bellowed.

He then transformed into a black whirlwind and pounced towards Mo Wen. At that moment, a remnant figure appeared above Mo Wen, followed by a terrifying pressure that was equivalent to half of an ancient martial arts practitioner in the Golden Elixir realm!

If the normal ancient martial arts practitioner in the Embryonic Breathing realm encountered this kind of pressure, his thinking would immediately slow down and he wouldn’t be able to act properly. However, it didn’t have any effect on Mo Wen. In fact, he flew straight towards the shadow that was pouncing down on him!

“Now you are just courting death!” Lord Ghost Ink saw Mo Wen rushing towards him daringly, so he instantly laughed sardonically.

His palm struck outward and a dreary, long cry suddenly resonated in the air. His palm changed into a Ghost claw immediately.

Then, two masses of golden lights shone in Mo Wen’s eyes. The next moment, Lord Ghost Ink’s figure suddenly trembled. That changing Ghost claw then became a mass of Ghost Qi and diffused into the air, while his entire person seemed to be caught in a daze.

“Yan Yang Technique, integrating two into one!” Mo Wen clasped his hands together, and a streak of black light and a streak of golden light suddenly merged together, then integrated into a mass of formless gas.

Both of his hands pushed forward, causing that mass of formless gas to suddenly release a shocking and terrifying aura. The terrifying power swept across and hit Lord Ghost Ink’s body, causing him to explode in the air.


A series of quakes that were accompanied by a frantic power of Qi rolling in, caused all of the stones in the circumference of a hundred meters to shatter into pieces. The frightening Qi wave rippled near and far.

All of those people who were in the surrounding area were swept along and flew outwards among the ripples. In a moment, the circumference of two hundred meters had become only empty land.